Song Joong Ki Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Song Joong Ki Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Song Joong Ki, a popular South Korean actor, is the subject of plastic surgery rumors. Being a good looking and handsome man, Song Joong Ki is the heart throb of many young ladies. However, some disagree and insist that he got this looks naturally. But there are many more who believed that he enhanced his looks by going under the knife. Some of the alleged plastic surgery procedures include a nose job and jaw surgery.

Song Joong Ki Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Song Joong Ki is also a model and host. He became famous when he starred in the drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal and the variety show Running Man. His credentials include the box office hit A Werewolf Boy in 2012. Not only is he talented in acting, he showed off his linguistic skills when he spoke fluent Chinese in a fan meeting in China in 2016. With such a fast expanding fan base and many women followers, it is inevitable that Song Joong Ki needs to keep up with his looks.

This is how Song Joong Ki looked like in 2013:

Compare that to a recent interview with Song Joong Ki, he hardly had anything changed:

Song Joong Ki and Nose Job Rumors

One of the major rumors about Song Joong Ki is a nose job. Nose jobs are common in South Korean celebrities as most of them have slightly flatter nose with less definition. Some of the desired outcomes of a nose job are a narrower nose bridge and most importantly, a sharper nose tip.

Song Joong Ki Jaw Surgery

For Song Joong Ki, looking at his before and after photos, there is only a slight difference in his nose shape. The difference is so slight that it might just be due to the difference in lighting when the photos were taken. Granted that he does look slightly more matured in the later photos, his nose shape has largely remained the same. Thus, to say that Song Joong Ki has undergone a rhinoplasty is rather far fetched.

Song Joong Ki and Jaw Surgery Rumors

Another popular plastic surgery rumors about Song Joong Ki is jaw surgery. Some commented that his jawline has changed drastically from his younger years.

Photo Credit: (right) Getty Images

Photo Credit: (right) Getty Images

His jawline seems the same over the years. There is not much sharpening of the chin at all. Most people who opt for jawline surgery want a more defined jaw, especially at the chin area. But for Song Joong Ki, his chin is still of the same shape over the years. Perhaps he was tilting his head in another angle to produce the effect of a changing jawline. Other than that, there is not much reason to suspect that he has had jawline surgery.

Overall, Song Joong Ki has maintained his looks very well since 2010 when he achieved fame. Now in his 30s, Song Joong Ki will face the true test to defy the effects of aging. But up till today, Song Joong Ki has remained true to his fans, looking natural and very much like the Song Joong Ki 6 years ago. Perhaps we should be focused more on this talent than this facial changes. What do you think of Song Joong Ki plastic surgery rumors?

Jang Nara Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Jang Nara Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Jang Nara has been in the entertainment circle for almost 20 years. Despite being under the limelight for so many years, it is incredible that Jang Nara has largely managed to look the same. That’s why netizens start to speculate on Jang Nara plastic surgery use. Some of the alleged plastic surgery procedures include an eyelid lift, nose job and botox injections.

Jang Nara Plastic Surgery before and after photos

Jang Nara is a South Korean singer and actress. Some of her noteworthy performances include television roles in New Nonstop, Successful Story of a Bright Girl, Bratty Princess, School 2013 and I Remember You.

The video below shows Jang Nara 7 years ago in 2009:

Compare that to the recent appearance of Jang Nara below:

Jang Nara and Eyelid Surgery Rumors

One of the popular plastic surgeries among Asian actresses is eyelid surgery. Eyelid surgery result in bigger looking eyes and the presence of double eyelids. It is generally accepted that one looks prettier with bigger eyes. It also helps to remove fine lines around the eyes and perhaps could also remove the eyebags.

Jang Nara cosmetic surgery photos

For Jang Nara, her eyes look the same as ten years before. Looking at Jang Nara before and after photos, her eyes look the same. The only differences are due to the use of eyeliner and fake eyelashes. Even her eye bags are still present today. Thus, to say that Jang Nara underwent eyelid surgery is quite ridiculous.

