Jennifer Jason Leigh Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Jennifer Jason Leigh Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Jennifer Jason Leigh has been in the entertainment industry since the 1970s. Her ability to hide her true age is impressive. It is not easy to look like an actress in her early 20s when she is already in aged 55! But Jennifer Jason Leigh seems to have a secret potion of youth. Her youthful looks has fuelled much plastic surgery rumours. Some of the alleged plastic surgery procedures include laser skin treatment, facelifts, filler injections and botox.

Credit: (left) Jeffrey Mayer Getty Images, (right)Chris Delmas Getty Images

Who is Jennifer Jason Leigh? Jennifer Jason Leigh Profile

Jennifer Jason Leigh is an American actress. She started her career starring on popular television shows. Some of the shows include Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Easy Money. As she matured in her career, Jennifer Jason Leigh played roles in hit movies such as Backdraft (1991) and Single White Female (1992).

Jennifer Jason Leigh continued acting in the 2000s. She appeared in the crime drama Road to Perdition in 2002. In 2007, she played a major role in the comedy Margot At The Wedding. One of her greatest milestones was being nominated for the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress in the movie The Hateful Eight.

Now at age 55, it is understandable that Jennifer Jason Leigh wants to keep herself looking youthful. But at what price? And to what extent? Well, one way to find out is to compare her before and after photos.

Here is a photo of Jennifer Jason Leigh at the Premiere of “Easy Money” at the Directors Guild Theatre, Hollywood. Her complexion was smooth and she looked every bit like a new actress. Her hairstyle then suited that era. Check it out:

Credit: Ron Gallela Getty Images

A year later, in 1984, Jennifer Jason Leigh appeared unchanged. The photo below captured her attending the Premiere of “Grandview, USA” at the WGA Theatre, Beverly Hills. Her hairstyle looked exactly the same as before. Despite having the upper half of her top unbuttoned, the emphasis was not on her boobs. Absolutely no sign of any plastic surgery. Check it out:

Credit: Ron Galella Getty Images

Eleven years later in 1995, Jennifer Jason Leigh appeared at the Premiere of Georgia in Hollywood. Most will agree that Jennifer Jason Leigh looks better with age. She kept her hair really short and looked like she never missed a beat. Absolutely no need for plastic surgery, her natural looks will do. Check it out:

Credit: David Keeler Getty Images

In 1999, Jennifer Jason Leigh attended the Star-Studded Premiere of “Magnolia” at  LA’s Mann’s Village Theatre. Spotted wearing a bright red lipstick and ultra blond hair, Leigh looked like a superstar. At certain angles, she even looked like Meg Ryan. Some of her smile lines were forming. In 1999, she was only aged 37. And yet, some fine lines were showing. Check it out:

Credit: Barry King Getty Images

Three years later in 2002, Jennifer Jason Leigh attended a panel discussion at the 2002 New  Yorker Festival in New York City. In this photo, Leigh wore very little makeup. You can tell that she was aging fast. Those eyes that accompany her eye bags were evident. Yes, she was smiling then and maybe she didn’t care. Check this out:

Credit: Lawrence Lucier Getty Images.

In 2003, things looked better for Jennifer Jason Leigh. Her bright smile at the special VIP screening of “The Secret Lives of Dentists” at the Walter Reade Theatre made her look younger than before. Her lines were not so obvious. But that could be the good work of a makeup artist. Her eye bags seem to have reduced. Check it out:

Credit: Evan Agostini Getty Images

In 2004, Jennifer Jason Leigh showed some signs of aging around her neck. Fine lines can be seen on her neck. She still looked pretty though. Her eye bags were not evident. Did she seek help to remove her eye bags? Only she knows. Check out the photo below taken during the Olympus Fashion Week Spring in Sept 2004:

Credit: Peter Kramer Getty Images

Then in 2005, Leigh appeared tired when she attended the premiere of “The Jacket”. Her deep set eyes showed fatigue and stress. Those fine lines on her cheeks were starting to show. And the skin on her neck just got worse. Check it out:

Credit: Evan Agostini Getty Images

Two years later in 2007, Jennifer Jason Leigh showed strong resistance to the effects of aging. Though her neck lines were there, they were not worse than before. Still looking every bit like a beautiful woman. The picture below shows Leigh attending the 45th New Work Film Festival. Check it out:

Credit: Jim Spellman Getty Images

Three years later in 2010, Jennifer Jason Leigh looked as if she gained a ton of weight. Yes some might argue that her neck is smoother but you can see that the skin below her chin is starting to lose elasticity. Here she was attending the Premiere of “The Social Network” in New York City.

