Melania Trump Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Melania Trump Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Melania Trump, one of the most famous business magnates in the world, is the subject of much plastic surgery speculation. Netizens are hot on the heels about the latest facial alteration on Melania Trump. As of recent years, Melania Trump has surprised many observers by appearing slightly artificial and unnatural. Some of the alleged plastic surgery procedures include the use of fillers, nose jobs and breast augmentation.

Melania Trump is a Slovene American jeweller and watch designer. She is also the wife of Donald Trump, who is currently running for the President of United States. Being the spouse of a tough guy businessman is not an easy task. And Melania Trump has been a top model for many years before settling her role as a wise businesswoman. Thus, it is only natural that Melania would like to look her best at all times.

Photo credit: (left) Stane Jerko, (right) Noam Galai Getty Images

Photo credit: (left) Stane Jerko, (right) Noam Galai Getty Images

Now in her mid forties, Melania Trump should be experiencing the effects of aging. Saggy skin, saggy boobs and saggy cheeks are working hard to reflect her age. However, due to her recent appearance that seem to defy all such effects of aging, plastic surgery rumors went crazy online. In order to determine if Melania Trump actually undergone plastic surgery, one needs to take a look at her before and after photos closely. However, sometimes photos can be altered and changed. As such, in most of posts, we try to include recent and old videos of the celebrity to have a fair comparison.

You can watch Melania Trump in all her beauty below in an interview:

Compare that to another interview in 2011 and you realise that Melania Trump has hardly aged:

Melania Trump and Botox Injections

Plastic surgeries can fall into two categories, invasive and non-invasive. Botox injections are one of the most popular non invasive plastic surgery treatments. It helps to remove wrinkles on the face and provide a much younger and smoother complexion. However, because our facial skin ages in”total”, if Botox is applied excessively on one part of the face, it creates a very unnatural look for the user.

Photo Credit: (left) Stane Jerko, (right) Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Stane Jerko, (right) Getty Images

For Melania Trump, her face looks too smooth to be true. However, one must note that clever use of make up is able to hide many fine wrinkles on the face. On most of her photos, there seems to be heavy makeup, blurring the lines between possible Botox use and thick makeup. Nonetheless, one must say that she looks fantastic for a lady aged 45, as her skin looks flawless and could pass off as supermodel at any time despite her age. Its still not conclusive whether she used plastic surgery.

Melania Trump and Rhinoplasty

Nose job or rhinoplasty, is the reshaping of the nose. Many celebrities are not happy with their noses. Usually, they strive to have a perfect nose, a nose that is in balance with the rest of their facial features. The desired outcome is usually a much sharper and smaller nose. Some even want to have smaller nostrils. Other celebrities who are suspected to have undergone nose job are Lady Gaga, Rihanna and Meg Ryan.

However, nose jobs are one of the most delicate plastic surgeries. Because the nose is situated centrally on the face, any slight deviation from the desired outcome can cause a major uproar, especially when you are celebrity. And revision rhinoplasty is much more complicated and usually does not yield good results. So the plastic surgeon has to get it right the first time.

For Melania Trump, her nose was not too bad to begin with, She already has a naturally sharp nose. Her nose is well shaped and in balance with the rest of her face. However, in her pursuit for perfection, she might have undergone the knife to make her nose look better. In her later photos, there seems to be some alteration on her nose bridge. There are some bumps on her nose bridge that suggest some procedures done. Whether she underwent nose job or not,nobody knows. All we know is that her nose still looks natural and amazingly balanced.

Melania Trump and Boob Job

Being a former model, Melania Trump must have known what big breasts can do to the confidence of a woman. In her younger days, Melania’s boobs were not as prominent as now. Her current set of breasts are significantly bigger than her younger days. A case of late blooming? Unlikely.

Photo Credit: (left) Stane Jerko, (right) Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Stane Jerko, (right) Getty Images

Thus, there is wide speculation of a breast augmentation procedure done. Melanie Trump has never personally admitted to any breast implants surgery. With the recent news about the danger of silicone implants, it is also worrying for many who have done the procedures. However, for Melania Trump, there seems to be no such worry.

