Blac Chyna Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Blac Chyna Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Blac Chyna is regarded by many as one of the most beautiful models in the world. She has got an amazing curvy figures that is the envy of many women around the world. Besides, she has been on magazines and their covers for more than 100 different titles and books. As such, many fans paid special attention to any changes that take place on vital parts of her body. Some of the plastic surgery rumors were about the use of lip fillers, the possibility of butt augmentation and overused cheek injections.

Blac Chyna Plastic surgery before and after

Blac Chyna, or Angela Renee White, is an American model and a businesswoman. Blac Chyna appears regularly in hip hop videos and is referred to by many as “video vixen”. Her business ventures has led her to starting her own makeup brand LASHED by Blac Chyna and also a beauty salon in Los Angeles.

Before all the fame and rumors, Blac was working closely with Kim Kardashian. Perhaps influenced by her peers, Blac started to experiment with different kinds of plastic surgery. And perhaps this is when she found the inspiration to have a better shaped butt for herself. From some of Blac Chyna’s before and after pictures, you can see that something must have been done to her butt to achieve the protruding butt effect.

Blac Chyna boobs

Of recent years, having a nice curvy protruding butt is the main focus among female celebrities. Somehow, having a jutting butt is a sign of sexiness and attraction. Though not all men will concur with that view, butt augmentation is getting popular with celebrities and is catching on in mainstream plastic surgery procedures. For Blac Chyna, her increased butt size is a clear indication that she has undergone butt implant surgery. While she has remained silent on the subject, her frequent posts on instagram about her butt size has laid nothing to speculate. Butts usually do not increase so much without a corresponding increase in weight. And now her butt size is bigger than her shoulders.Blac Chyna and her bikes

Another popular speculation is about her use of cheek fillers. In most of her pictures, you can see that her cheeks look incredibly lifted. Blac Chyna’s cheeks always seem detached from the rest of her face. The obvious bulging cheeks do not look natural at all. They seem to come about due to the injection of artificial fillers.

Watch one of her latest videos where her appearance suggests possible plastic surgeries in private:

Compare that to a video she did in 2011 below:

Like the big butts, pouty lips is also preferred by many female celebrities in Hollywood. Supposedly, pouty lips exude sexiness and project a sultry image for the celebrity. For Blac Chyna, in her pursuit for beauty, she might have undergone lip fillers injections to maintain her set of puffy lips. For added effect, sometimes Blac Chyna applies bright coloured lipstick to make them look even fuller and puffier.

When Blac Chyna posted her pictures on Instagram, some of her fans commented that she looked better before all her plastic surgeries were performed. If Blac Chyna underwent plastic surgery, she would be eating her words she used to ridicule Kylie Jenner’s plastic surgery. What do you think of Blac Chyna plastic surgery?

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  1. Alicia says:

    It is obvious she had surgery. Come on now. Really? Keep it up and her fake butt will explode like Nicki Minaj’s did. This is too funny. Yet, these are the women who always talk about they want a “real” man when their body has more silicone than a Dow Corning Chemical Plant. That also includes the Whoretrashians.

  2. Yeah i al useing my friends cell 1si. Of all ..Butt! Black chyna s. Whole lower body shape looks like Shit!! Her hips/butt n even her fat ass leggs looks like her HUGE ASS n HIPS!! ARE SO OUT THERE! LOL And her wanna be HAIR LMAO!! LOOKS SO BAD CRAZZY INSANE!!! WE FEEL SO SORRY FOR ROB! POOR SWEET/HANDSOME GUY! 🙁

    • High Five n Soo True Bcuz all beautiful blk people already have big Booties n Big Lips yes that is in style(full lips) but not that dam full!! Really now!! Lmao if all the blk women are so proud of thier race! ( which we all should be) then why do you go threw all this fake hair n plastic surgeries etc!? Why!? Plus 95% r dyeing thier skin! WTf!? People be REAL!!! YO PEACE OUT 🙂

      • Mister says:

        Are you kidding robs a fat lazy piece of shit momma’s and sisters boy did I mention FUCKING FAT LAZY FUCK YOU PEOPLE ARE TO FUNNY GTFOH AND I DNT even like BLACK CHYNA frfr they both cool tho ???? you motherfucker risk your life tanning getting lip fillers and now ass injection did you really say that lmfaoooooo you douche bag born with no lips at all injection where invented for y’all then you ask your age 25 looking 37/40 y’all age something fucking terrible dnt ever say no shit like that as long as your white ???????????????????????

      • Mary says:

        Debbie , why don’t you read on WHY black women wear weave before you start getting mouthy about that subject boo ..

    • chy chy says:


    • mercy says:

      haters always hate. tell yourself you are a witch because you are jealous. I am 12 and going to 13 this year. I have a hip size of 41.

