Christie Brinkley Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Christie Brinkley Plastic Surgery Admission

Christie Brinkley is no stranger to plastic surgery. Christie is the record holder for the longest running contract a model has ever had with Cover Girl. Christie Brinkley is also well known for her shots on the over of Sports Illustrated in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Yes you guessed her age must be around 60 years old? However, Christie Brinkley looks like someone in her 30s rather than 60s.

Besides being on magazine covers, Christie Brinkley went on to work as an actress, illustrator, television personality and even an activist for human and animal rights. Christie is an amazing woman who has, despite her success, invested time and effort into improving the lives of others. Christie Brinkley is also well known for her marriage to Billy Joel in 1985 which ended in 1994. Her fourth marriage to Peter Cook, an architect, also made headlines for their divorce in 2008.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Christie Brinkley has always looked young and beautiful. There is no time where she appeared out of color. Her beautiful body figure and everlasting youth has aroused constant speculation about cosmetic surgery. And Christie has never been shy to talk about her plastic surgeries. In her latest book, Timeless Beauty, Christie shares her beauty secrets and the correct use of plastic surgery.

Christie has written a post in the Dailymail about her tips on keeping her beauty. Her methods are not restricted to using lasers, radio waves or plastic surgery only. She also indicates the use of human growth hormones to generate new cells.

Watch Christie Brinkley in an Interview back in 1989:

Compare it to her interview with Wendy Williams in 2016. Do you think she looks better at age 61 now?

Before we go into the specifics of Christie Brinkley’s plastic surgeries, let’s take a look at how she has evolved over the years.

This first picture was taken in 1979 fir Sports Illustrated. She was looking young and fresh faced and had the figure every girl would dream of:

John G.Zimmerman Getty Images

John G.Zimmerman Getty Images

Three years later, Christie Brinkley was showing signs that she will only look better with age. Here she is attending “The Face of the 80s” television special taping at the Beacon Theater at New York City. She had this natural smile and sharp nose that make her stand out from the crowd.

Ron Gallela Getty Images

Ron Gallela Getty Images

This photo below was taken in 1984, a year after she met Billy Joel. Brinkley and Joel married in 1985 and had a child, Alex Ray Joel. Brinkley looks relaxed and full of supermodel charm.

Images Press Getty Images

Images Press Getty Images

Two years later, in 1986, Brinkley and Billy Joel attended the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony in New York City. The photo below shows the fashion sense of Christie Brinkley. Her black outfit will not look out of place if she wore it today.

Ron Galella Getty Images

Ron Galella Getty Images

Christie Brinkley still looked splendid after childbirth, as the photo below shows. Taken in 1988, the photo shows a happy family with her daughter. They were at the Moscow Circus Opening Night performance at Radio City Music Hall at New York City.

Ron Galella Getty Images

Ron Galella Getty Images

Now into the 1990s, Christie Brinkley still retains her beauty. Here (below), she attends the Rolling Stone’s 25th Anniversary Celebration at the Four Seasons Restaurant in New York City. Her nose, chin and facial features just look perfect.

Ron Galella Getty Images

Ron Galella Getty Images

Then, in 1997, Christie Brinkley looked like her age. In the photo below, Christie Brinkley attended the First Ovarian Cancer Research Fund Benefit in New York City. Unlike her normal self, her face looks tired. But her boobs are still riding high.

Ron Galella Getty Images

Ron Galella Getty Images

Here is a closeup shot (below) of Christie Brinkley in 2000 or 2001. Her face radiated youth and that is despite being age 47! At that time, many observers were starting to believe that Christie Brinkley actually had the Elixir of Youth.

Evan Agostini Getty Images

Evan Agostini Getty Images

Five years later in 2005, Christie Brinkley does show some signs of aging. But she seemed to have used some external help. Can you figure out what she did? Check out her photo below:

Sylvain Gaboury Getty Images

Sylvain Gaboury Getty Images

Just when you thought that Christie Brinkley could not resist the effects of aging anymore… She comes back in 2010 with a full dose of sexiness at age 51!. In the photo below, she wears the amazing HOT dress and flashed her trademark smile. Even if she used plastic surgery, it was not noticeable.

NBC NewsWire Getty Images

NBC NewsWire Getty Images

Then in 2012, Christie Brinkley provided more evidence that she could battle aging effectively. To have a body like Christie Brinkley at her age, after giving birth to kids, is a near impossible task. Check out her photo below:

Sonia Moskowitz Getty Images

Sonia Moskowitz Getty Images

Five years later now in 2017, this is how she looks like. Give her a moment of WOW please!

