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Morena Baccarin Plastic Surgery Before and After – Are Her Boobs Real?

Are Morena Baccarin Boobs Real?

Morena Baccani is a Brazilian American actress famous for her role as Inara Serra in Firefly. Since her debut in the comedy Perfume in 2001, she has performed very well in other drama series. In 2016, Morena Baccarin appeared as Vanessa Carlysle in the box office hit Dead Pool. Her good looks, coupled with her growing boobs, has attracted much plastic surgery gossip. Some of the suspected plastic surgeries of Morena Baccarin include a nose job, botox, facelift and a boob job.

Credit: (left), (right) Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Who is Morena Baccarin?

Morena Baccarin was born on June 2 1979 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Brazil is known for their beautiful and shapely beauties. Morena Baccarin is of Italian descent and moved to New York at age seven. She has a successful acting career.

Morena Baccarin has not won an Emmy or Oscar. But she has been nominated for Best Female Performance in the MTV Movie Awards for her effort in Deadpool. She was also nominated in Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for her appearances in Homeland.

Check out an interview with Morena Baccarin in 2008 about her movie Serenity. Her boobs looked normal sized:

Compare that to another interview in 2012. Her cleavage has definitely deepened:

Here is one of the latest videos on Morena Baccarin. She looks slightly plumper. Still prefer her look in 2012:

Here are some vital stats about Morena Baccarin:

Born name: Morena Silva De Vaz Setta Baccarin

Morena Baccarin Height: 1.71m or 5 ft 7 inches

Morena Baccarin Weight: 57 kg or 126 pounds

Morena Baccarin Race: Brazilian and Italian ancestry

Morena Baccarin hair color: Black

Morena Baccarin Eye Colour: Light Brown

Morena Baccarin Bra Size: 32B

Morena Baccarin Dress Size : 6 (US) 36(EU)

Morena Baccarin Shoe Size; US 8

Morena Baccarin Nose Job Rumours

The nose is the central feature of the face. Thus, it is no surprise that it is the focus of many beauty enhancement plans. A slight change in nose shape can do wonders to a person’s looks.

Most people opt to have a sharper nose with a narrower nose tip. Being an actress, it is natural that Morena Baccarin would want to have a nicer nose. If you look at her younger photos, you can see she was blessed with a well balanced and well shaped nose to start with.

But as she became more famous, netizens started to speculate about her change in nose shape. Such rumors intensified after she appeared in Deadpool. This is probably due to her increase in exposure and fan base. Not to mention some of such comments could stem out of jealousy.

When you look at Morena Baccarin before and after photos below, there is no apparent difference in her nose shape. Check out these photos below. Can you see any changes in her nose shape?:

morena baccarin nose job before and after

Credit: (left) Wikimedia Commons Raven Underwood, (right) Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

morena baccarin rhinoplasty before and after

Credit: (right) Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images

Morena Baccarin Boob Job Rumors

Bigger boobs make a woman more attractive. Bigger boobs allow women to flaunt their bosom with confidence. Bigger boobs also mean more opportunities in Hollywood. For women with less endowed boobs, some will try to enhance them using off the shelf bust creams.

But as we know, such bust creams take forever to take effect. So, some accept the pain and undergo a breast augmentation procedure. 

Morena Baccarin was not blessed with huge boobs at the start. Just average sized boobs. However, her recent display of her deep cleavage has captured the attention of many. Check out the photos below. In the “Now” photos, she shows off her cleavage to the max. 

Morena Baccarin breast augmentation before and after

Morena Baccarin boob job before and after

It is evident that Morena Baccarin had a significant increase in boob size. However, one must not forget that the earlier photos were taken before childbirth. It is common knowledge that childbirth can lead to an increase in breast size.

Morena Baccarin has two children. Her son, Julius, was born on October 22, 2013. She had her son with her ex husband Austin Chick.. She also has a daughter, Frances Laiz Setta Schenkkan, born March 2, 2016. Thus, it is likely that her increase in boob size was due to childbirth.

Morena Baccarin and Botox Rumors

Wrinkles and fine lines are women’s enemies. They surface slowly as the years go by. If left unattended, such fine lines deepen, causing a haggard appearance.

Botox is a heaven sent for some people. They use them in controlled quantities. The desired effect of a more youthful appearance can be achieved with Botox. However, overuse of Botox leads to a lumpy and ugly appearance. Just ask Cameron Diaz and Meg Ryan.

For Morena Baccarin, her face always appeared supple and smooth. But one of her photos had people talking about her use of Botox. Check out the “Recent” photo below:

morena baccarin botox before and after

In this set of photos above, some observers believe that she has used botox to pump up her cheeks. But upon careful observation, her puffier cheeks were most likely caused by the clever use of makeup colors. Below is another set of before and after photos:

morena baccarin botox now and then photos

Credit: (left) Kevork Djansezian Getty Images, (right) Gustavo Caballero Getty Images

As you can see, a paler makeup color makes a person look slightly “plumper”. Furthermore, Morena Baccarin’s eye bags seem to need more attention than her cheeks. Thus, it is unlikely that she has undergone botox injections. Her supple face is free from wrinkles anyway.

Morena Baccarin and Facelift Rumors

Another ridiculous plastic surgery rumor is the Morena Baccarin facelift rumor. Facelifts are used to remove the fine lines on the face. But the thing is that Morena Baccarin has got no wrinkles to remove! Check out the now and then photos below:

Morena baccarin facelift before and after

Credit: (right) Michael Loccisano Getty Images

You can see that there are no signs of facelifts at all on Morena Baccarin. To say that she has undergone facelift is nothing short of ridiculous.

Overall, Morena Baccarin looks beautiful for her age. She has retained much of her beauty despite giving birth to two kids. But we wish she could do more to conceal her eye bags though. Other than those eye bags, she remains a beauty in the hearts of many fans. What do you think of Morena Baccarin plastic surgery rumors? Any chance she underwent a boobs enhancement job?


