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James Harden Teeth – Did He Fix His Teeth?

Should James Harden Fix His Teeth?

James Harden is known for his basketball skills. He has played for the the Oklahoma City Thunder and is currently playing for the Houston Rockets. Some say he is famous for his beard but others prefer to pay attention to his misaligned teeth.

Today, we let sports websites do on-the-court analysis while we focus on his teeth. This might answer the question – Should James Harden Fix His Teeth?

First off, James Harden did not wear a beard while playing for Artesia High. He was a cute looking young man who lead his team to the California State title. Check out his high school photo:

Here is another pic showing him in action for Artesia High. His opponents must have been there for his taking as he licked his teeth during the game.

After showing off his skills for Artesia High, Harden played for Arizona State. He carried Arizona State to a fifth place finish in the Pac-10, which was a major achievement. His growing confidence on the court was beginning to show. His big smiles and humble attitude won him many fans before joining the NBA. Here are some shots of James Harden’s teeth during his days in Arizona State:

Harden sharing his smile on the court:

Harden giving an interview bearing the Arizona State Basketball logo:

And Harden pointing fingers at you, suggesting “You’re NEXT!”:

With his exceptional college basketball stats, James Harden was drafted into the NBA as the overall 1st round 3rd Pick. He joined the Oklahoma City Thunder and was named the NBA All-Rookie Second Team. It was when playing for Thunder that Harden grew his all-famous beard. Here are some shots of Harden with his famous beard PLUS teeth:

And can you decide in the photo who had the better teeth? Harden or…..

In 2012, Harden was traded to Houston Rockets. There, he had some of the biggest games of his career. He blossomed into one of the top guards in the NBA. But some things never change for James Harden. He carried his teeth with pride. Check out some of the photos below with him showing off his set of pearly whites. His teeth seemed to look better overall. What do you think?

Overall, James Harden has progressed well in the NBA. Good teeth of bad teeth, he has maintained his consistent on-court performances in the last two years. Let’s hope that he can bring more excitement in his game. What do you think of James Harden’s teeth?

Anthony Davis Teeth – Do They Play a Part in Basketball Games?

Anthony Davis’ Teeth – Do They Help Him Score Hoops?

Basketball star Anthony Davis is not only famous for his unibrow, but also his lower set of teeth. Lined up in horrendous fashion, some online citizens get queasy witnessing his front teeth.

Credit: (left) Lexington Herald-Leader/Getty Images

There are some celebrities whose teeth helped them in their careers. A good example is Steve Buscemi, whose teeth has helped him to portray his characters on-screen. Rappers are also known to keep bad teeth to look like the “real” deal. A good example is Danny Brown who just got his teeth fixed recently.

So, did Anthony Davis’ teeth do him any good? Well, let’s take look at some of the photos where Anthony Davis showed off his teeth to great effect.

Davis is from the South Side of Chicago. He attended the Perspectives Charter School during his high school days. He was known as the “little guy who would shoot threes from the corner”. Here is a shot of him playing and showing off his teeth. His teeth did not add to his game but did make him look goofy at times. 🙂

Here are a series of photos taken during his Kentucky days. He grew much bigger during his college days. En route to his current 6 feet 10 inches frame, he blew some of his competitors away on the basketball court.

Then he arrived in the NBA with the New Orleans Hornets. And he brought along his unique teeth set with him. His teeth look seriously bad. Don’t you think?

Kyle Terada/USA Today Sports

Overall, Davis’ lower set of teeth hardly get snapped by cameras. When he smiles, usually his upper teeth will show. His lower teeth are reserved for moments of pure aggression. Good teeth or bad teeth, there is no doubt that Anthony Davis is one of the best players in the NBA right now.

Serena Williams Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Serena Williams Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Serena Williams is an extremely competitive tennis player who has dominated the courts for many years. Her physique strikes immediate fear in her opponents. With those well defined, muscular arms, each stroke of her tennis racquet could unleash a tennis cannon ball towards the opposing player. However, with her powerful physique, much has been said about her butt. Questions were raised if she underwent butt augmentation. There were also rumors about a possible nose job and breast augmentation too. So did Serena Williams undergo plastic surgery at all?