Jang Nara and Nose Job Rumors

Having a sharper and more delicate nose is the dream of many women and men alike. Asians generally have smaller and flatter noses. Thus, nose jobs remain a hot item on the plastic surgery menu.

For Jang Nara, her nose has largely remained the same. Some might argue that her current nose bridge looks more distinct than olden days. However, if she indeed underwent a nose job, it is rare for her to make so minor changes for a nose job. Most people want a more visible difference for their noses. Thus, it is unlikely that Jang Nara had a nose job. She just had a very skilful makeup artist for her.

Jang Nara and Botox injection Rumors

Another popular Jang Nara plastic surgery rumors is about Botox use. Botox is widely used as a quick remedy for fine lines. However, many overly ambitious patients overdose on Botox. An overdose of Botox can cause an unnatural and lumpy look.

For Jang Nara, her face looks the same compared to her earlier days. Her recent photos show a well relaxed Jang Nara with no hint of expression difficulty. Furthermore, at her age of 35, there is nothing much botox can do for her anyway, because there are hardly any fine lines.

Overall, Jang Nara has transformed herself from a normal looking girl to the look of a hot celebrity. It is not easy. And when Jang Nara has accomplished it with such astounding results, it is only natural that some jealous fans got curious. What do you think of Jang Nara plastic surgery rumors?

Courteney Cox Plastic Surgery Then and Now Photos – Revelation with Bear Grylls

Did Courteney Cox Undergo Plastic Surgery?

The popular Friends star have had her fair share of plastic surgery rumors. Some of Courtney Cox plastic surgery rumors include the use of facial fillers and Botox injections. Though she has never publicly admitted to any of them, in her latest appearance in an episode of Running Wild with Bear Grylls, she gave a slight insight of what she has done.

Photo Credit: (left) Joe McNally Getty Images, (right) Chris Haston NBC via Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Joe McNally Getty Images, (right) Chris Haston NBC via Getty Images

At age 52, it is not easy to keep herself looking young and pretty. Lines start to appear and skin starts to sag at this age. Well, at least Courteney Cox is being honest now. She kind of admitted that work was done on her face. This hot topic on plastic surgery was brought up by Bear Grylls when she asked Courteney how she could endure being famous for so long.

Here is a series of pictures showing the transformation of Courteney Cox over the years:

Photo Credit: (left)Seth Poppel Yearbook Library, (right) Joe McNally Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left)Seth Poppel Yearbook Library, (right) Joe McNally Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Ron Galella Wireimage, (right) Jim Smeal Galella

Photo Credit: (left) Ron Galella Wireimage, (right) Jim Smeal Galella

Photo Credit: (left) Steve Granitz Wireimage, (right) Steve Granitz Wireimage

Photo Credit: (left) Steve Granitz Wireimage, (right) Steve Granitz Wireimage

Photo Credit: (left) Lisa Rose JPI, (right) Evan Agostini Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Lisa Rose JPI, (right) Evan Agostini Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) David Fisher Rex, (right) James Devaney Wireimage

Photo Credit: (left) David Fisher Rex, (right) James Devaney Wireimage

Photo Credit: (left) Jason Merritt Getty Images, (right) Jon Kopaloff Filmmagic

Photo Credit: (left) Jason Merritt Getty Images, (right) Jon Kopaloff Filmmagic

Photo Credit: (left) Kevin Mazur Getty Images, (right) Alberto E Rodriguez Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Kevin Mazur Getty Images, (right) Alberto E Rodriguez Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Jon Kopaloff Filmmagic, (right) Chris Haston NBC via Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Jon Kopaloff Filmmagic, (right) Chris Haston NBC via Getty Images

Courteney Cox had this to say about fame “I feel lucky. I don’t feel burdened by it. I mean, people can be pretty mean, though, now that there’s all this social media. The comments … if I ever want to feel really bad about myself, I just click on one of those … comment sections,”. She seems to be referring to some netizens commenting on her looks on social media.

