Suzanne Somers Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Suzanne Somers Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Suzanne Somers, known for her roles in prominent television shows in the past, is the subject of much plastic surgery rumors. Some of her fans and critics claim that she might have had some plastic surgery procedures to keep her youth. But at age 69 now, Suzanne Somers faces an uphill task to keep her body part from sagging. Some of the Suzanne Somers Plastic surgery speculations include a boob job, lip fillers, eye lid surgery and eye bag removal.


Suzanne Somers is an American actress, author, singer and businesswoman. She started her career in the late 1960s and early 1970s performing in small acting stints. Her big break came when she was handed the role of Chrissy Snow in the show Three’s Company in 1977. She continued to be known as one of the sexiest stars in Hollywood. Her most recent noteworthy appearance was in 2015, when she took part in the 20th season of Dancing With the Stars. Though she was eliminated at finished 9th place, she provided much entertainment and reminded many why she is such a superstar.

Watch Suzanne Somers in an interview with Johnny Carson in 1982. She appears in the interview at 36:45:

Compare that to a question and answer session conducted by Suzanne Somers in 2016:

Suzanne Somers and Breast Surgery

Most women who opt for breast augmentation wants to have bigger breasts. For the majority of women, it is their pursuit for a bigger set of boobs that gets them going. It is this deep seated desire that makes breast implant surgery one of the top plastic surgeries in America today.

However, for Suzanne Somers, she had breast surgery for medical reasons. After being diagnosed with breast cancer in 2001 and recovering from it fully, it was rumored that Suzanne Somers suffered from having uneven breasts. Instead of having an implant to balance the size of her boobs, she discovered a Japanese doctor who could help women regrow their breasts. Based on Suzanne’s happiness, her choice to regrow her breasts seems like the right choice.

Suzanne Somers and Lip Fillers Rumors

Lip fillers are popular among women who are after pumped up, thick lips. Many women feel that thick lips increases their sex appeal though not all men agree. There are many cases of lip filler surgeries gone wrong, resulting in swollen lips looking unbalanced on their faces.


For Suzanne Somers, her lips has been a major feature in her photos. They look thicker as she grew older. The natural lips of Suzanne Somers are a thing of the past. In her later pictures, her lips changes in thickness now and then. This is possibly due to lip fillers having to be topped up now and then. Suzanne Somers lips is one of the most distinct features on her face, as they look unnaturally thick.

It is amazing that despite her obvious thick lips, Suzanne Somers has not admitted to the use of lip fillers.

Suzanne Somers and Botox Injection Rumors

Botox, the quick remedy to fine lines and wrinkles, is one of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in America today. Any celebrity who does not have wrinkles on her face at older age ranges come under botox speculations.

Photo Credit: (left) Pinterest, (right) Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images North America

Photo Credit: (left) Pinterest, (right) Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images North America

For Suzanne Somers, she looks splendid for a lady at age 70. There are very few fine lines on her face. It is no surprise that fans and netizens have been talking about her possible use of botox and facial fillers. Though some might not agree, Suzanne Somers face could look much worse if no fillers were ever used. Her current face still looks younger than age 70, even if she looks a little unnatural and weird at certain angles.

However, she has never mentioned her use of botox or Juvederm so no conclusion can be reached whether she did so.

Suzanne Somers and Eye lid Surgery

Another tell tale sign of aging is the folding of skin in the upper and lower eyelids. As a person age, the muscles above and below the eyes start to sag and lose their elasticity. This results in folding of skin around the eyes. Even eyebags look more pronounced at old age.

The popular solution to aging and saggy eyes is an eye lid lift. It helps to remove the excess skin folds around the eyes. At the same time, the plastic surgeon might offer to remove crows feet and the eyebags as well. It is a plastic surgery that usually yield great results. Rarely do we see a botched eye lid job on a celebrity.

For Suzanne Somers, her then and now photos show a distinct difference in her eye shape and the skin surrounding her eyes. Her eyebags, much evident in her younger photos, are miraculously absent in her rent photos. How could that be achieved without plastic surgery? There is no way make up could have hidden her eye bags.

Overall, Suzanne Somers managed to look better, whether using plastic surgery or not. At her age of 70, it is amazing to see her working as hard as ever. Her accomplishments in business and acting cannot go unnoticed by her fans. Perhaps it is more appropriate to remember her as a successful entertainer than a plastic surgery disaster. What do you think of Suzanne Somers plastic surgery rumors?

