Kate Gosselin Plastic Surgery – Before And After Photos

The main question for Kate Gosselin is : Did Kate Gosselin undergo plastic surgery?

Kate Gosselin is a well known TV celebrity. She became famous when she gave birth to multiple babies and undergone an amazing transformation thereafter. She was born on 28 Marth 1975.

She had a popular TV Show known as Jon and Kate with her then husband. The show proved to be a hit. Unfortunately , the show had a premature end when John started to have numerous affairs. Kate Gosselin tried to host the show alone but the declining ratings did not justify keeping the series going.

Kate Gosselin Plastic Surgery

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As Kate Gosselin age, she seems to look better with each passing year. The plastic surgery procedures she is suspected to have undergone includes face lifts, breasts implants and Botox injections.

And her before and after photos tells many stories.

Check out The Before and After Kate Gosselin Videos:

This is Kate Gosselin in an interview about her kids back in 2008 with Oprah:

And this is Kate Gosselin looking like a hot mum recently:

Since 2011, Kate Gosselin has been rumored to have breast enhancement surgery. There were rumors she consulted her bodyguard about the boob job.

It was told that Kate’s bodyguard, drove her to the doctor who gave her advice on the next steps.

In early 2011, Kate was asked if she got a boob job but her reply was she did not have time to think about it.

It was well known that Kate got a free tummy tuck in 2008. It was done during on of the tv shows. And Kate was told she just needed a better bra, not a boob job.

In 2011, Kate Gosselin was also spotted with awkward eyebrows. This suggest that she had botox treatments that gone wrong. When Botox is wrongly placed in the space between eyebrows and frown lines, it gives a lumpy appearance. Upon closer observation, it is apparent that Kate Gosselin have gone for Botox but with the outcome resembling McDonald’s arches.

Kate Gosselin’s plastic surgery disaster is slammed by doctors. Some believe that the Botox was administered wrongly with poor injection technique. The placement was wrong, resulting in a over peaked brow and looking like a demon. The good news for Kate Gosselin about this plastic surgery incident was the wrong placements can be corrected over time.

Despite the overwhelming observation of Botox treatment, Kate denied the plastic surgery rumors. She insisted she is on an all natural beauty regimen, with organic diet and daily runs being routine activities.

Kate Gosselin Has Maintained Her Youth Well

Whatever it may be, the mother of 8 has been a shining example of stringent upkeep. Her well toned body and amazing looks will put younger women to shame.

Lately she appeared in Celebrity Apprentice as one of the contestants, looking fabulous as usual. Some viewers had a hard time recognizing Kate Gosselin on screen.

The 39 year old explained right from the days of childbirth, she could only look better from then on. And she credits it to her healthy habits that keep her looking young.

But all her denials does not drive away the speculations. Even expert doctors suspect neck lifts have been done. Dr Stephen Greenberg, also suggested that Kate Gosselin underwent Tip rhinoplasty that gives the tip of the nose more definition. The cost of the procedures were also estimated at $17,500.

“Judging by low brows and less lines between the brows, Botox is very likely,” Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Ashkan Ghavami told Radar Online last year.

“The makeup makes it a bit challenging to say accurately, but a skin tightening light pulse or serial lasers, chemical peels as well as a neck lift are all possibilities to explain the tighter jawline.”

Dr Ghavami added that Kate has likely gotten work done on her cheeks to reduce wrinkling.

“Fillers or fat transfer also are likely making her overall cheeks and face softer as well,” said Dr. Ghavami, who has not treated Gosselin.

In 2015, Kate Gosselin appeared in a sexy purple bikini and that spiked the plastic surgery rumors again. You can judge whether she underwent cosmetic surgery with the pictures available below. Photos are Courtesy of TLC.


kate gosselin plastic surgery

Photos Courtesy of TLC

Kate also discarded talks about her ex husband. She feels that she should never be defined about what happened in the past.

Experts think that Kate Gosselin did plastic surgery to make herself a hottie because her face looks tighter and has no wrinkles. They believe that just using injectables could not possibly create the smooth and contoured jaw line and chin of Kate Gosselin.

Some agree that the sides of her face has been lifted very skilfully without resulting in an overly “thin” pulled look.

Some observers suggested that she opted to undergo plastic surgery because she hoped that her new look will reposition herself away from the tough mom image.

Kate Gosselin probably felt that with less obvious smile lines and higher cheekbones will soften her image. It is also mentioned in The Enquirer by Dr Matthew Schulman that “Kate seems to have naturally full upper eyelids and low-set eyebrows,” he said. “As she ages, Botox may not be enough to keep her eyes looking refreshed. Kate may opt for an upper eyelid surgery to remove the fat and excess skin, as well as a surgical eyebrow lift to restore her youthful looks.

Other possible treatments include skin tightening light pulse, serial lasers, chemical peels and neck lifts. Fillers or fat transfers are also likely contributors to her anti-aging looks.

But Kate Gosselin plastic surgery should not go overboard, as what celebrities like Robin McGraw have done.

Erasing her hard lines on her face seems to be a perfect job as she looks fabulous at age 40. However, at certain angles, plastic surgery has put a numb expression on her face as it is no longer a good fit to her skin. Her face tells us that something has been fixed. That’s why Kate Gosselin plastic surgery rumours just won’t go away.

As all celebrities need to look good, Kate Gosselin has to have instant boosters to keep herself marketable as a celebrity. Her profile as a mother of 8 children and looking like a hot babe creates a powerful endorsement machine. She has to look pretty and confident on screen. Driven by circumstances to plastic surgery? Maybe yes.

Nobody will ever know if she maintain her youth using diet habits or plastic surgery procedures. And since she does yoga and focus on a balanced diet, it must have helped her keep her good looks together with plastic surgery.

Whatever it maybe, Kate Gosselin plastic surgery gossip will never go away.