Average Rhinoplasty Cost – How Much For a Nose Job?

The Cost of Rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty cost ranges between $3,000 to $15,000. This is a hefty investment for the normal individual. The cost of rhinoplasty depends on a few factors. These factors include your rhinoplasty surgeon’s reputation, his experience, the scale of your rhinoplasty, the geographical location of your plastic surgeon, the operating facilities of the surgical location and many more factors.

As such, the choice of your plastic surgeon is crucial.

Generally, the more reputed and experienced surgeons will cost more money. But there is always the trade off between high investment and quality.

That is not to say you cannot find value for money rhinoplasty deals. There are many skilled surgeons in other parts of the world who could do the same or even better quality job. However, they can be tricky to find.

Can Rhinoplasty Cost be Paid Using Medical Insurance?

Rhinoplasty is usually done for aesthetic purposes. It is done mainly to enhance a person’s looks and to balance the facial features of the patient.

Thus, it will fall into voluntary cosmetic procedures which will not be covered under medical insurance.

Unless the rhinoplasty is mandated by an obvious breathing difficulty caused by an obstructed nasal passage, claiming under medical insurance for rhinoplasty expenses can be a tough call.

The best way to find out is to ring up your insurance provider and listen to what they can offer. Anything more than a partial set off of expenses will be a good deal.

Rhinoplasty Cost is a Substantial Investment

To many common folks, having any form of plastic surgery is a luxury. Rhinoplasty is one of the plastic surgeries that most people can do without. We just live with the dissatisfaction for the rest of our lives.

An example of a Successful Rhinoplasty:

But for those with an urgent need to make a change and a refreshing start, going for rhinoplasty is a very attractive proposition. However, the huge amount of investment for a cosmetic procedure put many folks off.

For those who are willing to fork out the money to undergo such a pricey procedure, it is important to choose a well qualified surgeon to perform the best job possible.

How To Choose Your Rhinoplasty Surgeon

Typically, a well qualified plastic surgeon will command higher fees.

If the plastic surgeon is experienced, you are paying for the higher price for a smaller chance of errors or complications. However, other factors come into play like geographical location.

A skilled rhinoplasty surgeon can be located at New York and an equally skilled surgeon can be located at Texas. But both can charge different rates for their services.

The choice of your plastic surgeon should never hinge upon the price. You must have read some horror stories of rhinoplasty not done well, requiring additional revision rhinoplasties. These not only hit your pockets hard, it also inflict unnecessary pain.

Some plastic surgeons are deemed to be highly skilled because of their appearances on TV or radio.

Due to their enhanced public image, some of them charge expensive fees for their services. You have to determine whether you are paying extra fees for their “star value” or higher assurance.

High Public Profile Image Does Not Equate To Better Surgeon

Do not be persuaded by a surgeon’s high-profile public image. Many common folks fall into the hype and marketing, neglecting the actual expertise of the plastic surgeon. Not all reality TV doctors are the most skilled.

Some of the most skilled plastic surgeons establish their practice through word of mouth marketing and numerous patients’ testimonials. Look out in your community who are the recommended rhinoplasty surgeons.

Join a community or a group online to gather with people. You can also visit review sites like realself.com and do proper research.

One of the most objective ways to find a qualified surgeon is to check if he or she is certified by the following:

1. The American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

2. The American Board of Otolaryngology

3. The American Board of Plastic Surgery

As there are many plastic surgeons having the above qualifications, it is important that you speak to a few plastic surgeons before making a selection.

It is common for a plastic surgeon to know more about you and your medical history. Make sure you are comfortable with the rhinoplasty surgeon’s answers to your questions as well. Relate your goals to the rhinoplasty surgeon and he or she should provide you a walkthrough of the next steps.

If you find that the fees charged by any particular surgeon is more expensive, feel free to ask them why it is so. It might be due to a key factor in determining your choice of doctor.

Venue of Surgery Can Affect Rhinoplasty Cost Greatly

Many experienced plastic surgeons have their own private surgical facilities. One key advantage of a private surgical facility is familiarity.

By having his own surgical facility, it shows that the plastic surgeon is experienced. Not only that, he should have staff who have assisted him in rhinoplasty before.

The importance of familiarity cannot be over emphasised. It reduces the margin for errors and provides a private environment to operate and recover. There leaves no room for unqualified staff as the staff are all selected by the surgeon himself.

Some rhinoplasty surgeons conduct the surgery in ambulatory surgical centers. They do not own the surgical center. These plastic surgeons rely on the facilities provided by the surgical centers. But this does not mean that the surgeon is inexperienced. Perhaps the surgeon wishes to outsource the upkeep of the surgical center to someone else, or any other reasons possible.

Other rhinoplasty surgeons prefer to have the surgeries conducted in a hospital. Hospitals have all the equipment to cater to any cases of complications arising from the rhinoplasty surgery. It also provides a secure place to recover in the event of a longer recuperation period.

Out of the three venues, the most expensive option is having the surgery done in the hospital, followed by ambulatory surgical facility, and the lowest cost option is the private surgical facility. Whether it is done in any of the three locations, the most important factor is the skill of the doctor.

Rhinoplasty Cost involves The Cost of Anesthesia

To minimise the pain suffered by patients, an anaesthesiologist plays a very important role. He or she has to ensure that you feel nothing about the surgery. The dose of Anaesthesia must be sufficient to last the entire rhinoplasty surgery and beyond.

A professional anaesthesiologist will cost more than a registered nurse anaesthetist. And they generally charge by the hour. As an estimate, a registered nurse can charge about $350 an hour versus a professional anaesthesiologist who can charge a bout $550 per hour.

