Carly Fiorina Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Carly Fiorina Plastic Surgery Rumors – Are They True?

Carly Fiorina is a well known former business woman and CEO. Known for her strong business acumen and leadership, she has led companies like AT&T, and Hewlett Packard (HP). One of the greatest hallmarks of her career was the acquisition of Compaq by HP.

But now, its seems that Carly Fiorina is getting known for her plastic surgery rumors. She also gained sufficient political exposure when she worked for Republican Senator John McCain in 2006.

As she announced her candidacy for the Republican nomination for the 2016 US presidential election, her face is thrown into the limelight and subjected to plastic surgery rumors debates.

In 2006, Carly Fiorina published her autobiography called Tough Choices where she revealed details about her career and talks about the qualities of a strong leader. On the cover of the book, as you can see in the pictures below, she looked sharp and much younger.

Did Carly Fiorina undergo plastic surgery?

However, in her latest book Rising to The Challenge, the book cover tells a different story. She seems to have less wrinkles on her face and her nose looks artificial. One can see that she definitely looks better in her older book cover. It is speculated that she might have undergone Botox injections to her forehead.

Her cheeks look raised and bubbly. Her mouth looks out of position compared to her old book cover. Could all these be the result of aging? Possibly. But that does not exclude the possibility of plastic surgery work done.

During the Republican Presidential Debate in Boulder, Colorado, Carly Fiorina mentioned that one of her weaknesses is her reluctance to smile at her previous debate. And when she tried to smile, it’s amazing that wrinkles were absent on her cheeks and forehead. This indicates the possibility of Botox injections though it can never be conclusive.

Though Carly Fiorina is not a superstar, she is subjected to the scrutiny of the public eye. Carly Fiorina plastic surgery rumours will not die down till the day she makes a statement about it. But whether Carly Fiorina plastic surgery rumours are true or not, we wish her all the best in the upcoming presidential election debates.