Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery Rumours – Did She Undergo Cosmetic Surgery?

Chelsea Clinton has been subjected to many speculation about different plastic surgery enhancements. From jaw augmentation, chin surgery, rhinoplasty to lip fillers, she has been scrutinised for any little action she takes to enhance or maintain her beauty.

Chelsea Clinton look better as she age

This is expected because she is the daughter of Bill Clinton, the former President of the United States of America. Bill Clinton has been a very popular President during his reign as the country enjoyed an amazing period of economic growth during Mr Clinton’s reign.

Of course his tenure in the White House was tainted by his admission of his affair with Monica Lewinsky. But nonetheless, many Americans still hold Bill Clinton in great regard for his contribution to the country. As such, Chelsea Clinton is inevitably thrown into the limelight for such cosmetic surgery speculation.

Watch Chelsea Clinton interviewing her mother Hillary Clinton a few years ago:

Compare that to a recent interview Chelsea Clinton had with TODAY:

Did Chelsea Clinton Undergo Plastic Surgery to Hide Her True Identity?

The latest rumour is one of the most unbelievable (though no one says its impossible). Rumors say that Chelsea Clinton has actually undergone plastic surgery to hide her true identity. It was reported that she intentionally underwent the knife to make her resemble less like Webb Hubbell, who many believed to be the real father of Chelsea Clinton.

So, just for comments sake, here are photos of Chelsea Clinton and Webb Hubbell, do you see any resemblance?

Is Webb Hubbel Chelsea Clinton's father?

Your observation is as good as ours and we will leave it as that. There is no confirmation whatsoever about the relationship between Chelsea Clinton and Webb Hubbell. But this rumour has been going on for sometime.

Looking At Chelsea Clinton Younger and Current Photos Gives Clues

So, what’s the real deal about Chelsea Clinton plastic surgery? Did she do it? Looking at her before and after pictures, she does look better as she age. Her features are sharper, especially her chin area. But it seems unlikely that she underwent any chin procedure as she still retains her face shape pretty well.

And to think that Chelsea Clinton underwent a jaw augmentation seem way far off. Perhaps those speculation is meant to sell more papers?

What about the alleged Chelsea Clinton Nose Job?


If you observe closely at her younger photo, her nose seemed more bulbous and round. In the later picture her nose looks sharper. How can we move on to the next photo without mentioning her hairstyle then? Fizzy and flaring at the ends, no one can forget that was the in thing then! Here is another shot of Chelsea Clinton in that hairstyle. Here, you can see that her nose is truly bulbous at the tip.


In a more grown up photo below, you notice that even at an older age, her nose shape still remains the same. At this juncture, there was not much talk about Chelsea Clinton plastic surgery. After all, she was still too young for it. Here goes…still not giving up on her beloved hairstyle:


Here’s the picture that stunned everyone recently. As Chelsea Clinton was giving her speech at DNC, everyone started to take notice of her nose shape, which has turned significantly sharper at the nose tip. Her nose bridge has also turned narrower. During the speech, the full shape of her nose is revealed as she moves her head. Check it out and you can see that something has changed about her nose. Here’s the picture:


And here’s the video that will provide the clearest hint of a possible nose job:

But, the increased sharpness of her nose does not seem to be the result of rhinoplasty because her nose bridge does not look thinner at all. It might be due to Chelsea Clinton’s dieting and staying healthy that she looks sharper overall.

What about Chelsea Clinton’s Lips?

Some have said that Chelsea Clinton might have opted for lip fillers to make her lips look fuller and sexier. Looking at the pictures, her lips do look better now, though it is unlikely due to lip fillers as suggested.

Photo Credit: (left) Dave Behett Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Dave Behett Getty Images

Looks more like a case of clever makeup and play of colours that make Chelsea Clinton look better.

Overall, Chelsea Clinton’s plastic surgery rumours seem exaggerated. With her mother, Hillary Clinton’s Presidential campaign, Chelsea Clinton will continue to be showered with lots of scrutiny. I think many will appreciate Chelsea Clinton’s generally good demeanour and behaviour compared to other celebrities. Let us know what you think of Chelsea Clinton’s supposedly cosmetic enhancements.