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Hayden Panettiere Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Hayden Panettiere Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Hayden Panettiere is a popular American actress, model and singer. She is best known for her roles on Heroes and Nashville, not forgetting her marriage to the giant-sized boxer Wladimir Klitschko. Hayden Panettiere has been the subject of plastic surgery rumors. Her appearance in a bikini on a beach in 2013 started it all. Flaunting a fuller bust, reporters started to compare her before and after boob photos. The stark differences in the photos fuelled Hayden Panettiere’s breast augmentation speculation. Though the Panettiere has never admitted or denied the boob job, fans in general feel that she has underwent the knife.

Photo Credit: (left) Steve Granitz Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Steve Granitz Getty Images

Who is Hayden Panettiere?

Hayden Panettiere was born in New York City. Her mother was a former soap opera actress, perhaps passing on the acting genes to Hayden Panettiere.

Hayden Panettiere started her career at a very early age. At 11 months old, she starred in an advertisement for a Playskool toy train. To start at that age, she must have been ahead of everyone else. One little known fact was Hayden Panettiere appeared in many commercial advertisements before she went into mainstream acting.

Watch the videos below to see a very cute and young Hayden Panettiere in two advertisements:

Her childhood was also littered with many fond memories. Hayden quickly grew to be one of the most sought after actresses in Hollywood. She played Sarah Roberts in the drama One Life to Live from 1994 to 1997, followed by Lizza Spaulding on the soap opera Guiding light in 1996 to 2000.

Hayden Panettiere got her biggest break in her role as Claire Bennet in the science fiction drama series Heroes. She played the role of a cheerleader with supernatural powers to heal.


Other than her stints on television, Hayden Panettiere also made headway in the filming industry, making her debut in 1998 on the movie A Bug’s Life. She had a string of appearances in movies such as The Object of My Affection, Message In a Bottle, Remember The Titans and Raising Helen.

In 2011, she was the bright highlight of the flailing Scream series, Scream 4. She received rave reviews for her role as Kirby Reed. Many regard her as the saving grace for the film.

Hayden Panettiere also expanded her impressive array of skills to include singing. Though she demonstrated huge potential since young, imitating Britney Spears:

Panettiere was also nominated for a Grammy Award in 1999 for A Bug’s Life. Subsequently, Panettiere recorded a few more songs, including My Hero is You, Someone Like You, I Fly, I Still Believe and Wake Up Call. Her involvement with Nashville also saw her recording a few songs under the show’s soundtrack albums.

Panettiere also modeled extensively. She was the cover girl for Neutrogena in their worldwide campaign back in 2006. In 2007, she also appeared in a Got Milk? campaign featuring Heroes Stars. She went on to represent many prominent brands, including Candie and Dooney & Bourke.

As such, with such a high profile in acting, modeling and singing, there is constant scrutiny in how she looks. And when she appears with a set of impressive boobs all of a sudden, you can be sure that will spark off a wave of breast augmentation rumors.

Watch Hayden Panettiere on The Ellen show back in 2013:

Compare that to a recent interview with Hayden Panettiere in 2016:

Hayden Panettiere and Boob Job Rumors

Boob jobs remain as one of the most popular plastic surgeries in America today. Despite the usual warnings about leaking implants and explosive adventures, breast augmentation surgeries are growing in numbers. With improvement in boob job techniques, more and more patients are getting satisfactory results from their plastic surgeons. But that does not mean that all boob jobs will turn out well.


There are various kinds of breast implants used in boob jobs. Two of the most common ones are silicon and saline type implants. Saline-filled implants are filled with sterile salt water while silicone-filled implants are filled with silicone. Saline-filled implants are considered safer because if there is a leakage, the saline will be safely absorbed by the body. The same cannot be said for silicone implants.


For Hayden Panettiere, her appearance in the famous bikini shot shows a much deeper cleavage than her earlier photos. However, her bigger boobs seem to have a slightly rippled appearance, a tell tale that that maybe saline-filled implants were used.

Photo Credit: (left)

Photo Credit: (left)

The obvious “depression” in the centre of her chest reminds everyone of Tori Spelling’s botched boob job. Though Hayden Panettiere has visibly bigger boobs, looks like the boob job (if performed) was not very successful. The deepening depression and cavity can cause huge concern in the years to come. Some say that a possible solution will be to inject silicone and fat, but we are not too sure about that. While there is another suggestion that the best option is still to remove the existing implants and replacing them with Silicone implants.

Whether Hayden Panettiere underwent a boob job or not, it is still anyone’s guess. But one thing is for sure, Panettiere is continuing to go places in her acting career. While some believe that she should have stayed as natural as possible, there are others who feel that her boob job has given her a huge does of self confidence. Judging by the way she looks in the pictures (with her bigger boobs), she displays tremendous joy and happiness. Could it be due to a boob job? Only Hayden Panettiere knows. What do you think of Hayden Panettiere plastic surgery rumors?