Amanda Cerny Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Amanda Cerny Undergo Plastic Surgery? Are Amanda Cerny Boobs Real?

Amanda Cerny is a well known Social Media Personality, actress, fitness model and television personality. To date, she has more than 13.3 million followers on her Instagram account. Her Youtube videos are often hilarious and engaging. However, her hourglass figure has led many to believe that she has undergone plastic surgeries. The most discussed Amanda Cerny plastic surgeries include breast augmentation, lip fillers and liposuction. Want to know why she is so hot? Check out this photo at the 2015 MTV EMAs:

Amanda Cerny plastic surgery before and after photos

Getty Images

Who is Amanda Cerny? How old is Amanda Cerny?

Amanda Cerny was born on June 26, 1991 in Pennsylvania, USA. She shot to fame as one of the Playboy Playmates in October 2011. Her hot photos left a deep impression with her fans. One thing then led to another. Soon, Amanda Cerny was publishing Youtube Videos and garnered a total subscriber base of more than 1.7 million.

In case you do not know about Amanda Cerny, here is a 5 minute Q and A session back in 2015:

Still NOT A FAN of Amanda Cerny? The video below will convert you:

Here are some Amanda Cerny vital stats:

  • Amanda Cerny Weight : 56.7 kg or 125 pounds
  • Amanda Cerny Body Measurements: 34C-24-34 in
  • Amanda Cerny Hair Colour: Dark Brown
  • Amanda Cerny Shoe Size: 7 US
  • Amanda Cerny Waist Size : 24 inches
  • Amanda Cerny Height : 170 cm
  • Amanda Cerny Bra Size : 34C
  • Amanda Cerny Dress Size : 8
  • Amanda Cerny Hip Size: 34 Inches

Other than Instagram and Youtube, Amanda Cerny has a huge following on Vine, Snapchat and Twitter.

Amanda Cerny and Breast Augmentation Rumours

Having bigger boobs boosts a woman’s sexuality. In the entertainment industry, it always helps to have big boobs. It enables a woman to stand out. There is hardly any Playboy Playmate with a flat chest.

Though most of us already know that Amanda Cerny has huge boobs, did she have a boob job to attain them?

Credit: (left) FameFlynet Pictures, (right)David Livingston Getty Images

To be honest, it is freaking hard to find any Amanda Cerny photos with small boobs. She had seriously big boobs to begin with. Here are some of the before and after pics of Amanda Cerny. These before and after photos do not confirm that she had a boob job.

Amanda Cerny breast augmentation before and after

Credit: (right) Matt Winkelmeyer Getty Images

The difference in boob size could be due to the use of different bras and bikinis. You should know what a good push up bikini can do to a set of boobs. Check out the photos above and judge for yourself.

Amanda Cerny and Liposuction Rumours

Some people are just jealous on the internet. To suggest that Amanda Cerny has undergone liposuction to achieve her present hourglass figure is absurd. Her rock solid abs are likely due to her punishing workout routine. She has been an advocate of regular exercise. She believes in giving it all for every single workout.

Amanda Cerny DID NOT undergo liposuction. She achieved her well proportioned figure through hard work. Check out her 7-Minute Plank Challenge:

The photos below speak volumes of her dedication to fitness. We believe we should just lay the liposuction rumours to rest.

Credit: Amanda Cerny Instagram

Amanda Cerny Liposuction great shape

Credit: Amanda Cerny Instagram

Amanda Cerny and Lip Fillers Rumours

Another plastic surgery rumour about Amanda Cerny is the use of lip fillers. The recent trend of having thick pouty lips has been spreading like wildfire. Celebrities like Farrah Abraham have shown what damage lip fillers can do. Nonetheless, there is an endless queue for lip fillers treatment.

Amanda Cerny Lip Fillers before and after

Credit: Amanda Cerny Instagram

For Amanda Cerny, despite all the talk, we find no evidence of lip fillers use. All we see is the clever use of lipstick. Though she seems to have thicker lips in some of her photos, the difference was due to the way the lipstick was applied. Check out the before and after photos above and judge for yourself.

Overall, Amanda Cerny is a drop dead gorgeous woman. She has the wit, beauty and body figure. Some say she is the most beautiful woman in the world. It is truly hard to find a celebrity with such qualities. At her young age, she has tremendous potential to hit it big in the entertainment circle. Perhaps a role in a blockbuster film will enable her to achieve superstardom.

As for her plastic surgery rumors, most of it are not substantiated. None of them are admitted by Amanda Cerny. Such rumours are just for the headlines. There is no truth in them. What do you think of Amanda Cerny plastic surgery rumours?

Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Marlo Thomas Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Marlo Thomas is a multiple Emmy Award Winner. She is an active American actress and film producer. Marlo Thomas is also a strong advocate for human rights and civil rights. Over the years, her changing facial appearance raised questions about the use of plastic surgery. Unlike the common folks, Marlo Thomas had the ambition to preserve her youth. But was she successful?

Some of the alleged Marlo Thomas plastic surgeries include facelifts, brow lift, botox injections and facial fillers.

Marlo Thomas before and after

Credit: (right) Scott Gries/Invision/AP

Who is Marlo Thomas? How Old is Marlo Thomas?

Marlo Thomas was born on November 21,1937 in Detroit, Michigan. Her age is now 79. She is presently active as the National Outreach Director for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Other than her acting career, Marlo Thomas has done amazing philantrophic work. In 2004, she donated all the proceeds from her book and compact disc, Thanks & Giving: All Year Long, to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

Marlo Thomas Movies and Television Shows

Marlo Thomas acted in many movies and television shows. Some of her early appearances on TV include Bonanza, McHale’s Navy, Ben Casey, Arrest and Trial, The Joey Bishop Show, The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis, 77 Sunset Strip and The Donna Reed Show.

