Min Hyo Rin Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Min Hyo Rin Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Min Hyo Rin, or Jung Eun-ran, is a popular South Korean actress, model and singer. When earlier photos of Min Hyo Rin surfaced, it sparked a wave of plastic surgery speculation. Her beautiful face, together with her endearing eyes, led many to believe that she has undergone the knife. Some the alleged plastic surgery procedures include eyelid surgery, nose job and teeth veneers. In order to find out more, you need to look at Min Hyo Rin before and after photos.


Min Hyo Rin started her career as a model for Flapper. That was way back in 2006. She then tapped on the fame of Park Ki-young and F.T Island by appearing in some of their music videos. Min Hyo Rin eventually released her album RinZ in 2007. The hit single Touch Me was launched in 2008.

Not contented with just singing, Min Hyo Rin wanted to carve out an acting career as well. Her acting debut in 2009 saw her acting opposite Lee Jun-jae and Son Joong-ki in the television series Triple. In 2010, she demonstrated her hosting skills by helming the 6th season of Mnet’s Trend Report Feel.

Photo Credit: (right) Marie Claire

Photo Credit: (right) Marie Claire

Min Hyo Rin’s career went from one achievement to the next. In 2011, she was again involved in another television drama. This time, she acted with Sung Yu-ri and Kim Min-joon in the show Romance Town. Two of her biggest box office hits were The Grand Heist and Sunny. In 2012, Min Hyo Rin starred in A Millionaire on the Run. Her performances with Jo Sung-ha and Park Jin-young drew rave reviews. Currently, Min Hyo Rin continues to appear in the KBS reality show Sister’s Slam Dunk.

Now in her 30s, it is important for Min Hyo Rin to keep herself looking young. South Korea is known as the land of plastic surgeries. Some of the South Korean celebrities do not look like their younger selves at all. For Min Hyo Rin, did she undergo any plastic surgery enhancements?

Watch a very young Min Hyo Rin being interviewed:

Compare that to a recent interview where Min Hyo Rin shares that her nose is real at 1:12 of the video:


Min Hyo Rin and Nose Job Rumors

Many celebrities undergo nose jobs to have a sharper nose tip and thinner nose bridge. Somehow, a sharper nose looks more handsome and prettier than a flat nose. The desire to have the perfectly shaped nose has led many to a nose job. Though nose jobs are commonly carried out today, the risk of having a botched job remains. Unless one opts for an unrealistic goal, nose jobs generally end up enhancing a person’s look.


For Min Hyo Rin, her before and after photos show slight changes in nose shape. Her earlier photo shows a much flatter nose. But the differences are so subtle that it could have been due to lighting and the effects of makeup. Min Hyo Rin has said that she never had any nose job done. She even touched and pinched her nose to prove her point.

Min Hyo Rin said “I swear to god I didn’t get any plastic surgery on my nose. It’s the way my parents gave me. I’ve got an X-ray picture to prove that. I didn’t get a nose job. I got my eyelids done, but my nose is all natural.” So looks like she did not fix her nose at all. But what about her eyelids?

Min Hyo Rin and Eyelid Rumors

Eyelid surgery is used to brighten up the eye’s appearance. Generally, it is used to make one’s eyes look bigger. It is also supposed to reduce wrinkles around the eyes. In her before and after photos, Min Hyo Rin used to have single eyelids but she “developed” double eyelids later in her career. Could this be a case of eyelid surgery?

Photo Credit: (right) Marie Claire

Photo Credit: (right) Marie Claire

Well, Min Hyo Rin let the cat out of the bag when she denied having a nose job but admitted to eyelid enhancement. Her eyes do look more attractive now than before. The eye job has definitely contributed to her beauty. Well worth the money and endurances during the surgery.

Min Hyo Rin and Teeth Veneers

Another observation is the change in Min Hyo Rin’s teeth. Min Hyo Rin had a set of teeth that were not so impeccably lined up as now. But many do not consider dental alterations as plastic surgeries. Nonetheless, her current set of teeth veneers makes her look much better. Her set of perfect teeth allows her to smile without any embarrassment.

Photo Credit: (right) Marie Claire

Photo Credit: (right) Marie Claire

Overall, Min Hyo Rin remains as one of the most beautiful women in South Korea today. With her good looks and everlasting charm, there is no shortage of television roles for her. It helps that she can sing well too. Min Hyo Rin goes to show that plastic surgery should be performed only when necessary and at the right places. What do you think of Min Hyo Rin plastic surgery rumors?