Barbara Walters Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Barbara Walters Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Barbara Walters is now getting known more for her plastic surgery speculations as she appeared recently with unnatural looks and lumpy face. Signs of plastic surgery had many netizens talking about the possible cosmetic procedures she has undergone. Some of Barbara Walters plastic surgery rumors include a possible facelift, eyelid surgery, neck lift, facial fillers and botox. And when you look at Barbara Walters before and after photos, they tell an untold story.

Photo Credit: (left) Pinterest, (right) Pinterest

Photo Credit: (left) Pinterest, (right) Pinterest

Barbara Walters is an Amercian Journalist, author and a television personality. Barbara Walters has hosted many television series. Some of her accomplished work includes shows like Today, The View and ABC Evening News. She started her career back in 1962 when she was a writer of stories that involve women’s interests following an NBC news segment.

Now at an amazing age of 87, she continues to contribute to the television world by reporting for ABC News. And since she needs to appear on television sometimes, it is important for her to look her best in front of cameras.

Here’s a recent video of Barbara Walters in an interview:

Compare that to Barbara Walters in the past in the next video. She appears prominently at 4:38 of the video:

Barbara Walters and Botox, Facial Fillers Rumors

Facial fillers, combined with Botox, are effective weapons against fine lines and wrinkles. Facial fillers like Juvederm have gained wide acceptance by users. Botox has been a revelation since its discovery due to its ease of application and quick recovery time. However, any mistake can cause a simple plastic surgery procedure to go terribly wrong.


For Barbara Walters, some expert opinion has concluded that she might have had facial fillers to take years off her face. And frankly, Barbara Walters looks nowhere near her real age of 87. She looks 20 years younger. Some say that her lumpy look could be due to her overuse of botox. But such rumors are never proven as Barbara Walters has not publicly admitted to going under the knife.

Barbara Walters and Neck Lift Rumors

One of the surest signs of aging is a sagging neck. The skin around the neck area tends to loosen as old age sets in. And it is almost impossible to tone that area using exercise or diet plans. As such, many richer celebrities opt to undergo neck lifts to tighten the skin around the neck area to have a wrinkle free neck.

Photo credit: (left) Heidi Gutman ABC, (right) D D pasupil Getty Images

Photo credit: (left) Heidi Gutman ABC, (right) D D pasupil Getty Images

For Barbara Walters, her earlier photos show that her neck skin started to sag as early as 20 years ago. However, by some miracle, her neck skin is showing less and less wrinkles over the years. One can fight saggy neck skin for one or two years. But to have them lift up after 20 years is an incredible feat! Either she has resorted to the use of an effective neck cream or she has undergone neck lifts. Looking at her pictures, what are your opinions on this?

Barbara Walters and Facelift Rumors

Facelifts are often used to pull the facial skin tighter to reduce visible fine lines on the face. However, it takes a brave soul to undergo any facelift as it takes sometime to recover and the patient has to endure some pain. But to many women, facelifts are worth it as the effects are immediate.

For Barbara Walters, her taut face sparked facelift rumors on the internet. Despite some of her fans’ belief that Barbara Walters has never undergone plastic surgery, others believe otherwise as her face looks too tight for a person her age. In her later photos, her face does look a bit tight. Due to the very few wrinkles on her face, at her age, it looks unnatural.

Barbara Walters and Eyelid Surgery Rumors

At age 87, it is common for skin above or below the upper and lower eyelids to sag. And when they do so, it makes a person look really aged. But for Barbara Walters, her eyes seem to look bigger as she gets older. And that is working against the natural order of time! Thus, there is wide speculation about her eye surgery, whether it was done.

Barbara’s eyes are noticeably bigger now and free from eye bags and saggy skin. This itself spells some possibility of an eyelid surgery.

Overall, Barbara Walters has managed to look much younger than her age. Perhaps its due to her own maintenance program or multiple plastic surgeries. However, the answer lies within Barbara Walters herself. But we must say that she has done a great job to hold back the effects of aging. Credit must be given to her perseverance in contributing to the television community over the decades. What do you think of Barbara Walters plastic surgery?

