John Travolta Looks Melted in His Latest TV Series

John Travolta Looks Like Melting in Latest Television Series

In John Travolta’s latest effort The People Vs OJ Simpson, his appearance has caused many comments. Comments are not related to his acting skills but on his facial appearance. Some even said that his plastic surgery add ons were melting on screen. Did John Travolta look that bad playing Hollywood legal hotshot Robert Shapiro?

The OJ Simpson trial caught the attention of the media and fans alike for a long time. This controversial criminal trial has raised many suspicions over the verdict the case. And now, the case seems to be over whether John Travolta underwent the knife for this role.

Does John Travolta Look Unrecognisable?

The series, which runs for 10 episodes, talks about the OJ Simpson case. OJ Simpson at that time was accused of murdering his wife Nicole Brown Simpson and her friend Ronald Goldman. Though the verdict says that OJ was innocent, the general public could not accept the decision. And OJ Simpson certainly has lawyer Shapiro to thank for. Does John Travolta play Robert Shapiro’s role well? You be the judge.

John Travolta Mean Tweets

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One thing though is that John Travolta has been on the receiving end of some really mean comments and tweets.

John Travolta OJ Simpson

As this is not the first time we are covering John Travolta’s plastic surgery procedures, it comes as no surprise that John Travolta looks vastly different from his old self. One thing though, his hair still reeks of a weaving job and his face still looks slightly unnatural. What do you think?