Nancy Pelosi Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Nancy Pelosi Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Nancy Pelosi is a popular politician in the United States. She holds the high position as the Minority Leader of the House of Representatives. However, despite her high office position, plastic surgery rumours circle around Nancy Pelosi. Some of the alleged Nancy Pelosi plastic surgeries include a facelift, botox use, facial fillers and eyelid surgery.

nancy pelosi plastic surgery rumors

Credit: (left) Getty Images, (right) Win McNamee Getty Images

Who is Nancy Pelosi?

Nancy Pelosi is now of age 76. She was born on March 26, 1940 in Baltimore, Maryland, USA. She is married to Paul Pelosi, whom she met while studying at Trinity College. Nancy Pelosi was a hardworking lady. She worked her way up since 1976, climbing the political ladder to where she is today.

Nancy Pelosi Looks Younger Than Her Age

Generally, when a person reaches age 70, skin starts to sag. Signs of aging become more evident on the face and neck. This is due to the loss of elasticity of the skin.

For Nancy Pelosi, she does look like someone in her 60s, but not in her 70s. However, her recent appearances show hints of facial fillers. Her unnatural bloated appearance raised plastic surgery speculations on the internet.

As a politician, Nancy Pelosi could not avoid the glares of the cameras. Public speeches will require her face to be exposed to millions of television viewers. So, did she really undergo the knife?

Watch Nancy Pelosi in an interview back in 2009 with The New York Times:

Compare that to the following interview in 2017. You will be amazed at how young she looks:

Nancy Pelosi and Botox Rumours

Botox remains as one of the most trusted solutions for wrinkles. First, there is no need for anaesthetic. The only pain just a prick of the needle. Furthermore, the cost is cheap. Some clinics offer botox jabs for as little as $400. It is extremely effective if used in the appropriate amounts at the right places.

For Nancy Pelosi, here face looks slightly lumpy. This can be due to the uneven treatment of botox injections. Areas clear of botox tend to look slightly saggy. Botox provides the lift to remove the wrinkles. As such, botox does leave clues. Here is a before and after photo of Nancy Pelosi. See the differences?

nancy pelosi plastic surgery before and after photos

Credit: (left) Mat Szwajkos/Getty Images, (right) Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Other than the difference in jewelry, her cheeks seem firmer than other parts of her face. The photo on the left was taken probably in 2007 and the one on the right was taken in 2016/17. There were obvious signs of aging, especially the saggy skin at the lower chin area.

Nancy Pelosi and Eyelid Surgery Rumors

Looking young and fresh also means having bright eyes. Tired eyes are a dead giveaway of a woman’s age. Eyelid surgery, or blepharoplasty, is the solution for aging eyes.

Eyelid surgery is popular because the effects are almost immediate. It involves tightening of the skin around the eyes and adjusting the contours of the fat bags. Full recovery is expected after three weeks.

For Nancy Pelosi, her eyes look unchanged over the years. For a lady aged 71, it is an incredible feat. Furthermore, her position in high office imposes huge stress on her. And yet, her eyes are largely free from eye bags. Check out these Nancy Pelosi before and after photos:

nancy pelosi eyelid surgery rumors

Credit: (left) Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images, (right) Mario Tama/Getty Images

Nancy Pelosi and Facelift Rumors

Facelifts are growing in popularity as the baby boomers age. Many baby boomers are looking to turn back the clock to look younger. A younger look is a positive investment, especially in politics. Nobody wants a leader looking extremely haggard and old. In order to win more votes, there are politicians rumored to have undergone facelifts. Some examples of such allegations include John Kerry and Hillary Clinton.

Incisions are made around the ears and under the chin for the traditional facelift. However, with advancement in facelift technology, such scars are well concealed by an experience plastic surgeon. 