Watch Courteney Cox with Bear Grylls here:

Compare the above to another Courteney Cox interview back in 1997:

Courteney also gave strong hints referring to her past plastic surgery procedures. These comments are as close as it gets to admitting that she resorted to plastic surgery to enhance her looks. She said “I think there’s a pressure to maintain [your looks], not just because of fame, but just, you know, being a woman in this business. Getting older has not been … I don’t think it’s the easiest thing,” she told the 42-year-old survivalist. “I think I was trying to keep up with getting older, trying to chase that … it’s something you can’t keep up with.”

“So, the more you relax into it and the less I try, because sometimes you find yourself trying and then you look at a picture of yourself and go, ‘Oh, God.’ Like, you look horrible,” she continued. “I have done things that I regret, and luckily they’re things that dissolve and go away. So, um, that’s good, because it’s not always been my best look.”

In the end, Courteney Cox seems to mellow down on using plastic surgery and prefers to “just let it be” in the future. It is pretty clear that she is regretting all the work done on her face. Evidently, before all the facial fillers she was really aging gracefully.

All the artificial injections (if she had any) just added unnatural lumps on her face.

It is fortunate that some of those lumps are dissolving away. It is indeed a wise decision for Courteney to just stay natural from now on. Instead of trying to correct earlier mistakes, she has decided to ditch all suggestions of more plastic surgery.

Because if she continues and tries too hard, she might just end up looking like the Catwoman of plastic surgery.

Overall, Courteney Cox does not look that bad now. She still retains some of her natural features. Other than her cheeks and chin looking rather artificial, the rest of her face looks just like how it used to be. What do you think of Courteney Cox plastic surgery rumors?

Lee Soo Hyuk Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Lee Soo Hyuk Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Lee Soo Hyuk is a popular South Korean model and actor. He remains a firm favorite amongst fans of Korean dramas. However, lately, there has been gossip about his changing looks and whether he has undergone extensive plastic surgery to attain his looks. Let’s take a look at the before and after photos of Lee Soo Hyuk.

Lee Soo Hyuk Plastic Surgery before and after photos

Lee Soo Hyuk started his career as a runway model For Jung Wook Jun. After some cameos in music videos of Gavy NJ and 2NE1, he ventured into acting. Some of his notable works include roles in White Christmas, Deep Rooted Tree and Horror Stories 2. He is so good looking that he was mentioned as one of the Top Breakout New Male Faces in 2013 in Style Minutes Magazine.

Watch a recent interview with Lee Soo Hyuk and see how handsome he has become:

Compare that to the video below when Lee Soo Hyuk was still a model at the runway:

Lee Soo Hyuk and Botox Injections Rumors

Botox is a popular remedy for wrinkles. Its effect is instant and the recovery time is almost immediate. However, in the case of Lee Soo Hyuk, some netizens suggest that he has used botox to increase his facial mass.

Lee Soo Hyuk nose job

The botox rumor came about because in one of this recent photos, he looked “plumper” than normal. In earlier photos of Lee Soo Hyuk, he has a natural angular face. With a rounder face, some netizens could not believe that it may be a case of weight gain. They speculate that Lee Soo Hyuk underwent a bout of botox injections to fill his face up.

Considering that Lee Soo Hyuk is only 28 years old, it is very unlikely that he used Botox to pump up his face. After all, his angular look is one of his special features that enable him to stand out from other male stars. Why would he use something artificial like Botox to erode his competitive advantage?

Lee Soo Hyuk and Mouth adjustments

Some other outrageous rumors include mouth surgery to adjust the shape of his mouth. While such possibility cannot be rule out, it is hard to imagine a young man at age 28 wanting to adjust his mouth shape.

From the before and after pictures of Lee Soo Hyuk, we see that his mouth remains largely the same. There are no sure signs of plastic surgery at all. Perhaps Lee Soo Hyuk put on different makeup styles, creating the illusion that he might have undergone the knife. However, we highly doubt so.

