Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos

Once a bubbly beautiful leading actress, Meg Ryan is struggling in life due to bad plastic surgery.

Did Meg Ryan Undergo plastic surgery? She looks unrecognisable.

Would you consider Meg Ryan’s plastic surgery procedures a disaster? It has been a long specuation that cosmetic surgery was performed on Meg Ryan but now, rumors of her overdoing it is all over the place.

Meg Ryan plastic surgery photo

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Other celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Iggy Azalea have publicly admitted to plastic surgery but Meg Ryan has never mentioned about her plastic surgery possibilities.

Insiders Say Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Rumours are true

Meg Ryan used to be the bubbly girl everyone got to love. Her natural good looks captured the hearts of many fans worldwide.

Check out Meg Ryan in an interview back in 1993 below: 

Observe the differences in another Meg Ryan interview with David Letterman in 1996:

Meg Ryan talks about aging in a recent video below:

Some insider has been quoted as saying that Meg has got a facelift and fillers because her forehead and the skin between her eyes do not move. Meg Ryan plastic surgery rumours even extend to procedures such as lip implants, Botox injections, cheek modification, eye surgery, brow lift and neck lift.

The part of the body that Meg Ryan plastic surgery rumors do not focus on is her breasts. There is no suspicion on any breast augmentation surgery as her boobs look normal all along. Anyway, Meg Ryan has never been known for having huge boobs. So a boob job was not on her mind. There are alternatives to breast implants which are painless.

Many celebrities have resorted to plastic surgery to upkeep their image in the public eye. Plastic surgery is also a common practice and plastic surgeons have been doing a booming trade.

Plastic surgeon Dr. Lyle M. Back, a famous cosmetic surgeon, believes she’s had “multiple laser resurfacings,” “way too much Botox,” and “heavily pumped filler,”

About two years ago, Meg Ryan disappeared from the limelight. Blessed with natural beauty, she has lost the natural charm of old. In fact, as she looks like a different person with a taut artificial looking face, an odd shaped nose and unnatural appearance round the eyes. Her eyes seem too stretched back.


Now she has plumper lips and it just looks weird on her face. Seems like she wants to draw attention to her lips as well by applying layers of thick lip gloss on her lips. Her face has no wrinkles and the skin seems very tight and stretched, possibly an indication of Botox injections and face lifts. Her joke styled smile has always been a trademark. But her current smile looks like the results of collagen implants.

The happy blonde seems to be addicted to plastic surgery of late as her face suffers from one plastic surgery disaster to the next. In 2010, she was slammed for her trout pout lips. But in 2015, many areas of her face have been subjected to plastic surgery.

Meg Ryan was the bubbly actress who starred in movies like When Harry met Sally and You’ve Got Mail. Meg Ryan was also known as “America’s Sweetheart”. But Meg Ryan plastic surgery rumors and her recent pictures make her fans focus on her facial appearance.

Meg Ryan has also shunned the limelight for long periods of time. She has stopped acting in major roles and taken a back seat. Certainly, she deserves a long break after so many years in the show business.

A world renowned surgeon based in London, Miles Berry, told Express that “The forehead appears smoother suggesting something topical such as a chemical peel or possibly a browlift.

“The latter is a possibility because the eyes are far more open so the brow=eyelid complex may have been lifted.”

He added: “The alternative is an upper blepharoplasty (lid lift), but either or both have been done very well.”

Talking about her eyes, Miles said: “The lower lids also look tighter so a lower blepharoplasty is also possible.

“Certainly she has less filler in the cheeks, which look more natural.”

In addition, she is suspected to have enhanced her neck using chemical peels and other skin restoration systems. Due to her rest outside the entertainment industry, it is possible that the lack of stress and hectic schedules help to keep the wrinkles away.

Friends are Concerned for Meg Ryan Plastic Surgery Disasters

Some of Meg Ryan’s friends have shown concern about her shocking new appearance. Some felt that she has gone too far in plastic surgery enhancements. Her smile looks rigid and painful. Many fans have commented that she would look much better if she allowed herself to age gracefully. After all, at age 53, she should not look that old. For now, she just looks artificial.

And Meg Ryan continues to struggle to get roles in movies due to her botched plastic surgery procedures. Perhaps she should have ditched those Botox injections and facial fillers long time ago. Getting to cover up one plastic surgery disaster after another has taken a toll on her career. Nothing seems to go right for Meg Ryan plastic surgery ventures. Sometimes, things are best kept natural.