Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Ivanka Trump Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Ivanka Trump, born into one of the most prominent families in United States, have always had gossip circling around her. Her father, Donald Trump, one of the forerunners in the United States Presidency, is well known in the business and entertainment industry. After recent appearances, Ivanka Trump had lots of people speculating about her going for plastic surgery to enhance her looks and her boobs.

Let’s start with a flashback from Inside Edition when Ivanka was interviewed whether she asked for more money for her modeling projects:

Watch a video back in 2007 on the Conan Show when Ivanka Trump was interviewed:

And this is Ivanka Trump in an interview in 2016, does she look any different?

Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery Rumors – Her Nose

One of the major talking points in Ivanka plastic surgery gossip has got to be her nose. Her nose used to look more bulbous and rounder at the tip. However, lately she has appeared with a smaller nose, a narrower nose bridge and also smaller nostrils. The shape of her nose fits better with the rest of her facial features. Such improvements are usually due to procedures such as rhinoplasty but only Ivanka knows the truth.

Ivanka Trump has changed in appearance over the years

Photo Credit: (left) Wireimage, (right) Dimitros Kambouris Getty Images

Ivanka Trump Possible Use of Facial Fillers

Another interesting topic of discussion is Ivanka Trump’s smooth facial skin. Many speculate that this is down to her use of facial fillers which helps to remove and hide visible wrinkle lines on her face. But the sue of facial fillers is just pure speculations.

Some observers feel that her perfect facial skin is due to having facelifts. Facelifts is generally used to remove and stretch the facial skin so that wrinkles around the nose, mouth and eyes are reduced. If this rumor is true, it is surprising to many people because Ivanka Trump is only aged 34, and there is no real need to have such extensive surgical enhancements at her age.

Besides, Ivanka Trump is a natural beauty and there is no need for her to resort to such cosmetic surgery procedures. It is unlikely that she will go through a facelift.

Check out Ivanka Trump over the years:

Photo Credit: (left) Ron Galella Wireimage, (right) Trevor Gillespie Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Ron Galella Wireimage, (right) Trevor Gillespie Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Jim Spellman Wireimage, (right) Dimitrios Kambouris Wireimage

Photo Credit: (left) Jim Spellman Wireimage, (right) Dimitrios Kambouris Wireimage

Photo Credit: (left) Jemal Countess Wireimage, (right) Marcel Thomas Filmmagic

Photo Credit: (left) Jemal Countess Wireimage, (right) Marcel Thomas Filmmagic

Photo Credit: (left) Johnny Nunez Wireimage, (right) Jennifer Graylock Filmmagic

Photo Credit: (left) Johnny Nunez Wireimage, (right) Jennifer Graylock Filmmagic

Photo Credit: (left) Larry Busacca Getty Images, (right) Daniel Zuchnik Wireimage

Photo Credit: (left) Larry Busacca Getty Images, (right) Daniel Zuchnik Wireimage

Ivanka Trump nose job speculations

Ivanka Trump Suspected to Have Breast Implants

The bosom is the most important feature of any woman’s body. Having bigger boobs will boost the confidence of any celebrity in Hollywood. For Ivanka Trump, the rumors started when she appeared to have a much bigger breasts. Yes, she is has naturally nice sized boobs but her recent appearances show that she has upsized her breasts somewhat. A curvy body with a set of full boobs is the dream of any woman. Looks like Ivanka Trump has it all.

Did Ivanka Trump have breast implants?


Could it be due to the clever use of push up bra? Possible, but looking at the before and after photos, looks like the push up bras are not contributing much to her breast size. Push up bras generally causes the breasts to come together at the centre but for Ivanka Trump, her breasts looks nicely set in their individual positions with a natural protrusion. If she has indeed undergone breast augmentation surgery, we can say that her plastic surgeon has done an excellent job. But all talk is still speculations until the day Ivanka Trump makes a statement.

Compare the Father and Daughter Photos of Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump from years ago and now. Hey, even Donald Trump defies the effects of aging:

Photo Credit: (right) AP

Photo Credit: (right) AP

And here is Donald Trump praising her a young Ivanka Trump on the Oprah Winfrey Show in 2009:

Not all rich celebrities find the right plastic surgeon, but for Ivanka Trump, she might have found someone who can perform the plastic surgeries skilfully without going overboard. That is provided if she did undergo plastic surgery. Consequences of finding the wrong plastic surgeon can be drastic, as can be seen from this list of plastic surgeries gone wrong. Celebrities who have got great results from plastic surgeries include Park Min Young and Vanna White.

Being a former top model, it is natural that Ivanka Trump knows how to take care of her looks. If she uses plastic surgery sparingly, she is sure to look gorgeous for more years to come. Latest has it that Donald Trump has won the Presidency Elections. Let’s see what role can Ivanka Trump play in her father’s Presidency. What do you think of Ivanka Trump plastic surgery rumors?

