Don’t Like That Ugly Double Chin: “Kybella” It Away! – At What Cost?

The treatment Kybella can cost a fortune per jab. The Kybella ATX 101 by Kythera, is the latest plastic surgery revelation reducing double chins. The price for Kybella treatment is rising month by month as more people post more positive Kybella reviews.

Aging is inevitable. You got up one morning and looked in the mirror and you were horrified to see the effects of aging. Your hair was turning white, your face had wrinkles and horror of horrors, you could see a double chin forming. The ones who could afford it, rushed to plastic surgeons to get that nasty wattle tucked away with a chin reshaping or a chin tuck.

Double Chin Has A Kybella Solution

Double Chin Has A Kybella Solution

But plastic surgery was expensive.

Stars like Madonna, Meg Ryan, Barry Manilow, and Howard Stern were the ones who hopped, skipped and jumped their way to surgeons for chin tucks, face lifts and face liposuctions. They managed to retain their youthful looks but it did not come cheap. Moreover, the entire procedure was painful and dangerous and there were chances of something going wrong ( take a look at Donatella Versace to understand just how wrong plastic surgery could go!)

For people like you and me, the choices were limited. We used to think, ‘It’s not fair. I’m young. I’m beautiful but this silly wattle is making me look old. Stars like Madonna and Cher can afford to have plastic surgery on their sagging chins and they look beautiful for it. Why can’t doctors find something easier to do away with this double chin?’

Well, Your Prayers Have Been Heard And The Answer Comes In The Form Of Kybella.
On June 19th 2015, KYTHERA Biopharmaceuticals, Inc. announced the US availability of Kybella, the first and only injection that was designed to treat double chins. The drug was developed by researchers at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Centre in Dallas. At the time of writing, physicians were being trained in Kybella FDA – approved treatment procedures. Once the training sessions were complete, Kybella would be available for consumer use in the form of a single-dose injection that would cost about $300 per vial. Frederick C. Beddingfield, III, M.D., Ph.D., Chief Medical Officer, KYTHERA stated that patients could now just walk into a cosmetologist or dermatologist office and get the procedure done on an outpatient basis.

Walking In With a Double Chin, Walking Out With a Single Chin?

Dr. Katheeen Behr, a board certified dermatologist, is extremely happy with the drug. Dr. Behr, who is currently the only doctor trained to use the drug from Modesto to LA, states that publicity about Kybella has led to an increase in walk-in patients. According to Dr Behr, more than 70% of patients were bothered by a double-chin and treatments had done wonders for those who struggled to lose face fat.

Two of her patients, 39-year-old Margaret Murray and 20-year-old Ciarra Valdez were extremely happy with the treatment. They have even publicly posed for favorable Kybella reviews on Their Kybella before and after pictures, as shown on the live video, were stunning and they demonstrated the dramatic effect of Kybella treatments.


But What Is Kybella?

Kybella contains ATX 101 which is synthetically-similar to deoxycholic acid. ATX 101 has been under development for more than nine years and it has proved to be remarkably effective. ATX 101 is a cytotoxic drug identical to deoxycholic acid. Deoxycholic acid is naturally present in the body and it helps the body to absorb fat. Kybella is injected into the fat layer of skin. When injected, it physically destroys the cell membrane of the fat cells and the fat is absorbed into the body. This causes a reduction in the double-chin and an immediate improvement in the under-chin or submental area. Patients can receive more than 50 injections in the submental area and up to six treatments may be administered. Doctors do recommend a gap of one month in between treatments to allow Kybella to work property. In simple words, Kybella works the same way as Botox. The drug is injected underneath the skin and its results are impressive.

Are There Any Side Effects to the Kybella Procedure?

Well, you are right to be worried. Hollywood stars like Lindsay Lohan, Bruce Jenner (before he became Caitlyn Jenner) and Mickey Rourke are prime examples of overdone plastic surgeries. But Kybella is remarkably safe.

According to the FDA, two clinical trials have proved the safety and effectiveness of Kybella double chin treatments. More than 1022 patients were provided with Kybella treatment for moderate to severe submental fat reduction. Patients were randomly assigned to receive Kybella or a placebo for up to six treatments and the results were remarkably safe and effective. Apart from FDA clinical trials, the pharmaceutical company also carried out more than 20 clinical trials on 2600 patients worldwide and more than 90% of patients were happy with the results.

However, problems could occur with every surgery and yes, side effects like swellings, bruising, pain, numbness and redness were present with Kybella as well. But most of these effects were natural changes that subsided within one to two weeks after injection. Moreover, clinical studies showed that almost 81% of side effects were mild and resolved within two weeks of the procedure.

KYTHERA Biopharmaceuticals, Inc., the maker of Kybella, stated that Kybella is safe provided it was administered by a trained medical professional. Moreover, the drug was designed to be used only in the submental area. Following drug dosage instructions and injection procedures would minimize side effects and ensure optimum safety.

Is The Kybella Price Going to Gouge My Wallet?

For patients who cannot afford plastic surgery, Kybella is a simple but affordable option. According to Dr Behr, the Kybella estimated cost will range from $1800 to $2400 for 2-4 sessions spread out over a month. The medication is available in a pack of four vials of 2 ml each. These single-patient use vials are priced at $1,200 per pack or $300 per vial and 2-3 vials may be required per session. When you compare this to the price tag of $3000-20,000 for face lifts or a face lipos; the Kybella cost does seem effective, safe and affordable.

A good way to keep your chin up, right?