Christie Brinkley Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Christie Brinkley Plastic Surgery Admission

Christie Brinkley is no stranger to plastic surgery. Christie is the record holder for the longest running contract a model has ever had with Cover Girl. Christie Brinkley is also well known for her shots on the over of Sports Illustrated in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Yes you guessed her age must be around 60 years old? However, Christie Brinkley looks like someone in her 30s rather than 60s.

Besides being on magazine covers, Christie Brinkley went on to work as an actress, illustrator, television personality and even an activist for human and animal rights. Christie is an amazing woman who has, despite her success, invested time and effort into improving the lives of others. Christie Brinkley is also well known for her marriage to Billy Joel in 1985 which ended in 1994. Her fourth marriage to Peter Cook, an architect, also made headlines for their divorce in 2008.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Christie Brinkley has always looked young and beautiful. There is no time where she appeared out of color. Her beautiful body figure and everlasting youth has aroused constant speculation about cosmetic surgery. And Christie has never been shy to talk about her plastic surgeries. In her latest book, Timeless Beauty, Christie shares her beauty secrets and the correct use of plastic surgery.

Christie has written a post in the Dailymail about her tips on keeping her beauty. Her methods are not restricted to using lasers, radio waves or plastic surgery only. She also indicates the use of human growth hormones to generate new cells.

Watch Christie Brinkley in an Interview back in 1989:

Compare it to her interview with Wendy Williams in 2016. Do you think she looks better at age 61 now?

Christie Brinkley Advice on Botox Use

Christie Brinkley shared her experience using Botox. Admittedly, she said that using Botox on her foreheads was one of the biggest mistakes because it made her look sad. Her face became expressionless and she was could not wait for the Botox to wear off.

Photo Credit: Pinterest

Photo Credit: Pinterest

However, she does mention that Botox helps in the reduction of neck lines. This was because she experimented using them to remove the “neck rings” she had as she grew older. According to her, Botox on her neck helped to tighten her double chin and jawline. She advised against Botox overdose as it generally gives a “surprised” look on the patient face and take almost 6 months to wear out that horrible effect.

Christie Brinkley and Use of Fillers

Christie does not shy away from fillers. In fact, she claims that she uses them in small doses. Christie says that fillers should be used in minute volumes to remove wrinkles and scars. Fillers can slo be used to restore volume to the cheeks, hands and other areas that have lost their suppleness. The excess use of fillers creates an unnatural look and a flat face. The overuse of fillers is always evident in a weird looking face.

Christie Brinkley and Advice on Lasers

Christie also dished out advice on how to use laser treatments. She shared an instance where she had a slight discoloration on her face due to a slight contact with poison ivy. So she tried to rebalance the skin tone with  a Clear + Brilliant laser and the results were spectacular. Her skin tone went back to normal without undergoing severe pain or skin redness. She further claims that such a process encourages the growth of collagen in your body, which helps to retain your youth by providing firmness under your skin.

Her latest appearance in 2016 shows no sign of aging at all. In fact, she looks like she is still in her 20s:

Photo Credit: (left) GC Images, (right) Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) GC Images, (right) Getty Images

Christie Brinkley on Non-surgicial lifting

Due to Christie Brinkley being one of the shining examples of aging “young”, she has authority on the anti-aging topics she talks about. Another skin tightening procedures includes the use of radio frequency waves that help to stimulate collagen production. Are such non invasive procedures effective?

Well for Christie Brinkley, she says that it has worked wonders for the skin above her knees. And it is definitely worth a try.

However, the common assumption of No Pain, No Gain is quite true, says Christie Brinkley. Almost all plastic surgery procedures involve some degree of pain and discomfort. But if you follow your doctor’s advice and promise yourself not to OVERDO any procedure, then things should turn out right.

Final words of Advice

Christie Brinkley believes in “tweaking” but not total transformation. It is ok to correct some minor imperfections but it is entirely wrong to change into someone you are not. Most celebrities who had their plastic surgeries gone wrong had unrealistic expectations of their surgeries. True, there is always the external pressure to look good whether you are a man or woman, but it should never involve a full transformation of yourself. Learn to live with what you are blessed with and do slight improvements.

Christie has been fortunate to have some of the best plastic surgeons working with her. Thus, it is important that you do research on your doctor before committing to any plastic surgery procedure. Look him up in the necessary professional directories. Seek out independent patient reviews. Be patient and never rush into any procedure.

Christie Brinkley is the best example of plastic surgery done right. To look like her at age 61 is an amazing feat. Blank out her age and you will think that she looks age 30. We appreciate the great hope that Christie Brinkley gives us – Nothing is Impossible. So, whenever you feel that you are old, think of Christie Brinkley and you will feel young again, What do you think of Christie Brinkley plastic surgery advice?

3 replies on “Christie Brinkley Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos”

  1. Lisa Ewan says:

    You have the right idea. You look great

    • Nan L Junot says:

      Christie Brinkley should tell about her many tweaks, lasers and plastic surgeries on her face when she pushes her line of “Miracle Face Cream”. People are buying these products like fools. Anyone can go online to see what plastic surgeries she talks openly about. She is dishonest with these sales. Shame on you Christie. I have a plastic surgeon as well.

      • Dawn says:

        Nan, I agree. I feel this is true for all celebrities that sell beauty products, i.e. Suzanne Somers, Victoria Principal, etc. At least Christie admits she has had some “tweaks” whereas the previous two deny anything except their products (which is obviously not true just from looking at their unnatural faces). In fact Suzanne says the reason people think she has had cosmetic surgery is because she looks so good when actually the reason is because she looks so artificial.

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