Heather Bilyeu Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Heather Bilyeu Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Heather Bilyeu, who is famous for her real estate sales, is the subject of plastic surgery speculations. After appearing on the reality show Million Dollar Listing, she is under the limelight for most of her time. The change is her appearance will spark another string of plastic surgery rumors online. Some of the alleged plastic surgery procedures include botox and facelifts.

Photo Credit: (Right) Instagram

Photo Credit: (Right) Instagram

Heather’s beauty, coupled with her business real estate ideas, make her a rare commodity in the entertainment industry. She got started in the real estate industry since 2003 and has never looked back since. Though not yet a Hollywood superstar, Heather Bilyeu still hogs the limelight for her relationship with Josh Altman. Looking good is a top priority for any woman and it is no surprise that she might opt for plastic surgery procedures.

Watch Heather Bilyeu talk about her career in an interview in 2014:

Compare her looks to the video below where Heather reveals she is pregnant:

Photo Credit: (right) Instagram

Photo Credit: (right) Instagram

Her relationship with Josh Altman is often updated in the media. Their supposed wedding was postponed due to rumored constant fighting. Well, at least they try to keep whatever they quarrelled over with private.

Photo Credit: (right) Instagram

Photo Credit: (right) Instagram

Since Heather Bilyeu appeared on the scene, there seems to be no changes to her facial appearance. Maybe it is still too early for her to undergo any plastic surgery as she still looks splendid, whichever way you look at her.

But this does not mean that Heather Bilyeu will not resort to plastic surgery procedures in the future. For now, let’s enjoy the entertainment she brings on TV shows and her Instagram account. What do you think of Heather Bilyeu plastic surgery rumors? Let us know your thoughts in the comment box below.

Candace Cameron Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Candace Cameron Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Being one of the most popular actresses in America throughout the 1980s as a young girl, Candace Cameron has grown prettier as years go by. Her change in appearance has raised speculations about possible plastic surgery enhancements to her body and face. Being a child, Candace used to look slightly bigger sized. However, her amazing body transformation to a slim beauty has raised eyebrows. Some of the alleged plastic surgery procedures include botox, facial fillers, facelift, nose job and chin implants.

Photo Credit: (left) Pinterest

Photo Credit: (left) Pinterest

Candace Cameron is an American actress, producer, author and a talk show judge. Though in her early 40s now, she still participate actively in entertainment events. As recent as 2014, she took part in Season 18 of Dancing With the Stars, eventually clinching the third position. After childbirth, she took a break from the entertainment circle to spend more time with her family and children. However, when she made a comeback, she stunned many audiences with her beauty and charm.

Watch a clip below where Candace Cameron talks about her years in Full House:

Compare that to her recent interview with Meredith Vieira, she looks amazing and stunning for her age:

Candace Cameron and Nose Job Rumors

Nose jobs are at the top of alleged plastic surgeries of celebrities. Most celebrities who undergo rhinoplasty or a nose job will display an obvious change in their nose shape and nose tip. Nose jobs are often packaged together with other facial plastic surgeries to achieve a more balanced effect.

Photo Credit: (left)

Photo Credit: (left)

For Candace Cameron, her before and after photos do not show a stark difference in nose shape. Some of the rumors circulating the internet claims that her nose tip and nose bridge have changed. However, when you look at the before and after pictures, her nose has basically remained the same.

Her cute bump on the nose tip is clearly still there. One might say that her nose bridge seems slightly narrower but you have to take into account that she has lost a great deal of weight since those younger days. Furthermore, Cameron has not admitted to having a nose job done.

Candace Cameron and Botox Injection Rumors

Another popular speculation about Candace Cameron plastic surgery is the use of Botox. Botox, since its invention, has taken the plastic surgery world by storm. Relatively affordable to the masses, botox is one of the first option for removing fine lines and wrinkles on the face and neck.

However, Botox has a bad reputation due to misuse and overdose. In some cases, the botox is being administered at the wrong place, resulting in a botched botox job. In some extreme cases, the patient’s face end up looking bloated and out of proportion.

For Candace Cameron, there appears to be some botox used but we cannot be sure. The enhancement in her looks is so obvious that most people suspect something must have been done. Whatever it may be, it is clear that botox was not misused at all. There is a natural balance in her facial features. And there is no sign of any lumps or unnatural bumps on her face.

Candace Cameron and Boob Job Rumors

Boob jobs, one of the top plastic surgeries around the world, is often linked to famous celebrities. One thing to note is that Candace Cameron is never famous for having “out of this world” boobs. She has remained conservative throughout the years.

