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Kenny Rogers Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos

Did Kenny Rogers undergo Plastic Surgery? Check out his Before and After Pictures

Rumors has it that Kenny Rogers underwent eyelid surgery, eye lifts, botox injections, and face lifts to look younger. The Kenny Rogers Plastic Surgery gossip has never subsided because Kenny Rogers revealed that he has undergone plastic surgery to look youthful.

Part of the reason why Kenny Rogers resorted to plastic surgery was because he married a much younger woman in 1997. So he felt that plastic surgery was necessary to bridge the age gap. However, he expresses deep regret on the plastic surgery procedures.

Kenny Rogers Plastic Surgery before and after

Photos By Getty Images

Kenny Rogers mentioned that he was under pressure to look younger after marrying Wanda Miller, who was 29 years younger than him. And ultimately, he felt it was the wrong decision to go under the knife. Continue reading →