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Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Ivanka Trump Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Ivanka Trump, born into one of the most prominent families in United States, have always had gossip circling around her. Her father, Donald Trump, one of the forerunners in the United States Presidency, is well known in the business and entertainment industry. After recent appearances, Ivanka Trump had lots of people speculating about her going for plastic surgery to enhance her looks and her boobs.

Let’s start with a flashback from Inside Edition when Ivanka was interviewed whether she asked for more money for her modeling projects:

Watch a video back in 2007 on the Conan Show when Ivanka Trump was interviewed:

And this is Ivanka Trump in an interview in 2016, does she look any different?

Ivanka Trump Plastic Surgery Rumors – Her Nose

One of the major talking points in Ivanka plastic surgery gossip has got to be her nose. Her nose used to look more bulbous and rounder at the tip. However, lately she has appeared with a smaller nose, a narrower nose bridge and also smaller nostrils. The shape of her nose fits better with the rest of her facial features. Such improvements are usually due to procedures such as rhinoplasty but only Ivanka knows the truth.

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