Lee Min Jung Plastic Surgery Before and After Photos

Did Lee Min Jung Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Lee Min Jung has proven to be one of the most popular actresses in South Korea. She rose to fame in 2009 with the television drama Smile and the rest is history. Now turning age 35, it is inevitable that netizens start to speculate how to maintain her beauty over the years. Having a flawless complexion and well proportioned facial features, Lee Min Jung has had her fair share of plastic surgery rumors. Some of her alleged plastic surgery procedures include double eyelid surgery, fat injections, botox and jaw reshaping surgery. You got to check out Lee Min Jung before and after photos to determine if she indeed underwent such procedures.

Lee Min Jung Plastic Surgery before and after photos

Lee Min Jung’s specialty is in acting. She has yet to branch out aggressive in singing and directing. Starting from humble beginning in Jang Jin’s stage productions and various supporting roles, Lee Min Jung has won over audiences hearts in her television dramas. Besides the drama Smile in 2009, Lee Min Jung went on to star in Big (2012), Cunning Single Lady (2014) and Please Come Back, Mister (2016). She found stardom at age 25, which was considered late by South Korean entertainment standards. However, she rose in fame quickly. With her strengths in playing leading female roles, LEe Min Jung should be experiencing the pressure of maintain good looks to compete with younger emerging talents.

Watch Lee Min Jung in an interview back in 2011:

Compare that to a recent appearance by Lee Min Jung below:

Lee Min Jung Double Eyelid Surgery Rumors

Many South Korean celebrities are born with smaller eyes and more slit-like. Thus, eye surgeries are popular among them. In an effort to make their eyes look bigger and more attractive, many celebrities opt to have eyelid surgery to achieve the double eyelids effect.

Many do not consider double eyelid surgery as plastic surgery. This is because it is too common and the recovery time is short. However, it is still an enhancement to the facial features. For Lee Min Jung, her eyes look mostly the same in the before and after photos. Perhaps some makeup helped her eyes to look bigger and not eyelid surgery. But there is some obvious reduction in the size of her eyebags. She might have done something to her eye bags instead of the eyelids.

Lee Min Jung and Nose Job Rumors

Nose jobs or rhinoplasty, are often used to reshape the nose. Many celebrities seem to be unhappy with their nose shapes. They want a sharper nose with a narrower nose bridge. Some even want to have smaller nostrils to allow better fitment to their face. As the nose is the central feature on the face, any changes to it will affect the overall look of the patient.

Check out the photos below as Lee Min Jung looks really beautiful:

Lee Min Jung nose job

For Lee Min Jung, her before and after photos show a slight change in nose shape. Her nose now seems sharper at the tip. Also, her nose bridge is free from a slight bump visible in her earlier photos. If Lee Min Jung indeed underwent a nose job, her plastic surgeon has done a brilliant job. There was no overdoing of the nose job and she still looks natural despite the alteration.

Lee Min Jung and Jaw Surgery Rumors

Jaw reshaping surgery is one of the most invasive plastic surgeries. Imagine having part of your jaw reshaped! The jaw occupies the bottom half of the face, any mishap during the surgery will have dire consequences.

However, that does not prohibit celebrities from going for jaw surgery. For Lee Min Jung, her earlier photos showcase a much chubbier and rounded chin. In her later photos, Lee Min Jung looks to have achieved a more V Shaped face. This change has made her look more sophisticated and more “model-like”. Some say this change can be achieved by weight loss. However, there are many who  believe that Lee Min Jung endured the pain to get her sharper face shape.

Lee Min Jung and Botox Rumors

Botox is one of the most popular remedies for fine lines and wrinkles. It is non invasive, easy to administer and requires very little recovery time. However, one must have reasonable expectations before going for it. If done excessively, not only do you not get the desired result, you might look worse than before. Just think of Meg Ryan and Courteney Cox today.

Lee Min Jung did drop hints that she has undergone some minor botox treatment. However, as botox does not involve intensive surgery, she does not regard it as a plastic surgery. Nonetheless, Botox seems to work for Lee Min Jung as her recent photos show a young face with no wrinkles at all.

Overall, Lee Min Jung has not only herself to credit for her good looks. She has to thank (if she underwent plastic surgery) those plastic surgeons who have performed well on her. With her beautiful smile and sharper looks, it is only a matter of time when she gets the recognition she deserves. What do you think of Lee Min Jung plastic surgery rumors?