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Faryal Makhdoom Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Faryal Makhdoom Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Being called Michael Jackson is one of the biggest praises one can ever get. But if its because of your appearance rather than your vocal talent, it is downright insulting. This is why Faryal Makhdoom got pretty upset when Amir Khan’s siblings labeled her fake. But did Faryal Makhdoom really undergo the knife?

Faryal Makhdoom plastic surgery rumors arose due to her feud with some of Amir’s family members. But what were the differences between a younger Faryal Makhdoom and the present Faryal Makhdoom? Some of the alleged plastic surgeries include lip fillers, a nose job and cheek augmentation.

Faryal Makhdoom plastic surgery before and after photos

Who is Faryal Makhdoom?

Faryal Makhdoom was born on July 27,1991 in Brooklyn, New York. She is famous for being the wife of 2004 Olympic Silver Medallist and Former Champion of The World Boxer – Amir Khan.

Before her marriage to Amir Khan, Faryal Makhdoom was just a normal commoner. She attended the Rutgers University School of Arts and Sciences with a double major in political science and journalism. She has a Pakistani background. She gave birth to Lamaisah Khan in May 2014.

Faryal Makhdoom Before Plastic Surgery

Before plastic surgery, Faryal Makhdoom was one of the most beautiful wives of boxers. Her gorgeous big eyes, big smile and her high cheekbones made her a very desirable woman. One could say that she was a “model” without being a model.

But her her recent appearances on television were shocking to say the least.

Check out the photos below and you will agree that Faryal Makhdoom looked beautiful. Not to mention Amir Khan looked like a perfect gentleman in the photos:

Watch a recent interview with Faryal Makhdoom below. She looked very unnatural:

Faryal Makhdoom and Nose job Rumors

A nose job is used to reshape the nose. Some find their noses too round or too big. Some figured that they look better with a thinner nose bridge. Others insist that their nostrils need some resizing. Whatever it may be, a nose job is not a simple procedure. It requires the precision of a skilled surgeon to have any chance of success.

For Faryal Makhdoom, her earlier pictures showcase a perfect nose. One can never understand why she would do anything to her nose. But recent photos show a nose that is ultra sharp at the tip. The slight “bump” on her nose tip has miraculously disappeared.

When you look closely at Faryal Makhdoom’s before and after photos, you realise that her nose bridge is much thinner than before. Check them out:

Faryal Makhdoom nose job before and after photos

Faryal Makhdoom nose job before and after pictures

Faryal Makhdoom and Lip Fillers Rumors

Lip fillers are used to pump up the lips. Plumper lips are regarded as sexier by many women. We cannot be sure if men find thicker lips sexy, but many women sure do. Judging by the increasing number of lip filler injections, the lips remain a favourite spot of beauty enhancement.

For Faryal Makhdoom, you can see a distinct difference in the thickness of her lips. Her before and after photos show a dramatic change in her lip size. What was once a set of nice thin lips has turned into a pair of overly thick lips! Check out the before and after photos below:

Faryal Makhdoom lip fillers before and after photos

Faryal Makhdoom lip fillers before and after picture

Credit: (left) Astrid Stawiarz Getty Images

Faryal Makhdoom and Cheek Augmentation

Cheek augmentation is used to emphasize the cheeks on a person’s face. Most people do it for vanity reasons. It can involve cheek bone implants made from silicon or other synthetic materials. Incisions are usually made in the mouth of lower eyelids. The results of cheek augmentation can be stunning, removing fine lines and “lifting” the face.

However, when performed unnecessarily, cheek augmentation can turn out to be a major disaster.

For Faryal Makhdoom, her natural cheeks were in perfect balance with the rest of her face. However, in her pursuit for perfection, her cheek augmentation procedure made her look worse. Instead of her natural well defined cheeks, what resulted was a much “flatter” set of cheeks. Those beautiful cheek contours do not accompany her smile anymore.

This is a classic case of fixing something that was perfect to begin with. Check out Faryal Makhdoom cheek augmentation before and after photos.

