Niykee Heaton Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Niykee Heaton Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Some say success is often the first step toward disaster. For Niykee Heaton, her success online could have driven her to change her looks through plastic surgery. Her big boobs and jutting butt have attracted the attention of gossip mongers. Some of the alleged plastic surgeries include breast augmentation, butt augmentation and botox injections.

Niykee Heaton plastic surgery before and after photos

Who is Niykee Heaton?

Niykee Heaton is widely regarded as a self-made musician. Though she had no formal training, she taught herself to play guitar at 9 years old. She wrote her first song at age 5. Heaton was a strong-willed girl. Despite the lack of financial support, she taught herself how to sing well by following along Diana Ross’s greatest hits CD.

Youtube created many successful celebrities. Heaton was one of them. She uploaded videos of her performances on Youtube, eventually garnering a strong following online.

It was not until September 2014 when Niykee Heaton got her first break. Her EP, Bad Intentions, topped the Billboard +Twitter Trending 140 chart. Heaton also achieved the amazing feat of cracking the Top Ten in the US iTunes Store.

One her music videos titled Lullaby was well liked by many. Here is the video, check it out:

Her music speaks much about herself. Her life was not easy and she wanted to express herself well through her music. Heaton said,” My music is a direct reflection of who I am. My writing is everything to me because that’s all I had growing up. I had a really tough childhood and at a point when I was very young, I sort just stopped speaking because I stuttered.”

Besides being a singer, Niykee Heaton has a strong presence on social media. Her Instagram account has more than 2.2 million followers.

Her jutting butt and deep cleavage have contributed greatly to the huge following.

Niykee Heaton Breast Augmentation Rumors

Most internet models have big boobs. Having big breasts catches the attention of men. Many of them. It is almost a guarantee that if you can flaunt your big boobs online on Instagram, you will have a huge following. All your updates will be filled with lusty and some jealous comments.

But did Niykee Heaton undergo a boob job?

Well, when you look at her younger photos, her boobs were developing quite impressively. Not a pair of double Ds then but you could see the potential. However, we witness “significant expansion” in her boob size in the last two years. They look rather unnatural with an obvious bulge at the upper part of her boobs. Looks unnatural. Check out the before and after photos below:

Niykee heaton boob job before and after photos

Credit: Instagram

Not obvious enough? Here are a few more pics:

Niykee Heaton breast augmentation before and after

And her boobs just got bigger and bigger and BIGGER:

Niykee Boobs breast implants surgery

And here is another set of pics showing boob GROWTH. What’s up with the scar at her abdomen area?

Niykee heaton boob size bra size

Credit: (left) Johnny Nunez Getty Images, (right) Cindy Ord Getty Images

Niykee Heaton and Butt Augmentation Rumors

One of the first things men notice about any woman is her boobs. But nowadays, women feel that the shape of their butt can capture the hearts of men too. It seems that some women, regardless of their natural given gifts, live in a constant state of ok-but-I-am-not satisfied unhappiness.

The solution for a “flat” butt is butt augmentation. One of the more popular procedures is called the Brazilian butt lift where fat is taken from areas such as the thighs, hips, love handles or abdomen AND injected into the buttocks.

Sound pretty painful huh?

Still, many women go for it. Their desire to have a more prominent, rounded and perky butt is greater than the physical pain and inconvenience.

For Niykee Heaton, her before and after photos show a big difference in her butt of “old” and now. Her recent showcase of her ample butt size tells us that she might have done something extraordinary to her rear. Check out her before and after photos below:

Niykee heaton butt augmentation lift before and after

Niykee Heaton and Lip Fillers Rumors

No one could tell when pouty lips were deemed sexier than normal lips. Some say Angelina Jolie brought the love of thick lips to everyone. 30 years ago, there were no mention of a lady’s thick lips as a talking point. But today, things have changed.

The increasing demand for lip fillers is proof of how much emphasis women put on their lips. Lip fillers are not applied with just one jab. Typically, the plastic surgeon will inject small doses of the fillers around the lips multiple times, till the plastic surgeon is happy with the shape of the lips.

For Niykee Heaton, her recent photos show distinctly pumped up lips. However, there is a chance that her lips will go back to their original state as the effects of lip fillers are not permanent. Check out Niykee Heaton’s before and after photos. Note her lips:

Niykee lip fillers before and after

Niykee Heaton and Botox Injection Rumors

Botox is widely used to combat sagging facial areas. Primarily, the objective of using botox is to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Due to its ease of application, many celebrities are drawn to it. Gone were the days where fake botox caused serious mishaps (remember Priscilla Presley?). Today, Botox used in a controlled manner create stunning results – just check out Christie Brinkley and Jane Fonda.

For Niykee Heaton, she is unlikely to use botox injections due to her young age. After all, she is just  22 years old now. But she might be a perfectionist. Her photos two years ago show a well balanced faced with natural features. But she appeared rather bloated around her chin area.

Its hard to conclude if she has undergone any botox jabs. But its clear that she has done something to her face. It’s possible she had an amazing makeup artist to do the trick or an excellent photoshop editor. Check out her before and after photos.

