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Ferne McCann Nose Job Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Ferne McCann Nose Job and Plastic Surgery

Being in Hollywood and living the high life of a top profile actress is the dream of many women. One of those women with this big ambition is Ferne McCann, who actually tried to create her own opportunities by heading out to Los Angeles.

Ferne McCann nose job news has been in circulation lately. Back in August 2016, Ferne McCann showed off her new look with her surgically enhanced new nose. After enduring lifelong taunts and jibes about her nose bumps, she decided to get a nose job done once and for all. Her after surgery photos look fantastic and her new nose seems to have healed pretty well.

Photo Credit: Instagram Fernemccann

Photo Credit: Instagram Fernemccann

Ferne McCann also expressed satisfaction in her nose job, saying “ It is subtle and I wanted it to be subtle. I didn’t want it to change my whole face… I didn’t want it to look different.” She went to add on further “ I’m not getting it done because I want to get closer to being beautiful. It’s not about that. It’s just something that I don’t like, and everyday I look in the mirror, it knocks my confidence.”

Watch a video where Ferne McCann elaborates on her successful nose job:

Compare that “new” nose to her original nose in the video below. Frankly, she still looks beautiful without the nose job:


Well who said that celebrities are not hurt by fans’ comments. Ferne McCann is a perfect example that even celebrities are human beings with feelings.

Photo Credit: Instagram Fernemccann

Photo Credit: Instagram Fernemccann

Back in 2015, Ferne McCann said “ Since I’ve been in the public eyes, people have made such horrific comments about my looks. I don’t know why they do it. Some of the nasty things they’ve said has brought me to tears. It’s really horrible and I think people need to be aware that it’s not okay. I am thick skinned but trolling isn’t something you ever get used to.”

Now with a new beautiful looking nose and a new boost of confidence, Ferne McCann should be able to tackle those naysayers well. In a recent interview on Loose Women, Ferne McCann claims that she did it for her own confidence rather than trying to break into Hollywood. Her appearance on the ITV show was greatly welcomed by viewers after her plastic surgery recovery.

Photo Credit: Instagram fernemccann

Photo Credit: Instagram fernemccann

It is commendable that Ferne McCann has been upfront about her nose job. Her nose job has definitely made her look much better. With her new perfectly straight nose, we hope that she has put a many years of insecurity aside. And we hope that the online trolling will stop and give Ferne McCann a break.

Having been insecure about herself since age 12, Ferne McCann shared her terrible experiences, saying “The names started when I went to secondary school,’ she said. Boys started calling me goose and it planted a seed. Later, Twitter trolls rubbed salt in the wound.My nose is my insecurity and it’s the easiest thing for them to say… It hurts.”

Let’s hope that Ferne McCann does not overdo any other plastic surgery after this positive experience with a nose job. We look forward to many more entertainment news from Ferne McCann in the years to come. What do you think of Ferne McCann’s nose job?

Leah Remini Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Leah Remini Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Leah Remini, once a super popular actress for her role as Carrie Heffernan on The King Of Queens, is the subjection of much plastic surgery speculation among netizens. Now approaching mid 40s, it is natural that Leah Remini would want to look younger than her age. Her fresh and perky looks has led many to believe that she has gone under the knife to look so good. Looking good in Hollywood often attract unwanted scrutiny and gossip. Some of the widespread plastic surgery rumors include a facelift, botox injections, breast augmentation and laser treatments.

Photo Credit: (left) Teen Beat, (right) Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Teen Beat, (right) Getty Images

Leah Remini is an American actress, producer, author and comedian. After a successful run of nine seasons in The King of Queens, Remini took on her new role in an ABC comedy called Family Tools. However, the series did not prove successful and was discontinued due to poor ratings. In the same year 2013, Remini went on to participate in Dancing With the Stars, where finished 5th place with well known dancer Tony Dovolani. Still in the entertainment circle, Leah Remini is expected to keep herself looking young and fresh for new challenges.

