Jimin Plastic Surgery BTS Before and After Photos

Did Jimin of BTS Undergo Plastic Surgery?

Jimin, the lead singer of the South Korean pop group, Bangtan Boys, or BTS, is the topic of plastic surgery gossip. As South Korea is well known to be the land where many plastic surgeries are performed, it is no wonder that Jimin has emerged as a plastic surgery gossip target. One of the speculated plastic surgery procedure is a nose job.


Jimin is born on 13 October 1995 and his official name is Park Jimin. Now still at a young tender age of 21, he has gathered a strong following for his music. With the ever popular Rain as his idol, he practised his dance moves, with his goal of following the footsteps of his idol one day. His debut in BTS in 2013 was the beginning of his meteoric rise to superstardom.

Watch Jimin involved in a variety show 2 years ago:

Compare that to the video below where its taken from Jimin’s selfie cam recently:

Other than his solid vocals, Jimin is also well known for his dance moves that makes those female fans scream so loud. The thing that many of  his fans appreciate is his humility. Despite his busy schedule, he still takes time to read his fans mails. That is rather unheard of in the entertainment industry. Most celebrities will hire staff to go through their mails for them.


Looking at Jimin before and after pictures, his nose shape has hardly changed. Yes, he does look more macho nowadays, but the basic features of his face has largely remained the same. Though a sharper nose would have made Jimin stand out more, there are no signs of a nose job done.


If you take a closer look, Jimin has also left his eyelids untouched. Some celebrities undergo double eyelid surgery to achieve bigger looking eyes with double eyelids. This does not seem to be the case with Jimin. Till today, his eyes still look natural with no signs of surgical alteration.

Overall, other than this ever changing hair color, Jimin has not undergone any obvious plastic surgery procedure. To be frank, it is hard to find many South Korean celebrities who have not undergone plastic surgery. Jimin is truly a rare find. Maybe because he is still young in his career. Let’s hope that he will never be tempted to follow the footsteps of his predecessors and embark on a plastic surgery spree. What do you think of Jimin plastic surgery rumors?