Overall, Lee Soo Hyuk is one of the rare Korean celebrities who have yet to undergo the knife. You can tell that his facial features are very unique, whereby any slight adjustments using plastic surgery will be very obvious. We hope that Lee Soo Hyuk will continue to stay handsome naturally for the years to come. May he never give in to the temptation of plastic surgery. Someone please remind him continually that he is already good looking enough, there is no need for further enhancements. What do you think of Lee Soo Hyuk plastic surgery rumors?

Jang Geun Suk Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Jang Geun Suk Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Jang Geun Suk is one of the most popular Korean actors today. His good looks did not come by any natural means. There are rumors that he might have used plastic surgery to attain his current good looks. Some netizens got hold of his earlier photos and suggested that Jang Geun Suk has undergone cosmetic surgeries to look so good now. Some of his alleged plastic surgeries include nose job and eyelid surgery.

Jang Geun Suk Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Jang Geun Suk attained his heart throb status among women fans by starring in Beethoven Virus, You’re Beautiful, Mary Stayed Out All Night, Love Rain, Pretty Man and Jackpot. His talent in acting has won critical acclaim among his fans. To maintain his status as a “pretty man”, it is not surprising to hear that Jang Geun Suk resorted to plastic surgery. His porcelain smooth skin just wouldn’t go unnoticed by fans and observers alike.

Watch an interview with Jang Geun Suk and Park Shin Hye in 2009:

Compare that to a recent Jang Geun Suk presentation. Notice his face looks abit plastic:

Jang Geun Suk and Nose Job Rumor

The nose is the favorite target of many celebrities who undergo plastic surgery. Nose jobs are also ranked as the top five plastic surgeries in America. In South Korea, many celebrities hope to get a sharper nose through rhinoplasty. Generally, Asians have smaller and flatter noses. It is common knowledge that sharper noses make a person look more handsome or prettier.

Jang Geun Suk nose job

For Jang Geun Suk, his older pictures show a much flatter nose. There was not much definition in his nose. However, in later photos, Jang Geun Suk has a much sharper and defined nose. As the nose is a facial feature unchangeable by weight loss, it is highly unlikely that the nose shape changed naturally. Something must have gone on here.

Jang Geun Suk and Eyelid Surgery Rumors

Another popular plastic surgery among celebrities is eyelid surgery. As most Koreans have smaller eyes, eyelid surgery is one of the most popular among Korean celebrities. Eyelid surgery enables one’s eyes appear larger. Some even opt to have double eyelid surgery to make their eyes more attractive.

Jang Geun Suk rhinoplasty plastic surgery

For Jang Geun Suk, his earlier photos show slit shaped eyes that looked really small. Nowadays, his eyes look bigger and has more sparkle. Some say it could be the effects of eyeliners and eye makeup. But for such a drastic change, an eyelid surgery is highly possible.

Overall, Jang Geun Suk has improved his looks over the years. Will he have a breakthrough in Hollywood? Well, only time will tell. With such a strong following of female fans, Jang Geun Suk already has a headstart over some other superstars. Breaking away from the mould of the macho man, his pretty boy image will continue the stir the hearts of many young women.

And if he has had plastic surgery, Jang Geun Suk has definitely found the right plastic surgeon. What do you think of Jang Geun Suk plastic surgery rumors?

Lateysha Grace Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Lateysha Grace Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Lateysha Grace is well known for her roles on television. After starring in all three seasons of The Valleys, she made her mark as one of the contestants in the Big Brother Series. However, she is also outspoken about her plastic surgery adventures.

Lateysha Grace plastic surgery before and after photo

Lateysha Grace daughter birth

Lateysha Grace and Fat Transfer

One of the plastic surgeries admitted by Lateysha is “fat transfer”. In her pursuit for a perfect body, she went for the surgery to reduce her fats around her waist. To prove the success of her plastic surgery, she posted on Instagram some before and after photos. Indeed, her fats were effectively removed by the procedure.