Prince Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Prince Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Prince, who is regarded as one of the most influential musicians of all time, has been the subject of plastic surgery gossip. Prince has sold more than 100 million records all around the world, making him one of the best selling artistes of all time. Besides winning an incredible 7 Grammy Awards and an American Music Award, Prince also demonstrated his excellent acting skills when he won an Academy Award for the film Purple Rain. With all the success, his appearance on stage and on the red carpet has been scrutinised by the media. Some of the alleged plastic surgeries include a nose job, lip injections, skin lightening and Botox injections.

Photo Credit: (left) Warner Brothers

Photo Credit: (left) Warner Brothers

Prince started from humble beginnings. Born in Minneapolis to a father who is a pianist, Prince took an interest in music from a young age. At 7 years old, Prince wrote his first tune, “Funk Machine”. This was the first signs of a musical genius. He went on to play football, basketball and baseball in high school. When Prince met Jimmy Jam in 1973, he amazed him with his quick mastery of various musical instruments. His work ethic and dedication to perfection were also noticed.


Soon his hardwork paid off. in 1982, Prince released an album 1999, which sold over 3 million copies. The song Delirious hit the top 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. Most importantly, “International Lover” got Prince noticed worldwide when it received a nomination at the 26th Annual Grammy Awards.

Watch Prince’s first interview in 1985. He is so humble in the interview. He said he need love and water like anyone else. Truly a legend:

Watch another flashback interview on the Larry King Show in 1999. Boy, we miss Prince so much:

In this interview with Oprah Winfrey, when asked what he wants to be remembered for, Prince said “The Music”:

Between 1984 to 1987, Prince had a string of hit songs, including “Raspberry Beret” which hit number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 and “Pop Life” which hit Number 7. He also proved to be a very successful songwriter. The song he wrote “Manic Monday”, recorded by The Bangles, hit Number 2 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. From then on, Prince’s musical career never looked back. One of this most memorable moves was to change his name into a symbol. It was not only till 2000 that he returned to using Prince to address himself.

Prince has never confessed to any plastic surgery procedures. Despite intense speculation throughout the years, no one was able to find any evidence at all. Some fans suggest that Prince’s vegetarian diet might have played a part in keeping him looking youthful.

However, there are also arguments that being a vegetarian can lead to premature aging as well. This is due to the lack of essential dietary fats necessary for healthy joints, proper heart and brain function, anti-inflammatory effects all over the body. Not to mention that dietary fats play a part in maintaining a smooth and glowing skin. But whatever it is, it is very unlikely that Prince has undergone any surgical procedures.

Prince and Botox Injection Rumors

Botox used to be popular among people who are seriously aging, developing deep, hard to neglect wrinkles. But due to its effectiveness, Botox has soared in popularity among the young as well. It is quick to administer and the effects are visible instantly. However, the widespread acceptance of botox as a mainstream plastic surgery procedure has led to many botched jobs. Not only does it give botox a bad name, some of the botched job pictures give plastic surgery a bad reputation as a whole.

Photo Credit: (left) NPG Music, (right) Kevin Winters Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) NPG Music, (right) Kevin Winters Getty Images

Most botox botched jobs are due to the excessive application of botox. Being too ambitious can backfire in the use of botox. Signs of excessive botox use include lumpy and unnatural looking face. Facial expressions can become constricted too.


For Prince, his flawless look sparked botox injection speculations. However, his later photos show a natural looking face with no signs of botox overdose. Indeed, it seems like he managed to age gracefully. There are some signs of crows feet developing in his eyes but thats about it. Even so, that is pretty hard to spot. It is quite unlikely that Prince has undergone botox injections.

Prince and Skin Lightening Rumors

Photo Credit: (right) Kevin Winter Getty Images

Photo Credit: (right) Kevin Winter Getty Images

Another ridiculous rumors about Prince is that he underwent skin lightening to have such a relatively fair complexion. This came about when Prince appeared in light colored skin, especially in his promotional photos. One possible explanation for his fair appearance could be due to the use of powder in make up. In the later years, Prince usually appeared on stage with makeup on his face. As we all know, makeup can alter the skin tone and skin color. It is highly possible that could be the reason. As for his magazine photos, the light skin tone could just be due to the clever use of Photoshop.

Though Prince has left us in April 2016, his contribution to the music industry cannot be forgotten. Throughout his career, he has helped countless budding musicians to gain a foothold in the music industry. And many times, he was not credited with the help. He played the electric guitar uncredited on several Madonna songs like “Keep it Together”, “Act of Contrition” and “Like A Prayer”. His unselfishness has led to many celebrities giving tribute after his death.

Prince should be remembered not for his alleged plastic surgery procedures (which we think he had none), but for his achievements in the music industry. Truly, he is one of the best musicians ever to grace the stage. May he rest in peace and be remembered the right way.

