Rexella Van Impe Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Rexella Van Impe Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Rexella Van Impe has been a major topic of discussion among plastic surgery gossip. Due to her most recognised role as a Televangelist, such speculations only fuel debate among netizens. Some feel that if she had undergone the knife, it defeats all the evangelistic efforts she demonstrated on television. As religions tend to be a sensitive topic, we rather focus on how young she looks now compared to earlier years. One thing is for sure, Rexella Van Impe does not look her actual age. Some of Rexella Van Impe plastic surgery speculations include Botox, facelifts and chin surgery.

Photo Credit: Youtube

Photo Credit: Youtube

Born on 29 November 1932, Rexella Van Impe is already 83 years old! However, when you look at her photos, she looks nowhere near her real age. Her smooth complexion and the lack of crows feet or smile lines are incredible feats. If her birthday is not revealed, you would never have guessed her actual age just by looking at the photos.

She is an actress and writer with an experience in American Television industry. She is also known for America’s Future (2002), Day Eight: Planet Earth Forever and The Mark of the Beast. (1997). She got married to her husband Jack Van Impe, an American televangelist who spreads the gospel weekly on television. That is when she started to be heavily involved in televangelism.

Her constant appearance on television in the TV program “Jack Van Impe Presents” exposes her to millions of audience every week. Some say its because of her good intentions that’s why God has given her a “never aging” face. Of course that is up to each individual’s opinion. But a lady of her age should not look so wrinkle free. In fact, she does not look 10 years younger than her age – but she looks like she’s only age 50, 30 years younger!

Watch a video where Rexella Van Impe sang a touching song “Were You There” in her younger years:

Compare that to a latest video presented by Rexella Van Impe:

Rexella Van Impe and Botox Rumors

Botox is a popular weapon against deepening fine lines and wrinkles on the face. It is fast, effective and requires short recovery time. It is no surprise that Botox is used worldwide by plastic surgeons to take years off the faces of their clients.

Photos Credit : Youtube

Photos Credit : Youtube

For Rexella Van Impe, her face has always been sharp toward the chin and triangular in shape. As she has always maintained a slim and thin figure, Rexella Van Impe will look out of place even if a slight botox overdose. Though some say that she looks unnatural in her latest photos, seems like she has looked like that all along. So, it is hard to draw a conclusion of she has indeed used botox at all.

Rexella Van Impe and Facelift Rumors

Facelifts are another popular procedure. It tugs the facial skin towards the back to “lift” the wrinkles off the face. The result is often positive. But if done too often, the face will looked stretched and thin. Eventually, the facial skin looks like a thin sheet of membrane if done excessively.

Photos Credit: Youtube

Photos Credit: Youtube

For Rexella Van Impe, jealous fans might have sparked the facelift rumors. However, to be fair, her face does not look stretched at all. Yes, she might look younger than her age, but that does not mean she resorted to facelifts to achieve that effect. There are other means to keep herself looking young like regular mud masks, deep penetrating serums and skin creams.

Overall, Rexella Van Impe has managed to remain looking young and chirpy after all these years. To look 10 years younger than the actual age is an amazing feat but to look almost 30 years younger is quite unheard of. Perhaps only matched by Jane Fonda, Rexella Van Impe’s everlasting youth is unparalleled.

Rexella is defiant towards these plastic surgery accusations. She once said “Unlike the cosmetic changes that people sometimes make to camouflage and cover up what they feel is not right about themselves , God’s makeover transforms individuals completely, changing them from the inside out.” We just have to admire her youthful looks and hopefully one day, Rexella Van Impe will share her beauty secrets one day. What do you think of Rexella Van Impe plastic surgery rumors?

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  1. Ed says:

    I don’t think Rexella has had plastic surgery, and it doesn’t matter to me if she has. She has a beautiful spirit, she loves Jesus, her husband and her country. Whatever she does as far as her looks, she could make a fortune off of it. She looks an easy 20-25 years younger than her 84 years.

    • Quinetta Kelley James says:

      I agree Ed. My dad died at the age of 90 and he did not have not one wrinkle. His skin was smooth. Like a 50 year old. People would ask him his age, they were amazed because he look so young. I don’t believe so had plastic surgery.

      • Carly says:

        My Ma is around 74 & she doesn’t look her age either.. Hardly any wrinkles on her face & no crows feet (beautiful skin, same as the rest of her family on her Mother’s side) & not much gray hair for her age either.. My Ma could def.. pass for around age 50 to 60! Some families just have nice genes I’m thinking. 🙂 P.S.. I’m 42..

