Rob Lowe Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Rob Lowe Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Rob Lowe, one of the everlasting hunks in Hollywood, seems to have a secret for turning back the clock. His superb good looks have attracted lots of attention. Some netizens suspect that Rob Lowe might have undergone the knife to keep himself looking fresh and attractive. Some can hardly believe that his enduring charming smile and dazzling blue eyes are the result of natural upkeep. Some of the plastic surgery speculations include botox injections, facelift and chin implants.

Photo Credit: (left) Instagram User rhl64, (right) Art Streiber Comedy Central

Photo Credit: (left) Instagram User rhl64, (right) Art Streiber Comedy Central

Rob Lowe have had a long career in acting. His impressive performances in The Outsiders, Oxford Blues, St Elmo’s Fire and Square Dance in the 1980s captured the hearts of many audiences. And that was not tall, he also starred in several blockbuster movies throughout the 1990s, such as Wayne’s World, Tommy Boy, Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me.

Rob Lowe’s achievements include an Emmy Award nomination in 2001 and 6 Golden Globe Awards. Truly, Rob Lowe is one of the most talented actors there ever was in Hollywood. Rob Lowe’s age has not slowed him down. He is still getting leading roles at age 52. One of the recent roles was starring with Fred Savage in The Grinder on FOTX.

So, what was the secret of Rob Lowe’s everlasting good looks? Could it just be a case of excellent natural upkeep or the outcome of surgical enhancements?

Watch a Young Rob Lowe in an interview with ET:

Compare that to a recent interview Rob Lowe had on the Jimmy Fallon show, looks like he gets hotter as he ages:


Rob Lowe and Botox Injections Rumors

One of the most common plastic surgery speculations for Hollywood actors is Botox use. Most times, when an actor seems defy the effect of aging, the word Botox comes to mind. But not all botox use end up being botched jobs. When used sparingly and at the right places, Botox can lift years off an aging and tired face.

Photo Credit: (left) Pinterest (right) Instagram Robloweofficial

Photo Credit: (left) Pinterest (right) Instagram Robloweofficial

For Rob Lowe, some say that he must have had botox injection on his forehead as its looks artificially smooth. Others say that the tell tale signs of botox use were for all to see. In some photos, his expressions look cold and stoic. However, Rob Lowe has denied ever having any plastic surgery on his face.

And he does have a case. Because there are not many photos that show Rob Lowe having a stiff face. As we know, all of us can have our off days and perhaps the picture was taken when Rob was not having enough rest the day before. Everyone looks tired once in a while.

In addition, some makeup on actors also make a face look unnatural. Typically, when facial powder and makeup is too excessive on a man’s face, it just looks artificial. This is because it takes some getting used to seeing a man with makeup. As for his smooth forehead, not all smooth foreheads indicate botox use. Some just have good genes!

Rob Lowe and Chin Implant Surgery Rumors

Chin implants are used to make the chin look sharper. A sharper chin has a refining effect on the face.

However, chin implants surgeries can be a daunting process. Unless the patient truly wants a sharper chin. it is hard to imagine anyone wanting to fix their jawline.

Photo Credit: (left) Instagram RobLoweofficial (right) Getty Images

Photo Credit: (left) Instagram RobLoweofficial (right) Getty Images

For Rob Lowe, he already has a naturally sharp chin in his younger days. In the later photos, some claim that his chin looks sharper and suggest he must have undergone chin implants procedures. However, we find that his chin has remained the same. There is little to prove that he had chin implants.

Frankly, his chin is already too perfect to fix!

Rob Lowe and Facelift Rumors

Facelifts are popular among celebrities who want to have fast and instant effects. However, some will overdose on facelifts. And they end up looking like their faces have been pulled part by pincers. A taut and tight face is the outcome of multiple facelifts. Too much of a good thing is never recommended in plastic surgeries.

For Rob Lowe, it is hard to understand why the rumors surface. His face still looks full and supple. The lack of wrinkles on his face does not automatically mean that he has undergone a facelift. Furthermore, there are no scars to show that he had a facelift. With Rob himself not admitting to any plastic surgery, its hard to imagine that he has undergone a facelift.

Overall, it is not hard to believe that Rob Lowe has not resorted to plastic surgeries to keep himself looking so fabulous. His well defined chin, bluish eyes and sharp nose all seem natural till today. Though we will never know if he underwent the knife, but we are pretty sure that Rob Lowe still looks as good as yesteryears. Perhaps we should admire his anti-aging ability than blaming it all on cosmetic surgeries. What do you think of Rob Lowe plastic surgery rumors?

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  1. pscheck2 says:

    I don’t think he had a facelift, he’s just one of those lucky individuals who is blessed with remarkable genes that are resilient to the ravages of nature! The more intriguing aspects of his life is his sexuality I am gay and been out over 45 years and have seen more pretty boys ( like Lowe) who were coy about their sexuality, and in many cases came off as being str8, but in truth were gay! (Dated women, had relationships with women and even married women–but on the ‘side’ were actively hooking up with men!!) In fact Lowe admitted he found kissing his co-star in the movie “Californian(?)” was a romantic emotional experience!!(Hmmmmm?) In my own experience, I made the acquaintance of a good looking hunk (about 45) in a gay bar and he was telling me that he was in the process of g getting a divorce from his wife of 23 years! I asked him if he was bi and he said no! No?, then why did you get married? (It’s a long story) but he did it for reasons of family and functioning in a str8 environment!( Here is an interesting fact, regarding this hookup: He was in a gay bar with a boyfriend when his wife to be came in with her girlfriend (who was a F*g hag) and she spotted him dancing – she immediately fell in love with him (per him) and when he was at the bar , went over to him to get his name and telephone #! He as flattered by the attention, so he gave her the # but didn’t think she would follow up on it. Well, she did, and they got married within 6 mos.! He claims he promised her that he would not hookup with men while being married to her (BTW: she was a Christian Motivational Speaker!) [Me thinks he was in denial on this point! ) and when the divorce was being processed, he came out to his children. They were surprised, but did not judge him on it and the funny part of it was when he told his son the son said I only want to know one thing -“where you ‘top’ or ‘bottom?” (Told you a long story!) Having said all this, what I’m getting at: I take it with a grain of salt that he was (or is) completely str8! lol.

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