Lateysha Grace fat transfer before and after

She was in no shame for the procedure and went on to celebrate the successful operation. Lateysha Grace wrote “First picture was taken just before I went down for surgery, second is week after I’m still really swollen, will be for around 6 weeks, so this isn’t my final results but already can see a huge difference! I was really unhappy with my body after having my baby! I’m so glad I’ve done this because it’s given me my confidence back. Thank you @mltakd for being so supportive throughout the whole process!”

The operation was not something done on impulse. Lateysha commented that the procedure has been on her mind for years. She just wanted to get “the body she dreamed of”.

Amazingly, her body transformation just came 5 months after the birth of her daugher Wynter.

Lateysha Grace and the Illegal Bum Implants

And the inability to sit down after an illegal bum implant surgery did not deter her from another plastic surgery attempt. At that time she spoke about her bum surgery, saying My bum wasn’t small, it was average-sized. When I went to Miami, I seen all these girls with massive bums and I was thinking, ‘How the hell do these girls have massive bums and small waists?’

Lateysha Grace butt implants

“I spoke to my friend and she was like, ‘We all get bum shots out here’. So she gave me the number of this woman.”

And this woman is no qualified plastic surgeon.

lateysha Grace butt implants pain

Lateysha said “She then came a week later to my apartment, she didn’t speak any English. She didn’t even bring doctors’ equipment.

“Me and my friend both had them and she just injected us. She put anaesthetic on our bums, but I could feel everything and it absolutely killed.

lateysha grace butt implants papers

“I don’t even know what it was, it was some sort of filler but I don’t know what it was called. I had about five in each cheek. The needle was massive.”

“She said she couldn’t lay on our bottoms for 24 hours, so me and my friend both just laid on the sofa watching every film.

“We had to stuff each other’s wounds with paper towels because our bums were leaking, this white stuff leaking everywhere.

Lateysha Grace butt implants before and after

“Obviously, I researched it on the internet, and some people have actually died from it.

“I just kept saying to my friend, ‘Imagine we died from this?’, so it was in the back of my head.

“But I was also so happy that my bum was bigger.”

The ill effects of this illegal bum implant procedure is still giving her the pain today.

She said “I travel a lot, so if I’m on the train, or driving, more than an hour, I get really sharp pains in my bum, which I never used to have before.

“I get uncomfortable and have to pull over and walk around, or if I’m on the train I have to walk down the aisles. I just can’t sit down for more than an hour.”

Check out a video talking about her plastic surgeries:

Lateysha Grace Is Going For More Plastic Surgery

After knowing that Lateysha Grace had to go through so much pain to get her jutting butts, it is amazing to know that she is not putting off future plastic surgeries.

What she said says it all. She said “I look in the mirror and I’m like, ‘I want to change this’. I’ve always wanted to get my nose done.

“I don’t want it reshaped or nothing, I just want it a little bit thinner.

“And I’m going to get my boobs redone. They’ve drooped a bit, so I’m having them done. And I’m having my nipples made smaller.”

Overall, Lateysha Grace does not have the ridiculous body of Lil Kim yet. But if she continues to transform her body using plastic surgery, its just a matter of time she looks like Lil Kim or Nicki Minaj. What do you think of Lateysha Grace plastic surgery procedures?

Lee Jong Suk Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Lee Jong Suk Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Lee Jong Suk is one of the most famous and well loved South Korean actors today. However, when the photos of his younger days surfaced, he became the centrepiece of plastic surgery rumors. Most of Lee Jong Suk plastic surgery rumors is about a possible nose job he had. To find out, you need to take a close look at Lee Jong Suk before and after photos.

Lee jong suk plastic surgery before and after photos

Lee Jong Suk debuted in 2005 as a runway model and is the youngest male model in the Seoul Collection program for Seoul Fashion Week. He was nominated for the Most Popular actor and Best Actor at the 50th Baeksang Arts Awards. For his performance in Pinocchio, he was also awarded the Best Male Actor. With his soaring popularity, it is no wonder that Lee Jong Suk has to keep up with his looks to capture the hearts of his fans.