Faryal Makhdoom cheek augmentation fillers before and after photos

Overall, Faryal Makhdoom has destroyed her good looks using surgical enhancements. We cannot be certain if Faryal Makhdoom underwent the knife. But its pretty clear that something was done to her face. Other than her nose and cheeks, her present face looks very “stiff” and tight. For a person to look this way at such a young age is a pity. Nonetheless, Faryal Makhdoom still retains much of her beauty. What do you think of Faryal Makhdoom plastic surgery rumours?

Here are some of the recent shots of Faryal Makhdoom (Instagram):

Michaela Romanini Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Michaela Romanini Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Many celebrities, in their effort to preserve their beauty, make silly decisions to undergo the knife. In their pursuit for perfection and flawless skin, some go over the line and indulge in excessive plastic surgery. One such celebrity is Michaela Romanini, who tried out plastic surgery at a tender young age, eventually turning it into an obsession that cannot be stopped. When you look at Michaela Romanini’s face, the first question you ask yourself is “What procedures did she undergo to look like that?” Some of the alleged plastic surgeries Michaela Romanini underwent include botox injections and lip fillers.

celebrity plastic surgery gone wrong

Michaela Romanini is an Italian socialite who is very famous in Italy. Her fame in Italy can be compared to Paris Hilton in America today. Her favorite past time is to get a nice tan, dabble in some plastic surgery and growing her eyebrows. She is commonly seen with a set of ultra thick eyebrows. Definitely a person with out of this world habits, Michaela Romanini continues to wow the entertainment world with her antics and appearance.

Watch a video to catch glimpses of Michaela Romanini younger days:

Compare that to her recent self:

Michaela Romanini and Botox Injections Rumors


Botox is one of the most common plastic surgeries today. Its ability to take years off a face in just one day makes it the preferred choice. However, expectations should be reasonable when you use botox. Even with successful applications, one should never go overboard and use excessive botox on the face. It will make the face look unnatural and stiff.



For Michaela Romanini, her face looks artificial and there are just too many unnatural lumps around the cheeks and chin area. Her extremely smooth forehead is also a dead giveaway about her botox use. Perhaps she wanted to have a wrinkle free face, but all she got was a face with deeper wrinkles around her smile lines. Not to mention her thick eyebrows look too manly on a lady’s face.


Michaela Romanini and Lip Fillers


Lips fillers are one of the latest trends in plastic surgery. Having a thick and full lips are known to be sexier and more alluring. While its true that having thicker lips makes a person look more prominent, it does not make the person more beautiful. For Michaela Romanini, her lips always look overblown. Instead of looking sexy, her lips look quite frightening. Coupled with her thick eyebrows and unnatural face, Michaela Romanini’s lips complete the image of a “made up” face.

Overall, Michaela Romanini has damaged her natural looks so much that she is unrecognisable from her former self. Her state reminds us that too much of a good thing can turn seriously bad. Her awful plastic surgeries are there for all to see. But to her, she might feel that the decision to undergo the knife is right. Whatever it may be, we wish that Michaela Romanini will find her right plastic surgeon to get things right again.

Rexella Van Impe Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Rexella Van Impe Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Rexella Van Impe has been a major topic of discussion among plastic surgery gossip. Due to her most recognised role as a Televangelist, such speculations only fuel debate among netizens. Some feel that if she had undergone the knife, it defeats all the evangelistic efforts she demonstrated on television. As religions tend to be a sensitive topic, we rather focus on how young she looks now compared to earlier years. One thing is for sure, Rexella Van Impe does not look her actual age. Some of Rexella Van Impe plastic surgery speculations include Botox, facelifts and chin surgery.

Photo Credit: Youtube

Photo Credit: Youtube

Born on 29 November 1932, Rexella Van Impe is already 83 years old! However, when you look at her photos, she looks nowhere near her real age. Her smooth complexion and the lack of crows feet or smile lines are incredible feats. If her birthday is not revealed, you would never have guessed her actual age just by looking at the photos.

She is an actress and writer with an experience in American Television industry. She is also known for America’s Future (2002), Day Eight: Planet Earth Forever and The Mark of the Beast. (1997). She got married to her husband Jack Van Impe, an American televangelist who spreads the gospel weekly on television. That is when she started to be heavily involved in televangelism.