In her before and after pictures, there is no obvious change in boob size. Signs of a boob job such as an overly “round” breast or bursting boobs are absent on Candace Cameron. If she had undergone a boob job, we expect the boob job outcome to be more obvious. But this is not the case.

Thus, those boob job rumors should just stay as speculations.

Candace Cameron and Facelift Rumors

Facelifts are often used to take years off a face. The dramatic differences of a before and after facelift has enticed many men and women to take up the pain. However, there were cases of patients getting so caught up with facelifts that they end up with a very stretched and taut face after multiple facelifts. Too much of a good thing is bad it seems.

For Candace Cameron, her face looks fresh for a 40 year old. Though her skin is free from wrinkles, it does not automatically mean that she has undergone a facelift. Her facial skin still looks supple and smooth. There is no sign of tightness on her face at all. No scars to show for her facelift too. And at her age, it is really not necessary to undergo a facelift. Perhaps a facelift is a necessity in her 50s but not now.

Candace Cameron and Chin Implants Rumors

Well, some of the jealous netizens have come up with chin implants rumors about Cameron. Some claim that her current chin looks sharper and thinner than her earlier years.

Photo Credit: (left), (right) Jerod Harris/Getty Images North America

Photo Credit: (left), (right) Jerod Harris/Getty Images North America

Taking into account that Candace Cameron looked chubby in her younger years, her chin did not really undergo any serious change. Perhaps the differences in her chin shape is due to her weight loss. Typically, when a person loses weight, their faces appear sharper than before. There is no obvious sign of a chin augmentation for Candace Cameron

Overall, Candace Cameron has grown more and more beautiful year by year. She seems to look even better after giving birth, which is rare for any woman. To look so fantastic after having 3 kids is amazing achievement. Candace Cameron has demonstrated that growing older does not necessary mean less beautiful. Her stunning example of enduring looks provides solace for those looking to preserve their youth. Anything is possible if you are disciplined to follow through. What do you think of Candace Cameron plastic surgery rumors?

Lisa Rinna Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Lisa Rinna Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Lisa Rinna is one of the most prominent actresses in the 1990s. Her roles in leading sitcoms like Melrose Place made her a household name at the peak of her career. Never one to shy away from controversy, Lisa Rinna has admitted to having used Botox to keep up her looks. She is also known for using lip fillers to pump up her lips.

Photo Credit: (right) Jason LaVeris Getty Images

Photo Credit: (right) Jason LaVeris Getty Images

Not confined to acting, Lisa Rinna is also a popular television host. She was the host of Soapnet’s talkshow Soap Talk. Other than her role in Melrose Place, she also acted as Billie Reed on the soap opera Days of Our Lives. She has remained sexy for most of her career, posing for Playboy Magazine in 1998 while six months pregnant. And incredibly, in May 2009, she was the feature cover model for Playboy Magazine again.

Check out Lisa Rinna in an interview back in 2010:

Compare that to a recent interview Lisa Rinna had:

Lisa Rinna and Botox Injections

Botox is one of the most commonly sought after solutions for fine lines and wrinkles. However, it is often overused, resulting in many of the botched plastic surgeries we see today. But when used sparingly, like what Christie Brinkley does, it can result in dramatic anti-aging transformations.

For Lisa Rinna, she has admitted to using Botox. In one of her interviews, Lisa Rinna claims that those botox treatments has taken years off her face and giving her more confidence. Well, when you look at Lisa Rinna’s photos now, you will be amazed that she looks so young for her age. Indeed, she has made use of botox well. Definitely a great job by her plastic surgeon.

Photo Credit: Whosay Lisa Rinna

Photo Credit: Whosay Lisa Rinna

However, Lisa Rinna did not have a positive review on Juvederm. In an interview with In Touch Magazine, Lisa admitted to overdoing it on the facial filler. She provided sound advice by saying “You have to be careful. I’m a perfect example of that!”

When asked why did she took the option of using fillers, Lisa said At my age, you have to look good if you want to continue working. Sometimes we do things to help, and I did. I had tried Botox, and then fillers came into the plastic surgery world, and you think, “That’s not a bad idea.”

Lisa Rinna and Lip Fillers

Lip fillers are known to inflate ladies’ lips to look sexy. But many celebrities overdo it and end up having seriously swollen lips. They end up looking like they just kissed a hot kettle.