Watch Leah Remini on the Ellen Show in 2013:

Compare that to a recent Leah Remini interview on Scientology:


Leah Remini and Botox Injection Rumors

One of the most common suspicions in celebrity plastic surgeries has to be Botox use. In fact, many of the plastic surgery rumors are sparked off by excessive botox use, which leaves a lumpy, unnatural look on the user. But that does not mean that botox is out to make people look unnatural. When used in the right dosage and at the right places, Botox is a useful tool to reverse the effects of aging.

Photo Credit: (right) Vincent Sandoval Getty Images

Photo Credit: (right) Vincent Sandoval Getty Images

For Leah Remini, her face does look slightly unnatural in her recent photos. With an unusually smooth forehead and seemingly expressionless face, netizens started to speculate possible botox use. However, heavy makeup can also result in the same look. With Leah Remini not confirming any plastic surgery procedures, whether she used botox is still a mystery to many people.

Leah Remini and Breast Augmentation Rumors

Some women claim that having bigger breasts can boost their self confidence. Despite the warning about silicone implants, many women still opt to undergo breast implant surgery. The lure and emotional benefits of big boobs far outweigh the risks involved.

Photo Credit: (left) Jeff Kravitz FilmMagic, (right) Vincent Sandoval Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Jeff Kravitz FilmMagic, (right) Vincent Sandoval Getty Images

For Leah Remini, her earlier photos show a set of smaller boobs. Her boobs were not her main features anyway. However, in her later photos, her breasts size seems to be slightly bigger.

Typically, breast implants will cause boobs to look “overly round”. In some cases, the newly enhanced breasts will have a very tight look, pulling on the skin of the chest area.

But for Leah Remini, her breasts still seem natural though they are bigger. Could it be a case of weight gain boobs? Unlikely to be due to breast augmentation.

Leah Remini and Facelift Rumors

Another popular Leah Remini plastic surgery rumor is the facelift. Facelifts are often used to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. By pulling and tugging the facial skin, facelifts are able to take years off a person’s face in an instant. However, facelifts can be addictive. Some are wowed by the work done in a single facelift that they keep going back for more. Done excessively, facelifts will make a person’s face look painfully thin and fragile.

For Leah Remini, her lack of facial wrinkles could be due to the use of other procedures. There are no facelift scars to speak of and her face looks full and supple. Could it be fillers at work? Well, it is possible but we feel its hard to tell because Leah Remini is actually still young at age 46. Perhaps when she crosses age 50 is the point where facelift becomes a very powerful lure.

Leah Remini and Laser Treatment Rumors

Lasers are quick solutions to rejuvenate tired looking skin. Nowadays, laser treatments are also used to remove scars and moles. However, laser treatments are known to be short term solutions. Lasers are used to remove the top layers of the skin. However, some irregularities or markings make a comeback after the treatment.

For Leah Remini, it is hard to tell if she has undergone laser treatments as speculated. Her skin remains flawless as before. Since bursting onto the scene, Leah Remini has appeared with very little scars. Thus, it is hard to know if she has used laser. But she does look good today. Just fabulous!

Overall, Leah Remini has maintained her beauty very well. By getting in shape, she looks much better overall. Forget about what the mean people say as she still looks fantastic. With her present good looks, it should be easy for her to get leading roles in comedy shows and television sitcoms. Let’s look forward to more superb acting performances from Leah Remini in the near future. What do you think of Leah Remini plastic surgery rumors?

Vicki Gunvalson Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Vicki Gunvalson Undergo Plastic Surgery?

This question has been answered by Vicki Gunvalson. Her famous line “It’s my body. I’ll do whatever I want” says it all. She has openly talked about her plastic surgery procedures. It is no secret that she has undergone a nose job, chin implant and fat injections to reduce wrinkles. However, it is still interesting to look at Vicki Gunvalson before and after photos to see how she has transformed over the years.

Photos Credit: Getty Images

Photos Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Vicki Gunvalson once claimed that she did plastic surgery to improve her self-esteem. She said “I did some cartilage reconstruction on my nose. I had some fat injected in the upper part of my cheeks so I don’t have any more wrinkles. And I did a little chin implant.” Vicki revealed that she underwent the plastic surgery because she was being made fun of because she looked like a “certain character”. (Miss Piggy) Those comments hurt her so much that she decided to go under the knife to enhance her looks.

