Melanie Griffith Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Melanie Griffith Undergo Any Plastic Surgery?

Melanie Griffith is one of the most heralded actresses in Hollywood. Just like any other actress, preserving her looks is at the top of her priorities. Thus, the constant rumours of plastic surgery will not go away from Melanie Griffith. The pouty lips, boob jobs and liposuction seem to be the main topics of discussion whenever Melanie Griffith is mentioned.

Melanie Griffith

Melanie Griffith has an amazing track record in Hollywood. She rose to fame in the film Body Double where she was cast as a porn actress. After winning the National Society of Film Critics Award for Best Supporting Actress, her career never looked back.

She went on to star in other major box office hits and she won the Golden Globe Award for her role as secretary Tess McGill in the film Working Girl in 1988.

She has a string of appearances in the 1990s and is still active on screen till today. Melanie Griffith has proven beyond doubt that her star power is still there. And quite frankly, Melanie Griffith does not look her age of 58. With her smooth forehead and limited wrinkles, she could easily pass off as someone 10 years younger.

Melanie Griffith Plastic Surgery Procedures

What puzzle most fans are the kinds of plastic surgeries that Melanie Griffith underwent. Though not publicly revealed by Melanie Griffith, there are ample speculations about the various cosmetic procedures carried out.

However, Melanie Griffith has never admitted to any kind of plastic procedures done and it is up to you to judge for yourself.

Watch the award presentation for the Best Actress in a Motion Picture Musical back in 1989 and you can see a very young Melanie Griffith:

Compare that to an interview video of Melanie Griffith below (2015)

Melanie Griffith and Lip Fillers Rumors

There was a time when Melanie Griffith was famous for her pouty lips. It was obvious in the pictures that she might have tried to make her lips fuller. But because of her beautiful face, the fuller lips looked out of place.They were not proportionate to her other facial features.

This great imbalance made her lips look unnatural and took away her natural beauty. However, after some time, her lips seem to have subsided. She does appear with fuller lips now and then but of recent times, does not overdo it anymore.

Melanie Griffith Face Lift Rumors

Melanie Griffith is known for her smooth and tight facial skin. This helps her to look vibrant and chirpy always. She has some saggy skin on her neck that miraculously disappeared. This led to rumours that she might have a facelift together with a neck lift to remove the wrinkles.

Melanie Griffith Breast Augmentation Rumors

Some say that her perky breasts are the result of a good boob job done. Well, with the recent bra technology, it is hard to tell if it was simply due to a good bra. But looking at her boobs, she did a good job of maintaining their breasts for sure.

Melanie Griffith and Dermal Fillers

If facelifts and neck lifts were not able to do their job, then here comes the fillers. Her forehead looks incredibly smooth for a woman of her age. There are strong rumours suggesting the use of dermal fillers such as botox injections. Her cheeks look incredibly lifted for someone at her age.

Look closer and you will realise that her smile looks pretty artificial with those “stiff” cheeks.

In recent years, Melanie Griffith has toned down her reliance on plastic surgeries. The overdose of plastic surgeries during her younger days are no more. Her recent appearances has looked less puffy and fans observe that her facial movements seem more natural than before.

She once said on Twitter that “The tweets I get are really nasty. Most are telling me I look horrible”.

Well, the good news is at least she has stopped going overboard with the fillers. And Melanie is getting back to looking fabulous again.

So, we can say that Melanie Griffith is one of the superstars that went full circle with plastic surgery.

She has gone from not having any cosmetic surgery, to an overdose of plastic surgery, and back to natural means again.

Still, despite all the speculations about her plastic surgeries listed above, as well as the rumoured eye lifts and brow lifts, Melanie Griffith has stood the test of time. She has cemented herself as one of the most talented actresses in Hollywood.

Let us know what you think about Melanie Griffith plastic surgery rumours.