Watch Marlo Thomas meeting the man of her dreams, Phil Donahue (her husband now), back in 1977. Marlo Thomas was a STUNNING BEAUTY:

MUST WATCH: Motivation Guru Anthony Robbins being interviewed by Marlo Thomas in 2012. Marlo Thomas looked superb. Observe the changes from 1977 to 2012:

And this is one of the latest videos on Marlo Thomas Youtube channel taken in 2015. She still looked fabulous in 2015:


Marlo Thomas’ appeared in movies such as Jenny, Thieves, Starstruck, LOL and Deuce Bigalow: Male Gigolo. Her versatility in acting won many praises and recognition in the industry.

Marlo Thomas was a stunning beauty in her younger days. Want to know why? Take a look at the pictures below and you understand why. Relive those moments when a Marlo Thomas’ smile would light up every young man’s heart:

Marlo Thomas boobs saggy

Her enthusiasm was contagious and her beautiful figure was the benchmark against many other actresses. There were no push up bras at that time and her natural boobs caught the attention of many men.

She would be one of the most beautiful actresses today if time stood still. Here are a few more shots of her younger days. Marlo Thomas used to have her hair looking black. However, she seems to prefer lighter hair colors nowadays. Do these pictures turn back the clock for you?

Marlo Thomas in That Girl

Comparing Marlo Thomas’ Young Photos to Recent Photos

One of the best ways to find out if Marlo Thomas underwent the knife is to take a straight comparison between her younger photos and photos of today. Taking into account the effects of aging, it is important to observe and see if those plastic surgery rumours are true.

Here is a photo of a young Marlo Thomas versus a photo of Marlo Thomas of today. What differences do you see?

Credit: (left) Art Zelin Getty Images, (right)Jared Siskin Getty Images

Marlo Thomas and Facelift Rumors

Facelifts are commonly used to remove wrinkles and fine lines. But it is not advisable to undergo multiple facelifts as it will result in a very “thin” looking face. Too much of a good thing is always bad.

Did Marlo Thomas undergo a facelift? Well, looking at her face, there is a chance that she underwent a facelift to preserve her beauty. At age 79, her face should show deeper wrinkles. But, those deeper wrinkles are absent from Marlo Thomas’ face, suggesting external help was administered.

Here is another set of “Then” and “Now” photos (see below) . Obviously, you can see that Marlo Thomas has aged. Observe the “Now” photo and you will see that she looks slightly unnatural. But whether she underwent a facelift is still anyone’s guess.

Credit: (right) Mike Pont Getty Images

Marlo Thomas and Botox Injection Rumors

Another popular way to remove wrinkles is using botox injections. Botox has proved to be a reliable solution for aging facial wrinkles. Some actresses like Christie Brinkley and Jane Fonda have used it to incredible success. However, there were some actresses who used Botox excessively, leading to an unnatural look.

For Marlo Thomas, she does not look like her age at all. Her facial skin looks supple and firm. Though there are parts of her face (lower cheeks) showing loose skin, Marlo Thomas looks splendid. Here is another set of “Before” and “After” Photos. Check out her facial skin.

Marlo Thomas Botox injections before and after


Marlo Thomas Brow Lift and Eyelid Surgery Rumors

As we age, the muscles around the eyes start to weaken. Skin around the eyes start to sag. The saggy skin results in unwanted folds of skin above the eyes. This is where eyelid surgery could help. Together with a brow life, an eyelid surgery makes a person look younger. Eyes that sparkle give out endless energy and exude youthfulness.

For Marlo Thomas, her eyes are free from wrinkles. She does not have 100 percent of her beauty 40 years ago, but she went to great lengths to keep aging signs at bay. In another set of before and after photos below, you can see that Marlo Thomas paid real attention to those lines around her eyes:

Marlo Thomas eyelid surgery brow lift before and after

Credit: (right) Andrew Toth Getty Images

Marlo Thomas and Teeth Veneers?

Finally, nobody has spoken about Marlo Thomas’ perfect set of teeth! Having a perfect set of teeth is a real challenge for anyone above age 75. You need not squint to see that Marlo Thomas has an impeccable set of teeth.

Did she undergo teeth surgery implants or teeth veneers procedures? Or are they just a set of good fitting dentures? Nobody really knows. But what we do know is that Marlo Thomas did not leave any part of her body to age uncontrollably. She paid attention to every single detail. Here is another shot of Marlo Thomas now with her great smile and body figure – all at age 79!

Marlo Thomas 2017 before and after

Marlo Thomas Plastic Surgeries Are Not Proven

Say what you will, not many celebrities look this good at age 79. To think that Marlo Thomas is still actively in her charitable and professional work is mind boggling. A normal person at her age would have retired by now.

Overall, Marlo Thomas has demonstrated that one need not go overboard with plastic surgery to look good. There were other rumors suggesting that she used facial fillers. But it does not matter. Why? Because Marlo Thomas is always a giant in many people’s hearts. For all her contributions and humor in her acting career, we should respect her for what she has done.

After all, everyone wants to remain beautiful. Why shouldn’t Marlo Thomas do likewise? What do you think of Marlo Thomas plastic surgery rumors? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below.

Jenny McCarthy Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Jenny McCarthy Plastic Surgery – True or False?

Staying beautiful is an integral part of a woman’s everyday life. The inherent desire to look our best drives us to do crazy things – like plastic surgery. You may think plastic surgery is a one time thing. But for many celebrities, plastic surgeries are a lifetime commitment.

For many celebrities, looking beautiful can bring more starring roles in films and television shows. For Jenny McCarthy, keeping her body and face looking great is a MUST.

jenny mccarthy plastic surgery before and after photos comparison

Credit: (left) Seth Poppel Yearbook Library, (right) Cindy Ord Getty Images

Jenny McCarthy is an American actress, model, television host, comedian, author and screenwriter. Her beauty has mesmerised fans for many years. Starting from a nude model for Playboy magazine, Jenny McCarthy has grown to be a popular star in the entertainment industry. Some of the alleged Jenny McCarthy plastic surgeries include Botox use, boob job, nose job and facial fillers.

However, to determine if she has undergone plastic surgeries, it is important for us to know more about Jenny McCarthy. It will be helpful to see how her appearance has changed over the years. 

