Kybella Injections – What are the Side Effects of Injecting Kybella

Kybella Injections – Side Effects of Kybella

A newly FDA approved treatment for double chin, Kybella, have proven to be a popular non surgical treatment. From the months of April 2015 to September 2015, there has been increasing enquiries nationwide about Kybella jabs.

When Kybella injections were administered during the clinical trials, there were several signs of side effects. Out of the 2600 patients who received the injection, most of them did not observe any adverse reaction.

Before the discovery of Kybella, the only solutions for double chins were liposuction or surgery. Both held considerable fear in patients’ minds.

How are Kybella Shots administered?

Kybella Injection Preparation

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Ice is first applied on the target area on the chin. Depending on the severity of the condition, as many as 50 Kybella injections are done. As submental fat takes a long time to develop, it does not reduce with one treatment. It takes an average of 4-5 treatments to see visible results.

Each series of injections is spaced out every four weeks. The sessions can stretch for up to 6 months. No bandages are necessary and it takes about two days to recover from each session.

The FDA has expressed that Kybella injections are only proven to be effective in the double chin area. It is not known if it is effective in other parts of the body.

FDA has warned against going for uncertified physicians who might use Kybella for other parts of the body. Always seek professional help. And since Kybella removes all cells at the area of treatment, any misuse can cause irreparable damage.

Possible side effects of Kybella shots

There are risks of nerve injury, facial muscle weakness. On the site of the injections, the patient might experience bruising, pain, numbness and swelling. Difficulty in swallowing was also reported in a small number of cases. But most of these side effects were gone after a while.

So is it safe to inject Kybella for the long term?

There are no long term side effect studies for Kybella. Perhaps it is still too early to monitor for any long term side effects. But it is advisable that once the double chin has reduced, the patient should take active steps to maintain her new look through chin reduction exercises. Kybella injections should never be the only source of chin reduction strategy.

Before embarking on a series of Kybella injections, you can also explore other forms of weight reduction. Regular chin exercises are also about to reduce submental fat though it takes a longer time. There are also other sources of cellulite treatments that can reduce fats from your body as a whole.

One thing though, the cost of Kybella treatment might deter you from long term use anyway. With a market expected to bring in more than $300 million a year, Kybella injections will just prove to get more popular every year by year.