Watch Lee Jong Suk in his days as a runway model:

Compare that to a recent interview below:

Lee Jong Suk and Nose Job Rumors

South Korea is known as the land of plastic surgery. There are many reputed plastic surgeons in South Korea. Plastic surgery is so popular in South Korea that there are numerous plastic surgery reality shows on television.

Lee jong suk nose job

Generally, many Koreans have noses that are not in their desired shape. For many Asians, they wish for a sharper nose and a narrower nose bridge. For Lee Jong Suk, older photos show a nose with a bigger base and rounder tip. And the older photos were taken when his nose was already fully developed.

Lee jong suk rhinoplasty

Then, in his later photos, you can see that his nose bridge has become narrower with a sharper nose tip. Overall, it seems that his nose has shrunk in size with sharper tip. This nose reshaping or nose job has enabled him to look much better in photos. Not only Lee Jong Suk, other korean actors like Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye have also undergone the knife to look better.

Overall, Lee Jong Suk has improved his looks over the years. If he has really undergone a nose job, we must say that the plastic surgeon has done an incredible job. At age 26, Lee Jong Suk has bountiful of opportunities in the future. We look forward to more acting performances from Lee Jong Suk. May he continue to bring us award winning performances on screen. What do you think of Lee Jong Suk plastic surgery rumors?

Bradley Cooper Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Bradley Cooper Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Bradley Cooper, one of the most popular actors in America, is the subject of plastic surgery discussions online. In recent months, Bradley Cooper seems to have undergone a massive makeover, making himself look better than ever. With his sharper looks, many fans believe he has undergone plastic surgery. Some of the alleged plastic surgery procedures include botox injections, nose job, facial fillers and chemical peels.

Photo Credit: (left) Jim Spellman Wireimage, (right) Abaca

Photo Credit: (left) Jim Spellman Wireimage, (right) Abaca

Bradley Cooper is an American actor and producer. He is a very successful actor with roles in Silver Linings Playbook, American Hustle and American Sniper in 2014. He has received nominations for 4 Academy Awards. Three of the nominations are for his acting performance and the other for his producing role. Besides, his starring role for the Broadway The Elephant Man also won him a Tony Award for Best Actor in a Play nomination. With such a fantastic track record and bright future ahead, it is no surprise that Bradley Cooper will want to maintain his looks with plastic surgery.

Watch this video on the Evolution of Bradley Cooper:

And watch this recent interview Bradley Cooper had on the Jimmy Kimmel show:

Bradley Cooper and Nose job Rumors

Nose jobs are commonly used to change the nose shape. The most desired outcome is a smaller and sharper nose, though it does not apply to everyone. As the nose is the central feature of the face, it is one of the most commonly tweaked facial feature. However there must be care to not be overly ambitious as it can lead to a serious flawed job.

For Bradley Cooper, his before and after photos do not show a drastically different nose shape. His nose remains largely the same. Upon closer examination, his nose looks more refined and distinguished. Whether he underwent a nose job is anyone’s guess. But it is rare for someone to undergo a nose job with such subtle changes in nose shape. Perhaps Bradley Cooper asked for just a slight change? Only he holds the truth.

Here is the gradual changes over the years:

Photo Credit: (left) Jim Spellman Wireimage, (right) Gregg Deguire Wireimage

Photo Credit: (left) Jim Spellman Wireimage, (right) Gregg Deguire Wireimage

Photo Credit: (left) Amy Graves Wireimage, (right) J.Vespa Wireimage

Photo Credit: (left) Amy Graves Wireimage, (right) J.Vespa Wireimage

Photo Credit: (left) Kevin Mazur Wireimage, (right) Jason Laveris Filmmagic

Photo Credit: (left) Kevin Mazur Wireimage, (right) Jason Laveris Filmmagic

Photo Credit: (left) Jon Kopaloff Filmmagic, (right) Theo Wargo Wireimage for Tommy Hilfiger

Photo Credit: (left) Jon Kopaloff Filmmagic, (right) Theo Wargo Wireimage for Tommy Hilfiger

