Kenny Rogers Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos

Did Kenny Rogers undergo Plastic Surgery? Check out his Before and After Pictures

Rumors has it that Kenny Rogers underwent eyelid surgery, eye lifts, botox injections, and face lifts to look younger. The Kenny Rogers Plastic Surgery gossip has never subsided because Kenny Rogers revealed that he has undergone plastic surgery to look youthful.

Part of the reason why Kenny Rogers resorted to plastic surgery was because he married a much younger woman in 1997. So he felt that plastic surgery was necessary to bridge the age gap. However, he expresses deep regret on the plastic surgery procedures.

Kenny Rogers Plastic Surgery before and after

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Kenny Rogers mentioned that he was under pressure to look younger after marrying Wanda Miller, who was 29 years younger than him. And ultimately, he felt it was the wrong decision to go under the knife.

He said,” I didn’t want to be an old man with this young girl. I didn’t want to look like an old man. As you go through life, you make choices. Some are good, some are bad.”

In this video, he hinted he has undergone some plastic surgery treatment, Watch it below

According to industry observers, it was suspected that Kenny Rogers undergone a face lift, eyelid surgery, brow lift and had a few injections of Botox.

But that was not Kenny Rogers plastic surgery first venture. Kenny Rogers tried plastic surgery for the first time in 1990 to eliminate the wrinkles around his forehead and eyes.

As a famous singer and songwriter, Kenny Rogers have spent enormous amount of money on his plastic surgery procedures. And it is surprising that he did not know what are the consequences of a bad plastic surgery procedure.

In a tour in Australia, he was quoted in The Courier Mail, labelling himself as “a bionic man with no original working parts.”

In the entertainment world, celebrities who admit to plastic surgeries are hard to come by. Credit to Kenny Rogers for stating his plastic surgeries experiences publicly. As quoted during the tour,” “I’m the plastic surgery king. I’m a bionic man! Every part of my body has been scooped or something at one time,” he told the National Enquirer. “I kind of wish I hadn’t done it. Looking back at some pictures of myself, my eyes were a lot warmer than they are now, and I miss that.”

Kenny Rogers Plastic Surgery on his Eyes

Later he did some surgery to his eyes because he felt the skin around his eyes were sagging with age. And world renowned plastic surgeon Dr Tony Youn made observations about his eye plastic surgery and made the following comment:

“His plastic surgeon has apparently taken too much eyelid skin off, making his lids too tight. This is a big problem that is not easily corrected. For some people time will loosen it up a bit. For others, the only way to treat overly tight upper eyelids is to lengthen the eyelids with a skin graft. ”

As stated by Dr Youn On his blog:

“It is very important for men to go to plastic surgeons who have a keen eye for not feminizing a man who doesn’t want it. Overly tight eyelids can make men look more effeminate. … Hopefully Kenny’s eyes will loosen up a bit!”

The plastic surgeon’s preference to alter the angle of the eye contributed to the disaster. Says Kenny Rogers about the plastic surgery,” He had this thing where he thought the outside corner of the eye had to be higher than a certain point,” says Kenny. “I regret that.”

Kenny Rogers Plastic Surgery consists of many surgeries at a time.

And it seemed like Blepharoplasty as also performed at the same time. And the main issue with having multiple eye plastic surgeries is that each procedure affects the results of the other. And the plastic surgeons have to make positional adjustments before the effects of the previous procedure sets in.

A good surgeon should be able to predict the results of the procedures and exercise their professional judgement accordingly.

Maybe Kenny Rogers should have sung his song the Gambler to his plastic surgeons. Singing “know when to hold’em, know when to fold’em, know when to walk away, know when to run” might have helped.

Kenny Rogers plastic surgery disaster became the talking point because his face has become very tight and does not have the natural look anymore. The lack of wrinkles and crows feet just makes his face look weird. And over time, the effects of aging bring on another set of wrinkles that will make his face look worse than before.

What are the main plastic surgeries Kenny Rogers might have undergone?

  • Botox Injections

He probably has several Botox jabs on his forehead. Could have had a few more botox injections on his cheekbones to remove wrinkles and give him a smooth appearance.

  • Facelift

Based on his latest picture, his tight skin on the face suggests a major facelift was done. The results is a shinier face and cheeks look pulled back.

  • Eyelid Surgery

Evidently he removed his eye bags to create a younger look. Makes his eyes look more alert but as time goes by, the eye bags seem to make a comeback.

There are many cosmetic surgeries done on Kenny Rogers. Though not all the procedures are successful, the consequence is not as bad as celebrities like Robin Mcgraw. At least Kenny Rogers plastic surgery did not make him look like a cat face or a freak.

Kenny Rogers underwent two rounds of plastic surgeries in a bid to turn back the clock and look younger. But in his quest for the fountain of youth, he has lost the charm of his smile. His aura of confidence seem to be affected by the plastic surgery disasters.

Whether Kenny Rogers’ surgeons mistake was due to bad judgement or wrong execution, it is hard to draw a conclusion. But the main thing is Kenny Rogers does not look like an alien even after so many procedures. Today, it seems like Kenny is feeling good about himself and that is all that matter. Kenny Rogers plastic surgery will always be a topic of debate.