David Gest Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

David Gest Plastic Surgery Revelation

Now that David Gest time on Celebrity Big Brother is done, seems like he is spilling some beans about his plastic surgery procedures. And he is pulling Michael Jackson into it.

On the set of Loose Women on Tuesday, David Gest started to recall the dreadful plastic surgery experience he had almost 35 years ago.

Though we find it surprising that he still holds grudges against a dead man for something more than 35 years ago, its interesting to find out more. The audience were also keen to find out more about David Gest, given his short stint on Celebrity Big Brother.

When asked about his youthful appearance on the show, David Gest seems a little surprise. Nonetheless David gave a composed answer that gave some insight into what happened in his past.

And he was quick to say on the ITV show, ‘I did plastic surgery in 1980 and I did my eyes and I had a facelift when I was very young because Michael Jackson said to me, “You’ve got to make yourself always look better.”

David Gest Plastic Surgery Nose Job

Photo Credit: http://davidgestonline.com

‘I thought to myself, “Oh I’ll do this because Michael told me.” What an idiot I was. I’m telling people be who you are, you do not need to do plastic surgery, it’s the stupidest thing in the world.’

Being good friends with the King of Pop since he was 10 years old, David Gest suggested that Michael Jackson did not have only one nose job, but multiple nose jobs. That resulted in the eventual thin nose Michael Jackson had from 1990s onwards.

David Gest said ‘He didn’t have one [nose job] because we had the same plastic surgeon and he had a few… he had too many and that’s why his nose got so thin.

‘I explained to him, “You are who you are, they love you for your talent. You’re such an unbelievable performer.” He never needed to do it.’

And the notable plastic surgery David Gest might have had was a nose job. Previously, he revealed his desire to have his “old nose” back. So, that provides us with some clues what procedures he might have done.

Looking at David Gest’s before and after photos, it shows that his nose looks a bit different from his younger days. Funny thing is that his old nose looks sharper than his present nose. No wonder he wants his old nose back.

And it does not help that he had the same plastic surgeon as Michael Jackson.

Maybe he should done some due diligence on the rhinoplasty surgeon before going ahead with Michael’s advice.

Today, David Gest’s face looks slightly artificial, especially his eye area that looks a bit stretched. His nose looks unnatural as well.

But nonetheless, we rather appreciate David Gest’s talent in show business as the main focus. Its never easy to be the first American to have three prime-time series in the UK. And to survive the bitter split from his ex-wife Lize Minnelli is a feat in itself.

So, as David Gest recuperates from his health condition that took him away from Celebrity Big Brother, we await for his latest move in the entertainment business. We don’t think he should make the headlines due to plastic surgery again. What do you think of David Gest plastic surgery procedures?