For a start, check out Jenny McCarthy back in 2011 on the Ellen Show:

Compare that to her appearance on the Wendy Williams Show in 2015:

And here she is on the Fox 26 Youtube Channel in Feb 2017, looking fabulous. Donnie Wahlberg is such a gentleman:

Jenny McCarthy Age – How Old is Jenny McCarthy?

Jenny McCarthy was born on November 1,1972. Her age is 44. She has matured over the years. From being the favorite pin up girl of many adolescents, to a host of the ABC talk show The View, Jenny McCarthy knows what it takes to adapt.

Who Is Jenny McCarthy Married To?

Jenny McCarthy married John Mallory Asher on September 11,1999. They divorced in September 2005. She dated comedian Jim Carrey from December 2005 till April 2010.

Jenny McCarthy was not married to Jim Carrey because they felt that “a piece of paper” was not needed. However, all changed for Jenny McCarthy when she got married to her husband Donnie Wahlberg on August 31, 2014.

Jenny McCarthy Movies and TV Shows

Jenny McCarthy appeared in numerous movies and TV Shows. One of her earliest appearances on TV was on Hot Rocks in 1994. It was a show focusing on unedited and uncensored music videos.

In 1995, Jenny McCarthy hosted the show Singled Out. The show was about how groups of men and women competed to win a date with the main contestant of the opposite sex.

In 1997, Jenny McCarthy had her own show called The Jenny McCarthy Show, which was later linked to a sitcom, Jenny.

In the late 1990s and 2000s, Jenny McCarthy appeared in various movies. Some of her films include BASEketball, Diamonds, Scream 3, Scary Movie 3 and Dirty Love.

In 2007, Jenny McCarthy experimented with the online drama series In The Motherhood.

From July 2013 to June 2014, McCarthy was the co-host of The View on ABC.

Shortly after her stint on The View, McCarthy became the host of “Dirty, Sexy, Funny with Jenny McCarthy”

Jenny McCarthy Over The Years – Her Body

Jenny McCarthy always had a hot bod. The photo below shows McCarthy in a spaghetti-strap flowery dress. She looked gorgeous and elegant. Her boobs looked natural with a slight sag. This photo was taken in Year 2000 at the 14th Carousel of Hope at the Beverly Hills Hotel in California.

Bauer Griffin

In 2003, Jenny McCarthy continued to show her boobs subtly in this black dress. There were not much changes to her body. Same figure, same great smile. The photo below was taken at the 31st Annual American Music Awards at The Shrine Auditorium in LA, California.

Kevin Winter Getty Images

In 2005, Jenny McCarthy showed why she deserved a feature in Playboy. At the World Music Awards held at the Kodak Theatre in Hollywood, California, McCarthy wore an almost see through top showing her full breasts. 

Her boobs looked as full as helium pumped balloons. She flashed a wide smile in this photo but most men would focus on her breasts instead of her smile. That’s just human nature. Did she undergo a breast implant surgery? Not likely at this stage.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The photo below was taken during the Warner Bros Golden Globe in Beverly Hills California. The year was 2006. We could not spot obvious changes in her, except for the color of her lipstick. Can someone tell Jenny McCarthy that she looks superb without showing any cleavage?

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Then came 2008, when Jenny McCarthy breast augmentation rumors went viral. Her breasts looked very pumped up and firm. Did McCarthy undergo the knife to achieve her increased boob size? Check out the photos below showcasing McCarthy in 2008 and decide for yourself. The photo was taken at the Opening of MGM Grand at Foxwoods Resort & Casino 

Astrid Stawiarz

In 2010, Jenny McCarthy continued her boob showing streak. She did not care about what others say about her boob job. At the 4th Annual Midsummer Night’s Dream Party at Palms Casino Resort in Las Vegas, McCarthy showed the power of breast implants. See Photo Below.

Her age in 2010 was 38. But she looked nowhere near her real age. Those rounded upper outlines of her breasts are clues to a possible breast implant surgery. 

Ethan Miller

In 2011, Jenny McCarthy turned up for the American Music Awards in LA in a girl-next-door persona. Check out her glasses! Despite covering her boobs, she still oozed lots of sex appeal. Check out the photo below:

Kevork Djansezian

In the 2012 American Music Awards, Jenny McCarthy stole the show with a brilliant combination of colors. She matched her black and gold earrings with her blond hair and black dress to superb effect. The photo below shows her boobs were not getting smaller, just bigger. 

Some say her cheeks looked lifted, suggesting cheek fillers or implants have been used. What do you think?

Jason Merritt

A year later in 2013, Jenny McCarthy appeared to turn back the clock. She looked younger than before. Her cheeks looked more lifted than before. Check out her photo below.

McCarthy knew how to take care of herself. Just check out her arms. A woman at age 41 would have saggy skin around the arms. But for McCarthy, her arms looked firm and fit. McCarthy looked really HOT for a 41 year old.

In 2014, while promoting the show Dirty Sexy Funny at The LINQ in Las Vegas, McCarthy wore a gold colored dress with a plunging neckline. Her face looked more chiseled, giving rise to rumors of a jawline surgery (which was highly unlikely). 

Check out her boobs in the photo below. Instead of her dress holding up her boobs, her strong boobs seemed to be holding up the dress. Was it a case of powerful breast implants or a superb push up bra?

Ethan Miller/Getty Images

Here is a shot (see below) of Jenny McCarthy on the SiriusXM Show Live From Beyong The Ivy in Chicago. Wearing a simple blue t-shirt, McCarthy still looked very sexy. Her chin looked slightly unnatural in this photo. It could be the result of thick makeup. Other than that, McCarthy looked beautiful in her simple outfit.

And those tattoos on her fingers. Can anyone share what are the meaning behind those small tattoos? Those tattoos were not there in her 2011 photo.

Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images

Then in 2016, her photo (see below) at the Wrigley Field in Chicago before Game 3 of the World Series showed a bright and chirpy Jenny McCarthy. Though her makeup was very thick, McCarthy looked very attractive. 