    • mercy says:

      you are shit!!!!!!!!! it is none of your business cow. maybe you wanna marry her!!!!

  3. TinaBaby says:

    She look crazy as hell she done had more then her ass done its sad these days why cant you be happy with being who you really are instead of surgery surgery surgery your happy with yourself i guess they all look in the mirror and see one flaw then you like oh no gotta call a surgeon whoever gets plastic surgery when it is not an actual need your sad and need jesus frfr

  4. Flora says:

    What blac chyna did is d definition of madness. It is very ovious dat her butt,lips,cheek……. are all fake why can’t she just embrace the beautiful way God made her.People who do this implants will at one point in their lives regret it.There is nothing better than the gud n natural way God made us. Her implants sucks and i prefered her looks before her surgery.A person should love you for who you are not because of boobs or breasts implants or face or lips surgery.Blac chyna looked much more prettier before her implants.

  5. janice says:

    She looks plastic, too exaggerated. Not pretty at all. Glamor makeup too much. Behavior is trashy. Added weight over normal baby gain is gross, unhealthy. Rob has disrespected his family by forcing her into their world. So far the obvious result is money to them from the drama. Sorry for Rob that he can’t benefit from education, counselling, can’t find a respectable career, surrounded by dysfunctional females, can’t find male friends and role models to stabilize him. Or so it all seems!

    • mercy says:

      o shut your trap and go get your brain back from where ever you kept it. that is even if you have a brain to fit into that blockhead of yours. LEAVE CHYNA ALONE ALREADY!!!!!!!!! and o I am very sure that she is much more prettier than you. HATER!!!! get yourself busy with much more sensible things.

  6. Fancyface says:

    Well, I think all u Mf’s who have negative stuff 2 say about blk chyna need 2 shut up, yall just jealous if u guys had money n wasn’t broke, u guys would change your looks 2 sooo stop!!! Send a pic of yall selfs n post it, I bet yall look like shit lol. China stay u beautiful and I love u and Rob show, I watch it every time it comes on lol????

    • Angelica Lara says:

      Blak China needs to act grown she act like a little ass kid throwing tantrims in da car while Rob was drivin , I’d let her ass out wit out stoppin da damn car !!! Just to shut her ass up !

    • HotGirl says:

      Umm… I think you need to go back to school and learn some grammar. Chyna is not beautiful and the Kardashian’s are trash! I’ll bet you look like shit because you certainly spell like shit!

      • mercy says:

        you are trash. you are just jealous cos your ass is as flat as paper. cry baby. they are still better looking than you. you are broke and you are jealous of their money, fame and bodies. HotGirl my foot. I am sure you probably look like garbage. sorry point of correction YOU ARE GARBAGE. nothing but a scumbag

  7. Simone Sims says:

    Blac Chyna is a little cutie however her butt implants is a slight downfall as it looks so out of proportion to her body size but I respect that’s what she wants and she fells happy with her look! She’s not a silly girl, she an entrepreneur blac invested in herself in exaggerating her looks (butt, cheeks, lips, breast) for admiration off of the male population that is into that look, she’s earned herself a pretty income from her exaggerated figure so who am I to say anything negative, I respect her hussle! Lol.. Rob is Kool, couldn’t have been easy growing up in such a media whore family.. I hope he finds his happy place and I wish them both happiness.

  8. Joe Mama says:

    “Blac Chyna is regarded by many as one of the most beautiful models in the world.”

    I just threw up in my mouth! She is the ugliest woman in the history of reality TV. And that insane, disgusting ass of hers!

  9. feezozo says:

    Wats up with celebs &big fake asses anyway wat are they teaching the upcoming youth/kids 4dat matter &tthey dnt think when they get older they gonna start sagging then wat?&how their husband’s even tolerate such crap coz obviously they doin this stuff 4 da attention of other men .I gv up.

  10. Let it go girls says:

    People always have opinions they are like butts. Everyone has one some bigger than others. Its your choice. The bigger it is the harder to wipe. The harder to wipe the more it stinks. It really doesn’t matter how you look on the outside in some cases. But the inside counts in all cases. True if you had money to waste. What would you waste it on? Its your choice & your money. People still gonna talk.

  11. Monique Bailey says:

    , Blac Chyna is a beautiful girl but all that but injections and implants she just messed with her true beauty all that stuff looks nasty on her

  12. Jay says:

    She looks like she’s wearing a diaper!!

    • Jakita Moultrie says:

      Funniest one I’ve read all night @Jay stating simply this: she looks like she’s wearing a diaper (drops mic) 🤣😂….. I about died when I read that one. Lmfao!

  13. mercy says:

    retarted idiot

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