But such botched lip jobs do not deter women. In their pursuit for perfection, they undergo lip fillers injections despite the pain and inconvenience.

Photo Credit: (left) Lisa Rinna, (right) Nicky Nelson

Photo Credit: (left) Lisa Rinna, (right) Nicky Nelson

For Lisa Rinna, her lips are one of the most prominent features on her face. And she is not shy about the lip fillers. Her before and after pictures show significant lip size alterations.

She is so famous for her pout trout that without those sexy thick lips of hers, Lisa Rinna is not herself. Any photo without her trademark sexy lips does not seem authentic.

However, not everything is positive about her lip fillers use. Lisa Rinna said in 2013 while speaking with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb, “25 years ago, I had my lips injected with silicone,” she said. “Stupid thing to do at 24. I saw Beaches. Remember that movie Beaches? she asked. “I did it with my best girlfriend, so she and I go and we get our lips done. Fine. I have it like that for my whole career, right? So then cut to a couple of years ago, I have a doctor remove as much as they possibly can because it got to the point where they were yucky. You know, they get hard,” she explained. “It’s gross. They are now whatever that was after they took out as much of the silicone as they could.”

Overall, Lisa Rinna has preserved her youth well. At age 53, her complexion and body seems flawless. The good news is she does not look unnatural in anyway, except for her trademark lips. With her still active in the entertainment scene in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, it is only a matter of time when Lisa makes another comment about her plastic surgeries. What do you think of Lisa Rinna plastic surgery rumors?

Jennifer Hudson Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Jennifer Hudson Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Jennifer Hudson, who shot to fame in the third season of American Idol, is the subject of plastic surgery speculation. Her body transformation has attracted lots of curiosity on the internet and social media. Some of the alleged plastic surgery procedures include breast augmentation and lip fillers injections. Her before and after photos do show tremendous difference in her body size and shape. But the question remains if she achieved it using her own effort or through plastic surgeries.


Photo Credit: (left) Yearbook

After her appearance in the American Idol where she eventually came in seventh, she acted in the film Dreamgirls. Her role on Dreamgirls won her big awards such as the Academy Award, a Golden Globe Award and a Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Supporting Actress. Such awards cemented her place as one of the most sought after actresses in Hollywood today. In such a short career span, Jennifer Hudson also achieved the prestigious star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. So could the pressure to stay ahead of the game make Jennifer Hudson undergo the knife?

Watch Jennifer Hudson when she was still chubby and talking about her movie The Secret Life of Bees. Jennifer looks attractive even before her weight loss:

Compare that to the present slim and even more beautiful Jennifer Hudson. Watching the video already make us WANT to lose weight:

Jennifer Hudson and Breast Augmentation Rumors

Having bigger breasts gets you noticed. Just think of Pamela Anderson and Dolly Parton. Having  bigger boobs build confidence in many women’s hearts. Though there are a few women who undergo breast reduction surgery, most women will prefer to have a larger set of boobs. Silicon implants are known to carry certain risks. But the lure of increased sex appeal lords over the risks of having breast implants. That explains why breast implant surgery remains as one of the top plastic surgeries in United States today.


For Jennifer Hudson, her cleavage reveals a set of truly huge boobs. Breast implants usually create a “round” effect on the woman’s boobs. But there is hardly any evidence of that on Jennifer Hudson. Furthermore, it must be noted that Jennifer Hudson has never admitted to having a boob job done. Thus, any breast implant surgery rumors on Jennifer Hudson are not proven at all. In fact, her boobs seem to have shrunk together with her weight loss.

Jennifer Hudson and Lip fillers injections

Lip fillers are often used to pump up the lips of women. Thicker and plumper lips are known to increase sex appeal. Some women will undergo painful lip fillers injections to attain thicker lips.

Photo Credit: (left) Kevin Winter Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Kevin Winter Getty Images

For Jennifer Hudson, she admitted to using lip fillers. But she mentioned that it was mainly out of necessity than vanity. She used lip fillers just to fill up a large crease in her bottom lip. Jennifer Hudson explained that had she not used lip fillers, her lips were affecting the lighting. But one must say that she does have sexy lips now. Whether for vanity or not, the most important thing is that the end result looks splendid on Jennifer Hudson now.

