Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery Before and After

Did Tom Cruise Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Who says Tom Cruise does not want to slow down the hands of time in 2016? Will he fall into the temptation of botox and go under the knife? What would Tom Cruise do about his middle tooth?

Cosmetic surgery has become the norm among actors and actresses as they reach age 50. With sagging skin and surfacing wrinkles, effects of aging propels celebrities to seek plastic surgery. From face tucks to chin enhancement, more and more Hollywood actors are engaging plastic surgery to keep up their charm. Tom Cruise has been the subject of the plastic surgery question, largely because of his recent appearance for the preview of Mission Impossible : – Rouge Nation.

Tom Cruise is one of the most popular actors in Hollywood. He has starred in many movie hits over the years. Started his career at age 19 in the movie Endless Love, he has gone on to star in the action drama Top Gun in 1986 and the Mission Impossible Series. His latest movie effort is Mission Impossible : – Rogue Nation. And it is not difficult to figure out that he needs to preserve his looks and youth in order to continue such heroic roles.

Though Tom Cruise is blessed with good looks, he is not as fortunate in his relationships. His split with Katie Holmes was unexpected and he was saddled with emotional issues. But at age 53, he does not seem to have any signs of aging.

Tom Cruise has always insisted that he has not had any attempts of plastic surgery. He has said that he will never resort to any form of cosmetic surgery to preserve his looks and to turn back time. Often, when being questioned how he maintain his youthfulness, he claims that he does not do anything at all. Other than talking about his tight schedule and lack of sleep, Tom Cruise walks away from any suggestions of a complete makeover.

In the video below, Tom Cruise talks about his latest movie Rogue Nation and you can see that he still look really good!

To act in any action movie, one needs to keep himself fit to fulfil the physical demands of the movie role. And Tom Cruise shows no sign of slowing down in his latest movie effort.

Check out Tom Cruise in his younger days in an interview in 1998:

You have to Check out This RARE Footage of Tom Cruise in 1981…Observe his nose:



Did Tom Cruise Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Images by Phil Roach-ipol-Globe Photos and Getty

There are many rumors suggesting Tom Cruise has undergone cosmetic surgery in an effort to maintain his youthful looks. Let’s take a look at the pictures above.

Much of his youthful charm has been retained over the years. Though we cannot be conclusive about any surgeries done, we can make draw some suggestions with our observations. Tom Cruise’s teeth seem to have undergone a makeover has his current set of whites are impeccably lined up.

Contrary to reports, Dr Anthony Youn actually said in 2007 in an interview that he does NOT think that Tom Cruise has undergone any plastic surgery. This is what he had to say:

“I don’t think that Tom Cruise has had plastic surgery, although like most metrosexuals I expect that he grooms himself well, takes good care of his skin, and may have had some minor chemical peels and laser treatments. He appears to be aging very gracefully.”

We trust the expert opinion on this. Definitely, Tom Cruise has groomed himself well all the time. And his good looks have helped him weather the storms of aging.

However, one has to consider that Dr Anthony Youn made that statement in 2007.

In recent times, due to Tom Cruise’s “puffy” appearance, rumors started to surface that Tom might have used injections of fillers such as Scupltra. Scupltra is used to fill in faces to prevent wrinkles from showing. If not applied properly, the outcome will be a puffy face that looks unnatural.

Sources have said that Tom’s split with Katie Holmes instilled a deep sense of insecurity in him. Perhaps its his desire to settle down again that makes him want to try out plastic surgery now.

Looking at his cheeks in the pictures above, there are reasons to suspect he underwent some nip and tuck on his cheeks. With his puffy cheeks, could it just be a sign of weight gain or something else?

Gone are his chiselled cheeks that made him such a heart throb during his younger days. Now, in an effort to hide his wrinkles, his cheeks seem to exhibit some botox injections. And it seems that his face has grown more unnatural due to the plastic surgery adjustments.

In our opinion, we believe that even if Tom Cruise has left his looks to the natural aging process, he will still look fantastic on screen. He does not really need to resort to plastic surgeries to keep his handsome looks.

Sources say that Tom Cruise adopt a stringent schedule of fitness training. Coupled with disciplined dieting and low carb meals. Such practices have kept his weight down. Unproven rumors also suggest that Tom has considered Botox injections to regain his younger looks.

As a side note, Tom Cruise’s latest movie Rogue Nation has grossed more than US$300 million in worldwide box office takings. Looks like his plastic surgery exploits have worked for him. Rogue Nation is the biggest box office launch for Tom Cruise in over 27 movies.

Oh and who can forget that latest rumor about him dating his assistant Emily Thomas. But well, the rumor was squashed when Emily posted photos of herself with her boyfriend almost immediately after the news broke out. Tom Cruise is still having lots of speculations about this relationships.

One final rumor that has always dogged Tom is whether he did a nose job. During younger days, he had a wide bridge but now his nose looks much sharper. Did he go for rhinoplasty? Only he knows.

Nonetheless, we look forward to more great movies from Tom Cruise. Whether Tom Cruise has undergone plastic surgery is anyone’s guess. But so long as he keeps his face looking young, that will appease many of his global fans.

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