Photo Credit: (left) French Open 2002, (right) Axelle Bauer Griffin FilmMagic Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) French Open 2002, (right) Axelle Bauer Griffin FilmMagic Getty Images

Serena Williams is one of the most well known tennis players in the world today. Born on 25 September 1981, she has won numerous tennis championships. Some of Serena Williams conquests include the Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon and the US Open.

Serena Williams is an amazing athlete. Why do we say that? Well, to have a career spanning almost 17 years is an incredible feat. And we all know how tough tennis is. The constant sliding and anticipation during every game can take a serious toll on the physical body. From her first US Open title in 1999 to her French Open victory in 2015, Serena Williams has stood the test of time. She has outlasted tennis greats like Hingis and Capriati to remain at the top of her game.

Watch Serena Williams answering a few questions recently on Vogue:

Serena Williams was on the Ellen Show and is the “greatest athlete”. She is SO HUMBLE:

And who can forget when Serena Williams and sister Venus were interviewed by TransWorld Sports when they were just 11 and 12 years old:

Serena Williams and Nose Job Rumors

One of the most talked about plastic surgery rumors is Serena Williams nose job. Nose jobs are the favorite choice of many celebrities because a sharper nose can transform the way a person looks immediately. The nose, being the central feature of the human face, could alter the way a person look instantly.

Photo Credit: (left) Vince Caligiuri Getty Images, (right) Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Vince Caligiuri Getty Images, (right) Getty Images

The discussion on Serena Williams nose job is about the shape of her nose. Some netizens suggest that she has undergone rhinoplasty to gain that sharper nose. They rely on before and after photos and observe that her nose shape has changed.

But when you look at the before and after photos again, the differences in her nose tip could be due to the different lighting in which the photos were taken. Furthermore, most of the photos have Serena Williams tilting her head in a different angle. Anyway, based on her busy training schedule, its hard to imagine Serena Williams going for a rhinoplasty procedure.

Because the recovery time for a nose job is approximately 2 weeks. To go 2 weeks without training is unacceptable by any professional athlete, unless its due to injury.

But to miss training for vanity reasons seems rather far fetched. So, despite there are slight “differences” in her nose shape, it is unlikely that Serena Williams underwent a nose job.

Serena Williams and Butt Augmentation Rumors

Butt augmentation has been ever popular since the butt showing antic of Jennifer Lopez. Having a jutting butt suddenly became the “in thing” among women. Though not universally accepted by men, jutting butts have seen a strong following. With celebrities like Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj focusing on having a protruding butt, butt implants have soared in popularity in recent years.

Photo Credit: (left) AKM GSI

Photo Credit: (left) AKM GSI

For Serena Williams, she always had a seriously “strong” butt since the start of her career. Her butt consists more of muscle than anything else. Her strong looking butt gives the impression of superb power and thrust. However, netizens use her jutting butt to suggest that she underwent butt augmentation.

Looking at some of the before and after photos of Serena Williams, there seems to be no change in her butt size. Some of the comparisons by netizens are flawed. Because the photos were taken in different positions. Some showed Serena Williams standing upright in one picture and the other picture shows Serena Williams with her back bent.

Anyway it is hard to imagine an athlete like Serena Williams undergoing butt augmentation for vanity purposes. Butt implants surgery is a rather invasive surgery requiring weeks of recovery time. She would have driven her coaches crazy to undergo such a process. And her butt looks beautiful to begin with, so why would she want to mess with it?

Thus, a butt augmentation on Serena Williams is very unlikely.

Serena Williams and Breast Augmentation Rumors

Another popular plastic surgery speculation about Serena Williams is about her boobs. Some suggest that breast augmentation was done on Serena Williams because her boobs were slightly saggy based on some photos.

Well, to be fair, many boobs are saggy if the dressing allows them to sag. It is unfair to compare photos where her boobs were slightly “freer and hanging” versus photos when her boobs were held tight by push up bras.

Photo Credit: (left) Walter Looss Jr Sports Illustrated, (right) Fameflynet UK Serena Williams Got a Boob Job? Are You NUTS?

Photo Credit: (left) Walter Looss Jr Sports Illustrated, (right) Fameflynet UK
Serena Williams Got a Boob Job? Are You NUTS?

For Serena Williams, when she broke into the tennis world at a young tender age of 18, it was pretty obvious that she already had a formidable bust size. She was one of the hottest female tennis players because of her sizeable big boobs, though many men refuse to admit it. To say that her boobs are saggy and she used breast augmentation to lift them up is rather absurd. With her intense training for professional tennis competitions, it is certain that her chest muscles are powerful. And with a physique like Serena Williams, saggy boobs should not even exist. Not even in a natural state.