Photo Credit: (left) Jeff Vespa Wireimage, (right) Alberto E.Rodriguez

Photo Credit: (left) Jeff Vespa Wireimage, (right) Alberto E.Rodriguez

Photo Credit: (left) Karwai Tang, (right) Abaca

Photo Credit: (left) Karwai Tang, (right) Abaca

Bradley Cooper and Botox Injection Rumors

Bradley Cooper’s smooth skin and youthful looks over the years have led many to believe he resorted to plastic surgery. Botox is one of those magical inventions that can take years off a face. The instant effects of Botox has driven many to rely on it as a wrinkle removal tool.

But there are also cases of Botox overdose. Signs include an unnatural looking lumpy face. For Bradley Cooper, despite the rumors of botox use, his face still looks largely natural. His smiles and facial expressions do not look restricted in any way. Thus, there is no confirmation if he really used botox. Maybe he used an effective skin serum to maintain the suppleness of his skin? After all, he is only in his early 40s, using Botox at this age is rather extreme for a guy.

Bradley Cooper and Chemical Peels

Chemical peels are used to aid the skin to regenerate itself. Regenerated skin is usually smoother and less wrinkled than the old skin. Chemical peels are used on the face, neck or hands to reduce the wrinkles.

For Bradley Cooper, there were suggestions that he might have used chemical peels to keep his wrinkles at bay. While it is possible, it is hard to tell if Bradley Cooper used chemical peels as they leave no scars, just a general improvement in appearance. But if Bradley Cooper did use them, we must say it has done wonders for him.

Overall, Bradley Cooper looks fantastic for his age. He has defied the effects of aging over the years. Maybe he has look more matured but not much older. At his age now, it is near the peak of his acting prowess. Let’s look forward to more leading roles and more entertaining movies from Bradley Cooper. What do you think of Bradley Cooper plastic surgery rumors?

Wayne Newton Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Wayne Newton Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Wayne Newton is one of the best known singers in Las Vegas. He is also well known to have undergone plastic surgery to enhance his looks. Some of the alleged plastic surgery procedures include a facelift, Botox injections, brow lift and a nose job. You can tell he looks different when you check out Wayne Newton’s before and after photos.

Wayne Newton plastic surgery before and after photos

One of the most celebrated entertainers in Las Vegas, Wayne Newton had greatest hits like “Daddy, Don’t You Walk So Fast, Years and Red Roses for a Blue Lady. With his elevated status as a superstar, pressure got to him to maintain his youthful looks. Whether he got what he wanted from the  plastic surgery procedures is up to anyone’s guess.

Wayne Newton and Facelift Rumors

Facelifts are quick solutions for fine lines and wrinkles. Fine lines are wrinkles are the usual enemies of women. However, somehow, Wayne Newton might have found them distracting as well. From his before and after pictures, Wayne seems to have performed a few facelifts as he has unnatural tight and smooth skin. Bearing in mind he is already age 74, the lack of wrinkles spark facelift rumors on the internet.

Wayne Newton nose job

Though his face is smooth, it looks like his face is frozen most of the time. The movement on his face seems restricted. The restriction adds to the difficulty in movement of his facial features.

Wayne Newton and Botox Injections Rumors

Botox is another commonly used plastic surgery procedure to remove wrinkles. As Botox injections are generally non-invasive, they prove to be a popular option for celebrities who want to take years off their face.

Unfortunately, many celebrities go overboard with Botox injections. They end up with lumpy and unnatural look on their faces. For Wayne Newton, Botox use might have caused his smile to look unnatural and restrictive. However, it must be noted that Wayne Newton has never admitted to Botox use.

Watch Wayne Newton in an interview done years ago:

Compare that to a recent Wayne Newton Interview about his 12,000 sq ft house!:

Wayne Newton and Nose Job Rumors

Nose jobs rank as one of the top 5 plastic surgeries in America today. Most patients want a sharper and smaller nose. Sharper noses are generally known to make one look more handsome and prettier. However, nose jobs are risky. A botched nose job is almost impossible to correct. The cost of revision rhinoplasty surgeries can amount to a small fortune.

