Winnie Mandela Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Winnie Mandela Undergo Plastic Surgery?

All was calm before Winnie Mandela’s 80th birthday celebration at the Mount Nelson Hotel in Cape Town. Winnie Mandela’s appearance during her birthday bash has attracted much plastic surgery talk. This is mainly due to her face looking drastically different from previous appearances. Well, you can call it jealousy perhaps. But for a lady to look so gorgeous at age 80, without the inevitable wrinkles that accompany old age, is an incredible feat.


Naturally, the social media was full of comments on her faultless complexion and skin tone. Most people just couldn’t believe their eyes. Botox injections were heavily linked to Winnie Mandela.

This is Winnie Mandela in her 80th Birthday Speech:

Here is an interview in the past when she talked about her ex-husband Nelson Mandela:

Did Winnie Mandela Plastic Surgery Rumors bother her?

However, her granddaughter, Zoleka mentioned that Winnie Mandela took all such rumors as pure humor. Such rumors are obviously not bothering Winnie Mandela. Zoleka said “This is us last night talking about all the rumours regarding the plastic surgery, skin bleaching and botox she’s supposedly had done!!! The memes circulating too, she finds those as ridiculously funny as the gossip! In the words of my mother/queen in law, Maman Regine, ‘get a life’,” Zoleka wrote on Instagram.


Zindzi Mandela also wrote on her Twitter account “Pure African beauty. No fillers or injections involved”

Well, this is not the first time politicians are suspected to have undergone plastic surgery. There are well known politicians such as Hillary Clinton and Carly Fiorina who were also subjected to cosmetic surgery rumors. However, most of the just ignored the social media speculations.

When you look at the before and after photos of Winnie Mandela, the differences in her looks could very well be due to heavy makeup. Some netizens accuse her of skin bleaching, primarily because her face color is lighter than the color of her hands. However, in our view, Winnie Mandela simply had a fantastic makeup artist who helped to enhance her looks for her big birthday bash.

Whether she had plastic surgery or not, we wish Winnie Mandela a happy 80th birthday and many years of health to come. What do you think of Winnie Mandela plastic surgery rumors?