Her constant appearance on television in the TV program “Jack Van Impe Presents” exposes her to millions of audience every week. Some say its because of her good intentions that’s why God has given her a “never aging” face. Of course that is up to each individual’s opinion. But a lady of her age should not look so wrinkle free. In fact, she does not look 10 years younger than her age – but she looks like she’s only age 50, 30 years younger!

Watch a video where Rexella Van Impe sang a touching song “Were You There” in her younger years:

Compare that to a latest video presented by Rexella Van Impe:

Rexella Van Impe and Botox Rumors

Botox is a popular weapon against deepening fine lines and wrinkles on the face. It is fast, effective and requires short recovery time. It is no surprise that Botox is used worldwide by plastic surgeons to take years off the faces of their clients.

Photos Credit : Youtube

Photos Credit : Youtube

For Rexella Van Impe, her face has always been sharp toward the chin and triangular in shape. As she has always maintained a slim and thin figure, Rexella Van Impe will look out of place even if a slight botox overdose. Though some say that she looks unnatural in her latest photos, seems like she has looked like that all along. So, it is hard to draw a conclusion of she has indeed used botox at all.

Rexella Van Impe and Facelift Rumors

Facelifts are another popular procedure. It tugs the facial skin towards the back to “lift” the wrinkles off the face. The result is often positive. But if done too often, the face will looked stretched and thin. Eventually, the facial skin looks like a thin sheet of membrane if done excessively.

Photos Credit: Youtube

Photos Credit: Youtube

For Rexella Van Impe, jealous fans might have sparked the facelift rumors. However, to be fair, her face does not look stretched at all. Yes, she might look younger than her age, but that does not mean she resorted to facelifts to achieve that effect. There are other means to keep herself looking young like regular mud masks, deep penetrating serums and skin creams.

Overall, Rexella Van Impe has managed to remain looking young and chirpy after all these years. To look 10 years younger than the actual age is an amazing feat but to look almost 30 years younger is quite unheard of. Perhaps only matched by Jane Fonda, Rexella Van Impe’s everlasting youth is unparalleled.

Rexella is defiant towards these plastic surgery accusations. She once said “Unlike the cosmetic changes that people sometimes make to camouflage and cover up what they feel is not right about themselves , God’s makeover transforms individuals completely, changing them from the inside out.” We just have to admire her youthful looks and hopefully one day, Rexella Van Impe will share her beauty secrets one day. What do you think of Rexella Van Impe plastic surgery rumors?

Kate Middleton Plastic Surgery Rumors – Now and Then Pictures

Did Kate Middleton Undergo Plastic Surgery?

The transformation of Kate Middleton from a commoner to the Duchess of Cambridge is an amazing story. However, recently, the rumors about Kate Middleton is about plastic surgery. Specifically, its about procedures done to her eyebrows. Some call them the “power brows” as the brows add a true sense of power to anyone who has them.

Photo Credit:(right) Mark Large - Pool Getty Images

Photo Credit:(right) Mark Large – Pool Getty Images

Whether Kate Middleton has had plastic surgery is anybody’s guess. Only she knows the truth. The only thing fans can do is to speculate and read the reports online. There is even some reports with photos suggesting that Kate Middleton had something done to her face.

But seriously, Kate Middleton has always looked amazingly beautiful even without makeup. From the photos, there is no obvious sign of plastic surgery at all. Some photos seem to have undergone some photoshop alterations to create an illusion that her face is different. In fact, Kate Middleton does not need to undergo any plastic surgery at all.

Her looks before and after childbirth has remain largely unchanged. Usually, a woman looks slightly more matured after childbirth. However, for Kate, there is very little difference. Her figure is still as slim as before and serves as a learning point for many women. It is common knowledge that a woman’s figure tend to go out of shape after childbirth. But Kate Middleton has defied all the odds to remain thin and slim.