The only other possibility is the clever use of push up bras or some padded assistance from dresses. At age 45, it is necessary to hide any form of saggy boobs as they will portray an image of uncontrolled aging. But it is still non conclusive whether she really went under the knife for her breasts.

Melania Trump and Lip Fillers

Of recent years, there is an emphasis on the sexiness of the lips. Thicker and fuller lips are preferred among ladies generally. However, some celebrities carry it to the extreme and end up looking like they just kissed a hot kettle for two minutes. Examples of lip fillers gone wrong include celebrities like Farrah Abraham and Jocelyn Wildenstein. An overdose of lip fillers can almost guarantee the look of a clown.

For Melania Trump, she has a good taste of what looks good and what does not. Her measured application of plastic surgeries have resulted in a great enhancement of her beauty. Her lips look fuller without looking bloated. Perhaps being the wife of Donald Trump has added additional pressure for her to get her cosmetic surgery enhancements right.

Overall, Melania Trump still look dazzling and stunning. It is of no surprise that plastic surgery rumors arise about Melania Trump as she looks almost 15 years younger than her real age. If Donald Trump indeed becomes the President of the United States, it does not hurt to have a beautiful First Lady. What do you think of Melania Trump plastic surgery?

55 replies on “Melania Trump Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos”

  1. Linda Hayes says:

    She has butchered herself to reach an ideal. Her eyes are squints. Her nose is a ski slope. But she does have talent – BUT NO TALENT A DECENT WOMAN WOULD WANT. PATHETIC PLASTIC DOLL!

    • Karen says:

      And she’s going to get sick from breast implants–check out the huge class-action lawsuit in the early nineties, when the FDA actually took them off the market.

  2. toledo says:

    She was beautiful then and beautiful now. The nose is a bit too thin. One or two procedures too many. Still, she is gorgeous. Speaks 5 languages fluently. Studied architecture in college.

    • karen baylis says:

      “Speaks 5 languages fluently”, you can’t be serious! She has lived in the US for over a decade, and you can barely understand what she is saying.

    • Margaret Tracy says:

      Strangely, no one has ever claimed to have conversed with her in any language except the broken English and her native tongue. Claiming to be ‘fluent’ in so many languages no one has heard her actually speak should raise a few eyebrows. Remember when her original bio’s stated she graduated from college and later when it was discovered that she had attended a college for less than even one year, that claim was removed.

      • Clara says:

        WOW jealous much Lets see a picture of you. She is one of the most beautiful elegant , intelligent women in the world. What are you? I mean besides a pathetic women who hides behind her computer screen ridiculing others

        • Akiko says:

          You need to grow up. Someone states their opinions and you’re so bent out of shape over it, you attack them and ridicule them? It’s you that’s insecure. News flash, you’re behind a screen too smartass.. lol!

      • Norma Fleming says:

        She is not college educated

      • Star says:

        She claims to be a model yet many of those pictures are pornographic but everyone pretends they are not, when clearly they are.

    • Carol Miller says:

      Dropped out of school. Nobody has heard her speak anything but a couple phrases. Wait till she begins using translators, lol!

    • dOMINGO dEtITTA says:

      She knows how to said “spaghetti” so she speak Italian…so much B S

    • Piyora says:

      She is the ugliest and scariest whatever it is that I have ever laid my eyes upon. What exactly is it? A human or maybe a blimp in the U.K.?

    • Laura says:

      If she speaks 5 languages fluently, what are they? English isn’t one of them.

  3. Barbara says:

    She is absolutely beautiful…inside and out. If I had her money, I would defy aging also. She has done so with class. It did not hurt that she was blessed with a good bone structure and beautiful looks to begin with.
    Enhancement of God’s gifts is common among those with money. She is lovely.

  4. Just sayin says:

    What about the complete change in her eye shape?

