Morgan Fairchild Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Morgan Fairchild Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Morgan Fairchild is one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood. Now in here 60s, Mrogan Fairchild has maintained her body and face in such great condition that people start to speculate about her use of plastic surgery. Some of the allegations include the use of Botox, facial fillers and breast augmentation. To find out more, take a look at Morgan Fairchild before and after photos.

Morgan Fairchild plastic surgery before and after photos

Morgan Fairchild shot to fame in the soap opera Search for Tomorrow back in 1973. Dallas, one of the most enduring and popular shows on primetime TV galvanised her status as a leading icon on television. She also played her role as an attorney in Falcon Crest from 1985 to 1986. With her track record, it is no wonder that Morgan Fairchild needs to upkeep her looks in order to stay competitive in the entertainment industry.

Watch this video of Morgan Fairchild being interview in 1985:

The video below shows a good montage of Morgan Fairchild over the years:

Morgan Fairchild and Breast Augmentation

One of the most popular plastic surgery procedures among celebrities is breast implant surgery. It fulfils their desire to get a set of uplifted boobs. And who doesn’t want a deeper cleavage? Not only does it increase the self confidence of a woman, it also helps to get better roles on screen and look better in dresses. Despite the dangers of breast implants being documented in public papers, the demand for breast augmentation is still high.

For Morgan Fairchild, a large part of her success is due to her looks and sexiness. As such, it is no wonder that her boobs has increased in size significantly compared to her younger days. It is common knowledge that boobs stop to grow after puberty or child birth. However, Morgan Fairchild’s boobs seem to defy gravity and has remained firm. In her before photos, her breasts look smaller. In the later photos, you can see her breasts look rounder and protrudes more in the upper chest area. This can be a sign of breast implants being used. However, we cannot be sure of that as Morgan has never admitted to any form of plastic surgery.

Morgan Fairchild and Botox

Another popular and non invasive plastic surgery procedure is the use of Botox. Botox, when used sparingly, can be effective in reducing and removing fine lines on the face and neck. However, there are celebrities that got duped into having fake Botox injected on their faces like Priscilla Presley and things got worse from there.

Morgan Fairchild Botox and Facelift

For Morgan Fairchild, there are rumors about Botox use on her cheeks area and neck. This is because her cheeks look flawless and wrinkle free. For a lady of age 66, there should be visible wrinkles around her neck area. However, her neck remains smooth without any wrinkles. Either she maintains it well using creams or she resorted to surgical solutions. This is because the neck area is one of the most difficult areas to work on.

Word also got around that Morgan Fairchild used excessive facial fillers. Addiction to facial fillers can cause one to look artificial and bloated. Just check out examples like Lil Kim and Joycelyn Wildenstein. For Morgan Fairchild, her face looks slightly swollen from filler use.

Morgan Fairchild and Facelifts

Another popular procedure to remove signs of aging is facelifts. However, some celebrities overdo it, resulting in a tight and restricted look. Just imagine placing fillers and tightening the skin at the same time. For Morgan Fairchild, she has a slight artificial look now. Any further alteration or fillers will make her look weird and unnatural. Can she accomodate another shot of fillers? She should seriously look at her present pictures before she decide.

Overall, Morgan Fairchild has done a good job. Not many women can look as good as her at age 66. For all her accomplishments, it is inevitable that she would still want to look good and successful. After all, vanity is in the hearts of most women. We just hope that she does not go overboard with the fillers use and end up with a distorted looking face. What do you think of Morgan Fairchild plastic surgery?

16 replies on “Morgan Fairchild Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos”

  1. Cathy says:

    I think Morgan Fairchild looks artificial. She has totally gone overbroad on botox, fillers, etc. There’s nothing natural about her face. She looks like she can’t even smile or her face will crack. Im all for making the best of your looks, but I think her plastic surgeon should be sued.

  2. Carrie Marko says:

    I agree! I saw her on Days of Our Lives and couldn’t believe my eyes! Horrible!

  3. Rebecca Balsness says:

    I saw her also! What has she done to herself !!! Wonder if you can have some of that junk reversed ? 😱

  4. BAB I think she looks terrible, so puffy and she can’t smile or talk good. Too much of something.

  5. Randy Horner says:

    She looks like she’s gained a ton of weight…she doesn’t look like herself at at….terrible!

  6. K ay mohone says:

    I never knew who she was but she looks like her face is going to break. See her on “Days”. It looks awful.

  7. Patti Lewis says:

    She looks so awful on days of our lives she really looks like she’s wearing a mask

  8. Leanne Perry says:

    She looks ridiculous and should be ashamed of herself!! I can’t even stand to watch her anymore. So many stars are so vain about their looks that now they all look like freaks!

  9. Carole says:

    I saw her on days I couldn’t even picture who she was I had to look up her name and I couldn’t believe it her face looks fake something isn’t right there that’s not attractive at all I don’t know if she thinks she looks good or not. Sometimes when you’re addicted to plastic surgery you don’t know the difference I guess I don’t know but I don’t like it that’s my opinion. Not that I’m a beauty queen myself but I do take very good care of my skin and I would not want that look that she has

  10. Jo says:

    Too bad these celebrities don’t realize they would look much better without all the fillers and procedures . Just be natural. Now they can’t smile, move their eyes etc. Don’t even care to watch them. Look so fake.

  11. Joshua A Fields says:

    Pretty asinine and pathetic to shit on Morgan Fairchild from the safety of your pc or smart phones. I think she looks good for a woman of 66 years old and you fat twinkie eating lazy unemployed women just sound jealous knowing she could take your man away by farting in his face. I love you Morgan. Fuck the haters.

  12. LaTonya says:

    Ms. Morgan Fairchild looks good, you critics haven’t walked in her shoes and truly cannot say what you will do when you see age creeping upon you. Besides if either of you had the funds, and age has/had begun to show in your opinion of yourself, you’d make the similar investment. I’m just saying … To each his/her own

  13. Susan Garner says:

    I think she looks pretty good, as does 80 y.o. Jane Fonda who said that she got plastic surgery because she “got tired of looking tired when I wasn’t.” Nothing wrong with that. Haters sound mostly like millennials who don’t have any understanding of ageism from the other side of the spectrum (as clueless as a Megan Kelly interview..

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