Whether the outcome is desirable is up to anyone’s opinion. To Vicki, it is her life and her decision, no one is able to stop her. Her stand that one should do something that makes herself feel better is commendable. After all, who cares when all it matters is your own happiness.

Watch the video below where Vicki Gunvalson does a nice little video about her Insurance Agency Business:

Compare it to her recent interview in E!. She has not aged at all it seems:

Vicki Gunvalson Been Through a Lot

One thing her fans admire about Vicki is her strength and courage in life. She is an incredibly strong woman.

Vicki’s life is full of depressing moments. But Vicki has always remained strong and positive. Despite her divorce, she remained positive about relationships. Sad to say, her boyfriend Brooks Ayers was further diagnosed with cancer. But Vicki still remained positive after going through such setbacks. The worst test of all was the passing of her mother.

It is hard to imagine how Vicki is able to face up to the audience and fans in the midst of such tragic life moments.

Perhaps its her positive outlook on life and her frankness that keeps her going. It takes courage and strength to go through such defining life moments. Indeed Vicki has demonstrated the same attitude when she revealed all her plastic surgery procedures. Such honesty is hard to find as most celebrities still consider plastic surgery taboo and would rather keep any plastic surgery procedures private.

It is natural for any woman to want to look their best. This is even more so for a female celebrity. Being in front of the camera every week, any slight off color detail is noticeable by the audience and fans. Thus, it is no surprise that Vicki has decided to make herself look younger using surgical procedures.

But did someone forget to remind Vicki in 2016 she might need a neck lift?

Indeed, the after photos of Vicki Gunvalson do show a much younger woman. Though she is already in her fifties, Vicki looks years younger than her age. While it is true that Vicki looks slightly unnatural, the overall effect of her plastic surgeries is considered a success. Perhaps it is more fruitful to take Vicki’s positive outlook on life than to pick on her plastic surgery outcomes. What do you think of Vicki Gunvalson plastic surgery rumors?

Ashley Olsen Plastic Surgery Disaster Rumors Are They True?

Ashley Olsen Plastic Surgery Disaster Reports

As we know by now, the twin sister of Ashley Olsen, Mary-Kate Olsen, has been subjected to numerous plastic surgery rumours. Now, it is reported that Ashley Olsen, is set to follow the foot steps of her sister in pursuit for enhanced beauty.

Note: Ashley Olsen is NOT TO BE CONFUSED with the American Artist found dead in Florence,Italy. For the artist Ashley Olsen, please click here.

Ashley Olsen plastic surgery rumored to have gone bad

Photo Credit: Wenn

Did Ashley Olsen Undergo Liquid Facelift?

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Courteney Cox Before Plastic Surgery And After Lip Fillers and Botox

Courteney Cox Before Plastic Surgery – After Breast Augmentation and Botox

When Courteney Cox appeared at a recent LA Event, people could hardly recognize her face. The famous actress, who has admitted to using Botox in the past, had fuller cheeks and seemed to have undergone eyelifts and face lifts. Courteney Cox is really fighting to preserve her youthfulness and beauty. Other stars like Tom Cruise and Sharon Osbourne are also trying to turn back the clock.

Courtney Cox 2004 Getty Images
courtney cox 2001
Courtney Cox 2014 plastic surgery

There seems to be work done on her face. Her unnatural look is due to her smaller eyes and tauter skin. The wrinkles seem to have disappeared from her forehead and her smile is tight.

Some feel that Courteney Cox has overused Botox and it has made her look worse than before plastic surgery.

Courteney Cox Says She did not Go under the knife

However, Courteney Cox told Closer Magazine ‘It’s no secret I’ve had some Botox in the past, but I won’t go under the knife. Continue reading →

Tori Amos Plastic Surgery Before And After



Tori Amos is well known celebrity whose ability in singing, composition tune and playing piano has been recognized. But the American celebrity is prominent of late not because of her music ventures but rather her plastic surgery issues. Tori Amos Plastic Surgery is being talked about in gatherings and forums. It is not about prying into her private activities but the differences in her before and after pictures compels us to take another look. Continue reading →