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Did Robin Mcgraw Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Robin Mcgraw known for Dr Phil Fame dependably shows up in one of the well known syndicated programs in American TV. We all know that Robin Mcgraw has effectively achieved age of 61, yet her appearance speaks to 40 years of age lady. What is the mystery that keep her ravishing appearance everlasting? Could the secret to her youth be linked to a healthy diet and lots of water?

Robin McGraw and Botox Injections

One thing that appears in our psyche as we investigate Robin Mcgraw’s appearance is botox infusion. Robin Mcgraw Plastic Surgery continues blowing in discussions or media. People suspect that botox infusion is the driving force behind Robin McGraw’s resistance to wrinkles. If you look at the before and after pictures, you realise that her face is looking puffier today.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Photo Credit: Pinterest

At some angles, her face looks lumpy and bordering on artificial. Robin Mcgraw’s unnatural looks is the cause of her plastic surgery speculation. Her unnatural looks make people suspect that she is a user of Botox injections.

Botox is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures was it is generally less invasive than surgical operations. And Botox is proven to reduce wrinkles on the face. But like many dermal fillers, if Botox is injected excessively or at the wrong areas, the result can be a plastic surgery disaster. Too much Botox leads to an expressionless face. This is because the face gets stiffer and stuck with the lumps of Botox being injected.

Watch Robin Mcgraw back then in 2009. She already shows some signs of plastic surgery at this point:

Compare that to a recent interview with Robin Mcgraw:

Robin Mcgraw Nose Job


Robin Mcgraw’s nose also looks more pointed than before. Her nose bridge is narrower and the base of her nose seem to have reduced in size. Nose job or rhinoplasty is a common procedure to reshape a nose or make the nose smaller.

In the photos above, Robin Mcgraw looks more beautiful in her younger days. If she underwent a nose job, looks like some of her facial skin is pulled towards her nose, causing her eyes to gravitate together. Even the shape of her eyes has changed. 

Most celebrities will opt to have their nose made smaller. And in the case of Robin Mcgraw, her nose looks more defined now. However, there is no confirmation that she did the nose job.

Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery Facelift

Next to botox infusion, Robin Mcgraw is said to have facelift too. Both facelift and botox infusion are effective in uprooting wrinkles on face. Furthermore, Robin’s unnatural face reflects the possibility of facelift. It bodes well why hypothesis about Robin Mcgraw Plastic Surgery shows up all over.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Photo Credit: (left) Associated Press, (right) Pinterest

In the event that you know Robin Mcgraw well, you should notice a change of her face, particularly her lips. Her lips appear to be thicker than before. This suggests that she may have experienced lip inserts. Her new lips appear to be unnatural.

Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery Rumors about Lips and Cheeks


Some online observers say that Robin Mcgraw’s face looks crooked when she smiles. This is probably due to her raised cheeks. Her raised cheeks are also a constant source of plastic surgery debate. They look lumpy and could be the work of a cheek lift or dermal fillers.

Further to that, her lips look artificial compared to her younger days. And her chin looks more defined than previously, the jaw line seems more defined too. All these imbalance on her face gives her a very unnatural look. When you look at the pictures above, you can see that her smile lines look very artificial. Her chin seems to have undergone a procedure at it looks lumpy.

Robin McGraw Denies All Plastic Surgery Rumors

Robin Mcgraw before and after photos have been analysed by some experts. Most of them come to the conclusion that Robin must have had some work done on her face. There were even suggestions that she had a boob job done. Because when they compare her bust size then and now, there seems to be a quick spurt in her breast size.

Robin Mcgraw has denied all such allegations about plastic surgery. She claims that her maintenance of youth is down to using the right creams. Robin mentioned that she uses a hydrating hand creme to reduce the effects of aging on her hands. For her facial features, Robin Mcgraw says that she has discovered natural ways to keep one looking young.

Robin Mcgraw’s unnatural looks simply fuels the talk of plastic surgery further. There were even rumors that she did a nose job too. In any case, Robin sternly pronounces that she has never undergone any plastic surgery methods to improve her looks. Only Robin McGraw holds the truth to her appearance. What do you think of Robin McGraw plastic surgery rumors?


23 replies on “Robin McGraw Plastic Surgery Before And After”

  1. Jennifer says:

    Robin McGraw is a plastic surgery nightmare like Kim kardashian..

  2. Jan says:

    Why do women over due plastic surgery in a Hollywood? Since Robin McGraw moved to Hollywood it seems she is trying so hard to fit in with the Jones’! She is becoming so fake looking! It’s so obvious the plastic surgery is distorting her appearance….changing the shape of her face…how high can he cheekbones get???

    Come on Robin!!! You looked so natural before….Now you are just another Hollywood figure!!

    Jan. From Texas

  3. Donna says:

    She has definitely had a facelift she used to be beautiful now she looks horrible

  4. Marie Setterfiekd says:

    Sad to see a naturally beautiful woman become so fake looking. Her jaw looks twisted and her speach is off. Her teeth are way too big. It’s scary what men can do

  5. Shirley Barnes says:

    I have noticed this and took a closer look today her teeth look like those fake teeth that fit over your teeth temporarily John looks lumpy and misshapen and her lips look like whatever she had injections in her lips is become lumpier migrating it’s just not natural for a woman in her 60s to not have any wrinkles and having too much makeup on is worse then not having enough and in addition that does not look like her real hair looks like a wig now don’t get me wrong I just love Robin she is cheerful and has high self-esteem and that’s good but she promotes her skin care in all facets of her life and we all know that skin care alone cannot wash away age

  6. Judie says:

    The one thing I can say for sure by observing the pictures is she has had breast implants. Years ago many of my friends got breast implants and over the years I saw their health go from great to poor because of their implants. The body doesn’t like having a foreign substance inside the chest.