And just imagine if she had implants and had to compete in a Grand Slam competition. With the constant bouncing and shuffling on the court, it will be unwise to bring those implants along.

Thus those breast augmentation rumors about Serena Williams are unlikely to be true.

Overall, Serena Williams does not seem to have undergone any form of plastic surgery. She has never admitted to any cosmetic surgery procedure till today. Instead of speculating whether she underwent the knife, it is more appropriate to appreciate the many years of good tennis she has given us. Serena Williams is a prime example of what hard work and dedication to the sport can bring. She has shown that success is never about the race, color or any physical attribute. Success is about hard work, determination, focus and self belief. Let’s look forward to more exciting tennis matches involving Serena Williams in future. What do you think of Serena Williams plastic surgery rumors?

McKayla Maroney Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did McKayla Maroney Undergo Plastic Surgery?

McKayla Maroney, once a star at the London Olympics, is the subject of plastic surgery rumors. Maroney is known for her no nonsense expressions during her performances. She won a silver medal in the vault finals individually. Her fantastic performance also earned her a Gold Medal in the Team event. With her natural good looks and confident personality, it is no surprise that her facial appearance is subject to much scrutiny among netizens.

Photos Credit: Instagram

Photos Credit: Instagram

The first rumors started in 2015 when some netizens realised the change in her appearance through her instagram posts. At that time, netizens could not confirm if she underwent any surgical procedures. They were just pure speculations.

Watch a short video on McKayla Maroney younger days below:

Compare that to her latest interview in the video below: 


McKayla Maroney Denies Plastic Surgeries

However, as the rumors grew, McKayla Maroney started on the defensive. She denied ever going for plastic surgery. Despite her racy photos with slightly plump lips posted online, she claimed that she has nothing done on her face. She told Seventeen “First of all, that I haven’t,” she says when asked if she’s had lip injections. “And I’ve posted a picture on Instagram last night that was like, how do I make my face look like I didn’t do anything to my face when I literally have not done anything to my face?”

Photo credit: Instagram

Photo credit: Instagram

Maroney explained that her plumper lips is the effect of clever makeup. She wants her fans to believe that her sexier and fuller lips is down to the use of lip liners and other makeup techniques. Being a frequent poster on Instagram, Maroney does not deny that her face will be up for close examinations.

She shared, “Growing up in the social media world, it’s tough. Your face changes, you get older, your face fills out, and you fall into liking makeup and different stuff like that. And for people saying that, for the most part—it would kind of hurt my feelings when you haven’t done anything.You just kind of have to keep being yourself and move forward with what you love. I just haven’t had anything to give to people, so they’re almost just picking at anything that they can to find something to talk about me for. It’s just one of those things right now and you just have to keep moving forward.”

Being a fan favorite during the Olympic games, many fans were shocked to see her transformation. And quite frankly, there is a startling difference in her lips. They look obviously much plumper than before. And it didn’t help that her expressions in the photos seem to emphasise her lips.

To Maroney, she does not really care if netizens or fans believe her denials. That’s one cool consistent attitude. She said “For anybody who’s judging it and not liking it, that’s fine. Unfollow me, I don’t really care”.

With that statement, she might have just gotten new fans. What do you think of McKayla Maroney plastic surgery rumors?

Wayne Rooney Plastic Surgery Before and After Botox

Did Wayne Rooney Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Wayne Rooney, one of the top footballers in the world, has come under scrutiny lately for his appearance on television. He has been regarded as one of the finest footballers England has ever produced. Besides his footballing skills, he is also known to have publicly admitted his use of hair transplants to solve his balding problems. Now, it seems like rumors of him using Botox has resurfaced again.

Photo Credit: The FA

Photo Credit: The FA

Wayne Rooney has played football in various positions. He played as a striker for Manchester United and eventually was shifted to a midfield role as he approached age 30. Credit must be given to Wayne for honestly admitting his hair transplant surgery to his Twitter followers. He has removed hair transplants as a taboo procedure by being so frank about it. Truly, it is amazing how he has restored his full head of hair in such a short time off season.