Mike Coppola Getty Images

Mike Coppola Getty Images

Christie Brinkley Advice on Botox Use

Christie Brinkley shared her experience using Botox. Admittedly, she said that using Botox on her foreheads was one of the biggest mistakes because it made her look sad. Her face became expressionless and she was could not wait for the Botox to wear off.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Photo Credit: Pinterest

However, she does mention that Botox helps in the reduction of neck lines. This was because she experimented using them to remove the “neck rings” she had as she grew older. According to her, Botox on her neck helped to tighten her double chin and jawline. She advised against Botox overdose as it generally gives a “surprised” look on the patient face and take almost 6 months to wear out that horrible effect.

Christie Brinkley and Use of Fillers

Christie does not shy away from fillers. In fact, she claims that she uses them in small doses. Christie says that fillers should be used in minute volumes to remove wrinkles and scars. Fillers can slo be used to restore volume to the cheeks, hands and other areas that have lost their suppleness. The excess use of fillers creates an unnatural look and a flat face. The overuse of fillers is always evident in a weird looking face.

Christie Brinkley and Advice on Lasers

Christie also dished out advice on how to use laser treatments. She shared an instance where she had a slight discoloration on her face due to a slight contact with poison ivy. So she tried to rebalance the skin tone with  a Clear + Brilliant laser and the results were spectacular. Her skin tone went back to normal without undergoing severe pain or skin redness. She further claims that such a process encourages the growth of collagen in your body, which helps to retain your youth by providing firmness under your skin.

Her latest appearance in 2016 shows no sign of aging at all. In fact, she looks like she is still in her 20s:

Photo Credit: (left) GC Images, (right) Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) GC Images, (right) Getty Images

Christie Brinkley on Non-surgicial lifting

Due to Christie Brinkley being one of the shining examples of aging “young”, she has authority on the anti-aging topics she talks about. Another skin tightening procedures includes the use of radio frequency waves that help to stimulate collagen production. Are such non invasive procedures effective?

Well for Christie Brinkley, she says that it has worked wonders for the skin above her knees. And it is definitely worth a try.

However, the common assumption of No Pain, No Gain is quite true, says Christie Brinkley. Almost all plastic surgery procedures involve some degree of pain and discomfort. But if you follow your doctor’s advice and promise yourself not to OVERDO any procedure, then things should turn out right.

Final words of Advice

Christie Brinkley believes in “tweaking” but not total transformation. It is ok to correct some minor imperfections but it is entirely wrong to change into someone you are not. Most celebrities who had their plastic surgeries gone wrong had unrealistic expectations of their surgeries. True, there is always the external pressure to look good whether you are a man or woman, but it should never involve a full transformation of yourself. Learn to live with what you are blessed with and do slight improvements.

Christie has been fortunate to have some of the best plastic surgeons working with her. Thus, it is important that you do research on your doctor before committing to any plastic surgery procedure. Look him up in the necessary professional directories. Seek out independent patient reviews. Be patient and never rush into any procedure.

Christie Brinkley is the best example of plastic surgery done right. To look like her at age 61 is an amazing feat. Blank out her age and you will think that she looks age 30. We appreciate the great hope that Christie Brinkley gives us – Nothing is Impossible. So, whenever you feel that you are old, think of Christie Brinkley and you will feel young again, What do you think of Christie Brinkley plastic surgery advice?

36 replies on “Christie Brinkley Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos”

  1. Lisa Ewan says:

    You have the right idea. You look great

    • Nan L Junot says:

      Christie Brinkley should tell about her many tweaks, lasers and plastic surgeries on her face when she pushes her line of “Miracle Face Cream”. People are buying these products like fools. Anyone can go online to see what plastic surgeries she talks openly about. She is dishonest with these sales. Shame on you Christie. I have a plastic surgeon as well.

      • Dawn says:

        Nan, I agree. I feel this is true for all celebrities that sell beauty products, i.e. Suzanne Somers, Victoria Principal, etc. At least Christie admits she has had some “tweaks” whereas the previous two deny anything except their products (which is obviously not true just from looking at their unnatural faces). In fact Suzanne says the reason people think she has had cosmetic surgery is because she looks so good when actually the reason is because she looks so artificial.

      • Christie K Howard says:

        I completely agree with you, Nan.

      • Dorothy Williams says:

        She’s another Suzanne Somers. Selling her wares after having multiple face lifts. She has a good plastic surgeon and she looks natural, but you can see the difference in facial structure. Sharp chin line, perfect lips and no lines. She does possess lines around the eyes when she smiles and one picture showed where she had fillers applied to her lips. Somebody forgot to check her pics, but I saw it. I remember when she modeled for Kohl’s stores, and her pictures were blurry. That was in 2009. That’s before another plastic surgery. So don’t let her kid you, she’s had multiple plastic surgeries, but I would do the same thing. Just be honest about it Christie. We are getting smart when it comes to plastic surgery.