Hwang Jung Eum Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Hwang Jung Eum Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Hwang Jung Eum, one of the most recognised singers and actresses in South Korea, is the subject of plastic surgery rumors due to her good looks. South Korea is known as one of the most popular countries as far as plastic surgeries are concerned. Their film industry boom has led to many superstars being known worldwide. Along with fame, Hwang Jung Eum also attracted plastic surgery gossip as she does not look her actual age. Now in her early 30s, some of her alleged plastic surgery procedures include a nose job, double eyelid surgery and chin implants surgery.


Hwang Jung Eum started her career with the K-Pop girl group Sugar in 2001. She appeared regularly in the television show Love Letter, often having banter with Kim Jong-min. Her popularity soared between 2004 and 2006 because of the pairing with Kim Jong-min. Her first acting stint was in the drama The Person I Love in 2007.



Over the years, she went on to star in many television dramas. Some of them include Giant, Can You Hear My Heart, Golden Time, Incarnation of Money and Endless Love. Her 2015 hit, Kill Me, Heal Me, gave her an increased exposure in China and boosted her popularity in China. In a short span of about 12 years, Hwang Jung Eum achieved many awards. tvN ranked her as one of the 5 earners in the Korean entertainment industry in 2015. Gallup Korea conducted a surgery to select Actors of 2015 and she came up First. With such soaring popularity and intense acting assignments, it is no wonder that Hwang Jung Eum might have undergone plastic surgery to look better.

Hwang Jung Eum did speak about her plastic surgery rumors. Recently, in Entertainment Weekly, Hwang Jung Eum was humble about her beauty, saying “When I was 26 years old, [my looks] were grade A. Back then I thought I was the prettiest person in the world. But now, it’s grade C.” But eventually she changed to grade herself a B+ and gave some beauty tips. She said “I think you become prettier if you drink a lot of water, get a lot of sleep, and keep having pretty thoughts.” She added further about her chin implants rumors, saying “I didn’t get my chin done, but people keep saying I did. I think it’s because I am too pretty.”

How’s that for a display of self-confidence.

Watch Hwang Jung Eum in an old music Video, she already looked amazing then:

Compare that to a recent interview. Other than a slightly “waxy” face, there is hardly any signs of plastic surgery:

Hwang Jung Eum and Double Eyelid Surgery Rumors

Having double eyelids is the dream of those having single eyelids. Many opt to have double eyelids because they make their eyes look bigger and brighter. Double eyelids also enable a person to be more expressive. However, double eyelid surgery is a painful process which has to be endured for a few days.


For Hwang Jung Eum, her before and after photos show a stark difference in her eyes. What appeared to be slit like eyes have suddenly become bigger eyes with double eyelids. However, since Hwang Jung Eum has never admitted to plastic surgery, it is possible that she achieved double eyelids through other means.

Some say that she might have gotten her double eyelids through regular contact lens use. Well, that is not unheard of. Or it could also be due to the clever use of makeup. Some of the makeup around the eyes could also give the illusion of double eyelids.

Hwang Jung Eum and Chin Implant Rumors

Chin Implant surgery is often used to sharpen the chin area and reduce some fats around the chin area. The overall effect is to produce a more defined chin. This gives the jawline an improved appearance. Done by both men and women, chin implant surgery is a painful process but gives a significant enhancement to a person’s face shape.

Photo Credit: (left) The Chonsunilbo JNS Getty Images, (right) Han Myung-Gu Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) The Chonsunilbo JNS Getty Images, (right) Han Myung-Gu Getty Images

For Hwang Jung Eum, say what you will but her before and after photos show no distinct difference in her chin shape. Don’t really know what sparked those chin implants rumors as her chin looks basically the same as before. She might have lost some weight since those younger days resulting in a thinner looking face. But that does not mean that she has undergone such extensive chin implants plastic surgery.

Hwang Jung Eum and Nose Job Rumors

Nose jobs, made scary by botched jobs like Michael Jackson, remain as one of the top plastic surgeries performed. Because the nose is at the center of the face, many people target the nose as their first venture into plastic surgery. A successful nose job could lead to a major enhancement in looks. But a botched nose job could lead to some irreversible, horrendous outcomes.

For Hwang Jung Eum, she is one of the fortunate Asians who are born with quite a sharp nose. Definitely not as sharp as some of Europeans stars but her nose does not really look overly flat at all. Even in her earlier photos, she already has quite a nice nose bridge and nose tip.

Looking at Hwang Jung Eum before and after photos, her nose does not seem to have changed much. If she had undergone a nose job or rhinoplasty, the effects should be more obvious than this. The slight differences could be explained by the camera angle or lighting. Though she mentioned she was not happy with her nostrils appearing too high on her face, there is no reason to suspect that she went for a nose job.

Overall, Hwang Jung Eum has managed to preserve her looks well. She is getting prettier with age without much help from plastic surgery. Being a star in South Korea, it is inevitable that plastic surgery gossip will surface once you get more popular. With the recognition she has in the acting industry, we will definitely see more of Hwang Jung Eum in years to come. Let’s hope that she does not surprise us with any distinct plastic surgery signs. What do you think of Hwang Jung Eum plastic surgery rumors?