  5. Sandra eddington says:

    Did she have her lips done bigger to match donalds? It is scary to think that she could be the first nude model, and a possible escort first lady! Liars,cheats with zero political experience is just the worse couple of dumbclucks trying to weasel into the white house its hard to stomach those trashy trumps

  6. Amy Eileen Williford says:

    I am not sure why they say she was a supermodel. I thought a supermodel would have been someone who was on covers of major magazines before she was engaged to Donald Trump. Also, it doesn’t seem to me like Cindy Crawford had to be photographed naked or on her boyfriend’s airplane in order to get a magazine spread.

    • Missy says:

      Exactly. I never heard of her until she became engaged to Donald. Swimsuit and lingerie model is not the same as being a real model like Kate Moss or Cindy Crawford.

      And, remember, it’s not her money. It’s her husband’s money that she’s spending on Botox, fillers, breast augmentation, etc.. Do you think that she will be Mrs. Trump forever? No, he will dump her for a younger model just like he did to Ivanka and Marla before her. And she will have NOTHING.

    • Trimp says:

      They don’t say that actually. Good comment. Read.

  7. Aaron Wilde says:

    Nonsense. I’m the exact same age as her and am also blessed with similar east European genes. I don’t need any fillers firmers or botox. My little sister, who is nearly 40, gets asked for I.D. all the time. Melania also wears a lot of make up, and clearly avoids sun on her face. You people really should get out more.

  8. Fred says:

    Melania trump is a wratchet whore 519-868-0965

  9. Jforbes says:

    Melanie Trump looks half Chinese and looks likes a transvestite look at her closely hey you never know and this is coming from a man’s point of view and I am a TV producer! Surprised she has not broken a camera lens or a TV screen Woof woof!!!!’

  10. Ellenn says:

    Those squinty eyes make her look mean!!
    Not classy enough for First Lady material, that’s for sure

  11. Ann roberts says:

    Trump is a pussy grabber , look at his cabinet , his wife tits is fake .

  12. Ann roberts says:

    She has pose nude with woman , her photos is on the web .

  13. Judy Cappadona says:

    I think she is beautiful !

    • Star says:

      Melania Trump is a nice looking woman but much of it is fake and makes her look hard. I feel sorry for her because she is married to such a piece of crap. That has to rub off on her. She lies too. She dropped out of college so never got a degree. She is not a super model because many of her pictures are downright porn. Trump likes porn stars. She hung out at the playboy club. She may have worked illegally and got her greencard and her parent’s green cards with the help of Donald Trump. It is not her fault but having taken many porno shots she brings down the office of the First Lady. Unfortunately, you have too many stupid Americans that only look at beauty and not the caliber of the office that First Lady represents. Now we have two very unworthy people in the White House in positions they sully. Yes, Melania is pretty, and she may even be kind, but she needs more than that to represent America. Whether she speaks several languages is debatable but not important in the scheme of things since no one has challenged her to speak in different languages. Unless of course, the conversation she was having with Putin was in Russian. America has sat back and let Donald Trump get away with disgusting acts, some even cheering him on. His behavior, racism and miscogyny is outrageous. Apparently, the Republican Party, White Nationalists and a portion of America has no problem with Trump’s criminality so what is Melania compared to all that.

  14. sofia says:

    The only superlatives one can say of Melanoma is that she is really, really, vain and stupid.

  15. Foxy Ox says:

    Well all I can say, So many boys/men don’t know what a truly natural human women looks like anymore and for that matter excepts her for the way she is. What a sad world we live in these days..

    She was a nice looking women before all the enhancements. The real problem is, is why did she feel she needed to do this; because she wouldn’t be loved or accepted by her aging old husband? I don’t think it’s because she has the money to do so. It’s what’s going on inside of her; it’s truly is an epidemic, a sickness. (especially for women) growing rapidly in this world. You really don’t hear too much about all the many botched jobs and all the unnecessary deaths that these surgery’s have caused and let’s not forget that all these doctors are getting filthy rich from it. There is a greater beauty in aging naturally, there really is.

