Kate Wright Plastic Surgery Rumors Before and After

Did Kate Wright Undergo Plastic Surgery?

TOWIE Star, Kate Wright, has always been the subject of plastic surgery rumors. Her big boobs and flawless skin has led many to believe that she went under the knife. Her constant updates on Instagram showing her curvy figure just fuels more plastic surgery speculations. Some of the alleged plastic surgery procedures include a boob job and the use of lip fillers.

As Kate Wright is a relatively newcomer to the scene, not much is known about her. Before she attained fame on TOWIE, she worked in a bank. Previously, she was in a relationship with Dan Edgar, who is also famous because of the TOWIE show. As very little is known about Kate Wright other than her age (25), there is hardly any “before” photos to do comparison with. Most of her photos are quite recent. One can only speculate plastic surgery possibilities by observing the current photos.


Watch a short snippet of Kate Wright in TOWIE:

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Kate Wright and Boob Job Rumors

Boob jobs are one of the most sought after plastic surgeries in America today. The instant increase in boob size correlates to a boost in self confidence. Those who are blessed with natural big boobs have a distinct edge against surgically enhanced boobs. Natural boobs tend to look better without the artificial “rounded” upper lines of the breasts. Surgically enhanced boobs also look tight and taut, almost to the point of exploding.


However, for Kate Wright, though she has an impressive set of big boobs, her boobs look natural. There is none of the taut and tight signs we see of breast implants patients. Furthermore, in a recent interview in OK! Online, she denies the plastic surgery accusations vehemently. When asked about those plastic surgery rumors, Kate Wright said “At first it used to really really annoy me, I felt like people always had to find the negative in any situation on social media, there’s always someone saying ‘this can’t be real’ and stuff.

Photo Credit: (right) REX

Photo Credit: (right) REX

“That’s why I started using Snapchat more, because you can’t edit your photos on there, so people can realise it’s not edited. I try and take it as a compliment that people would think that it would be edited for it to look like that though.”

So, it is unlikely that Kate Wright has undergone breast implant surgery or breast augmentation. If not she would have admitted it straightaway.

Kate Wright and Lip Fillers Rumors

Having thicker and pumped up lips can increase the sex appeal. However, some celebrities overdo the lip fillers and end up with swollen lips. Just ask Farrah Abraham how she felt.

Photo Credit: (left) Jon Furniss, (right) WENN

Photo Credit: (left) Jon Furniss, (right) WENN

For Kate Wright, her lips are not overdone at all. Perhaps she understands that “less is more” when it comes to lip fillers. Just pump up to the right size, not to the jumbo size. Her lips look superb and Kate just looks hot. In fact, her use of lip fillers are no longer rumors as she admitted to using them during the interview with OK! Online.

Photo Credit: (right) Simon Ford REX

Photo Credit: (right) Simon Ford REX

Kate said “I have had some fillers in my lip, but I haven’t had any form of surgery done on my face. People say I’ve had my boobs done as well, but let them think what they want to think.”

“I’ve tried to explain myself a few times and I think ‘I don’t need to explain myself to these people,’ it used to bother me a bit but I am over that now.”

So it looks like Kate Wright has got everything in their natural state other than her lips. She attributes her good looks to living an active lifestyle. She goes to the gym at least three times a week to maintain her body in good shape. She said “I’ve always been really sporty, I did a lot of sport at school, the show makes you feel like you need to look good but I’ve always been into the gym, I’ve been addicted to it since I was young, so the show hasn’t changed that.”

Whatever it is, many fans would prefer that she has stayed natural. Fact is, there is no evidence to show the contrary. So, lets look forward to more features on Kate Wright on the television. Watch once, and  you will never miss an episode again. What do you think of Kate Wright plastic surgery rumors?