Whether she had plastic surgery or not, she looked superb. If she continues to defy the signs of aging, she might just be the next Christie Brinkley

The good news about Jenny McCarthy is that she has paid no attention to improving the shape of her butt. Unlike celebrities like Kim Kardashian or Lil Kim, she left her butt alone. Let’s hope that McCarthy will never think of butt implants in the future.

Daniel Boczarski/Getty Images

Jenny McCarthy Over The Years – Her Facial Features

Things change as years go by, but did Jenny McCarthy’s face change much more than you expect? Here’s a look back at Jenny McCarthy’s facial changes over the years. 

There is no better way to start this time machine by checking out her 1990 photo (see below). Taken from the Seth Poppel Yearbook Library, Jenny McCarthy looks nothing like the superstar today. Who would have expected Jenny McCarthy to pose nude for Playboy with such an innocent look?

Jenny McCarthy plastic surgery face 1990

Seth Poppel Yearbook Library

It didn’t take long for Jenny McCarthy to acquire a more sophisticated look. The following photo shows McCarthy at the 2004 Annual American Music Awards at LA California. With her well combed blond hair and bright red lipstick, McCarthy flashed her evil half smile at the cameras. No signs of plastic surgery here. Same nose shape, natural looking cheeks and no lip fillers.

Jenny McCarthy face plastic surgery 2004

Bauer Griffin

Below is a photo taken in 2006. McCarthy decided to cut her hair shorter. Still the same look and face. Her eyes looked stunning and mesmerising. There was no apparent need to fix her eyes. There were no signs of a nose job or rhinoplasty. Lip fillers were not necessary too. Just beautiful. 

jenny mccarthy plastic surgery lip fillers 2006

Bauer Griffin

Below is a photo taken in 2008. Other than a pimple on the right of her face, there was not a sign of plastic surgery. However, her eye bags were starting to show. Good choice of pale colored lip stick with lighter blushers. Overall, we felt Jenny McCarthy has aged compared to her photo in 2006.

Jenny mccarthy plastic surgery 2008 nose job

Getty Images

The photo below shows McCarthy in Year 2009. While many will say she still looked attractive, signs of plastic surgery are starting to show. Her cheeks looked lifted and her chin looked sharper than  before. Was this a case of jawline reshaping and cheek lift?

Her eye bags looked smaller. Did she remove her eye bags surgically?

Only Jenny McCarthy knows the truth.

Her reshaped jawline, resulting in a sharper face, made her look drastically different from a year ago.

jenny Mccarthy jawline surgery cheek lifts 2009

Frazer Harrison Getty Images

Jenny McCarthy continued with the same hairstyle in 2010. Similarly, her eye makeup was still impeccable. Her lifted cheeks subsided after a year. They do not look so lifted anymore. This is a common occurrence for cheek lift users. Still a beauty to behold.


jenny mccarthy plastic surgery eyelid 2010

Michael Caulfield Getty Images

Below is a picture taken in 2011. Nothing much to shout about. But what was causing the bulge around her right cheek? If she had undergone a cheek lift, the plastic surgeon did a terrible job. Her cheeks looked very imbalanced. Check it out:

jenny mccarthy cheek lift implants 2011

In 2012 (see photo below), McCarthy was “blonder” than normal. Her bright blond hair added much vitality to her looks.

She should have worn a big pair of earrings to divert attention away from her enormous ear lobes.

It was clear that she was struggling to keep her eye bags at bay.

jenny mccarthy blond plastic surgery 2012

Jemal Countess Getty Images

In the photo below taken in 2013, McCarthy opted to comb her hair back. Her face looked sharper. But it was not due to any plastic surgery. It could have been either a slight weight loss or the optical illusion arising from her hairstyle. Still, her eyes were her main focus.

Jenny McCarthy plastic surgery 2013 sharper face

Cindy Ord Getty Images

Jenny McCarthy looked the same in 2014 compared to 2013. Other than her flared up hairstyle, most of her facial features looked untouched. Notice how her face shape looked broader due to her change in hairstyle:

jenny mccarthy plastic surgery 2014 flared hair

Ilya S. Savenok Getty Images

In 2015, her cheek fillers surfaced again (we cannot confirm though). But this time, they looked fantastic on her. McCarthy looked refreshed and younger. Again, can someone remind her to put on a set of earrings?

jenny mccarthy smile plastic surgery defy aging 2015

John Parra Getty Images

Then in 2016, those signs of aging came on strong and hard on Jenny McCarthy. Wrinkles started to form around her smile lines. She looked much older overall.

jenny mccarthy wrinkles age 2016

Cindy Ord Getty Images

Perhaps Jenny McCarthy realised she looked much older in 2016. The photo below shows McCarthy in 2017. Wow, she seemed to have overhauled her whole face – BUT NOT using plastic surgery. Her makeup style in the photo was different from her previous years. 

The thick makeup made her look fake. What do you think?

Jenny Mccarthy age now 2017

Cindy Ord Getty Images

Overall, Jenny McCarthy has maintained her looks well. It’s hard to look hot and sexy at her age. 

So often, we hear of plastic surgeries going wrong. But in the case of Jenny McCarthy, everything went well. 

After all, plastic surgery is not about having the perfect cheeks or nose. It’s about enhancing the looks of an individual without going overboard.

Celebrities who are successful with their plastic surgeries, like Jane Fonda and Christie Brinkley, understood the need to limit their plastic surgery dosage. Seems like Jenny McCarthy understood that too.

What do you think of Jenny McCarthy plastic surgery rumors? Are they true or false?

Mindy Kaling Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Mindy Kaling Undergo Plastic Surgery?

How can you undergo plastic surgery, and remain the same as your original look?

Oh, man, where do we begin for Mindy Kaling? Her face looks exactly the same as before and yet netizens continue to pile up plastic surgery speculations. Some of the alleged plastic surgeries include a nose job, eyelid surgery and abdominoplasty.

