Skye Wheatley Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Skye Wheatley Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Skye Wheatley, who achieved world wide fame on the show Big Brother, has stunned the online community when she posted a recent picture of herself on her instagram account. Looks like she underwent the long anticipated nose job after a horrendous breast augmentation procedure last year.

Photo Credit: (right) Instagram

Photo Credit: (right) Instagram

Her appearance looks a distinctly different from her debut on the show back in 2014. Then, she appeared makeup free in many instances, looking much normal than now. She is arguably more desirable now but she looks much more artificial and made up. With her plump inflated lips showing on her instagram photos, it is no wonder that Skye Wheatley’s plastic surgery rumors just keep getting hotter and hotter.

You have to watch this interview with Skye Wheatley in 2014. MUST watch:

Compare that to a recent clip in 2016 below. You will not recognise how much she has changed. :

Skye Wheatley and Nose Job

One thing about Skye Wheatley is her honesty about her plastic surgeries. She does not leave her plastic surgeries to guesswork for her fans. She discusses it upfront in interviews. That shows true courage and frankness, which is rare in today’s entertainment industry. Most celebrities choose to deny their plastic surgeries, thinking that its taboo to admit it.

Photo Credit: (left) Nine Network, (right) Instagram

Photo Credit: (left) Nine Network, (right) Instagram

Skye Wheatley described her recent rhinoplasty (nose job) ti Yahoo7. She mentioned that the outcome of the nose job was not what she wanted. It looked so bad that she cried. She said “I bawled my eyes out. I was like, ‘What the f*ck is this?’ “ Wheatley felt that her nose was swollen beyond imagination and she looked like Pinocchio. She said “ It was really painful because obviously I had just had my face half ripped up”.

Photo Credit: (right) Instagram

Photo Credit: (right) Instagram

Nose jobs do take time to settle. As the recovery takes more than 2 weeks, it is no wonder that her nose now looks pretty perfect. A narrow bridge and a sharp nose tip, what more can she ask for?

Skye Wheatley and Boob Job

Boob jobs are the favorites of many women. Why? Because bigger boobs can boost the self confidence of many women. Some would bear the pain of the breast augmentation surgery in pursuit for that bulging chest boobs.

Photo Credit: (left) Paul Broben, (right) Instagram

Photo Credit: (left) Paul Broben, (right) Instagram

Photo Credit: (right) Instagram

Photo Credit: (right) Instagram

However, according to Skye Wheatley, her boob job did not go well. It is reported that her botched boob job has left her with a “double bubble” in her chest. But she will not settle for that as she told Daily Mail Australia that she will get it fixed next August.

Skye Wheatley and Lip Fillers

If you have been following Skye Wheatley on Instagram, you cannot miss out her pouty lips. She admitted to using lip fillers to pump up her lips. Her pout trout is one of the main reasons why plastic surgery gossip continues to surround her. Check out her current photos. Do you think she used lip fillers in excess? Or do you think her lips are just at the right size and shape?

Whatever it is, Skye Wheatley will continue to hog the headlines for her outrageous transformations. Whether she turn out better after the plastic surgeries is up to debate. But one thing is for sure, her plastic surgery gossip has fueled her to a popular online icon. What do you think of Skye Wheatley plastic surgery confessions?

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  1. Anon says:

    “A narrow bridge and a sharp nose, what more could she ask for?”

    Uhm. How about looking like a real human?

    “Large breasts boost women’s self-confidence.”

    Seriously, do you know the statistic of suicides of women who have had breast implants? It absolutely does NOT boost a woman’s self-confidence to turn herself into a sex object blow-up doll.

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