Taemin Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Taemin Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Taemin is a popular South Korean singer and actor. Like most South Korean celebrities, plastic surgery rumors continue to circle around him. He got his big break as the lead singer and dancer (as with most Korean groups) ofr Shinee in May 2008. He quickly branched out into an acting career in 2009, starring in MBC comedy “Tae Hee, Hye Kyo, Ji Hyun” as Junsu. Taemin was quick to expand his talent further. USing his voice as his strength, he played the part of a voice actor for the Korean movie called The Outback as Johnny, a white koala who was the actual hero of the show. Truly, his talent cannot be doubted.


But of recent times, when earlier photos of Taemin’s surfaced, it sparked off waves of plastic surgery rumors on the internet. But before we dwell on what are the possible plastic surgeries, lets look at some interesting facts of Taemin:

1. He was born on 18 July 1993 in Seoul and his real name is Lee Taemin

2. Taemin’s height is 1.77m and weighs about 53 kg.

3. His potential for stardom was spotted at 12 years old by SM Entertainment. That was in 2005.

4. Taemin appreciates and loves to listen to J-Pop

5. He has poor eyesight

6. He had two dogs and their names are Adam and Eve

7. Exo Kai is his best pal

8. He learned Chinese in Beijing

9. He is the Youngest member of SHINee

10. Horror movies is one of his favorite shows

11.Taemin wants to travel around the world when his career finishes.

12. If he could, Taemin would like to become a person known worldwide.

13. The first time Taemin was conned was when he bought fake live music DVDs from China.

14. Taemin thinks that not having problems is the problem.

15. Taemin thinks that a girl in pain or delicate looks pretty.

16. Taemin wants to meet God and ask him why he does what he does.

17. Taemin wanted to be a police officer and a pilot.

18. If the world was ending, Taemin would want to go bungee jumping one last time.

19. Taemin could eat steak for the rest of his life.

20. SHINee World is like girlfriend for Taemin, because he loves SHINee World and SHINee World loves him.

21. Taemin used to wear a teddy bear t-shirt when he was a trainee. 

22. When Taemin gets bored, he will think about different things, and fall into his own world.

23. Taemin has never cried before when SHINee won 1st place. 

24. Taemin tends to lose his clothes and accessoires.

25. When Taemin feels stressed while practicing, the other members try to de-stress him by doing silly dances.

26. Taemin began learning to play the piano when he was in elementary school.

27.Taemin started to like dancing because of his big brother. 

28. Taemin makes sure not to skip any class, and goes to school regularly, despite his hectic schedule

29. Taemin admitted that he’s the type that always makes mistakes. 

30. Taemin likes pale skinned girls.

31. If Taemin had to choose a favourite body part, he would pick all of them, because they are from his parents.

32. Taemin thinks a girl is the prettiest when she is embarrassed (blushed) or when she is panicking.

33. Taemin thinks that if two people love each other age doesn’t matter.

34. Taemin usually doesn’t pick up his phone.

35. Taemin looks more at personality than appearance.

So now you kind of know what kind of guy Taemin is huh?


South Korean celebrities go through many years of tough training before given the opportunity to be a star. Most of them need to go through dancing and singing sessions. Taemin became a member of SHINee and they debut their single “Replay” back in May 2008.

Watch a short video of Taemin back in 2008 in Thailand:

MUST WATCH: Check out his audition interview for SHINee and you will know why he was selected:

And compare the above two interviews with a recent Taemin interview below, he has grown up to be a real pin-up idol:


His solo career was also on track. His first release as a solo artiste was on 18 August 2014 with the album Ace, which had only 6 songs. Taemin was determined to make his solo debut album a success. He went to Los Angeles to learn the dance routines for his music video. The video for the song “Danger” was choreographed by American Choreographer Ian Eastwood and SM’s Performance directing team BeatBurger.


Taemin wanted more. He released his full album Press It on 23 February 2016. This time, he has 10 songs. One of the songs, Press Your Number, even had Bruno Mars producing the song. You can vividly tell Bruno Mars influence in the song. Taemin said that he spent a lot of time preparing on his albums and he feels that he has become “a stronger performer”.

Taemin and Eyelid Surgery Rumors

Now let’s get down to it. Despite all the talent Taemin has, nothing beats having the looks to accompany the talent. Some netizens insist that Taemin has used eyelid surgery to make his eyes look bigger and attain his double eyelids.


Looking at Taemin before and after photos, it is obvious that Taemin’s eyes have grown bigger. Unlike ladies who can use makeup to create bigger looking eyes, male celebrities have lesser options. Looks like no amount of makeup suitable for males would have created the larger eyes effect. And look at those double eyelids, definitely serves up a strong case of eyelid surgery.

However, some say that he wears circle lenses sometimes to make his eyes look bigger. Some die hard fans will defend Taemin’s good looks always.