Overall, Jennifer Hudson still looks pretty much the same. Other than the obvious weight loss, she has remained true to her fans and won over the hearts of many new fans with her acting performances. Frankly, its hard to find a talent who could act and sing so well nowadays. Jennifer Hudson is a rare talent who can excel in both acting and singing. Let’s look forward to more Academy and Grammy Award performances from her. What do you think of Jennifer Hudson plastic surgery rumors?

Winnie Mandela Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Winnie Mandela Undergo Plastic Surgery?

All was calm before Winnie Mandela’s 80th birthday celebration at the Mount Nelson Hotel in Cape Town. Winnie Mandela’s appearance during her birthday bash has attracted much plastic surgery talk. This is mainly due to her face looking drastically different from previous appearances. Well, you can call it jealousy perhaps. But for a lady to look so gorgeous at age 80, without the inevitable wrinkles that accompany old age, is an incredible feat.


Naturally, the social media was full of comments on her faultless complexion and skin tone. Most people just couldn’t believe their eyes. Botox injections were heavily linked to Winnie Mandela.

This is Winnie Mandela in her 80th Birthday Speech:

Here is an interview in the past when she talked about her ex-husband Nelson Mandela:

Did Winnie Mandela Plastic Surgery Rumors bother her?

However, her granddaughter, Zoleka mentioned that Winnie Mandela took all such rumors as pure humor. Such rumors are obviously not bothering Winnie Mandela. Zoleka said “This is us last night talking about all the rumours regarding the plastic surgery, skin bleaching and botox she’s supposedly had done!!! The memes circulating too, she finds those as ridiculously funny as the gossip! In the words of my mother/queen in law, Maman Regine, ‘get a life’,” Zoleka wrote on Instagram.


Zindzi Mandela also wrote on her Twitter account “Pure African beauty. No fillers or injections involved”

Well, this is not the first time politicians are suspected to have undergone plastic surgery. There are well known politicians such as Hillary Clinton and Carly Fiorina who were also subjected to cosmetic surgery rumors. However, most of the just ignored the social media speculations.

When you look at the before and after photos of Winnie Mandela, the differences in her looks could very well be due to heavy makeup. Some netizens accuse her of skin bleaching, primarily because her face color is lighter than the color of her hands. However, in our view, Winnie Mandela simply had a fantastic makeup artist who helped to enhance her looks for her big birthday bash.

Whether she had plastic surgery or not, we wish Winnie Mandela a happy 80th birthday and many years of health to come. What do you think of Winnie Mandela plastic surgery rumors?

Jackie Zeman Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Jackie Zeman Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Jackie Zeman, or Jacklyn Zeman, is a well known American actress who is now the subject of much plastic surgery speculation. She surprised everyone in the last few years by appearing with an extremely unnatural looking face. Her cheeks looked so swollen and her lips so full that one will suspect what kind of injections have she had on her face. Some of Jackie Zeman plastic surgery speculations include a boob job, botox injections, facial fillers, cheek fillers and lip fillers.


Jackie Zeman got famous in one of the longest running American drama series General hospital. In it, she played the role of Bobbie Spencer. She played the role for many years, stretching more than three decades in the same drama series. However, in recent years, her appearance has taken a downturn for the worst. Her alleged plastic surgery enhancements seemed to have worsened her looks rather than enhancing it. Her plastic surgeries (if any) are a major disaster. The worst thing is there is no way to reverse the damage of the botched job.

Watch a video of Jacklyn Zeman back in the 1980s about her expensive lifestyle (she was popular as a sexy lady back then):

Check out one of the recent interviews with Jacklyn Zeman. Notice the lumps on her face.. and who is her partner standing beside? He looks “botoxed” too:


Jackie Zeman and Botox Injections

Botox is a double edged sword. Hailed by many who use it sparingly and at the right places, Botox is an effective tool to remove fine lines and wrinkles. However, some plastic surgeons still make the mistake of overusing it on their clients. Some blame it on the unrealistic expectations of the client. Well, the bottom line is botox should never be overdosed.

Photo Credit: (right) Kevin Parry For Paley Center

Photo Credit: (right) Kevin Parry For Paley Center

Jackie Zeman’s looks is a perfect example of what an overdose of Botox or facial fillers look like. Smooth and shiny cheeks, puffy cheeks and out of proportion facial lumps, are all tell tale signs of botox overuse. In her earlier photos, she looked so naturally beautiful. Some still wonder why she went on the extreme to look so unnatural and lumpy.

