Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery Before and After



Michelle Phan as of late gets to be well known after she exhibited how to apply cosmetics the right way on Youtube.The American feature blogger who is also a businesswoman exhibits her charming looks by using the right combination of cosmetics. It interests us whether her appearance is influenced by plastic surgery or not. It is no big surprise that Michelle Phan Plastic Surgery issues are being examined in numerous discussions.

Many believe that Michelle Phan has undergone jaw surgery. The evidence shows up in her old picture taken in 2007. Comparing the recent photo and the one in 2007, the difference in the shape of her jaw is significant. It demonstrates that Michelle Phan might have used plastic surgery to reshape her jaw. In new photo, her jaw is longer than past one. Hence her face looks oval.


It is ironical that someone who promotes the use of cosmetics to enhance appearance might have undergone plastic surgery. But we cannot say for sure that she has undergone plastic surgery. The jury is still out as she has never admitted to using plastic surgery to improve her looks. So what do you think? Did Michelle Phan undergo plastic surgery? Leave it in the comments below