Credit: (left) Mindy Kaling, (right) Getty Images

But, did Mindy Kaling really undergo plastic surgery? Or was it just pure rumors on the internet? Let’s trace the evolving looks of Mindy Kaling to find out more.

Who is Mindy Kaling?

Mindy Kaling is an American actress and comedian. She was born on June 24,1979 in Cambridge Massachusetts. That makes her age 37 as at the time of writing. Her height is 1.63m. Her weight is about 65 kg. Mindy Kaling does not have a husband yet. She once dated B.J. Novak and Benjamin Nugent.

Watch a young Mindy Kaling being Interviewd by Ellen in 2010:

Compare that to a recent interview on Ellen:

One more MUST WATCH video: An interview with Jimmy Kimmel in 2016

Mindy Kaling is the founder and main actress for The Mindy Project. The Mindy Project is a romantic comedy tv series. The main character, Mindy Lahiri (a gynecologist) , is played by Mindy Kaling. Much of the plot revolves around the adventures of Mindy Lahiri.

The Mindy Project is a hit with industry critics, generating favorable reviews. The show is highly rated by Rotten Tomatoes and Meteoritic.

Mindy Kaling was also famous for her role in the NBC drama series The Office. She played Kelly Kapoor, an Indian American who often used the wrong words about her heritage or religion. The Office ran from March 24, 2005 to May 16, 2013. In all, The Office received five Primetime Emmy nominations for the Outstanding Comedy Series.

Mindy Kaling in 2006 – Looking Free From Plastic Surgery

In the photo below, Mindy Kaling appeared completely natural. It was taken during the 2006 Creative Arts Academy Awards. She was 27 years old. Notice her choice of dark red lip stick color. Mindy Kaling’s lips looked “untouched” and well proportioned.

Her nose looked rounded, with a very thick nose bridge.

John Sciulli/Wireimage

Mindy Kaling 2009 – Looking Even Better

Mindy Kaling was never known for having a supermodel look or face. She won her fans purely based on wit and comedy. In 2009, besides being nominated an Emmy for Outstanding Comedy Series, she kept herself looking fresh. Arguably, she lost some weight.

Notice her use of dark red lip stick again in the photo. Her use of those big white earrings spells of superb confidence.

Michael Tran/Filmmagic


Mindy Kaling in 2010 – More Emmy Award Nominations

Nominations in the Emmy Awards became the norm for Mindy Kaling. In 2010, her show was nominated for the Outstanding Comedy Series and Outstanding Writing For a Comedy Series for “Niagara”. Her reputation was building up fast.

In the photo below taken in 2010, Mindy Kaling showed off a new hairdo. She stuck with her choice of big earrings. Her eye bags were starting to show. Still free from plastic surgery though.

But some observers suggest that she might have undergone a nose job by now as her nose bridge looked slightly thinner. The difference in her nose shape could have been due to a different camera angle. What do you think?

Jeff Vespa Getty Images

Mindy Kaling in 2011 – More Progress With The Office

2011 saw Mindy Kaling progress from being the most prolific writer to being the Executive Producer of the show. That was huge progress. It marked a significant milestone in her career.

In the photo below, Mindy Kaling attended the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Incredibly, she looked much younger in this photo. Some say she might have used lip fillers. Maybe it was just her clever use of lipstick.

Jason Merritt Getty Images

Mindy Kaling 2012 – No Change in Her Looks

Mindy Kaling received more recognition for her performances in 2012. It was the year The Mindy Project was born.

She won the Critic’s Choice Television Awards for Most Exciting New Series. The show was also nominated for the Favourite New TV Comedy for the People’s Choice Awards.

Below is a photo taken while Mindy Kaling was attending the Fox All-Star Party. She had her hair straightened. Notice how her eye bags magically disappeared. There was talk about Mindy Kaling eyelid surgery. However, no one can confirm that other than Mindy Kaling herself.

There were still no visible changes to the nose. However, her lips started to look consistently thicker than during her younger days. Lip fillers use perhaps?

Jeffrey Mayer Wireimage

Mindy Kaling in 2013 – More Recognition For The Mindy Project

2013 was the year when Mindy Kaling’s talent shone through. Entertainment Weekly named Mindy Kaling as one of the “50 Coolest and Most Creative Entertainers” In Hollywood.

Deservingly so, Kaling was also named by Time as one of the 100 Most Influential People In The World.

In the photo below, Mindy Kaling experimented with lighter color makeup. Her face looked lighter in color. However, the thick base seemed to make her look slightly unnatural. There were no wholesale changes to her face.

And her eye bags were making a comeback.

Mike Windle Getty Images

Mindy Kaling in 2014 – Recognition as Female Leading Actress

Other than an individual award in 2007 for Supporting Television Actress, Mindy Kaling won the Outstanding Female Actor in a Leading Role in a Comedy Award in the Gracie Awards.

In the photo below, Mindy Kaling decided to wear more neutral and lighter colors for her makeup. Her experiment with more earthly lip stick color was a huge success.

She was still noticeably struggling to keep her eye bags at bay. We wonder why would anyone suggest that Mindy Kaling underwent a nose job. Her nose shape remained the same over the years.

Jason Laveris Filmmagic

Mindy Kaling in 2015 – Need to Fix Those Eye Bags?

Other than television shows, Mindy Kaling was involved in several films too. In 2015, she was the voice for Disgust in the Pixar animated film, Inside Out.

The photo below was taken during the premiere of Inside Out. This time, Mindy Kaling opted for a short hair bob for a change.

It looked nice on her, especially with the curly ends. Her eye bags became more pronounced and her lipstick has gone back to her favorite red color.

Truly no signs of any facial plastic surgeries.

Jason Laveris Filmmagic

Mindy Kaling in 2016 – Looking Superb

At the opening of The Wizarding World Of Harry Potter In Universal Studios Hollywood, Mindy Kaling decided to color her jet-black hair for a change.