    • Cassandra Delvegablanco says:

      I believe she has had plastic surgery. Her lips are plumper than they were in her youth. Her mouth is a bit twisted now. The lower left lip is larger than the rest. I don’t care however if she did or not though. This world is horrible to older women. Its beyond cruel. If she wants to look nice. So what? Shes not hurting anybody. Her husband loves her like crazy and there isn’t any dirt on the van impes except the betrayers of CHRIST. They don’t count about and we see through it. I love how they love each other. Not many Christian marriages are so good. Every Christian man I know personally is an adulterer. My own husband is a serial adulterer. I know longer feel love for him. I care if he gets hurt, but I feel no love. This is a sad thing to even know. The women my husband cheated on me with were not attractive at all. Any woman who used her serpents tongue persuing him, reeled him in. I even tried to witness to the 1st one that was harassing me. Her judgement? Less than 10 years later. She died 20 days before her 30rd birthday. Her birthday was of all days. October. 31st.

  2. MJ GRANITE says:

    Christian or not, when you are constantly in the public eye, I think it is important to look as well groomed, pleasant and vibrant as possible. If you have the financial means to improve your aging visage, then by all means do it! The Bible tells us that, “Man looks at the outward appearance, but God looks at the heart.” So, looking at a wrinkled, sagging face (enlarged on film or tv to larger-than-life proportions) can be distracting to the viewer. Having a little Botox or other face-lifting procedure is no different than wearing makeup, getting your hair cut and colored, exercising, or losing weight, etc., to improve one’s appearance. However, only God can perceive a Christian’s motive for wanting to improve their appearance. It’s not our place to judge.

  3. Yoleberry says:

    I can’t believe this fine looking women is 84 years old. I have looked at many pictures of her over the years. She has had plastic surgery at least a dozen times. Her surgeon is the best no doubt. I wonder what she will look like at a hundred.

  4. Janet Hobbs says:

    I think plastic surgery is about self-esteem. If it makes you feel better about yourself, you should do it if you have the money. Rexella looks great, and takes care of herself. Everything is work, and you have to take care of yourself in order to maintain a certain look.

  5. edward price says:


  6. Steven J says:

    Rexella has a lovely voice and she was so classy and pretty just lovely really.Bkless both her anc Jack real Godly people.

  7. tivo says:

    I do think she had filler in her upper lip, its much thicker than it was when she was younger.

  8. Anonymous says:

    First off, I am not a Muslim, but i know one thing… You’re the false one and the fake one! You’re also hypocrites and prejudiced. Secondly, religion and political don’t mix. God is the only ruler. And how arrogant can you be thinking only your way is the right way? Any religion or person attacking others, pointing fingers, or claiming their way is the only way is not a real Christian. You are wrong and disgusting!

    • J lackey says:

      They are just quoting the Christian Bible. There is only one way to God ,and that is through Jesus Christ.

    • J lackey says:

      To Anonymous.
      Jesus Christ is the only way!

    • Mark Syman says:

      They seem like well-intentioned people, but it is sheer arrogance for anyone to deny Christian tradition in their interpretration of the Bible. They are so arrogant that they won’t even admit they are interpreting.

  9. Janet says:

    Has Jack and Rexella ever had children?
    Just that they never mention it.

    • Evelyn Morgan says:

      I knew Jack and Rexella back in the 1960’s in Danville IL during two city-wide crusades at the high school. My husband worked closely with Jack as he set up the sound system. Jack and Rexella were very congenial and easy to work with. David Steinhart has been in Heaven 13 years and I’m sure was happy to welcome Jack home.

    • Dee says:

      No!!!! having children gives you wrinkles…

  10. Fay says:

    I Think that she did not get plastic surgery. She had God Surgery. This means God can make His people look young by just blessing them with youthful appearance among other things.
    In other words, He delays the aging process for her. Why don’t you all turn from your wicked ways, stop speculating about this lady and turn to God and He may delay your aging process. This lady is in her 80’s,
    She looks fantastic and it’s NOT from plastic surgery,
    It’s from the work of God Almighty, through Jesus Christ. Try Him sometime and see what great rewards you will receive from Him. Love you all with love of God and may God bless you all.

  11. Judy Ellis says:

    She looked young like this when I met them in 1964 or 1965. When God makes people happy within themselves
    that is the best remedy for a beautiful countenance!! I love them and the work that God has done and is doing
    through them.

  12. M says:

    just saw her in a commerical and my wife thought she had some affects of plastic surgery and I said she had a stroke. Never saw this women before just in this commerical.

  13. jeff lill says:

    to janet, jack did say, rexella can not have children. medical problems

  14. Cherylyn Claire Owens says:

    You are so passionate about your messages, you are almost scary.

  15. Michael T Gehret says:

    What a terrible thing it is to be accused of things based on assumptions. Sadly a good soul, Rexella Van Impe a devoted Christian, who dedicated her life for the lord, has to face adversary people like Christ himself.
    It would be hurtful and we question motives. Now that her loving husband Jack has passed, please give her the peace and respect during her most difficult time.

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