Yanet Garcia Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Yanet Garcia Undergo Plastic Surgery for her Butt?

Yanet Garcia, the hottest babe in the world of weather reporting, has raised speculation that she might have undergone some serious butt busting implant operations. Her recent appearance on TV shows a protruding rear that looks unnatural like Lil Kim’s butt! Though she has always dressed herself in tight fitting clothes on screen, none of her previous appearance show such an obvious jutting butt. With that butt, some fans have passed some mean comments and cannot seem to get enough of her extra-bootylicious bum.

Photo Credit: Instagram

Photo Credit: Instagram

It happened that she appeared on TV on March 6 with a significantly rounder and obvious butt which caused an uproar in some netizen community. Some were speculating how Yanet is able to achieve tremendous growth in her butt size within a day. And even if there were butt implants, how could she have recovered in such a short time?

Despite all the rumors, Yanet has remained defiant that she underwent any plastic surgery. True to her words, Yanet subsequently posted a picture of the same instant of her protruding butt. But this time, it was a shot taken from another angle. And this shot shows that Yanet Garcia has a normal sized butt, and quickly quashed all rumors of her butt implant surgery.

This picture quashes all rumors of butt implants. Photo Credit: Instagram

This picture quashes all rumors of butt implants. Photo Credit: Instagram

This is a good video capturing Yanet Garcia in action:

Looks like camera angles can do wonders to make celebrities look good. It can also lead to some unnecessary rumors and gossip about celebrity plastic surgery. Lil Kim also has stated that her plastic surgery rumors are down to the difference in camera angles and lighting. In the case of Yanet Garcia, the truth has spoken! Looks like Yanet Garcia Plastic Surgery rumors are just rumors after all.

4 replies on “Yanet Garcia Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos”

  1. emily says:

    Tank you for proving once again that women are here for the man’s use. No one watches you for the weather butt rather to release a storm brewing in their pants. All mexican tv treats women like jokes and sex toys such as yourself.

    • Janeay lim says:

      Women its Like a gold.. should have to take a good care. Not to be display as a toys or sex model.. women should be respect and do not simply touch it

    • Mayra says:

      If you really think about it, men are used as ATM machines all the time. But as we are women, we would always complain about so called unfairness or oppression! We forgot how privileged being western women are!

  2. Dan Marshell says:

    This woman is here as a sex object. Not a weatherman. If a man was giving the weather report in a speedo, I would say the exact same thing. Many cultures embrace it. America is stuck bragging about it’s virtue, while demonstrating none.

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