    And what’s so wrong about a human woman aging naturally? Men are allowed to do so without no negative consequences. Men are allowed to be human, please world, let the human women be also.

    • You are so right! Men are such idiots! The older they get, the more stupid they are, They can’t distiquish between what is real and what is fake. The more fake the man is the more he wants fake. When youth and beauty are gone, the greater beauty is aging naturally and growing into maturity. There is a time for everything.

  16. Erin says:

    I agree with Foxy Ox. Melania was pretty when she was younger and didn’t have all those enhancements. Now she looks weird and fake.

  17. Claude says:

    Mr. Trump;s last three wives prove that America needs immigrants. Melania is doing a job that an American will not do! Give her some credit!

  18. Carina Perrolt says:

    The truth is that in Slovenia’s education system a person goes through NINE years of education from age six to fifteen. That is the equivalent of the education a high school freshman in this country has. She also ENROLLED in a design course but dropped out before finishing the course. No degree in architecture. After this she went to Italy to be a model at age SIXTEEN. She never said which modeling agency she worked for, That is a very important bit of information left out. I believe she is pretty like one of the Stepford wives. She was very pretty before all her surgeries. Maybe she is happy that way, but her smiles don’t appear to come from her subconscious. It is too early to decide how she handles being flouts.
    Give her a chance, do not dislike her because of him.

  19. Miriam Mizrahi says:

    Whoever you’re, have a little respect and give this girl some credit that she deserves. First of all,
    I think Melania is a beautiful girl, and yes
    Mr President , you have taste!!! The most
    Beautiful part that I like about Melania is
    That she s down to earth, very plan
    She loves that little bo Baron so much
    And she made the choice like I did to be a home mom
    Like me who never left my 3 boys with no one.
    I sacrifided my life in order to be with my kids
    And I see she’s doing the same, I can see she’s a beautiful mom and wife , who takes care of her family
    God bless Melania, Little Barron and our
    Wonderful President Trump , amazing couple!!!
    Miriam Mizrahi

    • Valerie Evans says:

      Are you kidding? She didn’t even graduate from High School, and 5 languages? Name 4( English doesn’t count )you know why she stayed in Manhattan?
      Because the Secret Service stays there and pays rental fees to him.
      Barron has nothing to do with it. Wake up and realize that money comes first and that goes for both of them.

  20. Jane says:

    Watching Trump and Melania being the first couple, is like something out of a comedy series. Donald married her because she is blond, younger and beautiful. She married Donald because he has money. Their relationship seems somewhat strained at times( to say the least). That incident where he ran to the Obamas leaving her at the car was disgusting. She is now staying out of the limelight as much as possible. Donald just wants the limelight and attention but will go down as the worst USA president ever. He knows nothing about government, politics, foreign countries, history. He is simply in it for self aggrandisement.
    The terrible thing is so much that needs to be done on the world stage is not being done- eg climate change, peace in Middle East, “fighting” racism, environmental destruction, death penalty etc etc etc

    • Charlie Dark Cloud says:

      Hey Jane,
      It is now mid-December 2018. The truth is coming out, the haters have become the wise people. We knew that Orange faced baboon is a BIG liar and a treasonous criminal.

  21. Susa Smythe says:

    I think they r both classy and good for America. It’s nice to see a couple with such class and dignity in the White House again. As far as Melania, she is absolutely gorgeous; whether in a tee shirt or a designer ball gown, she allows looks like a million bucks. If she’s had any work done, whoever did it do a great job. People who can’t compliment this women (irrespective of their feelings for the president), are either blind or jealous—either way, if u can’t say something nice, stop talking. All u r doing is showing your inability to be civil.

    • Reality Check says:

      If you think them to be classy you are very much confused on what it means to be classy. Money does NOT buy class, sorry to burst your fantasy bubble.

  22. no name says:

    I do not believe that Melania is a college graduate. She has a very limited thought process… and copies speeches from Michelle Obama.

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