Michelle Obama Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Michelle Obama Undergo Plastic Surgery?

The wives of US Presidents become famous even before their husbands take office. Like it or not, they must learn to cope with the attention.

Michelle Obama has borne the social pressure that First Ladies often face. She does so with incomparable grace and finesse. No one will refute that she knows how to take care of her looks. And being the First Lady of the United States, Michelle Obama is also a fashion icon and a role model for many women around the world.

More about the 44th First Lady of the United States

Michelle Obama plastic surgery rumors

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Michelle Obama was born on 17 January 1964 at Chicago to Fraser Robinson III and her mother Mariana. Michelle Obama is the first African-American First Lady of the United States. The Chicago native’s credentials are impressive. She boasts sociology and legal degrees from Princeton and Harvard Universities. Michelle Obama is a qualified lawyer. Michelle Obama is also the proud mother of two beautiful kids with President Obama.

Watch Michelle Obama being interviewed by Jimmy Fallon in 2015:

She became involved with the Third World Center, a group that supports minority students. She ran their day care center, which included after-school tutoring.

She worked for the Harvard Legal Aid Bureau, helping low-income tenants with housing. She is the third first lady with a post-graduate degree, after Hilary Clinton and Laura Bush.

Michelle Obama Plastic Surgery Controversy

Michelle Obama Plastic Surgery rumors

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The US First Lady garnered attention in 2011, which she started to look younger than her 45 years. She drew criticism for making the Walter Reed Army Medical Center her clinic. Many accused her of using taxpayer’s money for surgical procedures.

She kept visits to the clinic secret, but people noticed the federal agents outside its doors. Gossip circulated about her having fat sucked out from her abdomen, thighs, and hips. There were fierce rumors about Michelle Obama having facelifts, fillers at her eyes and lips, a nose job and even botox injections.

However, Michelle Obama has never admitted to having such plastic surgeries. And we know that this piece of news comes from The National Enquirer, a source where stories can be stretched.

But Michelle Obama did state her stand on plastic surgery at one point, saying “Women should have the freedom to do whatever they need to do to feel good about themselves,” the first lady told People magazine around her 50th birthday. “Right now, I don’t imagine that I would go that route, but I’ve also learned to never say never.”

Michelle Obama and Botox injections

Michelle Obama still looks natural

Photo Credit: (left) Johnny Nunez Wireimage, (right) Monica Schipper Filmagic

The First Lady is a beautiful woman who puts effort into her appearance. At 51, her skin looks flawless. In fact her skin looks smooth and wrinkle free.

If you take a close look at photographs of her, you will notice that there are no creases around her mouth. The lines could have disappeared because of possible Botox injections (though we can never be sure)

Michelle Obama and a liquid facelift

At 51 years, the First Lady’s face is taut. Plastic surgeons share that she looks as though she had a liquid facelift. A liquid facelift refers to injecting fillers, instead of using surgery, to remove wrinkles. And such liquid fillers can be used in the cheek and along the jawline, resulting in natural looking cheek fullness and a lifted jawline.

Michelle Obama and Rhinoplasty

You may notice that the shape of the First Lady’s nose has changed as well.

Compare her early pictures with more recent ones. You will notice that the tip of her nose is thinner than before. She may have undergone a rhinoplasty to make it sharper. To add, she may have altered its bridge as well. Her natural nose base used to look wider and flatter. With the suspected nose job, her nose now fits nicely with her other facial features..

Michelle Obama and liposuction

Recent full-length photos of the First Lady show her looking chic and slender. There are no traces of cellulite on her shin. She can fit into almost any evening gown. The alleged liposuction she went through at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center may explain why she is so trim. Though it is NOT confirmed.

Michelle Obama and Cheek Implants

Michelle’s cheeks look less gaunt than they were when she became the First Lady.

Implants or fillers may explain why her cheeks have a natural, full look. She may have injected fillers into her jawline to raise it as well.

Michelle Obama and Brow Shaping

The First Lady’s eyebrows look softer and more arched than in earlier years. Surgeons may have reshaped them. But Michelle Obama has never mentioned anything at all.

Whether Michelle Obama had plastic surgery is for you to decide. Everyone appreciates her for taking care of herself because she looks stunning now. Frankly, it is highly likely that all the plastic surgery speculations are just pure rumors. Michelle Obama looks largely the same now. What do you think of Michelle Obama plastic surgery rumors?

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  1. Shannon says:

    A handsome woman?!? That’s so offensive!

  2. Herp says:

    Yeah, offensive to handsome people.

  3. joline says:

    she obviously had a lot of work done. but still not looking good, just better than before. Great she can use tax payers money. Good that Trump wont need that.

  4. Dee says:

    That’s all the Obama’s have ever done is use taxpayer’s dollars. Lavish vacations, appearances on talk shows, lavish lifestyle. I’ll be so glad when they are gone!!!

  5. Maurphine says:

    ? lol!

  6. Gail Banks says:

    Beuty at it’s best

  7. Marielle says:

    Lol, what plastic surgery? And anyone with a pencil can change their eyebrows? I fill mine in with a liner every day. Yeesh, she looks exactly the same, except with different hair and makeup.

  8. colorful parrot says:

    oh Michelle…..Michelle How quickly we forget, good to know that both you and Mr Barack are so forgiving. Hope your daughters don’t read the tanscripts from 2008 . Good luck as you transition back to normalcy, leave the hepocracy in the palace after Hilll is coronated.

    • JinTX says:

      Ha ha……and Hill….she is just riding off into the sunset, hoping her criminal past doesn’t soon have her wearing orange, and viewing life between bars.

  9. Bua Jackson says:

    They have to leave earlier as possible before the downfalls of America

  10. Chole says:

    She is still ugly an still looks like a man

  11. Ianta says:

    First Lady Michele Obama is classy and beautiful. What an amazing kind, smart and beautiful woman.

  12. kent says:

    Does she get the work done at the vet’s office?

  13. cowgirldiva says:

    She’s still FUGLY….inside and out…!!!

  14. Ronni says:

    She is beautiful inside and out and the haters are sad and pathetic!!!

  15. Linda Smith says:

    If she loves being black why bleach your skin, reshape your nose, thin your lips and straighten your hair. You don’t really like being black. You are not happy with the way God made you. I’m black and proud of it!!

  16. Jeff west says:

    Michelle is all about herself. Still ugly!0

  17. Kevin Collins says:

    Why didn’t they show the photos of him as Micheal?

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