Jimin Plastic Surgery BTS Before and After Photos

Did Jimin of BTS Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Jimin, the lead singer of the South Korean pop group, Bangtan Boys, or BTS, is the topic of plastic surgery gossip. As South Korea is well known to be the land where many plastic surgeries are performed, it is no wonder that Jimin has emerged as a plastic surgery gossip target. One of the speculated plastic surgery procedure is a nose job.


Jimin is born on 13 October 1995 and his official name is Park Jimin. Now still at a young tender age of 21, he has gathered a strong following for his music. With the ever popular Rain as his idol, he practised his dance moves, with his goal of following the footsteps of his idol one day. His debut in BTS in 2013 was the beginning of his meteoric rise to superstardom.

Watch Jimin involved in a variety show 2 years ago:

Compare that to the video below where its taken from Jimin’s selfie cam recently:

Other than his solid vocals, Jimin is also well known for his dance moves that makes those female fans scream so loud. The thing that many of  his fans appreciate is his humility. Despite his busy schedule, he still takes time to read his fans mails. That is rather unheard of in the entertainment industry. Most celebrities will hire staff to go through their mails for them.


Looking at Jimin before and after pictures, his nose shape has hardly changed. Yes, he does look more macho nowadays, but the basic features of his face has largely remained the same. Though a sharper nose would have made Jimin stand out more, there are no signs of a nose job done.


If you take a closer look, Jimin has also left his eyelids untouched. Some celebrities undergo double eyelid surgery to achieve bigger looking eyes with double eyelids. This does not seem to be the case with Jimin. Till today, his eyes still look natural with no signs of surgical alteration.

Overall, other than this ever changing hair color, Jimin has not undergone any obvious plastic surgery procedure. To be frank, it is hard to find many South Korean celebrities who have not undergone plastic surgery. Jimin is truly a rare find. Maybe because he is still young in his career. Let’s hope that he will never be tempted to follow the footsteps of his predecessors and embark on a plastic surgery spree. What do you think of Jimin plastic surgery rumors?

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  1. jojojimin says:

    i know him very well coz he’s my bias in BTS and im an ARMY…he is a natural beauty he didn’t do any plastic surgery if u compare before and after i have to say that before he’s jst a teenage boy or jst anormal boy but now he’s an idol..most popular idol in the whole wide world…he become more mature and his building his muscle that why he’s different from before and also he used makeup…everyone look different in makeup we all know that…he’ll never ever do plastic surgery coz He’s already the Perfect Man For all His Fans and Family

  2. jojojimin says:

    This is jst a false rumors….he’s so perfect for plastic surgery…he’s already perfect and he don’t need plastic surgery to be more perfect….HE’S PERFECT IN EVERY WAY…HE’S THE HOTTEST KPOP MALE IDOL I’VE KNOWN….I AM IN LOVE WITH HIS ABS

  3. Kath says:

    Its not true at all. Well take at look with his brother, they almost look the same. I just so love him. Go Jiminie Oppa. Chim Chima Saranghaeo

  4. Jenny says:

    Nice nose job! did he undergo RHINOPLASTY Surgery?

  5. Rayna says:


  6. Jeon Jae Hee says:

    I don’t really see it. I mean how about you compare the old pictures of jimin to the ‘no-make-up’ Jimin? I think they’re the same. The reason why his nose kinda ‘more’ pointy its because of nose contouring.

  7. Anonymous says:

    I believe he lost the baby(?) fat in his cheeks? Not much of a difference, only the angles of his face made him look slightly different.

    His nose does seem smaller compared to before but that could also be possible to losing fat from your face.

    I believe Block B.’s Zico also had his nose grow and shrink due to gaining and losing fat from his face.

  8. Sarah says:

    lmao did anyone even read the whole post? They said he DIDN’T get plastic surgery. Read before making dumb comments! Also, thank you for making an actual website for these types of things lol. I also made my own summary of Jimin not getting any ps done (on another platform), yet there are still people who accuse him. It’s the people who know nothing about makeup or are just jealous that make these accusations tbh.

    • Nn says:

      Yes agree…it says jimin didn’t do any ps. Please…this article is abt the truth..except for jk,they said he has undergone plastic surg. While we know that bts never done that

  9. Seungjun says:

    Not only is it makeup, but lighting, angle, camera type, puberty, weight loss/gain and photoshop/editing. These make a huge difference in appearance. From surgery you would get bruising for about a month or so depending on your healing rate, but BTS were constantly promoting back then, going in music shows with new songs every month. You would be able to tell if they got ps bc of bruising and bloating, which even makeup cannot completely cover tbh (just watch YT beauty gurus who have vlogged their ps process). Jimin is also the most active on twitter, posting selfies & videos of himself often. He also has a lot of logs on YouTube, none of which show bruising or ps signs. While he does bloat easily, that’s natural for his body type, a day to day thing. You can’t say he got ps just because he bloats. That’s basically saying he gets plastic surgery done every other day, yet he looks no different than what he usually does lmao.
    One last thing, BTS “admitted” on a live radio broadcast that none of them got ps. Considering how humble they actually are, I wouldn’t doubt them. Just because Korea is “plastic surgery central”, does not mean all Koreans get them, and does not mean all idols/famous people get them either. If anything, there are more FOREIGNERS who come TO Korea just to get their plastic surgery done.

  10. Jane says:

    there’s no way he got RHINOPLASTY Surgery because his nose isn’t pinched in and it’s already kinda straight from the side

  11. syu says:

    i dont know whether he had surgery or not…but sometimes puberty may change your body or some part pf ur face….i used to take care a boy from he still aby which he dont have high bridge of nose until he 11 years old which i can see he now have high nose bridge….people chage sometimes…i think jimin still look the same especially without make up…he loss somuch weight too..

  12. Kim hanna says:

    Jimin does’nt underGo ps.. Im an ARMY! And i’m pretty sure none of them undergo ps… We all know hes nose,jawline are change but not bs of ps! But bs of PUBERTY! This article is saying the truth that jimin didn’t undergo any surgery but because of Puberty!

  13. 자라 반 says:

    Omg have u ever heard of WEIGHT LOSS he lost weight which caused his chubby cheeks to go

  14. Dg47258 says:

    Whats the point in this article? Jimin never went under the knife he looks exactly the same just that he lost weight on his cheeks and if yall gonna be petty ab how good looking he is and making up rumors like these then make up something else its always the same things over and over again the same ones.

  15. lynne says:

    He just lost weight. You guys are funny.

  16. JIMIN BIASED says:

    escuchame un poquito deja de andar diciendo cosas que no son sobre el jimeno, el NO esta operado SU BELLESA ES NATURAL!!!!! bai

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