Jonathan Cheban Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Jonathan Appearance At Big Brother Sparks Plastic Surgery Rumors

Latest plastic surgery rumours has it that Kim Kardashian’s best friend, Jonathan Cheban, has undergone some procedures to enhance his looks. After his recent appearance on television, Twitter was filled with lines of comments on why he looked so different.

Some examples of the tweets include:

“Has #JonathanCheban had a tonne of surgery? It’s the cheekbones @CelebrityBigBrother,” wrote one fan.

While another added: “#CBB2016 Is it just me or has #JonathanCheban got a weird shaped face?  #toomuchbotox #sculptingmistake.”

Jonathan Cheban suspected of plastic surgery

Photo Credit: (left), (right) Getty images

Jonathan Cheban is a socialite and has close relationships with Kim Kardashian. He appears on her reality shows occasionally. He is also an established business person, being the founder of and also a former CEO of Command PR, a public relations firm.

His appearance on Celebrity Big Brother as a housemate on 5 Jan 2016 sparked off the numerous plastic surgery allegations.

Experts has been pulled in to voice their view of his facial changes. One of the them commented that it is likely that Jonathan Cheban has undergone cosmetic surgery. The shape of his nose looks different and might be the result of rhinoplasty procedure. The tip of his nose looks sharper and the bridge of his nose seem narrower.

The skin on his face looks tightened and it might be due to a minor facelift procedure. It might not be obvious but it seems like he has done work on his ears as well.

Jonathan Cheban And Dermal Fillers

In his latest appearance, his cheeks looks lifted and his face projects a livelier image than before. The fuller cheeks could be the outcome of cheek lifts. The use of dermal fillers like Botox cannot be ruled out as well.

Fillers might also be the reason why for a man at age 41, Jonathan Cheban does not have any visible wrinkles on his forehead when he smiles. His forehead looks incredibly smooth and wrinkle free for a man of his age. More Botox perhaps?

Jonathan Cheban Plastic Surgery rumours will continue

As with his business ventures, which began as early as 2008 with his own clothing line Kritik, Jonathan Cheban will continue to generate headlines as he generates his new business ventures.

He will be in the spotlight for any other suspected cosmetic changes done. As with all who appear with Kim Kardashian, he will be talked about by being with one of the most beautiful women in the world. What do you think of Jonathan Cheban plastic surgery rumours?

24 replies on “Jonathan Cheban Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos”

  1. Derek says:

    I am so sad I’m going to cry

    • ron glee says:

      I think he’s going the way of Bruce Jenner and whoever thinks that cow Kim is a great beauty has been eating too many cannabis edibles.

  2. Anne says:

    Jonathan Cheban looks absolutely hideous! His eyes seem too close together now, his whole face reminds one of hard plastic, and when he “pouts” after he has spoken (just like the Kardashian girls and Caitlyn” well it is enough to crack anyone up with laughter..Jonathan, reminds one of the “Chucky” doll..since his face lift/botox whatever it is that was done to his face..Even “Caitlyn” seems to be imitating Kloe’s little mannerisms(and a few other little habits from the K girls), which by the way is natural and cute for Kloe..Caitlyn on the other hand is just too awkward to be presented as a woman

  3. Vonette says:

    Oh my glory!!!! hahahahaha..Jonathan cheban looks like something from madame Tussauds Museum…gone wrong …hahahahahahaha

  4. Susie says:

    It is so sad to see Johnathon looking like a zombie. He does not look real, but trying so hard for a career to be Kim K’s BFF does not surprise me. His face is horrible, Kim K’s the same. You should be ashamed of yourself.

  5. K says:

    Johnathan’s plastic surgery has made him look like Drop Dead Fred when he got his head slammed in the fridge..
    sorry to be so harsh and I don’t claim to be perfect in anyway.I have my faults,.but why fix something that isn’t broken? you looked better before ,so handsome..

  6. Kim says:

    Oh good God Jonathan Cheban plastic surgery is terrible! what is wrong with these celebrities? They almost always look worse after plastic surgery….then they keep doing more and more and look like freaks. I’m just baffled why can’t grow older gracefully…if they look this bad “young” imagine how awful will look old? such vain, silly people.

  7. Pat says:

    Haven’t watched the Kardashians in awhile and then I saw him…OMG. Forget how self-absorbed they all are, his face looks so unnatural and his eyes are actually scary looking. Not one line on his forehead or around his eyes. Looks like a tight, stretched mask, as bad or worse than Joan Rivers and Kenny Roger’s botched job. Hopefully it’s mostly botox and will wear off??

  8. Mary says:

    He actually looks like he has a prosthetic eye now. Poor guy. He needs to find out who Kenny Rogers used to fix his face. It’s too bad he wasn’t happy with himself.

  9. Confused says:

    So sad to see someone striving to look “perfect” and all they have done is make things worse. All the money can’t buy confidence. If you dont have confidence from within you wont get it through plastic surgery.

  10. TA says:


    • Anne says:

      Since my first comment in March , seems Jonathan has had more “work” done to his face, except now it really looks as tough he could be a candidate for “BOTCHED” because his right eye seems botched,,what with the top lid sort of “droopy” and from his nose up his cheeks to the eyes, he really looks “flat” and his eyes look so much smaller and even closer together? What a shame!

  11. Lisa says:

    He looks horrible. I kept looking at him thinking that he wasn’t too bad looking, now he just looks like another face lift in the crowd. Very fake and UGLY!

  12. philip prohm says:

    wow, what happened to him. this is by far the worst plastic surgery i have seen on tv. He looks so bad and just gross, He looks like a puppet that has had real bad surgery, Cant he fix this somehow ? why doesnt some of his so called friends tell him its a very very bad job done, try and fix it on botched. or at least by a plastic surgeon who truly cares ? poor guy

  13. Carl Childers says:

    Does his boyfriend like it now?

  14. gerri says:

    we can at least say he uses the same plastic surgery all the Kardashians use from the nose down they all look alike.

  15. Steve says:

    What a mess. He used to be a half way good looking guy. Now he looks like a freak. Ego, Ego, Ego gone wrong. ?

  16. Jessica says:

    He looks like a puppet from the Mr.Rogers
    Show ..(NASTY)

  17. Larry S says:

    He looks like Firemarshall Bill

  18. Chris W. says:

    I am not perfect by a long shot and have some wrinkles I would like to get rid of but what was done to Jonathan Cheban is a shame. He should have been happy with how he looked instead of ” KEEPING UP WITH THE KARDASHIANS ” I feel so sorry for him, now he needs to go on Botched, maybe they can help him. Always remember the saying “” If it ain’t broke don’t fix it “”. Be satisfied with what the good Lord blessed you with!!

  19. Rae Rae says:

    It’s after the ulthearpy treatment he had preformed publicly with kim!!! Ulthearpy destroys peoples looks!!!

  20. KT says:

    “FOODGOD”, (as he soon will change his name) once made a snarky comment about a facial scar I have (from a melanoma removal) in a random social media thread after I had mentioned something about Kim Kardashian’s style. The other folks in the thread were as appalled as I was, as it was tone-deaf, unnecessary and low…and I see now that Karma served up a DISHH! I saw him in person at a talk show taping yesterday and we all noticed the “work”…karma

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