Maria Bartiromo Plastic Surgery Before And After

Maria Bartiromo plastic surgery before


Maria Bartiromo plastic surgery after


Having a new appearance is one of the strategies of public figures to have a new look and attract the eyes of viewers again and again. Many ways could be through to gain this thing. One of the ways is by plastic surgery. These procedures became the favorites nowadays as many celebrities have got the benefit of this treatment. Implants, fillers and Botox are some kinds of the treatment which could make its consumer face and body younger than it should be.

Maria Bartiromo, American television journalist, magazine columnist, and author of three books has became hot topic nowadays among chatter in forum discussion for her plastic surgery issue. Some pictures that showed her young age compared with her recently appearance made the public believed that she did some procedures to enhance her beautifulness. From those pictures we can assume that Maria had done breast implants and lip augmentations as well. She also seemed get some Botox injection regularly to avoid wrinkle from her face.

First issue arised by the difference between Maria Bartiromo appearance in 2007 as Spokeo released and her appearance at the 4th Annual CNBC Executive Leadership Awards just a year after the previous picture. It showed that the breast size of Bartiromo is significantly changed. It became rounder and bigger. This difference made the public believed that Bartiromo did a boob job or breast implants to make this part of her body sexier and hotter.

Then let’s move the second comparison between the young face of Bartiromo and her recent face in 2013 as captured by Chance Yeh from We could clearly see that her face in recent picture was still smooth and wrinkle-less. She should had got Botox injection regularly to keep her face young and beautiful. Then watching to her lips we could realize that she had fuller and sexier lips than before. We can consider that she did lip augmentation to make her lip sexier. We can assume that Maria Bartiromo has done a lot of procedure to change her body-shape and keep herself young.













Maria Bartiromo itself is a famous news anchor who has brought television business programs in CNBC for twenty years before her movement to Fox Business at 2013. As the Public figure, it has been an obligation for Bartiromo to keep her beautifulness to let the people satisfied not the only with her skills but also her appearance. So, If this assumption is not the only a rumor we can should have been informed that procedures she did were the only effort to keep her viewer enjoy her appearance. Maria Bartiromo was one of the news anchors who did beauty strategy to attract audience’s eyes. So we don’t have to blame her choice to let plastic surgery became the procedure that she should do. This procedure might also be the way to enhance her beautifulness against her husband, Jonathan Lawrence Steinberg. So what do you think more about this issue and this procedure? You have your own opinion

4 replies on “Maria Bartiromo Plastic Surgery Before And After”

  1. Clare Baxter says:

    Love Maria Bartiromo! Watch or DVR her every day on Fox Business, just discovered her recently. She is really smart, pretty, and kind. I don’t think that she has had any facial surgery, maybe some botox, so what? I hope that she stays on Fox Business or replaces Megan Kelly. Love Lou Dobbs too!

  2. Corinne Maietta says:

    Best anchor person on Fox. Her expertise on business happenings is So helpful to all. Maria IS FOX BUSINESS!

    • Shawn says:

      Expertise on business? Lol No. She has a BA in journalism and economics, and has never worked for a non-media organization. Hardly an expert on business affairs

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