Jackie Zeman Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Jackie Zeman Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Jackie Zeman, or Jacklyn Zeman, is a well known American actress who is now the subject of much plastic surgery speculation. She surprised everyone in the last few years by appearing with an extremely unnatural looking face. Her cheeks looked so swollen and her lips so full that one will suspect what kind of injections have she had on her face. Some of Jackie Zeman plastic surgery speculations include a boob job, botox injections, facial fillers, cheek fillers and lip fillers.


Jackie Zeman got famous in one of the longest running American drama series General hospital. In it, she played the role of Bobbie Spencer. She played the role for many years, stretching more than three decades in the same drama series. However, in recent years, her appearance has taken a downturn for the worst. Her alleged plastic surgery enhancements seemed to have worsened her looks rather than enhancing it. Her plastic surgeries (if any) are a major disaster. The worst thing is there is no way to reverse the damage of the botched job.

Watch a video of Jacklyn Zeman back in the 1980s about her expensive lifestyle (she was popular as a sexy lady back then):

Check out one of the recent interviews with Jacklyn Zeman. Notice the lumps on her face.. and who is her partner standing beside? He looks “botoxed” too:


Jackie Zeman and Botox Injections

Botox is a double edged sword. Hailed by many who use it sparingly and at the right places, Botox is an effective tool to remove fine lines and wrinkles. However, some plastic surgeons still make the mistake of overusing it on their clients. Some blame it on the unrealistic expectations of the client. Well, the bottom line is botox should never be overdosed.

Photo Credit: (right) Kevin Parry For Paley Center

Photo Credit: (right) Kevin Parry For Paley Center

Jackie Zeman’s looks is a perfect example of what an overdose of Botox or facial fillers look like. Smooth and shiny cheeks, puffy cheeks and out of proportion facial lumps, are all tell tale signs of botox overuse. In her earlier photos, she looked so naturally beautiful. Some still wonder why she went on the extreme to look so unnatural and lumpy.

She should have left her face as it is and age gracefully. At least it would have spared her a lot of inconvenience.

Jackie Zeman and Breast Augmentation

Almost every woman wants a set of boobs that stand out. That makes breast implants surgery one of the most popular plastic surgeries in America today. Young or old, women undertake the risks of a botch breast augmentation surgery in hope of a bustier future.


For Jackie Zeman, her sagging boobs could be the main reason for her undergoing the knife. However, the outcome of the procedure was one of extremely perfectly round breasts. Though she is able to STILL flaunt her deep cleavage, her boobs just don’t look natural at all. The huge gap between her set of boobs tells the story of a boob job done hurriedly.

Jackie Zeman Cheek Implants and Fillers

As age caught up with Jackie Zeman, she seemed more determined to defy the signs of aging. One of her obvious effort is to lift up her cheeks. In her later photos, her cheeks seem to be filled with implants. They look unnatural and protruding out from her face. The lumpy looks on her face creates a scary look. Her lumpy facial appearance also reeks of fillers overdose. Perhaps she should have known when to stop those filler injections.

Jackie Zeman and Facelift

Frankly, there are so many odd points on Jackie Zeman’s face that its hard to pinpoint what procedure was responsible for which disaster area. Some claim that Jackie Zeman have had numerous facelifts to attain her wrinkle free face while other have blamed it on the use of Botox injections. Whatever it is, its time for Jackie Zeman to stop using plastic surgery as an anti-aging tool. Either she is using it the wrong way or she had better get a change in plastic surgeon quick.

Overall, Jackie Zeman has destroyed her good looks with excessive plastic surgery procedures. As to what procedures she has been through, only she knows best. What is evident is her obsession with plastic surgery. Plastic surgery is meant for a good purpose. However, if misused, it can lead to such plastic surgery disasters. What do you think of Jackie Zeman plastic surgery rumors?

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