But as Taemin has not admitted to any plastic surgery procedure, we can never be sure. One thing is for sure, his eyes have gone from slit-like to brighter and more expressive eyes.

Taemin and Nose Job Rumors

Nose jobs are one of the most popular plastic surgeries among celebrities. Looks like those disturbing stories about Michael Jackson’s botched nose jobs are not enough to throw people off their pursuit of the perfect nose shape.


For Taemin, his before and after photos show slight difference in his nose tip. Some say that his nose tip is pointing upward in the latest photos while others insist that it is just a matter of the camera angle. Looking closer at the photos, it seems that his nose shape has not changed much. It is very possible that the differences are just due to lighting and camera positioning differences.

Overall, Taemin has achieved a lot in the entertainment industry at a young age. His performances as an actor, singer and dancer has captured the hearts of fans.

His pursuit for excellence in his career is admirable. Whether that means he is hungrier for better looks, only he knows. Whatever it may be, we can be sure that he still has some good acting and singing performances up his sleeves. What do you think of Taemin plastic surgery rumors?

Jimin AOA Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Jimin AOA Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Jimin of AOA fame is one of the most recognised South Korean idol singer and rapper. Being the main rapper and vocalist of the girl pop group AOA, Jimin naturally is one of the most scrutinised celebrity. Some of her plastic surgery speculations include double eyelid surgery and nose job. But she has never publicly admitted to having undergone any plastic surgery.


Jimin is still young at age 25. She had a natural gift for music. As a child, she learned how to play the guitar, harmonica and piano. These early exposures to music helped her tremendously in the music industry.

From her debut in July 30 2012 as a member of AOA, Jimin went on to be part of the group AOA Black where she wrote the song Moya for them. However, the thirst for higher achievement is ever present in Jimin. She decided to try out being a solo artiste. Jimin debuted as a solo singer with the single Call You Bae on 3 March 2016. With such a perfectionist attitude, the question remains whether Jimin wanted to have the perfect look as well.

Watch Jimin from AOA in an interview:

Here is the AOA being interviewed and Jimin is standing at one side. She looks like she wanted to say something:

Jimin AOA and Nose Job Rumors

Much of the speculation on Asian celebrities is about nose jobs. Most Asians yearn for a sharper and more defined nose. As the nose is at the centre of the face, any enhancement to its shape will contribute greatly to the overall look of the face. Some opt for just the sharpening of the nose tip while others go a step further to reduce the size of their nostrils.


For Jimin, her before and after photos show the same nose shape. There isn’t any narrowing of her nose bridge either. Wtihout these two enhancements, its hard to say that Jimin underwent rhinoplasty or a nose job. To undergo a nose job with such negligible differences is impossible to believe. As such, it looks like Jimin did not opt for a nose job at all. Her nose still looks natural, just like in her younger photos.


Jimin AOA and Double eyelid Surgery Rumors

Some netizens insist that Jimin has had double eyelid surgery. Double eyelids are often preferred to single eyelids as they make the eyes look bigger. However, as many asians have small eyes, some of them resort to plastic surgery to make their eyes look bigger.


In Jimin before and after photos, her supposed double eyelid is not really obvious. Usually, a skilled plastic surgeon will be able to cut a clear double eyelid as requested. But in the case of Jimin, there is not much difference which also indicates that Jimin might not have undergone a double eyelid surgery at all.

After all, her eyes look bigger because of the makeup around the eyes. Eyeliners, curly eyelashes and even eye brow shaping, are known to make the eyes look bigger. It is highly likely that her eyes look bigger due to non surgical means.

Overall, Jimin does not seem to have undergone any cosmetic surgery. The shape of her face, eyes, nose and mouth have all remained the same. It is nice to observe that she has not succumbed to the pressure and lure of plastic surgery. And at her age of 25, having plastic surgery should only be the last resort. What do you think of Jimin AOA plastic surgery rumors?

Jimin Plastic Surgery BTS Before and After Photos

Did Jimin of BTS Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Jimin, the lead singer of the South Korean pop group, Bangtan Boys, or BTS, is the topic of plastic surgery gossip. As South Korea is well known to be the land where many plastic surgeries are performed, it is no wonder that Jimin has emerged as a plastic surgery gossip target. One of the speculated plastic surgery procedure is a nose job.


Jimin is born on 13 October 1995 and his official name is Park Jimin. Now still at a young tender age of 21, he has gathered a strong following for his music. With the ever popular Rain as his idol, he practised his dance moves, with his goal of following the footsteps of his idol one day. His debut in BTS in 2013 was the beginning of his meteoric rise to superstardom.

Watch Jimin involved in a variety show 2 years ago:

Compare that to the video below where its taken from Jimin’s selfie cam recently:

Other than his solid vocals, Jimin is also well known for his dance moves that makes those female fans scream so loud. The thing that many of  his fans appreciate is his humility. Despite his busy schedule, he still takes time to read his fans mails. That is rather unheard of in the entertainment industry. Most celebrities will hire staff to go through their mails for them.