In the photo, she was seen keeping her short hairdo with a tinge of highlight. You can see that her makeup has grown lighter in colors over the years. Her lips are looking unnatural though.

Jason Laveris Filmmagic

Mindy Kaling And Abdominoplasty Rumors

Another sticky plastic surgery rumour is the Mindy Kaling Abdominoplasty rumour. Abdominoplasty is generally used to reshape the abdominal area of a person, making it look for shapely and “thinner”.

Commonly also known as the “tummy tuck”, it involves the removal of excess skin an fat from the middle and lower abdomen. The end result is a much tighter tummy area.

When you take a look at Mindy Kaling’s before and after photos, you can see that there isn’t much difference at her abdomen area. Her hip bone remains the same and there are no signs of a tummy tuck at all. Take a look at the pictures below

Credit: (left) Patrick McMullan Getty Images, (right) Maarten De Boer Getty Images

Mindy Kaling and Breast Augmentation

There were also talk online about a possible breast reduction done on Mindy Kaling. Did Mindy Kaling go for breast reduction surgery?

For a woman to undergo breast reduction surgery, her boobs have to be big. For Mindy Kaling, here tits were nothing much to shout about. So, why should she bother to undergo and breast reduction surgery?

When you look at her before and after photos below, you can see that her boobs size did not change. Who in the right mind would make her breasts look smaller when they have small boobs?

Credit: (left) Frederick M.Brown Getty Images, (right) Jason Kempin Getty Images

Overall, Mindy Kaling did not undergo plastic surgery. Such cruel rumours might be planted by netizens who are jealous of her success.

The list of Mindy Kaling plastic surgeries such as the eyelid surgery, nose job, breast augmentation surgery and tummy tuck (abdominoplasty) are largely unproven. The only possible plastic surgery is the use of lip fillers. Even so, that is highly unlikely.

Such plastic surgery rumours are just speculations. Till the day Mindy Kaling admits to plastic surgery procedures, she will remain a natural beauty in our eyes. We prefer to enjoy her humour than to shower more plastic surgery talk. What do you think of Mindy Kaling plastic surgery rumours? True or False?

Mary Tyler Moore Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Mary Tyler Moore Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Mary Tyler Moore had been acting in sitcoms for many years. If you are a big fan of television dramas, you would have watched Mary Tyler Moore in action. As she aged, netizens and fans started to speculate on the sudden growth of her cheeks. Her before and after photos show significant differences in her appearance. But before we dwell into her facial changes, let’s trace Mary Tyler Moore’s career over the years.

Mary Tyler Moore Plastic Surgery Before and after Photos

About Mary Tyler Moore

For those who do not know who is Mary Tyler Moore. She was a popular American actress. Her self titled sitcom, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, which ran from 1970 to 1977, captured the hearts of many audiences.

Before 1970, Mary Tyler Moore also played the role of a hardworking homemaker, Laura Petrie, in the show The Dick Van Dyke Show from 1961 to 1966.

mary tyler moore cheek fillers and lift before and after

Watch this video that traces the career of Mary Tyler Moore from the 1930s. This is a MUST WATCH if you want to know about the early life of Mary Tyler Moore:

One of her greatest achievements was being nominated for the Academy Awards for Best Actress. That nomination was in 1980 for her role in the movie Ordinary People. 

Though she did not win any Academy Award, Mary Tyler Moore won a total of 7 Emmy Awards. Her contributions to television was recognised by her induction into the Television Hall of Fame in 1986. She was so loved by her fans in Minneapolis that a statue of her was erected at Nicollet Mall in Minneapolis.

Mary Tyler Moore Birth and Death

Mary Tyler Moore was born on December 29, 1936 in Brooklyn, New York City. She passed away on January 25, 2017 in Greenwich, Connecticut. The cause of her death was cardiopulmonary arrest resulting from pneumonia.

Mary Tyler Moore Changes Over The Years

Mary Tyler Moore in The Dick Van Dyke Show (1961-1966)

Bettmann - Getty Images

Bettmann – Getty Images

Mary Tyler Moore introduced herself to the world in The Dick Van Dyke Show. She was considered by many as one of the most beautiful women on television at that time.

Her wide smiles and energetic personality created a loyal following for the show. The Dick Van Dyke Show made huge strides for Moore in the entertainment industry. The pressure was on to keep herself looking beautiful always.

During the 1960s, plastic surgery was not an option. Plastic surgery was still in its infancy and there were not many celebrities who opted to go under the knife. What you see in the picture is what you get.

Mary Tyler Moore in The Mary Tyler Moore Show (1970-1977)

The 70s was a decade when the Sex Pistols were born, platform shoes were popular and Saturday Night Fever was the main event of the week.

At the same time, Mary Tyler Moore had her biggest breakthrough starring in The Mary Tyler Moore Show. The half hour drama series about a single working woman’s daily routine became extremely popular.

Part of the reason why the show was so popular was because it challenged the traditional role of a woman in the house. The Mary Tyler Moore Show demonstrated that women could also play an important role in the workforce.

After winning 29 Emmys, The Mary Tyler Moore Show came to an end. Mary Tyler Moore became a household name and a heroine of sorts for many working women. Here is a shot of Mary Tyler Moore as Mary Richards.

CBS Photo Archive Getty Images

CBS Photo Archive Getty Images

In the 1970s, her hairstyle proved very popular. Those curls at the ends were fashionable. Mary Tyler Moore was not only loved for her beauty, but also for her charisma.

Her smile was infectious. Everything about her was perfect at that time. Check out her set of perfect teeth!

Life After The Mary Tyler Moore Show

After huge success with The Mary Tyler Moore show, things did not stay rosy for Moore. Her subsequent shows, Mary and The Mary Tyler Moore Hour, were short-lived as rating were poor.

But Mary Tyler Moore was a strong woman who refused to give up. She showed her incredible mental strength by picking herself up and trying again. In fact, she earned a nomination in the Oscars for the Best Actress Award in 1980 for her role in Ordinary People. For her impeccable acting, she won the a Golden Globe Award for Best Actress. Here is a shot of Moore after winning the Award.