Some plastic surgeons have their own anaesthesiologist who they trust. And they always go with their trusted partners. While others allow you to choose your anaesthesiologists. But generally, once you have selected your preferred plastic surgeon, it is always better to let him work with someone he is familiar with.

Rhinoplasty Cost is Dependent on Scope of Treatment

Depending on the complexity of rhinoplasty, your rhinoplasty cost can vary widely. As some of the surgical facilities charge by the hour, the longer the surgery, the higher the cost will be.

Some of the common situation that can increase the scope of rhinoplasty and its costs are:

1. Serious nasal injuries

2. Harvesting of cartilage tissues from other parts of the body

3. Serious nasal obstruction

4. High degree of nasal modification

Rhinoplasty Cost Differs Across Cities

Depending on your chosen city, rhinoplasty rates differ greatly. According to data from nerdwallet.com, rhinoplasty charges can range from $1,500  in San Francisco, Utah and Texas – to as much as $15,000 in upscale New York or $12,000 in Denver.

As you can see, the charges can vary about 10 times from the lowest priced to the highest tier. The median prices for rhinoplasty surgery is highest in New York at $7,000 to a mid priced $5,000 in Chicago to a low $4,400 in Washington D C. (for a full report, click here)

Whether the higher priced surgeons perform a better job, its anyone’s guess. It is still up to you to do the proper research to get the most appropriate doctor for yourself. But it helps to know where are the most expensive places to get a nose job done.

Going Overseas For Rhinoplasty

With countries like South Korea and Thailand gaining popularity in plastic surgery procedures, it is no wonder that many are looking at overseas destinations for their nose job to reduce their rhinoplasty cost.

A Video Showing Rhinoplasty in South Korea:

And the price differences can be huge. For example, a typical rhinoplasty in South Korea can cost about $2,500 to $3,500 and a surgeon in Bangkok charges about $1,000. These prices are well below the prices of at least $4,400 in the US. However, you have to factor in the price of the airfare and also the need for extended hotel stay after the rhinoplasty surgery.

But so often we have heard of stories about incompetent overseas surgeons .The risk of having an unqualified plastic surgeon conducting the surgery might be higher because you might not be familiar with the minimum standards of the foreign country.

Furthermore, as rhinoplasty requires post operation follow up visits, you are more likely to miss some of these follow up appointments. And this is a major factor against international rhinoplasty.

And travelling in an airplane too soon after having rhinoplasty is never a good idea.

It might cause complications that cannot be rectified easily and cost much more in the end. Revision rhinoplasty might end up costing more than the primary rhinoplasty.

Even so, the desired result might not be achieved.

Typically, revision rhinoplasty cost 1.5 times more than a primary rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty Costs Includes The Pre and Post Surgery Costs

Besides the rhinoplasty surgery, the pre and post surgery care contributes significantly to the overall cost of rhinoplasty. Plastic surgeon consultations are not cheap and can add up to a hefty amount after a few visits.

Some plastic surgeons allow for a total package deal with a fixed number of pre and post surgical follow ups. Be prepared to set aside budget for unexpected rhinoplasty complications that might require additional consultations.

Depending on the outcome of the rhinoplasty surgery, some patients take a longer time to recover. And some experience physical swelling and pain of the operation area after prolonged period of time. Such pain killer medications and additional treatment are not factored into the rhinoplasty cost.

If in doubt, ask your plastic surgeon about the ancillary items that comes after the surgery.

Items that can be omitted from the overall rhinoplasty bill includes, gauzes, ointments and nasal sprays.

Take note and factor in the cost of such items into your overall rhinoplasty budget.

Unexpected Reactions After Rhinoplasty Surgery

Some patients with sensitive skin might not tolerate the physical stress they have to go through immediately after surgery.

As a result, they might experience unexpected reactions like acne breakouts or nausea. Conditions like acne will require topical cream treatment which cost expensive dollars.

Some deformities after the rhinoplasty may result, causing additional corrective surgeries.

Examples of deformities include “Open roof” deformity where the nose can appear asymmetric, or “Step” deformity where it causes a ridge to be visible at the side of the nose.

Such situations usually calls for revision rhinoplasty that might add greatly to the original cost of rhinoplasty.

Other reactions include the darkening of the skin or hyperpigmentation that requires laser intervention to restore. Such laser treatments will cost money and can add heavily to the cost of your rhinoplasty surgery.

Though wound infection occurs in less than 2% of the patients, it is still a possibility. A wound infection will lengthen the recovery process and cost more. To avoid wound infections, its better to avoid using foreign material in the hours after the surgery.

Unexpected reactions also include contact dermatitis where the patient is allergic to the dressing of the wound. This requires the removal of the dressing and application of specialised medication.

As you can see, there are many different unexpected reactions post surgery which might happen.

Just budget extra cash reserves to deal with such issues in case they happen.

Rhinoplasty Cost – In Summary

Your nose is one of the most prominent features of your face. It is placed in the center of your face and it is important for you to make the right choice of plastic surgeon.

Know what you want and communicate your goals clearly to your plastic surgeon. The charges by your plastic surgeon should NEVER be the only determinant of his/her suitability for you.

To be safe, its always better to set aside at least double the cost required for the primary rhinoplasty.

This will provide you peace of mind before going for the rhinoplasty surgery.

Having a peace of mind will contribute to a speedier recovery as the financial stress is not a factor. It will be awkward to have a perfect nose with empty pockets.

Think carefully about rhinoplasty cost before your proceed.