She should have left her face as it is and age gracefully. At least it would have spared her a lot of inconvenience.

Jackie Zeman and Breast Augmentation

Almost every woman wants a set of boobs that stand out. That makes breast implants surgery one of the most popular plastic surgeries in America today. Young or old, women undertake the risks of a botch breast augmentation surgery in hope of a bustier future.


For Jackie Zeman, her sagging boobs could be the main reason for her undergoing the knife. However, the outcome of the procedure was one of extremely perfectly round breasts. Though she is able to STILL flaunt her deep cleavage, her boobs just don’t look natural at all. The huge gap between her set of boobs tells the story of a boob job done hurriedly.

Jackie Zeman Cheek Implants and Fillers

As age caught up with Jackie Zeman, she seemed more determined to defy the signs of aging. One of her obvious effort is to lift up her cheeks. In her later photos, her cheeks seem to be filled with implants. They look unnatural and protruding out from her face. The lumpy looks on her face creates a scary look. Her lumpy facial appearance also reeks of fillers overdose. Perhaps she should have known when to stop those filler injections.

Jackie Zeman and Facelift

Frankly, there are so many odd points on Jackie Zeman’s face that its hard to pinpoint what procedure was responsible for which disaster area. Some claim that Jackie Zeman have had numerous facelifts to attain her wrinkle free face while other have blamed it on the use of Botox injections. Whatever it is, its time for Jackie Zeman to stop using plastic surgery as an anti-aging tool. Either she is using it the wrong way or she had better get a change in plastic surgeon quick.

Overall, Jackie Zeman has destroyed her good looks with excessive plastic surgery procedures. As to what procedures she has been through, only she knows best. What is evident is her obsession with plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is meant for a good purpose. However, if misused, it can lead to such plastic surgery disasters. What do you think of Jackie Zeman plastic surgery rumors?

Amy Childs Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Amy Childs Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Amy Childs, who rose to fame on the back of popular television shows, is under intense critcism for her anti-plastic surgery ad. After much publicised plastic surgery procedures she had been through, many netizens feel that she is being hypocritical to stage a campaign against plastic surgery. Some of the plastic surgeries she admitted to having were a boob job and lip fillers.


Amy Childs is an English television personality, model and businesswoman who rose to fame when she first appeared in the ITV2 series The Only Way is Essex. She became so popular on TV that she had her own television reality show It’s All About Amy which lasted till 2012. As recent as 2014, Amy Childs appeared in the Channel 4 show The Jump. Still in her mid 20s, chances of her landing leading roles on television is still high and perhaps that is why she needs to look her best at all times.

Here’s a video where Amy Childs talks about plastic surgery in 2014 . She starts at 1:18 of the video:

And in 2016, she appears with even thicker lips on Loose Women. Check it out:

Amy Childs and Breast Augmentation Surgery

Breast augmentation or breast implant surgery are popular among celebrities. Having a set of noticeable boobs is important for every woman. Some opt for the non surgical alternative like push-up bras or stuff themselves with padding. The bolder ones opt for breast augmentation which can inflict a lot of pain and requires long recovery time. However, for many, the trade off between a busty set of boobs and weeks of pain is worth the money.

Photo Credit: (right) WENN Phil Lewis

Photo Credit: (right) WENN Phil Lewis

For Amy Childs, her after photos show a distinct increase in breast size. Her breasts look rounder and perkier. To many, this is a successful breast augmentation. But to Amy Childs, she expressed some regrets in an interview.

She said “I’ve got quite a few surgery regrets. Obviously I had my boob job, and then obviously had lip fillers and it went totally wrong.

“But now [I’m] saying to these young girls: ‘Really think about it. If you want to have your boobs done, really think about it. Go to someone great.”

“I’m 25 and I don’t want to undergo another augmentation,” she said on Lorraine

And she fired a shot of warning to other who are contemplating plastic surgery,saying “When I was in TOWIE, everyone gives you stuff. You can have your lips done, you can have your boobs done, and you’re like ‘ooh, amazing!’.

“But actually you’ve really got to think about it and think, ‘No, I’m not going to rush into it. I’ve got to really think about it,

So, there should not be any fuss about her being anti plastic surgery now as she has been against it after undergoing through the procedures. So, what’s really wrong with that?

