Heather Dubrow Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Heather Dubrow Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Heather Dubrow, who is married to a renowned plastic surgeon, has always played down any plastic surgery rumors in the media.The Real Housewives of Orange County Star is always confident in her looks. She is so confident that she once showed photos of her before her makeup. But the question remains whether she has ever had any plastic surgery procedures.

Photo Credit: (left) CBS Photo Archive Getty Images, (right) Michael Tullberg Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) CBS Photo Archive Getty Images, (right) Michael Tullberg Getty Images

However, Heather Dubrow’s husband, Dr Terry Dubrow, admitted back in 2014 that he “fixed an umbiliical hernia on her abdomen after the kids”. While that is not really a plastic surgery procedure, Heather Dubrow added that she gets Botox and some Sculptra when she gets really thin.

Here’s a video where Heather Dubrow was interview back in 2012. She looked FANTASTIC and so nice:

Compare that to a recent interview in 2016, you realise that she has not grown older at all. She is amazing in maintaining her beauty!


Heather Dubrow Before and After Photos

The before and after photos of Heather Dubrow show very slight differences in appearance. To find real differences in her then and now pictures, you will need to dig deep into the archives while she was twenty years younger. However, that will not be really fair to compare.

Photo Credit: Heather Dubrow Instagram

Photo Credit: Heather Dubrow Instagram

In fact, Heather Dubrow was accused of not having enough plastic surgery when she showcased her slim bikini body on Instagram back in 2015. Some netizens commented that she should have enhanced her boobs more since she is the wife of a plastic surgeon. But Heather Dubrow just could not bring herself to have the breast implants inserted.

Photo Credit: (left with child) In 2004 Amanda Edwards Getty Images, (right with husband Dr Terry Dubrow) Heather Dubrow Instagram

Photo Credit: (left with child) In 2004 Amanda Edwards Getty Images, (right with husband Dr Terry Dubrow) Heather Dubrow Instagram

Heather Dubrow once said “Being married to a plastic surgeon, everyone assumes I’ve had everything done, but this is my body and face.” And we believe she is telling the truth because there is so little differences in her appearance over the years. Well, some might say that is some proof she used plastic surgery. But then again, hey, she is not denying she never had botox or Sculptra before.

Heather Dubrow told the Daily Mail as recent as September 2016 that she will resist going under the knife for sure. She said “I’m not saying I’d never go under the knife, but I’d do it kicking and screaming.”

Well, overall, let’s give credit where its due. Heather Dubrow has maintained herself very well over the years. She still has a bikini body at age 47! Come on, that is one impressive feat for ANY woman. Let’s not forget she has given birth to 4 children and has such a splendid figure is no easy task. Truly, she has not used any invasive procedure to achieve such results and there is no reason to suspect so. What do you think of Heather Dubrow plastic surgery rumors? Let us know in the comment box below.

2 replies on “Heather Dubrow Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos”

  1. janna jagger says:

    Umbilical hernia on her abdomen??? Spanish for tummy tuck after 4 kids and good for her! She does have what I call the Beverly Hills special, the nose job. From the side looks like the Dr. just sliced their noses in half and made them perky and “cute”. When I had my nose job after having a drunk driver hit me and tore open my nose, every pic I showed my Doc was-NOT the Bev. Hills special or I’ll have to kill you! Just straight up roman nose, but you can slim it a little on the sides. He told me after he really wanted to give me that flared nostril look a little and I said-I would have killed you, my nose looks perfect. And by all my friends reactions, it was. My facebook got messed up so I don’t have pics yet, but I’m gonna have someone put some new ones up cause I don’t know how. I saw Tori and Candy Spelling from 2ft. away when I worked at Caesars in L.V. and I swear I couldn’t stop staring! Exact same noses, chopped off, pulled in so tight at the sides they actually had what looked like holes in the sides of their noses!! I feel I’ve been very blessed with all my surgeries and decided I wasn’t gonna push my luck after 60. I’m 63 now.

    • Pau says:

      It is not a tummy tuck. It is teally a hernia and probably got a diastasis recti ( separation of the muscles of the abdomen)and is a very dangerous condition. I know because I got it after 2 kids and the doctor keeps on telling me I need to fix it or wear a brace daily.

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