For Nancy Pelosi, her face did age over the years. The question remains whether she used facelifts to slow down the aging signs. Looking at her before and after photos, there is little evidence to suggest so. Check out another set of Nancy Pelosi before and after photos below. What do you think? Facelift or no?

nancy pelosi facelift before and after

Credit: (left) Alex Wong/Getty Images, (right) AFP / Mark RALSTON

Nancy Pelosi and Facial Fillers Rumors

Facial fillers are effective against tired looking skin. Facial fillers add volume and smooth out the deep wrinkles that run along the nose to the mouth. Fillers are also used to fill out those “hollows” under the eyes. However, overuse of fillers will result in a lumpy and unnatural look.

For Nancy Pelosi, one cannot deny that she has let her face age naturally. As fillers last anywhere from 6 months to 2 years, any use of fillers could be undone with time. Thus, it is hard to determine if Pelosi used facial fillers at any particular time. It is still hard to tell by examining her before and after photos. 

Credit: (left) Brendan Hoffman/Getty Images, (right) Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Overall, Nancy Pelosi has shown remarkable resilience. She has demonstrated tenacity in her political career, refusing to back down despite her age. It is not easy for a 71 year old woman to undergo the pressure in politics. Her desire to serve the nation and its people is admirable. She should be respected for her works, not her alleged plastic surgeries. What do you think of Nancy Pelosi plastic surgery rumors?

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  1. Dave Dee says:

    A horror. Monstrous! Freakish! Looks worse all the time.

  2. mia says:

    if Pelosi was born in 1940 that makes her 79, not 76.

  3. Stormie says:

    Some think a fresh face will make the old lies look better.

  4. Euletta Seaton says:

    Yes she does yeeeaakkgh!

  5. Donald Shepherd says:

    79 years of age and acts like a spoiled brat……..How does this woman wake up and face herself in the morning with the weight of the wrong doing she is bringing to bear against this country……….Resign, Nancy………..resign

  6. Robertsgt40 says:

    There’s no way you can reshape a turd to make it look good.

  7. Samue; Smith says:

    The darkness in her soul is evident in her facial photos.

  8. Warren says:

    So what if she has used artificial measures to slow the effects of aging? I can’t stand the woman, but this is not my business, nor yours. There are a million things to criticize her for, but this is not one of them. This subject is “out of bounds”. Butt out. You will someday have the same issues. What will you do about them? We all know the answer.

  9. Peggy B Bryan says:

    I agree with Freakish & a vindictive personality to go with it.

  10. Joe says:

    Her plastics physical appearance pales in comparison to her childish behavior and insincere actions as on3 of the privileged few— typical of the rich west coast liberal mentality!!!
    Hope she will be replaced soon and out ASAP!

  11. Dolores Reilly says:

    Nancy Pelosi is an admirable woman and a great example to all woman. She is a proud patriot and works hard for the Anerican people. She looks wonderful. Who cares whether she gets a little help on her face along the way. She is in the public eye. If it makes her feel good, great. She doesn’t have to work. She is worth many millions of dollars and works to help the American people.

  12. Jay says:

    She is a good lookin’ dude though.

  13. Marilyn Horne says:

    She kills full term babies

  14. Susan says:

    I agree, she doesn’t look 79. But I do NOT BELIEVE she has not had some type of plastic surgery done. But it doesn’t matter. What matters is she does not care about her constituents in California (look at all the homelessness there) nor does she care for the American people, like most of the Democrat party. I despise her.

  15. I don’t care what she does to her face. I hate the fact that during the Obama stimulus deal she gave her plastic surgeon a million bucks for (are you ready for this one?) tattoo removal for gang members in her district. How many gang members took him/her up on it? zero….just a little bonus for the nip & tuck doc. If she has any other surgeries I would like to suggest a heart transplant.

  16. Barb says:

    Nancy is a disgrace to the USA.

    I don’t care what she looks like, it’s her heart and brains that most Americans can not tolerate.
    Please do us a favor Nancy and Retire, you do not know what your doing.

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