Credit: Mike Coppola Getty Images

Then in 2013, Jennifer Jason Leigh managed to hide much of her wrinkles. But alas, those stubborn fine lines still persisted. Her facial skin looked shiny and “tight” – suggesting a probable facelift procedure. Those lines on her forehead were starting to show. And do we need to mention the crows’ feet around her eyes? Check it out below:

Credit: Jeffrey Mayer Getty Images

Two years later in 2015, Jennifer Jason Leigh’s face looked slightly lumpy. There were visible signs of aging. The skin on her neck was in need of a neck lift. Not only were there horizontal creases on her neck, but there were vertical stretch marks as well. Overall, it seemed like Jennifer Jason Leigh grew old in two years. Check it out:

Credit: Giuseppe Cacace Getty Images

Then in 2016, everything changed for the better. Leigh appeared with lesser wrinkles around her neck. Some suggest that she might have had a neck lift but we can never be sure. In the photo below, Leigh made a great choice with her earrings. Those big earrings took attention away from her aging face. But nonetheless, Leigh still looked beautiful. Check it out:

Credit: Adiran Sanchez Gonzalez Getty Images

Overall, Jennifer Jason Leigh has done well to curb the signs of aging. Whether she went through the route of plastic surgery is everybody’s guess. Her charisma has captured the hearts of fans all around the world. Botox or not, fans will continue to look forward to her future movies.

11 replies on “Jennifer Jason Leigh Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos”

  1. Kate says:

    Wow – people are aging, quite shocking 😛 It’s better to have a character to stay yourself, than alter your face with plastic surgery and look like a monster

    • Mel says:

      Exactly! I was about to say the same thing. Imagine that! She AGED! Was this written by a twenty-year-old? If so, well, you just wait, sweet pea. I was flawless at 20. Hell, I was flawless at 30. From 35 on things begin to change. Can’t be avoided.

  2. Prach says:

    She would look much, much better unalterd. Plastic surgery sucks unless needed or wanted for some disfigurement.

  3. Glo says:

    She was so pretty without the plastic surgery. Now she looks the same as everyone else who’s had their face altered. Know that your beautiful and aging is a part of life, embrace it. Jennifer Leigh your gorgeous without it.

  4. Melissa says:

    She looks like the joker now and I have a hard time watching her on tv now

  5. Jessica Holland says:

    Those lips though! Is/was she a smoker?

  6. Wizard says:

    “…has done well to curb the signs of aging.”

    Watching her on Netflix in Atypical, and I couldn’t disagree more. She’s ruined her face, to the point where the hideous alterations distract from her performance on-screen.

  7. Jeanie says:

    I really like the new show Atypical, but I find Jennifer Jason Leigh’s cheek fillers, botox frozen features, and her lip pouts distracting from her character. It is despite these “enhancements” that I can see a decent actor underneath.

  8. Remi says:

    It’s called “aging”. You’ll have neck lines and lines on your face, too. We can’t stay youthful forever. Kids these days, I swear. A woman ages and she’s scrutinized like a science experiment. God help you when you start to *gasp* AGE.

  9. Anna Argeanton says:

    Wow. “Can’t bear to watch her”…”was she a smoker?” I see no lines whatsoever around her mouth. A well known actress shared her excitement at the aging process. How nice it is to be seen and known for your CHARACTER, known more for who you are as opposed to some image. What is wrong with people today? Each line that ages us tells a story. I don’t think I will ever understand an attitude that lends itself to equating people with image when we are talking about the natural process of aging. No authenticity. No self love. What a sad way to live.

  10. Melissa B says:

    Aging isn’t an easy thing to face but a reality. Take care of yourself, eat healthy and stay hydrated. Exercise and curtail the stress as much as you can. If you look good for your age, that’s all that matters. You do also get to an age where you don’t care if you look older than your age possibly due to genetics but you’re still healthy. We all had our heyday. We’re beyond it now. The plastic surgery? Don’t any of these women in Hollywood ever look at themselves in the mirror and wish they hadn’t have done it? Or perhaps prior to their procedure(s), they ignored the horror stories and pics going around. I wouldn’t do it; don’t care how much money I had. I think when you mess with Mother Nature, you’ll get yours.

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