Wayne Newton botox injections

For Wayne Newton, his nose looks slightly different from his younger days. His nose bridge seems more pronounced compared to his younger days. However, his nose tip remains largely the same. It is rare for anyone to have rhinoplasty without changing the shape of the nose tip. Thus, it is hard to tell if Wayne Newton has gone under the knife.

Wayne Newton and Eyelid Surgery

Another popular Wayne Newton plastic surgery rumor is eyelid surgery. Eyelid surgery is generally used to adjust the eyes of the patient. Some want to have double eyelids while others may want to reduce the fine lines around the eyes. As a person age, one of the first signs of aging are the lines around the eyes, especially the crows’ feet.

For Wayne Newton, his latest photos show on signs of wrinkles around his eyes. It is an incredible feat to have no wrinkles around the eyes at age 74! Either Wayne Newton has a super effective eye cream or he has used surgical intervention. Only he knows the answer.

The question remains : Should Wayne Newton have plastic surgery? There are some fans who feel that Wayne should have stayed natural and age gracefully. There are also other fans who appreciate Wayne Newton’s talent more than his plastic surgery ventures. Whatever it is, we wish good health and life to Wayne Newton. What do you think of Wayne Newton plastic surgery rumors?

Sarah Harding Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Sarah Harding Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Sarah Harding has been talking about growing old naturally. Though she has always maintained her stand, her recent appearance on television has sparked fresh rumors about her plastic surgery procedures.

Photo Credit: (right) Ken Mckay ITV REX Shutterstock

Photo Credit: (right) Ken Mckay ITV REX Shutterstock

The audience of the This Morning show are not entirely convinced that Sarah Harding lives by her beliefs.

Sarah Harding is an English singer-songwriter, model and actress. She burst onto the scene on the show Popstars: The Rivals on ITV back in 2002. She won a place in the girl group Girls Aloud which went on to become one of the most successful girl groups in Britain. However, the group announced their split in 2013 and Sarah decided to venture into acting.

Photo Credit: (right) Ken Mckay ITV REX Shutterstock

Photo Credit: (right) Ken Mckay ITV REX Shutterstock

Her recent appearance in This Morning show got everybody’s attention as she looked drastically different. When host Anita Rani asked her if she underwent any plastic surgery Sarah gave a “no” answer by shaking her head.

Photo Credit: (right) Ken Mckay ITV REX Shutterstock

Photo Credit: (right) Ken Mckay ITV REX Shutterstock

Sarah even pointed to her wrinkled forehead, suggesting how could she have plastic surgery, leaving the wrinkles on her forehead. She said: “I haven’t had plastic surgery…” before wrinkling her forehead and pointing to the lines to prove she has not had botox.

Watch the video of the interview on This Morning below:

Compare that to Sarah Harding back in 2009. Her face definitely looks stiffer on This Morning show:

Sarah declared: “Look! Can I just say… hello!”

Emphasising on her stand on aging gracefully and naturally, Sarah added “Of course as women are getting older, we do start to become a little bit insecure…

“It’s just a part of getting older, growing up but I think it’s about getting older and wiser – we should embrace it women.”

Despite her insistence that natural is better, netizens and experts still think she might have gone under the knife.

Anyway for Sarah, this is not the first time she is embroiled in some plastic surgery discussion. She expressed her regret for lip fillers use back in 2011, sharing with Fabulous Magazine:

‘It’s not something I’m going to be trying again, or anything I would recommend to anyone else. But, yeah, around Christmas I got a little bit experimental and decided to have some filler in my lips. Clearly that was a mistake.’

Well, with all the speculations going on, perhaps its time to take a step back and look forward to more performances by Sarah. Yes, she might look slightly artificial or unnatural, but at least she is not a plastic surgery disaster like Pete Burns or Joycelyn Wildenstein. Sarah Harding is still looking pretty hot. What do you think of Sarah Harding plastic surgery rumors?