Images Press Getty Images

Images Press Getty Images

The picture above shows Mary Tyler Moore looking slightly unnatural. Though the Golden Globe Award might come as a surprise to her, her cheeks were never lifted so high.

Take a look at her photo in 1971 and compare to the above photo. You can see a dramatic difference in her cheek volume.

Coincidentally, bovine collagen was approved by FDA in 1981. It is a form of facial filler to enhance the looks of a person.

Up till today, there is no definite explanation for her puffy cheeks. But it’s hard to believe she got her puffy cheeks through natural means.

Mary Tyler Moore in Films

Many regard Mary Tyler Moore as a television star. That is not true. Moore’s achievements were not confined to television drama serials.

Traditionally, the transition from being a television star to a film star is an uphill task.

Even today, we witness instances of failed transitions.

Being a popular actress of a drama series does not guarantee box office success. Mary Tyler Moore proved that she was box office material in Ordinary People, despite many setbacks.

The most amazing thing was Moore went back to television and won more awards.

In 1993, Moore won an Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in 1993. She played the role of Mary Todd Lincoln in Stolen Babies.

Here is a photo of her receiving the Award at the 45th Annual Emmy Awards in Pasadena California.

AP Photo/Nick Ut

AP Photo/Nick Ut

By 1993, Mary Tyler Moore was aged 57 but not looking a year older than a 50 year old. Her efforts to keep herself looking young was amazing.

When you compare her photo in 1993 and 1981, she seemed to have turned back her biological clock! She looked much younger despite being 12 years older.

While they say wrinkles are the worst enemies of women, Mary Tyler Moore was having only slight wrinkles on her face. In short, her face looked natural in 1993. No obvious signs of plastic surgery or facial filler use.

Watch Mary Tyler Moore being interviewed by Larry King in 1995 (below) . Did she look natural then?

Mary Tyler Moore in the late 1990s and Early 2000s

Mary Tyler Moore’s vegetarian lifestyle was an inspiration to many. Using her celebrity status, Moore influenced many to be more kind towards animals.

Moore’s guest appearance on the Ellen sitcom in 1996 reinforced her staunch beliefs. Moore praised Ellen’s effort to rescue a lobster in her short appearance. Here is a short snippet of Moore’s appearance (REAL FUNNY) :

You can see Moore’s talent in acting shining through. Despite laying low in the 1990s, Moore’s appearance on the Ellen sitcom reminded us of her ability to adapt to every acting assignment.

Below is a shot of Mary Tyler Moore at the 14th Annual TV Academy Hall of Fame Awards in 1999. Compared to her appearance on Ellen, she looked much younger. This led to much gossip about her use of facial fillers or botox.

AP Photo/ E.J. Flynn

AP Photo/ E.J. Flynn

Watch of Video of Mary Tyler Moore with Dick Van Dyke on Larry King Show in 1999:

As the internet was till at its infancy, such plastic surgery gossip was not widespread. But you can tell that Mary Tyler Moore managed to remove much of her facial wrinkles away.

Whether its fillers or Botox, only Moore knew. All we can say is that she did a tremendous job.

Mary Tyler Moore in the mid 2000s

Mary Tyler Moore’s contributions were not confined to the entertainment industry. She put her celebrity status to great use towards greater care for animals.

She was also a strong supporter of charities like ASPCA and Farm Sanctuary. Here is a shot taken in 2007 where Moore attended a dog and cat adopt-a-thon in New York.

AP Photo/Tina Fineberg

AP Photo/Tina Fineberg

Looking at the picture, don’t you agree that she looked amazingly young for a woman aged 71? Could it be due to facial fillers or botox? What is your opinion?

Mary Tyler Moore in the late 2000s till Recent times

By the late 2000s, Mary Tyler Moore was more focused on her own interests and mission than entertainment.

Here is a photo taken in 2009 where Moore was awaiting to testify on Type 1 Diabetes Research.

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

AP Photo/Susan Walsh

The picture shows Mary Tyler Moore years younger than her actual age. Her smooth forehead and wrinkle-free cheeks had many observers talking about her anti-aging methods.

However, there are some who think that Mary Tyler Moore used clever and thick makeup to cover those aging lines. What do you think?

Mary Tyler Moore continued to be recognised in the acting industry. In 2012, the Screen Actors Guild Awards gave away the Lifetime Achievement Award to Moore. Here are two photos taken around Sept 2011:



These photos show two imbalanced cheeks on Mary Tyler Moore. During her entire career, Mary Tyler Moore has never admitted to any plastic surgery.

However, these shots showed that she might have undergone some plastic surgery. Possible procedures include cheek fillers, facelifts, nose jobs and lip augmentation.

Another explanation was that Mary Tyler Moore suffered a major fall over her Golden Retriever dog, resulting in her swollen face.

Which is more believable? Did she undergo the knife? Or did she suffered a major fall?

By 2013, Mary Tyler Moore appeared frail and weak. The surgery to remove a brain tumour has taken its toll on her. In the photo below shot in 2013, you can tell that Moore was looking weaker than two years ago.



But the picture proved one thing. It proved that her “bloated left cheek” could well be the result of a fall. Why? Because the “swelling” has gone down considerably in this 2013 photo.

Mary Tyler Moore Death in 2017

Sadly, Mary Tyler Moore died on January 25, 2017. She accomplished many achievements in her entertainment career and should be remembered as such.

Even the greatest talkshow host of all time, Oprah Winfrey, held Mary Tyler Moore in such high regard. Here is Oprah coming to tears when Moore surprised her in her show in 1997.

After Moore’s death, Oprah paid tribute to Moore’s lifetime achievements. Watch the Oprah’s tribute to Moore below:

Whether Mary Tyler Moore underwent plastic surgery or not, she contributed immensely to our working lives today. By championing for women through her role in The Mary Tyler Moore show, she left a lasting legacy in employment practices.

Let’s all remember her for her achievements rather than speculating on her plastic surgeries.