  2. Mary Ann says:

    I always loved christy brinkley as does the world! If I had the money I would love to do all that stuff and still look 30 who wouldn’t she can use all the cream she wants, without cosmetic tweaks she would be here Wishing too. God bless Chisty

    • Christie Madison says:

      I believe that true ageless beauty is defined by aging naturally without the need to do Botox or ANY other procedure to enhance your appearance. If we all had the time and money to look ageless in our 60’s, we would all look good enough to be a covergirl. Hats off to Christie Brinkley for being able to achieve such beauty.

  3. Belle says:

    Shes a vampire ´;)

  4. Patty says:

    Christy should include the information about her surgical and other enhancing procedures when “pushing” her skin product line. Too many of us have spent serious money on products that “promise” results promoted through testimonials (often by celebrities) that truly were attained via the surgeon’s magic. We adopt a regimen that ends up do absolutely nothing,

  5. Theresa says:

    I don’t like all these model pretending to use products that they don’t use.. just tell the truth.. people don’t fall for it..

  6. Curious says:

    On 2/17/17, I saw her on TV about recent modeling pics with her daughters and her timeless beauty. I always thought of her as one of the most beautiful all around top notch beauties but today, her face looked fake. Her perfect nose is now slightly reshaped differently and cheek area looks strange. It looks very fake and disappointing compared to what she was born with. She is still pretty but it doesn’t look right; very fake and odd but her neck looks great!

    Due to my curiosity, I researched to see how much surgery/alterations she did because it’s very obvious to me. Pics hide some alterations but on tv you can see how fake it really looks.

    Consumers should use common sense when promised miracles. Quick fixes, plastic surgery, popping pills, etc., are easy, unhealthy, lazy on not so great in the long run but rather good nutrition, proper sleep, regular exercise, staying hydrated with happy healthy lifestyle is key. I hope she does retain her beauty as she continues to age. It’s so sad when you look at how beautiful Lonnie Anderson was until her plastic surgery destroyed her looks. Kim kardashians natural face looked way better than this fake weird look. Some celebs look bad because they go to same doc to get the same nose. It’s like a hair dresser that gives all their customers the same cut. It may look different on some, but it’s all the same cut.

  7. Bill Coleman says:

    Who does her work ????? That’s the big question .

  8. Linda says:

    She should share which doctors arehelping her achieve this. Living here in New York…its overwhelmi g which doctor is tge right one. Since Dr Brandt is dead…who is doing the expertise work of fillers and botox.
    If she really wants to help women with aging… mention and give credit to doctors. Shes had obviously a great facelift years ago.

    • Alana says:

      I agree, her doctors are the best . I wish we all knew who she uses too. I’ve seen her on TV several times & she’s always flawless. Believe me, EVERYONE wants to know.

  9. Karen says:

    In the local paper in the Hamptons, there was a picture of ms. brinkley very early in the a.m., no make up, apparently she was angry with her “x” billy joel for his having their daughter in his car earlier that day, she was sneaking up to take a picture of his smashed up car. Obviously she was more than mad about his behaviour while he was driving. Trust me, the person who captured her picture, (her trying to get a pic of his car) ms. brinkley looked every minute of approximately about 57 at the time…… Spare me with the I am the one who never ages, just lucky so was the surgeon you paid. He was real good and yes she is very pretty but got older in reality like everyone else on the planet.

  10. Lisa says:

    Her facelift makes her look like a ghoul. She can afford many plastic surgery procedures and all images of her are photoshopped. In real life she is not very attractive. The facelift looks just godawful. And she lies about it when it is so painfully obvious. What a stupid woman. Can’t stand this so called beauty and health “advice”. Ugh.

  11. Jacqueline says:

    sometimes I look at her recent pictures and she looks a little joker face, a bit to much with the fillers. Her face is so plumped up it kind of looks fake and sort of painful. .IMHO

  12. kristen says:

    I cant believe how jealous. You women are. She works hard at being beautiful. Why dont you women lay off the pizza and doughnuts, go to the gym. And lay off the smokes. Jealousy is a bad trait.

    • LuLu says:

      I don’t eat pizza or doughnuts and I don’t smoke. I age naturally, without letting some fucking man hack at my face so I can meet his standards of beauty. Bite me Kristen.

