John Kerry Plastic Surgery Rumors Before and After Photos

Did John Kerry Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Plastic surgery gossips have been around politicians for a long time. With every presidential candidate, there is always the speculation about their looks. This is especially so when they look vastly different from their recent selves. However, one can never confirm the validity of those claims as politicians hardly admit to any plastic surgery allegations. For John Kerry, some of the plastic surgery rumors include a facelift, chin surgery, facial fillers and botox injections.

Photo Credit: (left) , (right) WikiCommons

Photo Credit: (left) , (right) WikiCommons

John Kerry is an American diplomant and Democratic politician. Though he is not considered a celebrity, he is extremely popular among the supporters of Democrats. His narrow loss to George W. Bush in the 2004 elections did not dampen his spirits to contribute to the nation. His contributions to the United States of America are many, and some of them are fought with his life at stake. It is noteworthy that John Kerry served in his tour of duty in Vietnam back in 1968. His three Purple Heart Medals shows the care and bravery he has for his fellow countrymen.

Check out John Kerry Concession Speech in 2004, Great man, Great Leader and extremely gracious:

Compare that to a recent John Kerry Interview on the very funny Jimmy Kimmel Show, he has not changed much at all:

John Kerry and Facelift Rumors

Facelifts are commonly used to give old and tired looking faces a good lift. It is regarded as one of the top 10 plastic surgeries in the United States. Since the start of the “Volumetric Period” of facelifts, facelifts has evolved to minimise scares and making it a more refined process. When done right, facelifts are able to achieve amazing effects, often turning back the clock for the patient.

For John Kerry, he has never admitted to any plastic surgeries or facelift. However, many netizens are suggesting that he did. Looking at John Kerry before and after photos, he does look younger than before. His cheeks do not look so sunken and his face looks lifted. But that does not automatically mean that he has undergone a facelift. He could have achieved the same effects using quality mud mask products. Though that would mean many years of continuous effort.

John Kerry and Botox Rumors

Botox has been one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures for years. Since its introduction, it has made many people light years younger than their supposed age. However, an overdose of Botox can lead to some inflexibility of the face. Some users of botox also have extremely smooth foreheads, sparking plastic surgery rumors.

Photo Credit: (left), (right) Andrew Renneisen Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left), (right) Andrew Renneisen Getty Images

For John Kerry, some say that he has shown some stiffness on the left side of this face. But we do not really see that. It is hard to imagine that he would experiment with Botox at his age of 72. There is no signs of botox overdose anyway. It seems like the botox speculations are just rumors.

John Kerry and Chin Surgery Rumors

Chin surgery or chin augmentation is known to result in a more defined chin and add more balance to the facial features. For John Kerry, he has had a very defined chin since young. Despite the rumors circling his chin, there seems to be no change in his chin shape at all. If John Kerry did undergo chin augmentation, it is hard to imagine that the changes are so subtle. After all, chin augmentation is a major procedure that takes a long time to heal. Thus, it is unlikely that he has been through chin implant surgery or chin augmentation.

Overall, John Kerry has maintained his looks well. Perhaps he has got a rather matured look to start with. To be so young looking at age 72, despite all the pressure of being the Secretary of State, is an incredible feat. So some may say mean things about John Kerry due to their own imbalance and jealousy. But none can take away the numerous contributions he has done for the United States. It is only right that people should start to focus on his works rather than his looks. What do you think of John Kerry plastic surgery rumors?