Niykee heaton botox injections before and after

Credit: (left) Brian Ach Getty Images, (right) Cindy Ord Getty Images

Overall, Niykee Heaton has maintained her looks well. However, she might want to look slimmer as she has gained some serious weight from her younger days. But, as brazilian butt lifts fade away when there is a reduction in body fat, she might not want to lose weight. Anyway, let’s hope that Niykee Heaton will stay away from further plastic surgery as she already looks beautiful naturally. What do you think of Niykee Heaton plastic surgery rumors?

13 replies on “Niykee Heaton Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos”

  1. Chiquita Dupree says:

    She is pretty reguardless to me

  2. Deanna says:

    Why did she even tan or do plastic surgery? She didn’t need any of that.
    Why are these beautiful white women darkening their skin? When their skin is already beautiful?
    I don’t get it.

    • ImaHurtYaWithWords says:

      She wants my d#ck in her not you pale p#cker
      Blk females that wanna be lighter or a lighter p#cker in em… have slavery issues … white girls wanna be dark are free and have no pressure to be darker other then THEY F#CKING LOVE IT and wanna BE it and BE with US… i WELCOME them… you can have thst SLAVE with straight hair… ill take a white girl over a FORCED straight hair slave ANY DAY… all day… anytime…

      • Fuk says:

        U dumb as hell boy get yo head out yo ass boy u sound like a desperate chump boy some type of wannabe pimp boy u a different type dumb boy ol big talk no walk boy

  3. Kent says:

    She isn’t even white lmao. She’s East African.

    • Talie says:

      East African isn’t a race she’s white. White people in South Africa are still white. You can’t be native to a country you stole.

      • Lance says:

        I can tell you’re a black girl… she stole from a race because she got plastic surgery done…. maybe she thinks it’s nice looking?

  4. Alyssa says:

    It’s not a scar on her abs it’s a tattoo. And she is uglier now then before…. I miss the old Nikki 🙁

  5. Joanie says:

    You’ve edited the pictures to make her before pictures as if she wasn’t already curvy to exaggerate. Although it’s noticeable she had something done to her face and maybe breast but she was always curvy.

  6. The Truth says:

    It’s insane what she’s done to her face. She went from a dime to a 4 or 5 at best. I have a strong feeling her manager (whose “beauty” is entirely from plastic surgery) had a big part in Nikki (who, let’s remember, was a young girl when she started destroying herself with surgeries) “improving” herself. I’m sure it was made a whole lot worse with some websites posting articles titled “Nikki’s Manager Is Hotter Than Her!”.

    Let this be a lesson to young girls out there. Facial surgery RARELY makes a woman look better. For every success story, there are a hundred Nikki’s and Iggy’s out there, with faces that make them look like cartoon caricatures.

  7. HUF says:

    this womans not even 23 year, so these before pics are of her teen years, when her body is still devoloping. How can you use those pics of her and her current pics and say shes doing surgery? Peoples bodies develop with age, is that a secret now, does no body know that anymore…?

  8. Here to correct all you dumb bitches says:

    Ok I will be replying to multiple messages.

    Deanna, you may not have meant it in the way it was interpreted but this is hhow it was percieed. saying that “beautiful while women” shouldn’t be darkening their skin because it’s already beautiful seems as if you believe that dark skin is a bad thing. I do agree that people should be happy with what they have, but dark skin is not a bad thing what so ever.

    ImaHurtYaWithWord, very nice name by the way (not really). There is an issue with a black female wanting to be lighter because that means they are self hating, which is sad when anybody does so. Also please refrain form callign a black female or black person in general a slave because then you seem just as ignorant and repulsive as you really are. Also someone straigtening their hair does not make them self hating whatsoever. Also please stop with the RANDOM CAPS LOCK in random place, that also adds to your ignorance.

    Kent, Talie is correct. East Africa is a region.

    Talie, no negative comments sicne you are very much correct.

    Lance, you can tell she’s a black girl because she’s historically correct? She wasn’t referring to stealing from a race because she got plastic surgery (even though it is imatation of a race that they oppressed for centuries), she was saying that they stole a country because multiple European countries took over that region and murdered many people. However, you are correct because I hope that this girl didn’t eg tplastic surgery she didn’t get was nice looking. Imitation is flattery so I assume she likes how black females look.

    Alyssa, I do not think she is uglier now even though I am opposed to plastic surgery. We all have a right to our own opinion though. I’ve even heard people say that the trash lady from the Walking Dead was hot, look her up to see how people are entitled to their own opinions.

    Joanie, I do believe she was always curvy, but it looks like she got a butt lift as well. Her butt was nowhere near that big.

    The Truth, again, I do not feel she is uglier than she was before, but everyone is entitled to their opinion. I personally feel she started out a 6.5 to a 8 (i give ranges because in some pictures she does not look as pretty, just like any other human being) and now she is a solid 9-9.5. I also feel like everything else was correct, especially sicne the plastic surgery Iggy Azalea got was not as flattering as Niykee’s.

    HUF, you are correct that the picture from her teen years are from when she was still developing. That is why I feel the changes to her face and possibly her breast are false. While I say that, I do firmly believe she got a but lift. She always had his, but I do not believe that she could naturally build as much butt without some serious excercise and gym going.

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