      • Alana says:

        LOL You’re awesome! I just got totally ripped off by the Christy Brinkley Skincare. Apparently I didn’t read the fine print when it said “free trial.” So, I looked up Christy Brinkley plastic surgery, and there is was. This woman is peddling her skincare system that is so shady that she has to use fine print, when without plastic surgery, she wouldn’t look the way that she does. “SHE” doesn’t look great, perse. Her plastic surgeon Dr Frankensteined her to look this way.

  13. Alana says:

    Gals, we are all going to be 62 & we make even look 62 at 50 or younger. Christy Brinkley is & always has been a beautiful woman. The lust for beauty is a terrible thing. We have to exercise, drink plenty of water , eat the right foods, take care of our skin & try to do & look the best we can . It’s hard to find a great dr or surgeon. Look at some of Hollywood actresses who had plastic surgery –some have literally ruined their faces . Christy looks awesome & finally figured what works for her face& body. I would love to know her secrets. She’s gorgeous & who wouldn’t want that face & body. If u can’t say anything nice about a person–don’t say it. It shows insecurity & jealously .

  14. john says:

    @ Lisa i bet you look 80 already…and i bet you are so broke that you cannot even afford your daily bread.that’s why your so jealous of someone else’s beauty…by the time your 60 you will look like a troll because of the stress your adding on to your life because of someone else who doesn’t even know you exist and she doesnt even care about your stupid hating comments… that goes for all of you haters….#jealous bitches

  15. Trina says:

    It’s not her face that I’m fascinated with, though she looks terrific. I get with facelifts and fillers her face looks the way it does. I want to know how is it that she keeps her body maintained at *this* age, to look like a 30/40 something with an hourglass figure. She is able to wear high heels and has a defined waist at 63. Believe me, my mum is 63. As adorable as ahe is, she does *not* have that defined waist anymore. Aging and looking young is not just about the face. I want to know what Christie Brinkley is doing to stay upright physically and look the way she does body wise. Is it hormones? Wished people would start talking about *that*.

  16. M Rosa says:

    Total gym!!! Lol
    I bought one years ago…it is seriously a pleasure to use! She probably uses it for real. Its a great stretch workout while toning every muscle. I had one years ago…gave it to an ex. I’ll have another someday!
    I came to this site to find out who her doctor was…not that I can afford it but she does defy her age…she so beautiful.

  17. Father Time says:

    Father Time stops for no one.
    With all the creams, plastic surgery & botox she does NOT look ” young”. She looks like a 63 yr old woman with lots done & forever chasing the Fountain of Youth with surgeries, Botox, etc.
    Look at her body . It is a body of an old thin woman with clothes for 20 to 30 yr old women.

    Btw…there is absolutely nothing wrong growing old & looking it. It is a NATURAL process of life.
    What is psychologically warped is for a woman or a man to strive to look like you are 30 when you are 63. It will NEVER happen. Time ravages the outside & inside.
    Time stops for nobody. Neither does Death.


  18. Lucille Albanese says:

    Let’s face it she was born beautiful and she “tweaked ” her beauty and boobs. Most actors and models do it but then they start to look “strange” because they don’t know when to stop. Same with Christie, she looks good but starting to look “strange”. Men don’t notice those things as much as women do.

  19. Pat Forever Young says:

    I do not think Christie has had a facelift, but I suspected all along she was using other cosmetic treatments to help keep her face looking refreshed ( notice I said look refreshed, not young). Overall, I do not feel she looks bad at all for 63-she does not have that old woman physique-hunched back, overweight, and no figure/shape, and I only hope to have her body when I turn 63! Maybe she uses hormones such as estrogen; however, I know women who have used hormones such as estrogen who don’t look as good as she does. With that said, I do not see a problem with women or men using cosmetic treatments to help with aging, as long as it is in moderation. If someone does choose cosmetic treatments, be certain to get done only what you wamt or need, and the procedures are safe for you. On the flip side, for those who choose to age gracefully and get nothing done, that is fine too. To each his own! Keep doing what you are doing Christie!

  20. Deborah Garibotto says:

    She looks Great. Especially with all the plastic surgery. But She seems soooooo shallow. Is that all there is???? My MY I’m 66 and look just as good But I have other venues. What will happen when you really lose it? It’s very sad.

  21. Amber Montana says: Christie Brinkly is a beautiful Woman, no matter how old she is…………………

  22. Maritza says:

    Christie Brinkley is a beautiful model great mom and a loving person. You can see that she works hard to maintain her beauty by exercise and maybe as she said honestly tweaking it a little bit However I agree with the rest of the crowd do not sell a miracle cream and then act as if your beauty comes only from that cream. You must eat right exercise take in the sun and be happy with who you are. I don’t feel anyone should talk bad about Christie Brinkley. She is a beautiful woman who wants to maintain her beauty. And what’s wrong with that

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