Looking at Jimin before and after pictures, his nose shape has hardly changed. Yes, he does look more macho nowadays, but the basic features of his face has largely remained the same. Though a sharper nose would have made Jimin stand out more, there are no signs of a nose job done.


If you take a closer look, Jimin has also left his eyelids untouched. Some celebrities undergo double eyelid surgery to achieve bigger looking eyes with double eyelids. This does not seem to be the case with Jimin. Till today, his eyes still look natural with no signs of surgical alteration.

Overall, other than this ever changing hair color, Jimin has not undergone any obvious plastic surgery procedure. To be frank, it is hard to find many South Korean celebrities who have not undergone plastic surgery. Jimin is truly a rare find. Maybe because he is still young in his career. Let’s hope that he will never be tempted to follow the footsteps of his predecessors and embark on a plastic surgery spree. What do you think of Jimin plastic surgery rumors?

Harry Connick Jr Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Harry Connick Jr Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Harry Connick Jr, one of the most qualified judges on American Idol, has maintained his boyish charm over the years. This has led to much speculation about whether Harry Connick Jr did undergo the knife to maintain his youthful looks. Now at age 49, Harry Connick Jr amazingly looks like he’s  10 years younger than his actual age. Some of the plastic surgery gossip circling Harry includes botox injections and facelifts.

Photo Credit: (left) Pure People

Photo Credit: (left) Pure People

Here’s a little bit about Harry Connick Jr. He is an American singer, talk show host and actor. Throughout his musical career, he has sold more than 28 million albums in total. That is an amazing feat whichever way you look at it. Along with the feat, he has had 7 Top 20 albums and (check this out!) 10 Number 1 US Jazz albums. Harry Connick Jr holds the record for the most Number 1 Albums than any other artist in the US Jazz Chart History.

Musical achievements were not his only forte. His venture into acting also produced some of the finest performances. His achievements in acting includes roles in blockbusters like Independence Day and Hope Floats (with Sandra Bullock). His versatile acting skills and looks have enabled him to be one of the rare multi-talented artistes in Hollywood today.

His personal life has also been exemplary. His long time marriage of more than 20 years now is a role model for other celebrities to follow. Truly, Harry Connick Jr has set a great example for others to follow. But did he ever undergo plastic surgery?

Watch a young Harry Connick Jr performing:

And compare it to a recent interview Harry Connick Jr had with Jimmy Fallon. What a nice guy Harry is!

Harry Connick Jr and Botox Injections Rumors

Frankly, we did not know where this came from. Looking at Harry Connick Jr’s before and after photos, it is apparent that he has grown slightly more mature. But to say that he used botox seems a bit nonsensical.

Photo Credit: (right)

Photo Credit: (right)

Signs of botox use include difficulties in expressions. This is because botox has the side effect of “freezing” a particular part of a user’s face. For Harry Connick Jr, there seems to be no signs of that. Other than a slight gain in double chin and looking more manly, there is no reason for the botox speculations to arise.

Harry Connick Jr and Facelift Rumors

Facelifts are known to remove fine lines and wrinkles in an instant. They are so effective that some celebrities get addicted to it, having mulitple facelifts. Despite its popularity, facelifts are no easy procedures. They require surgery and can be a daunting process to some.

Photo Credit: (left) Ron Galella Getty Images, (right) Frederick M Brown Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Ron Galella Getty Images, (right) Frederick M Brown Getty Images

For Harry Connick Jr, though he has few wrinkles at his age, that does not mean that he has had a facelift. In fact, there are no signs of a tight and taut face on Harry at all. He still looks natural and void of any plastic surgeries. And it is important for him to stay natural in case he is cast in acting roles that require much facial expressions.

Overall, Harry Connick Jr plastic surgery border on the ridiculous. Credit must be given to Harry Connick Jr for looking so wrinkle-less after so many years. Maybe jazz music makes a person younger? Well, till the day Harry reveals his secrets of youth in an interview, only he knows. Let’s look forward to the next musical release by Harry Connick Jr shall we? What do you think of Harry Connick Jr plastic surgery rumors?

Robbie Williams Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Robbie Williams Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Robbie Williams, one superstar who has never been afraid to speak his mind, has admitted to undergoing plastic surgery to keep himself looking fresh. Now age age 42, Robbie Williams might have felt the pressure of growing old and plastic surgery is always a tempting lure. Some of the plastic surgeries he admitted to include facial fillers, Botox and chin reduction surgery. Robbie Williams even joked about the outcome of the plastic surgeries, saying that he can hardly move his forehead!

Photo Credit: (left) Splash, (right)

Photo Credit: (left) Splash, (right)

Robbie Williams made the headlines while he was a member of the pop group Take That in the 1990s. His decision to go solo also yielded much success. His single “Millennium” hit the number one spot in UK and went on to hog the biggest hits lists in various countries around the world. His solo album, I’ve Been Expecting you was a best seller and sold almost 3 million copies in the UK alone and was certified 10x Platinum.