Amy Childs and Lip Fillers Injections

Lip fillers are widely used to enhance the sex appeal of women. Thick, luscious lips are considered to be alluring to men, though not all men will agree. The effects of lip fillers are not permanent. Time and again, the patient will have to undergo several more lip filler sessions to keep their pout trout lips. At least you have a peace of mind that any botched lip filler job can be remedied by simply waiting for the effects to wear off.

For Amy Childs, she openly admitted to the use of lip fillers. Her before and after photos look exactly that. Amy looks much better with the use of lip fillers and her boob job. One can say that she have had incredible enhancements from her plastic surgeries. However, somehow, her face still looks slightly unnatural. Maybe, its due to excessive makeup? Or is there something amiss?

Overall, we appreciate Amy Childs frankness about her past plastic surgeries. It takes a lot of courage to admit it. Not many celebrities are brave enough to stand up and own up to their plastic surgeries. But Amy Childs did. And we feel that she has done the right thing by sharing her experiences with younger people. It is indeed sound advice by Amy Childs to think twice before undergoing any plastic surgery procedure. What do you think of Amy Childs plastic surgery rumors?

Denise Richards Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Denise Richards Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Denise Richards, one of the most famous personalities in Hollywood, both as an actress and model, is the subject of much plastic surgery talk. Her failed marriage to Charlie Sheen has brought on some publicity on her personal life. And now it seems that Denise Richards plastic surgery rumors are getting to be a hot topic among netizens. Some of the alleged Denise Richards plastic surgeries include boob job, botox injections, facial fillers and lip fillers.


Dernise Richards is an American actress and a former fashion model. Denise has appeared in many movies such as Starship Troopers (1997), Wild Things and Drop Dead Gorgeous. One of her key appearances was as a Bond Girl in The World is Not Enough (1999). Now in her mid 40s, Denise Richards might be feeling the pressure to look good to keep up with the younger stars.

Watch a Denise Richards interview back in 2011:

And this is Denise Richards back in 2007 on the Ellen Show, enjoy:

Compare that to a recent video on Denise Richards, what differences do you see?

Denise Richards and Breast Augmentation Rumors

Breast implant surgery, or breast augmentation, is often used by celebrities to get a bigger bust size. Nevermind about the inherent risks of using silicone implants, many famous celebrities desire their boobs to be bigger. For Denise Richards, it was revealed that she have had two botched breast augmentation surgeries. She had her first taste of boob job from age 19. And she had her second boob job done before the 1998 film Wild Things.


After her successful breast implant surgery, her boobs look rounder and much more perky. Seriously, she looks much better in a bikini now than before anything was done. Barring any breast implants complications, her boob job is considered a successful one. That explains why she once said “Having breast implants is a long investment… I’m happy with them for now”

Denise Richards and Botox Injection Rumors

Another popular wrinkle reducing procedure is the use of Botox injections. As it is easy to administer and convenient, Botox injections have become the go-to solution for many celebrities. However, some celebrities overdo it and end up looking all lumpy and plasticky.


For Denise Richards, her face does look slightly unnatural. However, there is an apparent absence of wrinkles for a person at her age. Her facial skin seems tight and smooth, suggesting the use of botox. However, we cannot be sure how many times she has used Botox as she never confirmed its use at all.

Denise Richards and Lip Fillers Rumors

Having thicker and plumper lips is the in thing today. Somehow many women feel that having thicker lips will enhance their sexuality and sex appeal. Some end up with super thick and swollen lips. One of the popular nicknames given to such overblown lips is called “pout trout”.

Photo credit : (right) JB Lacroix Wireimage

Photo credit : (right) JB Lacroix Wireimage

When you look at some of Denise Richards photos, her lips seemed to have increased in size. Though not outrageously thick and swollen, you can tell from their appearance that something might have been done to alter the lip shape.That is why those lip fillers rumors surface. However, in some other photos, her lips look the same. This can be due to the effects of lip fillers wearing down.

Overall, Denise Richards still look as pretty as ever. Even childbirth could not take her beauty away from here. Definitely, she still has one of the hottest bodies in Hollywood in her mid 40s. That itself is an incredible feat. Let’s just look forward to more memorable acting performances from Denise Richards for years to come. What do you think of Denise Richards plastic surgery rumors? Let us know in the comment box below.