Check out Wayne Rooney’s forehead looking perfectly smooth:

His recent appearance was nothing related to plastic surgery. In the UEFA Euro Football tournament, there were some displeasure between the Russian fans and England fans. That resulted in some unsightly scenes in the stadiums, including fights and taunts between the two groups of fans. Wayne Rooney made a plea to England fans not to create any more trouble lest the England football team be disqualified from the competition.

However, his appearance led to other speculations. In the video, his forehead did not move at all as he spoke. This is a sign of Botox use. Botox, though easily administered, can result in such unnatural movement of the face if used excessively. The big difference in the before and after photos of Rooney speaks for itself.

But, just like many celebrities, Rooney has never admitted to having plastic surgery. His consistent denials has cast doubt on whether he did undergo the procedure. No matter what, the thing that matters most to Rooney and his fans, is his performance on the field. Botox or not, that should never be a hindrance to a good football game. May Wayne Rooney continue to entertain us with his football skills. What do you think of Wayne Rooney plastic surgery rumors?

Maria Menounos Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Maria Menounos Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Maria Menounos is a popular celebrity who has played many roles in her career. Through her popularity, there is much speculation about the possibility of plastic surgery performed on her. Some of the most discussed plastic surgery procedures about Maria includes nose job and breast augmentation. Though Maria has denied such allegations, there is still a separate group of fans who believe that she underwent some plastic surgery enhancements.

Maria Menounos is an American actress, journalist, television host and also a professional wrestler. She has appeared in various shows such as Today, Access Hollywood and Extra. Maria Menounos is also a self professed fan of the WWE. Maria made appearances in WWE back in 2009. She also appeared occassionally in the wrestling ring from 2011 to 2016.

Photo Credit: (left) Bauer Griffin

Photo Credit: (left) Bauer Griffin

Maria Menounos Is a Diva in WWE

Being in WWE, it helps to have a huge set of boobs. Think of the past diva of WWE. Stars like Chyna, Lita, Ivory and Trish Stratus all have big breasts. It adds to the sex appeal and it is definitely more appealing to WWE fans to see women with ample assets being flipped about in the ring. Maria, being one of the wrestlers in WWE, naturally attracted a lot of attention to her boob size.

Photo Credit: (left) Bauer Griffin

Photo Credit: (left) Bauer Griffin

While her bra size is at 32C now, there are people who believe that she achieved her current bust size through breast implant surgery. However, this is a debatable accusation. From the before and after pictures of Maria Menounos, there is no obvious signs of breast enlargement. The perceived increase in her boob size could very well be the use of push up bras and the use of clever dresses. Although the rumors are intense that she has undergone a boob job, fact remains that she refuses to admit it.

Watch Maria Menounos seemingly Defying Aging on the Jimmy Kimmel Show lately:

Compare that to the video below back in 2004:

Maria Menounos Weight Loss

Some other outrageous rumors include the use of liposuction to reduce her weight. It is well documented that Maria Menounos had an impressive journey from an oversized woman to a slim figure we see today. However, in her interviews as reported in DailyMail, she stressed the importance of dieting in her weight loss regime. Never once was any surgical weight loss method mentioned. For that, we believe Maria lost her weight the natural way, without any assistance from plastic surgery. Maria Menounos also appeared in several bikinis after her weight loss and their is no apparent sign of liposuction done.

Maria Menounos Nose Job Rumors

Another allegation of plastic surgery is her nose job. Many observers claim that there is a difference in the shape of Maria Menounos’ nose over the years. However, when we observe the before and after pictures, there seems to have only slight differences. Such slight differences could be due to the use of lighting in the photos or make up colors. Even the proper use of lighting can create different contours in photos. Furthermore, considering the fact that she is a professional wrestler and might get back into the ring at anytime, Maria Menounos would be silly to wear a surgically altered nose into the ring. Thus, the chances of Maria having a nose job is slim.

Photo Credit: (left) Bauer Griffin, (right) Jason Merritt Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Bauer Griffin, (right) Jason Merritt Getty Images

Overall, the focus should be on Maria Menounos talent and adaptability to many roles in her life. It is not easy to be a diva in WWE, as there are thousands of women who would want a shot at fame during the WWE Divas Auditions. For Maria Menounos to be a journalist, as well as a professional wrestler, is unheard of. Whether Maria underwent the knife or not, she should be recognised for her contribution to the entertainment world. What do you think of Maria Menounos plastic surgery rumors?