Cindy Crawford Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos – Looking Good At Age 49

Did Cindy Crawford Undergo any Plastic Surgery?

Cindy Crawford is one of the most popular super models in the 1980s. However, she continue to be dogged by plastic surgery rumours as she grow older. There are certain subtle changes in her looks that prompted the speculation.

Did Cindy Crawford Undergo Cosmetic Surgery

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Cindy Crawford Remains Active After Modeling

After retirement, Cindy Crawford continue to make endorsement deals for different skin care brands. Her active promotion of skin care products might have driven her to keep looking young at all costs. Just with all Hollywood superstars, if you look older, there is a risk of losing endorsement deals.

If you look at her pictures now, Cindy Crawford looks flawless and youthful. Her facial skin is smooth and wrinkle free. And frankly, you do not expect such nice complexion when you are near age 50.

Cindy Crawford Admitted the Use of Plastic Surgery

Well, if you think that Cindy Crawford got her perfect complexion using only the products she endorsed, think again. She admitted in 2009 to MAIL that she visited a London cosmetic surgeon for several years to have wrinkle-reducing injections.

The good news is, Cindy Crawford thought about more advanced plastic surgery procedures but put them off as she saw other women looking unreal after the plastic surgeries.

In the same interview, Cindy Crawford admitted to the use of Botox.

Cindy Crawford also mentioned that she resorted to using such artificial methods to preserve her youth because her fans have expectations of how she should look like.

And it’s about living up to those expectations.

Cindy talks about her furniture collection and beauty secrets in the video below:

One tip from Cindy Crawford is the clever use of ground coffee and olive oil. This combination is effective because the caffeine refreshes tired skin and olive oil contributes to the moisture on the face. Cindy Crawford also mentioned in the above video that drinking lots of water and a balanced diet adds to her everlasting youth.

But one thing is for sure, Cindy Crawford looks wonderful for her age. She is still regarded by many as a very beautiful woman. We credit her age defying looks not only due to plastic surgery but also to her discipline. What do you think of Cindy Crawford plastic surgery rumours guys?