Check out some of Ivanka Trump’s photos over the years:








Photo Credit: (right) Win McNamee Getty Images

Photo Credit: (right) Win McNamee Getty Images


36 replies on “Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos”

  1. Regardless of what one thinks about her father’s politics, Ivanka is extremely smart, classy, articulate, and beautiful. Congratulations and best wishes are in order on this special occasion.

    • Well Educated says:

      Ivanka Trump is just a puppet of her father. All the Trump family support their wealthy father. Melania is just another Trump puppet too making outrageous excuses for her 70-year old “boy talk” husband! They’re all unethical sellouts.

    • Emily says:

      Yeah, she so articulate she couldn’t finish in interview with freaking Cosmo magazine. Pathetic.

    • Dorothy Nell Bedford says:

      she looks as if she had a nose ,mouth ,butt and eyes done .As a child she had large feature like Trump

  2. A Fan says:

    She could blow the head off a Swede at 40 paces

  3. Princess Dark Cloud says:

    Her badly receding chin has had work on it that is obvious. This was before 2007.

    • Bae says:

      Big deal so Ivanks had plastic surgery ,so what!!! And for the people who say she had her boobs done so did 99.9 % of the population of women!!! ( not me tho. ! )

  4. Lisa says:

    She went for the deluxe size of breast implants, in addition to all of the aforementioned plastic surgery procedures (nose, chin). However, her sleazy father responded to Howard Stern’s tactful question about Ivanka’s breasts by saying that she was always voluptuous. Creepy.

  5. lou says:

    wow she looks like another person when she was young. Her beauty is 100% fake .

  6. rick says:

    She looks way better than the current first lady who has a figure as a potato bag and looks more male than female and has no sense of fashion at all.

    • BJD says:

      You’re pathetic.

    • Orac says:

      The current first lady you refer to Rick, has beauty, class, style, intelligence, morals, a golden heart and grace; clearly none of which the likes of you possess. You are just plain JEALOUS!!! Shame on you!

      • Mark says:

        She’s got nekid too. Our first lady is a former prostitute. Um, er I mean call girl, er I meant escort. Yeah, escort. Sad. Pathetic. Not my first lady. Never my president and y’all can keep the first daughter as well.
        Impeach T-rump

      • Tanya says:

        I AGREE COMPLETELY with you!
        Not only that, she has DEDICATION, CONVICTION for goals WITH DEPTH.
        She does not act like she’s in a FASJHION show run by the MOB!

  7. dude says:

    It just doesn’t fit , her face is too small for her frame it’s obvious. That being said we cannot deny that the work is very beautifully executed, the big problem is aging, what will she look like when she is 60? That’s vicious a cycle.

  8. Danielle Pitcher says:

    LOL. before or not, Ivanka is still gorgrous …

  9. Rich D says:

    She helped her groping, paranoid delusional, lying father get into office. She’s ugly as sin on the inside.

    • No, she helped her dad achieve his ambition and represent literally millions of Americans who love their country.

      Don’t defame someone’s character just because she supports a different side to you.

      Besides, of the two candidates, Trump was by far the most honest.

  10. darla dean says:

    All fake. A complete con like her dirty little piggish daddy

  11. Fern Lynn Markowitz says:

    She has intelligence which counts the most!

  12. Cato says:

    Look at Tiffany’s chin. Look at Donald Jr.’s chin. Trump has something worse than small hands. He literally (and I can’t stress that enough-“literally”) has a hereditary weak chin. Ivanka’s fake chin is more a metaphor and symbol than anything. I just realized that watching her speak in Berlin today -27.04.17- at the women conference.

    FAKE CHIN—our rallying cry!!!!

  13. Sally says:

    Young Ivanka was a plain Jane IMO. Definitely not a beauty then.
    Older Ivanka is stunning. All the effort, and work on her looks payed off.

  14. Tim says:

    I love all the pettiness here. Would like to see your photos as you age.

    Do you think that perhaps childbirth had anything to do with her increased breast size? Hmmm.

  15. sue jets says:

    Ivanka trump has paid for all her beauty, she’s rather ugly like tiffany

  16. Dave Dee says:

    Eyes, fat in cheeks removed, nose, boobs. But looks great. NO MORE! Don’t do anymore. Anymore will be too much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Don says:

    She also has a great ass! The best!

  18. Rea L Tycheck says:

    Obvious Enspousified incest survivor from early on through the present manifesting significant Stockholm Syndrome

  19. Elizabeth Smith says:

    All the plastic surgery made her number one in the old man’s wish list. She was as ugly as him to begin with

  20. Lawrence Hoyer says:

    I’m not with either political party, so here’s my unbiased opinion. Ivanka is not beautiful and the boobs are fake. She has a chin implant the same as Hillary and her daughter. Hillary is very unattractive as is Michelle Obama who is flat with a huge fanny. M. Trump is attractive , but she too has had work done to her face and boobs.

  21. joseph j guider says:

    what about the perfect trump family teeth?

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