Bella Thorne Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Bella Thorne Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Bella Thorne, the former Disney Star, is rumoured to have undergone plastic surgeries such as lip fillers, dermal fillers and the latest involves breast augmentation. It does not help that Bella Thorne does not look her age. She looks a bit matured for an 18 year old. And to find out, we need to take a look at the before and after photos of Bella Thorne.

Bella Thorne plastic surgery rumours

Photo Credit: (left) Jason Merritt /Getty Images, (right) Instagram

Bella Thorne is an American actress, singer and model. She has appeared in TV series such as My Own Worst Enemy and Big Love. At a young age of 18, she is regarded by many as a beauty icon.

Bella Thorne Has Grown UP

Check out her recent interview with Jimmy Fallon below:

And here is a cute video where Bella Thorne was interviewed at age 13. Not that we are comparing them but look at how much she has grown!

Nobody expected a teenager like Bella Thorne to look as matured as she is. Bella Throne surprised everyone when she appeared in the 2014 Young Hollywood Awards looking almost 5 years older than herself.

Not only her dress sense made her seem older, her facial features such as her puffier lips added to the overall “grown up” impression. Bella could have easily passed for a woman in her mid 20s. It is quite noticeable that her lips have grown more pouty than her previous appearances. Dermal fillers such as juvederm or restylane might have been used.

Bella Thorne Has Higher Cheek Bones

Did Bella Thorne go for boob job?

Photo Credit: (left) FayeVision Wenn, (right) Instagram

Despite being only 18 years old, it is suspected that Bella Thorne has gone a step further by enhancing her cheeks with either dermal fillers or cheek lifts. It is a definite eye opener if such rumours are true. It shows how show business has entrenched their trends inside the minds of young stars.

Check out the huge differences between Bella Thorne before and after photos below:

Bella Thorne before and after photos

Credit: (left) Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images, (right) Fameflynet Pictures

Perhaps the trend is changing. Fillers were used mainly by celebrities above 40 years of age to remove fine lines and retard the effects of aging. But its seems that the younger generation are catching on so quick that they are starting to use fillers like botox even before age 20!

Bella Thorne Rhinoplasty (Nose Job)

Rhinoplasty is one of the top 5 most popular plastic surgeries in America. And looks like Bella Thorne is one of the supporters of rhinoplasty. Her older photos show a nose that is more bulbous and rounder. Her recent pictures show a narrower nose bridge and sharper nose tip. This is a common outcome of rhinoplasty.

Check out some of the before and after photos of Bella Thorne below. Did she have a nose job in your opinion?

Bella Thorne nose job before and after photos

Credit: (left) Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images, (right) Gardiner Anderson/Bauergriffin.Com

Bella Thorne Rhinoplasty before and after photos

Credit: (left) David Livingston/Getty Images, (right) Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images

Still not ENOUGH proof about her nose job? Here is another one:

Bella Thorne nose job sharper nose

Credit: (left) Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images, (right) Christopher Polk/Getty Images

And who can resist Bella Thorne EATING AN ONION! Watch the clip below:

Her “new” nose has sparked rumours that she has undergone a series of plastic surgeries. However, Bella Thorne has never publicly denied or admitted to plastic surgery.

Bella Thorne and Lip Fillers

Another popular plastic surgery among celebrities is the use of lip fillers. Lip fillers produce thick and pouty lips that are sought after by female celebrities. They feel that thicker lips protrude more sex appeal. While it does not have universal appeal, plump lips are the desire of many women in Hollywood.

For Bella Thorne, her recent appearances in 2017 show that she has thicker lips. It could be the effect of “more” lipstick. But many netizens choose to believe she used lip fillers. 

Check out her before and after photos below. Did she use lip fillers recently?

Bella Thorne lip fillers before and after photos

Credit: (left) Michael Buckner/Getty Images, (right) Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Bella Thorne and Breast Implants

And who is to forget the recent Los Angeles Clippers game Bella Thorne attended? She was seen attending the game with her boyfriend Gregg Sulkin. In one of the instagram shares we see Bella Thorne with a significantly bigger set of boobs than her previous photos.

Bella Thorne bigger boobs

On her instagram account, seems like more pictures are focused on her bust now. Here are a series of before and after photos. Do you think her boobs grew bigger?

Bella Thorne boob job before and after photos

Credit: (left) Michael Buckner/Getty Images, (right) FameFlynet Pictures

Not really bigger boobs? How about the next set of photos:

Bella Thorne breast implants before and after photos

Credit: (left) David Livingston/Getty Images, (right) Fameflynet Pictures

And some clearer comparison of boob size wearing bikinis. Her later photo shows a “bloated” set of boobs. They look so bloated that her cleavage was missing. Could it be a case of breast augmentation? Check it out:

Bella Thorne breast augmentation before and after Photos

Credit: (left), (right) Fameflynet Pictures

We all know that Bella Thorne is not shy about flaunting her nice body, and to emphasise her bust during the game sends a message of new found pride. But whether its due to the clever use of bra or breast augmentation is anyone’s guess.

But whether Bella Thorne plastic surgery rumors are true, she is one star to watch in the future. With so many former Disney Stars making it big in Hollywood, it will be no surprise that she will follow in the footsteps of superstars like Miley Cyrus or Britney Spears.

2 replies on “Bella Thorne Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos”

  1. Rick C. says:

    There is a lot of pressure on celebrities to touch-up their looks and to reduce their perceived imperfections. I think it’s great al long as they don’t go too far and create negative issues that might make their situation worse. Dove Cameron comes to mind when I look closely are her nose-job. In my opinion it was botched since her nose looks artificial to me. I mentioned it to other people and they never noticed it before until I had said something. If you see a before and after headshot of Dove you can clearly see that the bone structure on the after shot is far too reduced while the cartilage appears too sharply narrow and the tip of her nose Is misshapen. She’s a cute girl and the shape of her nose was the least of her problems IMHO. I think that she received some bad advice in the first place or that something happened during the procedure that prompted a follow-up procedure to fix it. The result looks odd and unnatural when seen up close.

  2. I believe if more stars in the public eye stood their ground and stayed natural. It would set a more positive example for young woman today. Young impressionable girls imulate these celebrities. And frankly its damaging. Girls hold themselves to unrealistic standards. Not all girls grasp the fact that these celebrities are undergoing surgeries. Also the fact that a high percentage of their photos are airbrushed and altered. On camera as well as in photographs. We have a generation of young females that are starving themselves or vomiting up their food to fit an image. Girls who are ashamed of who they were born as instead of embracing their natural beauty. Never feeling thin enough or that their breast are too small. That’s only a few points. Girls striving to have the kim Kardashian behind. Half of these celebrities started out young and stuck with poor self image. But instead of creating a new trend of strong woman with a high self image and feeling of self image they fall in line and conform. It’s shameful. I am a mother of two teenage girls and I try n teach them that beauty while yes is judge first by your outer self is also within. The most beautiful of people can be some of the ugliest people. It’s time to be real roll models and teach our youth and women of all ages that we’re beautiful just as we are. They way god made us to begin with. Being yourself is truly courageous and takes strength. We need more examples of truth .

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