Chelsea Handler Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Chelsea Handler Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Chelsea Handler is a popular actress who is subjected to much plastic surgery rumors. Having a successful career since 2001, Chelsea Handler is trying to slow down the effects of aging. And we know that at age 41, Chelsea will have a hard time fighting the wrinkles and saggy skin via natural means and creams. Thus, with her wrinkle free face, there is bound to have plenty of cosmetic surgery gossip and talk.

Chelsea is so successful in her hosting career that she has commanded her own show since 2006 called The Chelsea Handler Show on E! which lasted for two seasons. Chelsea also had her late night half and hour late night comedy show called Chelsea Lately in July 2007. The last show of Chelsea Lately ended on 26 August 2014 after more than 1,000 shows aired.

The latest development in Chelsea Handler’s career is the upcoming new Netflix comedy show called Chelsea. It is projected to start in May 2016 with streaming on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday every week. It is rumored to have 90 episodes of the show in a year.

Photo Credit: (left) Pinterest, (right) JB Lacoix Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Pinterest, (right) JB Lacoix Getty Images

While Chelsea Handler’s career is going places, it is of paramount importance to Chelsea that her looks are preserved in the best possibly way. After all, Chelsea’s expertise is also in stand up comedy which makes looking good a huge plus point in her career. In order for us to find out, we need to examine Chelsea Handler before and after photos.

Chelsea Handler and Possible Breast Augmentation

As a woman ages, it is inevitable that their main assets, their boobs, will start to sag. And this is the foremost sign of aging. Saggy breasts are no best friends of any lady and sometimes can be the objects of ridicule. For Chelsea Handler, her full bosom probably explains why there is much plastic surgery rumors surrounding her.

Photo Credit: (left) Publicity Picture

Photo Credit: (left) Publicity Picture

There is no sign of saggy boobs or deflated breasts on Chelsea Handler. Was it the effect of good bust cream or the holding power of silicone implants? Or perhaps the technology of the latest wonder bra? We cannot say for sure. The only thing that is sure is that Chelsea Handler’s set of boobs are holding up well. Chelsea’s boobs look so good that her cleavage can match some of the younger stars more than 10 years younger.

And Chelsea once tried to set the record straight in a Tweet. Back on 5 March 2015, she tweeted “Um…there have been a lot of men who’ve touched my boobies, but not one of them has ever been a doctor”. OOOhh quite a punch to those breast implant surgery rumors huh?

Chelsea Handler and Possible Facelift

At age 41, wrinkles should start to show on Chelsea Handler’s face. Such signs of aging seem to be missing on Chelsea Handler. Some say it could be due to her constant sense of humor that is keeping her young. There are some who believe that Chelsea might have used some sort of facelift surgery to keep her facial skin tight and taut.

Watch Chelsea Handler in the latest interview with Seth Myers, talking about her India experience:

Compare her looks to when she first started as a stand up comedian below:

Another alternative to facelift is Botox injections. It is one of the least invasive form of plastic surgery available. But if done wrongly or in excess, Botox injections will cause a bloated and lumpy look in the patient. It has to be used sparingly and at the right places. Some celebrities are known to look very different from their old self after using Botox. Suspected overdose of Botox happened to Meg Ryan and Robin Mcgraw.

Does Chelsea’s face look unnatural? Not really, but we can see that there might be some work done on her face. Her facial skin is still looking supple and has no signs of sagging. This can be the result of surgical intervention or perhaps she has good genes.

Chelsea Handler Has Not Spoken of Plastic Surgery

It seems that Hollywood is starting to accept the idea of celebrities undergoing plastic surgery. It is becoming less taboo nowadays. However, Chelsea Handler has never stated anything about her plastic surgeries, except for her Tweet about her boobs. Maybe she did undergo the knife, maybe she didn’t. The fact remains that Chelsea Handler is still as entertaining as ever. Humor has no age, and Chelsea Handler is living the mantra that comedians can look good and be funny too. What do you think of Chelsea Handler plastic surgery?