Hillary Clinton Plastic Surgery Before and After

Did Hillary Clinton Go For Plastic Surgery?

The rumors are gathering for Hillary Clinton Plastic Surgery.

There are unconfirmed rumors about Hillary Clinton having all kinds of cosmetic enhancements. And the rumored procedures include procedures such as eyelid surgery, neck lift, face lift which is combined with some facial filler injection like dermal filler injections and Botox, chemical peel, and routine skin laser treatment.

Hillary Clinton Has Maintained Her Energy Over The Years

Former President Bill Clinton’s wife, Hillary Clinton, is still dynamic in governmental issues. It demonstrates that her energetic soul never blurs. The previous American’s first woman has matured, however, her appearance stays energetic. The 67 years of age lady’s crisp look drives everybody everybody questioning whether she had plastic surgery. As one of the most influential women in American politics, it is no doubt that having a younger and confident look will add credibility to her standing.

It is never easy to manage the stress faced by Hillary Clinton as one of the most powerful women in politics. Hillary Clinton has to constantly attend public conferences and numerous media interviews. Some of Hillary Clinton plastic surgery rumours actually surfaced from Fox News. Fox News presenter Steve Doocy suggested the possibility of Hillary Clinton enhancing her own image as preparation for her presidential campaign.

It was pointed out that in the new website launched for Hillary Clinton, she shed her old tired image as the Secretary of State. Updated pictures on the website shows a more vibrant Hillary Clinton. Well, one thing is for sure, its never easy to take on the stress of the Secretary of State. And we cannot blame Hillary Clinton for refreshing her look.

Watch the Video below for the coverage of Fox News Report:

Hillary Clinton plastic surgery may consist of facelifts, laser treatments and botox infusion. These systems are very effective to keep up the young look. It is incredible for a woman reaching the age of 67 having no sagging skin. Tight facial skin shows that she most likely has experienced a facelift. Part of Hillary Clinton plastic surgery package also covers neck lift and eyelid surgery. You can observe the packs under her eyes and the wrinkles around neck have disappeared.

Hillary Clinton Disappeared For a Period of Time

For a period of time in 2015, Hillary Clinton actually went “missing” from the public eye. There was speculation then that she might be recovering from plastic surgery. Sociopolitical commentator, Bryan Fischer, made an “educated guess” that Hillary Clinton might be “preparing” for her campaign by putting on a “new face”. Watch his video report below:

Hillary Clinton Had Secret Plastic Surgery?

The latest update in September 2015 is that Hillary Clinton underwent secret plastic surgery ahead of her run for the president. In the book “Unlikeable – The Problem With Hillary”, Ed Klein writes that Bill Clinton wanted Hillary Clinton to get a facelift to do something about the line and sagging skin on her face. Ed then reports that “She had no intention of going to a clinic,” and asked a well-known plastic surgeon to go to her house in Chappaqua, NY, where he set up a “mini operating room in her home with the latest medical equipment.”

“She had her cheeks lifted and her wrinkles and lines Botoxed . . . She had work done on her eyes as well as on her neck and forehead.”

Hillary Clinton Plastic Surgery Rumors Denied By Her Camp

However, such allegations are strongly denied by Hillary Clinton’s camp. In hearing such rumours, Hillary Clinton was reported as saying “All our presidents come into office looking so vigorous. And then we watch their hair grow grayer and grayer”. Further on, she added “Well, I may not be the youngest candidate in this race. But I will be the youngest woman president in the history of the United States! And the first grandmother, as well. And one additional advantage: You won’t see my hair turn white in the White House.”

At 67 years old, she is suspected to have plastic surgery including eyelid surgery, blepharoplasty, dermal filler injections like Restylane, neck lift, facelift , Botox injects, a chemical peel and laser skin resurfacing. Evidence of her facelift can be seen comparing her before and after photos. Her after photos have her looking younger and fresher.

Watch Hillary Clinton in an interview with David Letterman years ago:

Compare that to her recent Presidential Nomination Speech in 2016: 

Her forehead seems to be wrinkle free. This is an indication that she has used Botox to reduce her wrinkles.

Laser treatments are keeps body skin fresh and clear. Laser treatments also help to remove dead cells in the body. And the positive outcome can be seen on the surgery photos. Eye bags are notably absent in her last photos as perhaps eyelid surgeries might have done the job.

“Hillary Clinton looks like the campaign trail is agreeing with her,” celebrity plastic surgeon Dr. Anthony Youn, M.D. tells Radar. “Her skin looks smoother and her face looks younger than it has in years!”

Dr Youn also said “In preparation for the long grueling campaign, it looks like she’s had a series of minimal-downtime chemical peels, like the ZO3 step peel”



To get smooth and spotless facial skin, generally individuals take laser treatment to compliment the techniques that they have had already. Hillary Clinton is suspected having laser treatment over her body, henceforth her skin amazingly appears to be splendid and new. But no word has ever been placed on Hillary Clinton plastic surgery herself.

Celebrities have a tendency to take botox infusion to improve their facelift system.

Overall,Hillary Clinton has improved her looks greatly. Gone are the wrinkled necks and wrinkled face. Will she win voters by having a refreshed look?

She is a strong woman and will be loved by many, regardless whether she went for plastic surgery or not. But if she did, we can say she has been amazingly successful in it. And the Hillary Clinton plastic surgery rumours will continue.