There are no doubts that Robbie Williams is one creative entertainer. Arguably, despite his solo success, much of his fame and glory came via being a part of Take That from 1990-1995. However, his creative strength proved to be too much for other band members, who were apprehensive of accepting this suggested musical experiments. And with the internal conflict at an all time high, Williams left the group in July 1995.

Watch a young Robbie Williams being interviewed back in 2007:

Compare that to a recent interview in 2016:

Robbie Williams and Botox

Though Robbie Williams admitted to botox use, there wasn’t any specific area of application mentioned. Other than saying the obvious clue about his immovable forehead, he left no clues. However, he did mention that his eyes were “droopy”. Williams also had internal battles with self esteem and depression.

Photo Credit: (left) Pinterest, (right) Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Pinterest, (right) Getty Images

He said to Chris Evans on BBC Radio 2, “My brain idles at neuroses and worry and panic.

“The run-up to this album has taken three years and I’ve written 75-plus songs.

“But every time I’ve been into the studio, it’s been under the heavy weight of: ‘You’re coming back, you’re doing an album, this had better be a hit, you’re 42, you’re fat, you’re eyes are droopy, go and write a bigger chorus’.

So that could be a clue that he have had botox to reduce those fine lines around the eyes and the crows feet. Indeed, when you look at his before and after photos, there is a visible reduction of wrinkles on his face.

But he does not look lumpy or unnatural like many other celebrities who used botox. He still looks well balanced and exhibits what botox can really do when used in the right manner and volume.

Robbie Williams and Chin Reduction Surgery

Chin augmentation is used to reshape the chin and enable a more refined look for the patient. Some feel that their chin is overly round and undefined. So they opt to undergo chin surgery to create a sharper chin and sharper look overall.

Photo Credit: (left), (right) PA Images So TV

Photo Credit: (left), (right) PA Images So TV

For Robbie Williams, his after photos show a much more cheeful and confident young man. His chin definitely looks more refined and defined giving him a much more elegant look.

Robbie Williams and Facial Fillers

Facial fillers are used to remove the fine lines and wrinkles that surface when a person reaches 40s. Like Botox, when used in the right places with the right volume, facial fillers can produce deep wonders on the face. However, sometimes the effects do not last long and the patient might need to go for further revisions.

The best piece of advice is to find an experienced plastic surgeon to save yourself the hassle of  revision plastic surgery.

For Robbie Williams, he must have made the perfect choice in selecting his plasic surgeon. His face now looks much younger and less haggard than his  old self. His use of facial fillers can be regarded as a major success. His result is the dream of many other celebrities, having plastic surgery that actually work.

Overall, Robbie Williams has found a way to negate the ill effects of drinking and smoking habits. It must have been a relief to his fans all over the world that his plastic surgeon got things right. We hope that Robbie Williams will continue to provide us with the musical hits and remain healthy and sober always. What do you think of Robbie Williams plastic surgery?

Nicole Scherzinger Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Nicole Scherzinger Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Nicole Scherzinger, one of the hottest babes in the entertainment industry during Pussycat Dolls heydays, is the subject of much plastic surgery speculation. As she approaches the age of 40, it is inevitable that plastic surgery gossip will arise, especially if she maintains her looks and figure well. Some of the alleged plastic surgery procedures include rhinoplasty, botox injections and eyebrow lift.

Photo Credit: Getty

Photo Credit: Getty

Nicole Scherzinger is an American singer-songwriter, actress and now television personality. She rose to fame when the Pussycat Dolls became one of the best selling girl groups of all time. After her break from the Pussycat Dolls, she tried it out on solo but could not create the same fanfare. There after, Nicole Scherzinger went on to participate in the 10th season of Dancing With The Stars, eventually winning the competition.

Scherzinger has certainly made a mark not only in the entertainment industry, but also for charitable and noble causes. It is great to see that Nicole Scherzinger has contributed to the society being an Ambassador for UNICEF and also a Global Ambassador for the Special Olympics. During her entertainment days, Nicole Scherzinger is known for her “wash board” stomach. Her amazing dance moves won many fans over. But does Nicole Scherzinger have what it takes to retain her beauty and youth?

Watch Nicole Scherzinger talk about the Pussycat Dolls breakup with Ryan Seacrest in 2010:

Compare that to Nicole Scherzinger being interviewed for her return on the X-Factor:

Nicole Scherzinger and Nose Job Rumors

Reshaping and resizing certain dimensions of the nose is of importance to some celebrities. As the nose is the central feature of the face, any slight changes will enhance the looks of the person tremendously. Nose jobs carry tremendous risks. Successful nose jobs leave the patient happy. But botched nose jobs can leave behind a trail of expensive and tedious revision rhinoplasties.