Watch Kate Middleton and Prince William in an interview. Kate looks gorgeous in this interview:

Compare that to a recent video about Kate Middleton below. She just looks better with age without plastic surgery at all:

Kate Middleton and Nose Job Rumors

Some plastic surgery rumors say that Kate Middleton have had a nose job back in 2005 as a graduation gift for herself. However, from her earlier pictures, it is obvious that she has had a very nice sharp nose from a very young age. Her nose shape has remained the same in her later pictures. Thus, to say that Kate Middleton has undergone a nose job is quite ridiculous.

Photo Credit: (left) M Neilson Getty Images, (right) The Middleton Family

Photo Credit: (left) M Neilson Getty Images, (right) The Middleton Family

Photo Credit: (left) PA Photos Landov, (right) Hussein Anwar Sipa

Photo Credit: (left) PA Photos Landov, (right) Hussein Anwar Sipa

Photo Credit: (left) Chris Jackson Getty Images, (right) Chris Jackson Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Chris Jackson Getty Images, (right) Chris Jackson Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) AP, (right) Mark Large - Pool Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) AP, (right) Mark Large – Pool Getty Images

There were reports that Kate Middleton might be angry at some of the social media posts about her alleged plastic surgeries. Well, as it is so obvious that she has never gone under the knife, she has every right to get upset with the rumors.

Overall, it is pretty upsetting that rumors are spreading online about Kate Middleton having had a nose job and eyebrow surgery. The shape of her eyebrows could easily be achieved by clever trimming and reshaping. It is not necessary for her to undergo plastic surgery to achieve such effect.

And seriously, it is unthinkable for Prince William to encourage Kate to undergo plastic surgery. It is just not needed at all. So, it looks like Kate Middleton plastic surgery are just rumors with no evidence to back them up. What do you think of Kate Middleton plastic surgery rumors?

Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Joyce Meyer Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Joyce Meyer, one of the most influential speakers, has been the subject of some ruthless plastic surgery rumors. Looks like her charismatic Christian messages did not stop the rumors from spreading online. As he face transforms, netizens gather to discuss the changes on her face. Some of the plastic surgery speculations include a chin augmentation, use of facial fillers and facelift.

Joyce Meyer Plastic Surgery before and after photos

Joyce Meyer is a popular Christian author and speaker. Joyce Meyer is a devoted Christian. Her talks are filled humor and full of jibes about herself. She earned her Doctoral degree from Life Christian University in Tampa, Florida. Joyce Meyer is very successful. Her success has allowed her to live a “blessed” lifestyle that includes a $10 million corporate jet and several houses. Her income was reported to be as high as $900,000 per year from the Joyce Meyer Ministries.

However, no matter how much the amount of money one person has, there is no assurance that youth can be purchased. The usual way of retaining youth is using plastic surgery to turn back the clock. But things can go wrong with plastic surgery. Choose the wrong plastic surgeon and there will be a lot of follow up work to do.

She has always given uplifting and strong messages in her sermons. Below is another example of a powerful message by Joyce. Notice how her mouth looking very artificial:

Joyce Meyer and Chin Augmentation Rumors

One of the distinct differences about the then and now of Joyce Meyer is her chin. Her chin used to look natural. The lines of her cheek used to flow naturally downwards to her chin. However, of recent times, her chin looks too defined to be real. There is the lumpy look evident from the edges of her mouth. Her smile looks rigid and reminds us of the Joker from Batman. Look closer and it might freak you out.

Joyce Meyer Facelift

Her face looks creepy and weird now. Things just did not go right for her chin. But she has never admitted to any plastic surgery so the jury is still out. So, there is no confirmation is anything was done.

Joyce Meyer and Lip Injection Rumors

Having fuller lips looks sexy and appealing. That is according to some Hollywood celebrities who have attempted to pump their lips up. This trend has given the lip enhancement industry a huge boost. Lip augmentation procedures can go awfully wrong, resulting in swollen lips and weird looking facial expressions.


Contributing to her Joker look are Joyce Meyer’s lips. Her lips look less flexible and natural. They look restrained when she smile for the camera. Lip fillers, when injected in large doses, can paralyze the facial muscles and create a stiff look. Her teeth do not show that prominently when she smiles. That is why there is speculation that her lips is the result of a botched lip job. However, her lip enhancement procedures are never confirmed by Joyce Meyer herself.

