Ciara Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Ciara Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Ciara is one of the most recognised singers and songwriters in America. Besides her singing prowess, she is known to be one of the best singers. Such multi talented artistes are hard to come by. With such talent, there is the constant scrutiny about her looks and body. As such, it is inevitable that plastic surgery rumors about Ciara start to surface. Most of the rumors surround the shape of her nose and breast augmentation.

The show business entertainment industry is one of the most competitive in the world. Especially when you are competing with the best musicians and singers in Hollywood. The pressure to look your best through the years is compelling and pressurising. Now coming to her early 30s, it is not surprising to find Ciara trying to improve or maintain her youth to compete with the upcoming stars today.

Watch Ciara in an Interview for her hit Single Goodies:

Compare that to a recent Ciara Interview on the Meredith Vieira Show:

Ciara’s greatest achievements include her three hit singles “Goodies”, “1,2 Step” and “Oh”. She received 4 nominations at the 48th Annual Grammy Awards. Her three hit singles also brought her album to triple platinum status by RIAA. In 2015, Ciara’s sixth album Jackie, sold only 19,000 copies, which is one of her weakest selling albums.

Ciara and Nose Job

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Ciara’s appearance has been the hot topic for netizens for years. This is due to the drastic change of her nose shape. In her early years, pictures show a more rounded nose with bigger nostrils. However, her current nose looks altered with smaller nostrils. Not only that, the narrowing of her nose bridge has caused her nose to look longer in the middle.

Nose jobs are one of the most delicate plastic surgeries. Though it is the most popular, there is not many cases of success in Hollywood. Most of the nose jobs, if not done carefully, end up being botched jobs. And revision rhinoplasty does not help much. Most of the time, it just ends up getting worse.

For Ciara, her nose is not at the stage of disaster. It still looks alright but is starting to look artificial. We wonder why would she fix her nose when her original nose shape suits her perfectly well.

Ciara And Breast Augmentation

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Another popular plastic surgery procedure is breast augmentation or breast implant surgery. Despite the recent revelations about the dangers of breast implants, there is no stopping celebrities undergoing this popular surgery. Even with the awareness created by stars like Pamela Anderson and Heidi Montag removing their breast implants, there is still a constant stream of ladies going for their perfect bust through breast augmentation.

The change in the boob size of Ciara is noticeable. Some say its the work of the push up bras but the shape of her boobs suggest otherwise. Breast implants typically makes the new boobs look round and taut. Her new set of boobs look much rounder and firm than in her older photos. To take a look at her smaller boobs, you have to look at pictures before 2007, which is the year it is speculated when Ciara had her breast implants done.

Perhaps Ciara had a point to prove to those who think she was originally a man to begin with. With her new set of boobs, it make her much more feminine to dispel all such nonsensical rumors. It is hard to imagine Ciara being a man after she attained her sexy curves and beautiful bustline.

Ciara has never admitted to any of the alleged plastic surgery procedures. Like many celebrities, she chooses to keep quiet and not mention about them at all. Though her squabbles with other stars always make headlines, Ciara’s plastic surgery rumors follow her wherever she goes. Funny thing is that those stars who she gets into squabbles with are also fans of plastic surgeries themselves, like Kim Kardashian.

Plastic surgery or not, no one can doubt the talents of Ciara. Coming from a humble background, it is amazing to have achieved such accolades in the music industry. We look forward to more positive contribution to the Top of the Pop lists from Ciara in years to come. What do you think of Ciara plastic surgery rumors?

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