Photo Credit: (left)

Photo Credit: (left)

For Nicole Scherzinger, in her before and after photos, her nose seems to be shaped alike. There is no drastic change in her nose shape. The slight differences in photos could be due to the lighting differences when the photos were taken. Excellent make up artists are able to contour the nose in such a way that they look sharper and more pointed. Though we might never know what went on, nose job seems to be a remote possibility for Nicole Scherzinger.

Nicole Scherzinger and Botox Injection Rumors

Any celebrity who manages to look young will be subjected to the botox rumors. Netizens are quick to assume that the lack of wrinkles is due to plastic surgery. Such derivation is not necessary correct. Some point out that because Nicole Scherzinger has a smooth forehead, she must have used botox.

Photo Credit: (left) Rex Features

Photo Credit: (left) Rex Features

However, Nicole Scherzinger has always denied using plastic surgery. In a recent interview with The Daily Mail, Nicole slammed the plastic surgery speculations. She flatly said NO when asked if she has undergone any botox jabs.  She went on to add “I think for me it’s more about taking care of yourself from the inside out. I think health is really important. It’s about drinking a lot of water and getting a lot of sleep. It’s crazy what hot yoga or going on an amazing run will do.Anybody can always get that stuff done, but for me how I feel inside is a true reflection.”

Thus, it is highly unlikely that Nicole Scherzinger would get a nose job done. The before and after photos of a nose job could not show such insignificant differences. Moreover, Nicole has expressly said that her secret to her youthful looking face is cultivating good living habits. As for the brow lift, it is highly unlikely too as Nicole Scherzinger would have a large arsenal of eye brow tools to enhance the brows instead of undergoing plastic surgery.

Overall, Nicole Scherzinger plastic surgery rumors do not seem to hold much water. It seems that Nicole Scherzinger is telling the whole truth by sharing her real secrets to looking young. Let’s just follow her advice of drinking lots of water and having lots of sleep. What do you think of Nicole Scherzinger plastic surgery rumors?

Seo Hyun Jin Plastic Surgery Rumors Before and After Photos

Did Seo Hyun Jin Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Riding on the popularity of Another Oh Hae-young, Seo Hyun Jin has propelled herself to superstardom in South Korea. Her natural looking makeup is a hit in South Korea right now as the trend shifts towards more natural means of attaining beauty. However, just like any other celebrity in South Korea, Seo Hyun Jin is under the scrutiny of plastic surgery observers. There are much online gossip going around, suggesting that Seo Hyun Jin has got some cosmetic surgery to hide her real age.

Photo Credit: (right)

Photo Credit: (right)

Seo Hyun Jin started her career as a singer, not an actress. She debuted as the lead singer of the short-lived K Pop group M.I.L.K, which lasted from 2001 to 2003. After the disband of M.I.L.K, Seo Hyun Jin decided to embark on an acting career instead. Before hitting the big time, Seo Hyun Jin starred in other dramas, including The King’s Daugher, Soo Baek-hyang and The Three Musketeers. Seo Hyun Jin has managed to look fresh faced after so many years. Her latest project will be the drama Romantic Doctor.

Here is a very young Seo Hyun Jin performing as a member of M.I.L.K:

And this is Seo Hyun Jin in a recent interview. She looks very very beautiful now, seemingly without any plastic surgery at all:

Seo Hyun Jin and Eyelid Surgery Rumor

One of the alleged plastic surgeries of Seo Hyun Jin is eyelid surgery. Eyelid surgery is typically performed to reduce the fine lines around the eyes and also to have bigger looking eyes. As many Asians yearn to have bigger and brighter eyes, eyelid surgery is very popular amongst ladies.

Photo Credit: (left), (right) HIGHCUT

Photo Credit: (left), (right) HIGHCUT

For Seo Hyun Jin, her recent photos show a pair of bigger eyes. However, it is not the result of any eyelid surgery as her eyes still look largely the same. Seems like Seo Hyun Jin knows how to use eyeliners and other eye makeup to create bigger looking eyes. Furthermore, her eye bags are still present, which she would have removed if she had undergone eyelid surgery.

Seo Hyun Jin and Nose Job Rumors

Nose jobs, though a rather painful venture, are extremely popular among celebrities. As the nose is the central future of the face, any changes to it in the right manner can greatly enhance the look. It is not surprising that many are risking their nose collapsing in the pursuit of their perfect nose.


For Seo Hyun Jin, before and after photos show not much changes in her nose shape. In her earlier photos, perhaps they were taken without any makeup, making her nose look rounder and flatter. Not forgetting that some of her earlier photos are taken years ago when her nose has not been fully formed.

Overall, Seo Hyun Jin has managed to look more beautiful over the years using natural methods. Though we may not know what methods she used, they are definitely working out for her. After 7 years of hiatus, it is great to see that Seo Hyun Jin has made it in the acting world for her effort in Another Oh Hae-young. May this big breakthrough allow her to build on her acting career. What do you think of Seo Hyun Jin plastic surgery rumors?