Joyce Meyer and Facelift Rumors

Another popular Joyce Meyer plastic surgery rumor is her facelift. Well, for once, Joyce Meyer did confess to having a facelift. She claimed that her decision to undergo a facelift is approved by God. She had this to say about her facelift:

“God doesn’t love me anymore or less because I had some work done on my face,” she said. “You know, I prayed about it a long, long, long, long, long time, because there again, I wouldn’t want to do anything that I felt was going to be offensive to God. … But I just felt like he finally just came to my heart, you know, it’s your face, do what you want to. … It was a really good thing that I did for me. It made me feel good. … And you know, when you’re in front of millions of people every day, you want to look your best.”


Meyer said she didn’t think it was a religious matter.

“I want to look my best for God,” she said. “So many people have the attitude that if you’re a Christian you’ve got to dress bad, wear an old color, not do anything to your hair, have nothing. It’s no wonder that Christianity is not very attractive. I mean, how many people do you know in a Western culture that’s going to go, ‘Yeah, give me some of that’?”

Ok, so everyone should look their best for God and get a facelift.

Even with much condemnation and uproar from followers and fans, Joyce Meyer still continue her messages with fervor and enthusiasm. Despite the fact that the Bible teaches that all people are created whole and complete in the image of the creator, Joyce Meyer underwent the knife to look better. However, we are in no position to judge. All we can do is to look forward to more humorous and uplifting messages from Joyce in years to come.

Blac Chyna Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Blac Chyna Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Blac Chyna is regarded by many as one of the most beautiful models in the world. She has got an amazing curvy figures that is the envy of many women around the world. Besides, she has been on magazines and their covers for more than 100 different titles and books. As such, many fans paid special attention to any changes that take place on vital parts of her body. Some of the plastic surgery rumors were about the use of lip fillers, the possibility of butt augmentation and overused cheek injections.

Blac Chyna Plastic surgery before and after

Blac Chyna, or Angela Renee White, is an American model and a businesswoman. Blac Chyna appears regularly in hip hop videos and is referred to by many as “video vixen”. Her business ventures has led her to starting her own makeup brand LASHED by Blac Chyna and also a beauty salon in Los Angeles.

Before all the fame and rumors, Blac was working closely with Kim Kardashian. Perhaps influenced by her peers, Blac started to experiment with different kinds of plastic surgery. And perhaps this is when she found the inspiration to have a better shaped butt for herself. From some of Blac Chyna’s before and after pictures, you can see that something must have been done to her butt to achieve the protruding butt effect.

Blac Chyna boobs

Of recent years, having a nice curvy protruding butt is the main focus among female celebrities. Somehow, having a jutting butt is a sign of sexiness and attraction. Though not all men will concur with that view, butt augmentation is getting popular with celebrities and is catching on in mainstream plastic surgery procedures. For Blac Chyna, her increased butt size is a clear indication that she has undergone butt implant surgery. While she has remained silent on the subject, her frequent posts on instagram about her butt size has laid nothing to speculate. Butts usually do not increase so much without a corresponding increase in weight. And now her butt size is bigger than her shoulders.Blac Chyna and her bikes

Another popular speculation is about her use of cheek fillers. In most of her pictures, you can see that her cheeks look incredibly lifted. Blac Chyna’s cheeks always seem detached from the rest of her face. The obvious bulging cheeks do not look natural at all. They seem to come about due to the injection of artificial fillers.

Watch one of her latest videos where her appearance suggests possible plastic surgeries in private:

Compare that to a video she did in 2011 below:

Like the big butts, pouty lips is also preferred by many female celebrities in Hollywood. Supposedly, pouty lips exude sexiness and project a sultry image for the celebrity. For Blac Chyna, in her pursuit for beauty, she might have undergone lip fillers injections to maintain her set of puffy lips. For added effect, sometimes Blac Chyna applies bright coloured lipstick to make them look even fuller and puffier.

When Blac Chyna posted her pictures on Instagram, some of her fans commented that she looked better before all her plastic surgeries were performed. If Blac Chyna underwent plastic surgery, she would be eating her words she used to ridicule Kylie Jenner’s plastic surgery. What do you think of Blac Chyna plastic surgery?