  7. Kitty says:

    She has obviously had breast implants. The first picture with her husband she is very flat. Unless she’s gained a lot of weight, that rarely changes. But, I really don’t care because I can’t stand her or that creepy Dr. Phil!

  8. Kitty says:

    Also, it’s obvious she’s had a lot of cosmetic surgery, which is ironic since she’s pushing beauty products now!

    • Nicky says:

      I agree, it makes me cringe when she advertises her face creams, as if she owes it to them, and healthy eating. The skin on her face is stretched tight.

  9. Diane Eckstorm says:

    She has that “plastic” look like so many Hollywood celebrities have these days; who is she trying to
    kid ?!! Her eyes look much smaller and her teeth look too big for her crooked mouth. I would say she didn’t get that way using creams, if she did, I would quit using it before she does any more damage . She looks very unnatural. Who told these women this looks good?

  10. Brenda sellars says:

    After reading a lot of the comments about Robin I feel horrible about what I have been thinking. I don’t understand why people don’t just own up to what they have done. There’s nothing wrong with doing what you feel is right that helps you look and feel better about yourself. But for God’s sake don’t lie. If she hasn’t had anything done plastic surgery wise then shame on me. She looks great for her age I wish I had the money to do the same. Thanks to exercise good genetics and good nutrition I looked 30 at 50. Now I’m 66 and somehow it all caught up. And I would love to be able to do something about it.

  11. Give the lady a break. It’s her face she is tampering with. Our opinions do not matter, so maybe we should just keep them to ourselves vs. hurting someone. It’s really none of our business to comment on her looks,etc. I had a nose job 20 years ago and it still looks the same. I have had lots of people tell me I have perfect nose and it has not fallen as normal as we age. The doctor took all things in consideration when redesignING my nose 20 years ago. Great surgeon..

  12. They don’t show Robin’s facial expressions during the show anymore… And when they’re leaving the stage she does everything to avoid the camera😢😢

  13. Annie says:

    Robin McGraw looks ridiculous. Totally plastic. She can deny it all she wants but no one looks like that at her age without “help. Why lie about it. Makes her look very foolish. Also makes my wonder if that beauty regime she hawks on the show does really work. Probably just like the rest of the rip offs. .

    • Ellen says:

      There is the saying: “If you can not say something nice, don’t say anything at all.” Robin McGraw is a beautiful women, inside and out. Why the negative comments? We all have the right to use our free will. If Robin decided to have cosmetic surgery that is her business! It would seem that there is many mean spirited people posting and that is totally unattractive!

    • Lmubeda says:

      I purchased her skincare products. Nothing came with the products explaining in what order to use. Some of the products. I felt like some of the products were practically duplicates. They were all so similar, I couldn’t figure out the order to use them in.
      I felt like I got scammed. I also felt that the products were so watery.
      I emailed Robin, the company, and anyone that would help me, a number of times. I was just asking if someone could explain the process.
      NO ONE WOULD RESPOND!!! My last email I practically begged for anyone to respond. Nothing.
      I have to say they were the worst skin care products
      I’d ever purchased. I spent a good $200 and felt like I got totally ripped off. And with all her talk of
      “Wanting to help women”, I lost total respect for her. To me she’s comes across exactly like a total
      “salesman”. I can not stand to look at her or listen to her speak. Total BS’er and fake.

  14. Mary says:

    Two of my sisters have had facelifts that look more natural and they look awesome so I know she has had a lot plastic surgery. There’s never been any doubt in my mind. She definitely looks like like a plastic doll & it’s not attractive. She must have had one of those Hollywood surgeons do the Job. She would have looked so much better if she had a conservative one due the work.

  15. Stevie says:

    My God, what has happened to Robin’s face. She looks old, lumpy and misshapen. Most of this extreme work never makes a person look younger. Her eyes look tiny and close together. Her eyebrows are that over arched surprised look. She claims she has not had any work done and that it is just creams and potions. I assume she uses her own products?? Yikes, what people do when they try to chase an unreasonable idea of beauty.

  16. I think Robin is a beautiful lady inside and out…IT should not matter to anyone wether she has had surgery or not…that is her business only….why don’t you ladies get a life….

  17. lillian haverland says:

    Robin is a beautiful lady inside and out…Let’s just praise her for her accomplishments ie. when Georgia smiled…SHe is a perfect match for dR Phil…..she is a loving MOther and excellent wife…she is very bright .I am her fan. its not our business what she does with her face or nose or breast….she looks fabulous . I love her looks..she is a great role model for modern women. show her some respect.

  18. Meg says:

    Really, who cares. I give her credit for the things shes done than how she looks. She has a free app that you can touch the screen, and it will call who you set it up to call, wether it s 911 or a friend. It also will record whats being said. I wish my daughter had it when her then husband attacked her.

  19. Nicky says:

    I have nothing against people having surgery or botox, hell, if I could afford it, I would too. What bugs me, is people lying and saying they haven’t had it, when they very clearly have. Just admit it, because you’re lying, and that’s annoying.

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